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Update Program Resources

To make the most of your Fun Express Employee Benefit Program, it's important to keep essential information, such as your Employee Access Code (EAC) readily available to employees. It's Easy!

Reintroduce your program by email:

Step 1 - Start an email from yourself to all of your employees.

Step 2 - Copy and paste Update Program Email into the body of your email and follow the steps provided in the sample.

Step 3 - Send email to your employees and relax! Employees will order direct from Fun Express!

Additional options for presenting the program:

Post this link, www.FunEx.com, on your company intranet, along with your employee EAC. And/or

Include a Current Employee Order Form with your next paycheck distribution.

For more information:
E-Mail Fun Express at
Or Call 949-367-1900