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EAC Program

DESCRIPTION: This Program is for any size company and only requires an authorized representative to register. Once you register as an authorized Company Representative, your company is issued an EAC (Employee Access Code), along with a program description, and a sample email to make it easy for you to distribute your EAC to your staff. Then, your employees can visit FunEx.com and use their EAC to register as an employee of your company. After registering, they can place orders and gain full access to our web site.

As Company Representative you will find it easy to share our program with your employees. Simply visit our homepage at Funex.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and print or download an employee order form. The Order Form is presented in PDF format... ready to post on your company intranet or email to employees. Once distributed, the representative's job is done! It's that easy! Employees order directly through Fun Express, via Funex.com, or via phone. To keep your program up to date, we will send you an email approximately every quarter with a link to an updated order form for you to post to your intranet or email to your employees so they will always have our current offers.


PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Company Representative must register with Fun Express, distribute their assigned Employee Access Code to all of their employees, and continue to actively promote the benefit availability to their employees. We suggest once per quarter.

COMPANY ELIGIBILITY: One or more employees. Contact Fun Express or click Register Your Company for further details. We do not serve organizations, clubs, youth groups or the travel industry.

PROGRAM FAQs: Click HERE to view frequently asked questions regarding this program.

For more information:
Contact Fun Express at: 949-367-1900
or E-Mail Fun Express: customerservice@funex.com

Employee Order Form

This form can be emailed or copied for employee distribution.

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