Discover the spine-chilling side of Hawaii with Big Island Ghost Tours, where you uncover haunting legends and historical mysteries of the Hawaiian Islands!

Guided by local experts and paranormal investigators, these tours are an intriguing blend of history and mystery, suitable for the entire family. Beyond ghostly explorations, they also offer unique vortex and UFO tours, where you can dive into Hawaii's mystical energies and cosmic mysteries!

Gear up for a journey that connects you with Hawaii's haunted past, spiritual traditions, and supernatural phenomena, with your Big Island Ghost Tours discount tickets! !

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are they located?

    Find their retail store at Kailua Kona. The tours are offered throughout the island.

  2. Can I bring a flashlight?

    Yes, but turn it off or dim it in group settings or active areas. Use it mainly for the walking path.

  3. Can I bring a camera?

    Yes, but be respectful. Ask spirits for permission before taking photos and don't disrupt other

Last updated January 03, 2024

Big Island Ghost Tours Tickets

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