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VIP Program
Carry Tickets Onsite

DESCRIPTION: Fun Express consigns actual admission tickets to your company for onsite resale to employees. No up-front payment for tickets is required. The company representative selects from a wide variety of available tickets, and uses our customized “Employee Fun-O-Gram” to communicate availability to employees via email, intranet or manual distribution. Fun Express also provides convenient “Settlement Statements”, or inventory statements six times each year, at which time companies make payments to Fun Express for tickets sold. The program runs year-round.

REQUIREMENTS: Companies must carry a minimum of four major attractions. The representative must agree to actively promote the availability of tickets within the company. There are no minimum sales guarantees. Director or Officer of the company must approve the program via signature at the time of enrollment.

COMPANY ELIGIBILITY: 500 or more employees at one location. Email VIP@FunEx.com or call 949-367-1035 for further details. We do not serve youth groups or the travel industry.

PROGRAM COST: $40.00 annual program


Employee Fun-O-Grams are customized for VIP Clients

Settlement Statement

Convenient accounting form mailed six times annually