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This image features a serene sailing experience with Adventure Cat Sailing Charters, as seen against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset. A sleek catamaran with "Adventure Cat" printed on its side and emblazoned on its sail, displaying a silhouette of a cat, glides gracefully on the water. The sailboat, marked with the number "2," carries passengers who are visibly enjoying their outing. In the background, an iconic suspension bridge stretches across the horizon, partially cloaked in the golden hues of the setting sun. The sky is painted in soft pastels, adding a sense of calm to the scene.

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Set sail with Adventure Cat Sailing Charters for a memorable San Francisco Bay adventure! Enjoy the stunning views of the city, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge on comfortable catamarans! Whether it's for family fun or a romantic outing, these sailing tours offer both exhilarating open-air experiences and the comfort of a protected cabin!

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Adventure Cat Sailing Tour Highlights

  • Iconic Landmarks:

    Close-up views of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the city skyline.

  • Wildlife Sightings:

    Spot pelicans, sea lions, dolphins, and whales.

  • Comfortable Catamarans:

    A blend of open-air decks and covered cabins.

  • Audio Tours in Multiple Languages:

    Learn about San Francisco's rich history and famous landmarks.

Important Information

  • Departure Point:

    Pier 39, Gate J.

  • Duration:

    60 to 90 minutes, varying by tour.

  • Recommendations:

    Dress in layers with a jacket and soft-soled shoes.

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Sailing Tours

Adventure Cat Sailing Charters offers an array of sailing experiences, each uniquely tailored to showcase the breathtaking beauty and landmarks of San Francisco Bay.

This image depicts a serene sailing experience with a large catamaran smoothly gliding over the water. The vessel is marked with the name 'Adventure Cat' and the number '2'. It has a white and blue hull with a sizable sail hoisted up to capture the wind. On the deck, several passengers are visible, dressed in casual attire and enjoying their time on the open seas. The background showcases the iconic Golden Gate Bridge bathed in the warm hues of the sunset, along with rolling hills that silhouette the horizon. 

At, we're committed to ensuring you not only have an unforgettable adventure but also benefit from the lowest prices and great savings on your tickets. This image displays a group of individuals enjoying a sailing experience on a catamaran. The vessel is equipped with a white sail that is fully hoisted and billowing in the wind. Passengers can be seen standing on the deck, looking out over the water. In the background, the iconic red structure of the Golden Gate Bridge faintly emerges against the dusky sky, hinting at a late afternoon or early evening setting. The calm sea reflects a sense of serenity and the enjoyment of a leisurely sail. is dedicated to ensuring you have access to the best recreational experiences at the most affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a tranquil sail or an exciting adventure, check out our offerings for the lowest prices and unbeatable savings on tickets!

Bay Sail

(Duration: 90 Minutes, Daily 1PM to 4PM)

Embark on a captivating journey with Bay Sail, cruising past notable landmarks like Alcatraz Island and gliding under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge! For thrill-seekers, the deck trampolines provide an exhilarating experience, while those seeking relaxation can enjoy the comfort of a cozy cabin, complete with a selection of beverages available for purchase.

Sunset Sail

(Duration: 90 Minutes)

Ideal for a romantic evening, the Sunset Sail offers a tranquil setting as you watch the sun dip below the Pacific horizon. Enhance the ambiance with a complimentary drink included with each ticket, making it a perfect date night or a serene getaway!

This image captures a serene sailing experience with a catamaran gliding on calm waters during a breathtaking sunset. The warm hues of the sun setting cast a soft glow over the scene, illuminating the boat and its passengers. The sails are filled by a gentle breeze, indicating motion and a sense of adventure. In the background, the iconic silhouette of a famous suspension bridge spans the horizon, creating a picture-perfect backdrop that invites viewers to imagine themselves on the sailboat, enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The passengers are visible on the deck, taking in the views and the experience. Remember, is dedicated to bringing you the greatest savings on your aquatic escapades – don’t miss out on our lowest prices for tickets to create unforgettable memories on the water. This image features a serene sailing experience with a sailboat gracefully cutting through the water, backlit by the golden hues of a setting sun. The boat, with its sail fully unfurled, glides across the water with multiple passengers enjoying the ride. In the background, the silhouette of a famous suspension bridge spans across the horizon, framed by the glowing sun. The orange and yellow sky suggests the peaceful end of a day spent on the water. The light reflects off the water's surface, creating a pathway of shimmering light leading to the boat. At the bottom right, there's a small logo with red and white coloring, although the text is not legible in this representation.

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City Lights Sail

(Duration: 60 Minutes, Departs at 9PM)

Experience the beauty of San Francisco at night with the City Lights Sail! This 60-minute tour presents a dazzling view of the city’s lit skyline and waterfront landmarks. To complement the stunning sights, enjoy two complimentary drinks, adding a touch of elegance to your nighttime adventure!

Alcatraz Sail

Discover the intriguing history and scenic beauty of Alcatraz Island with our combined Bay Cruise and Alcatraz visit. This unique sail provides an opportunity to explore the legendary island and its notorious past while enjoying the panoramic views of the bay!

Special Sails

Celebrate significant occasions with the Special Sails. Whether it’s the spectacular July 4th Fireworks, the thrilling Blue Angels Air Show, or dedicated sails for Father’s and Mother’s Day, these seasonal and event-specific cruises offer unique and memorable ways to experience San Francisco’s festive spirit!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Will I see on the Adventure Cat Sailing Tour?

    Discover panoramic views of Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s skyline, and local marine wildlife, including the possibility of whale sightings.

  2. Where do the Adventure Cat Sailing Charters tours start and end?

    All tours depart from and return to Pier 39, Gate J, next to the sea lions.

  3. How long are the tours, and when do they depart?

    The Bay and Sunset Sails are 90 minutes long, while the City Lights Sail lasts 60 minutes. Departure times vary.

  4. Are there restroom facilities onboard?

    Yes, each boat on the Adventure Cat Sailing Charters is equipped with restroom facilities. It is recommended to use the restroom prior to boarding for convenience.

  5. Why do sunset sail times vary?

    The Sunset Sail times are adjusted to coincide with the sunset, which changes throughout the year, providing the best visual experience.

  6. Are life jackets provided on Adventure Cat Sailing Tours?

    For your safety, the sail provides life jackets for both adults and children on all our tours.

  7. What should I bring on the sail?

    Dress in layers with a jacket, as it can get chilly on the Bay, and wear comfortable shoes for safety on deck.

  8. How early should I arrive before my sail?

    Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure to allow time for boarding.

  9. is food and drink available on board?

    Beverages are available for purchase on all tours, with some tours offering complimentary drinks as well.

  10. Are Adventure Cat Sailing Tours suitable for families?

    Absolutely! The tours are family-friendly and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

Last updated April 08, 2024

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