About San Francisco Zoo

If you love seeing and learning about animals, plan a visit to the San Francisco Zoo, which is home to over 2,000 rescued, exotic, and endangered animals. A myriad of different birds and mammals like eagles, swans, lions, rhinoceros, and more can be spotted here. Did you know that lions spend up to 20 hours a day asleep? Digesting all the protein that they need to survive is a lot of work, so don’t be surprised if you catch them sleeping!

Reptiles, such as Komodo Dragons and tortoises, and amphibians, such as frogs and salamanders, call the San Francisco Zoo home as well. It also boasts gardens with over 250 species of plants from all over the world and a playground for kids, which has three parts that were modeled and named for specific ecosystems. Fun for the whole family! Reserve your tickets today so you can experience the adventure and excitement that the San Francisco Zoo has to offer!

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San Francisco Zoo & Gardens Tickets
  • General Admission

    Child (Ages 2-11 yrs)

    Regular price $18.00

    Discounted Price $12.75

    Senior (Ages 65+ yrs)

    Regular price $20.00

    Discounted Price $14.75

    Adult (Ages 12-64 yrs)

    Regular price $25.00

    Discounted Price $17.75