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NEW: Test Your Wits with Trivia Night at Belmont Park!

Takes place on June 19, 2024

Five people toasting with drinks at an outdoor restaurant, smiling and wearing casual sports-style shirts. Five people toasting with drinks at an outdoor restaurant, smiling and wearing casual sports-style shirts.

Gather up and test your knowledge with the Magic Kingdom Trivia Night at Belmont Park’ Draft!

Harness the power of your intellect as you dive into the realms of magical characters, all while taking in Draft's enchanting menu and quenching your thirst with refreshing cocktails! Engage in friendly competition with fellow knights and mages as you battle for thrilling prizes at this extraordinary event!

Sharpen your wits and prepare your mind elixirs for an unforgettable adventure! Make your way to Belmont Park today and let the magic unfold!

(Note: This event may be separately charged and is not included in your discounted Belmont Park tickets)

Image shows an expansive wooden roller coaster at Belmont Park amusement park near the beach during sunset. The coaster structure with its twists and turns dominates the foreground, while the beach and ocean are visible in the background. The sky is tinged with warm hues of the setting sun. The Belmont Park logo is visible on the lower left side. Image shows an aerial view of Belmont Park, a beachside amusement park. Visible are the large, undulating steel tracks of a roller coaster bathed in golden sunlight. Below, cars are parked in an orderly fashion, and palm trees dot the landscape, enhancing the coastal vibe. The park's name is displayed prominently at the bottom of the image.

Enjoy your adventure with our discounted Belmont Park ticket! Enjoy unlimited access to rides and attractions to make your Beachfront Fun complete! You will be able to ride rollercoasters that will lift your spirits for the day! Not only that, but with our Belmont Park discount ticket, you'll also receive your park wristband! What are you waiting for? Buy your discounted Belmont Park tickets from FunEx and enjoy huge savings that will make you smile!

What’s New at Belmont Park San Diego

As the seasons change and the evenings become longer, we're thrilled to introduce new featured events that are sure to elevate your weeknights at Belmont Park! Whether you're looking to unwind with some music or challenge your intellect, they’ve got something special in store for you!

Before you go, remember to secure your discounted Belmont Park tickets from FunEx!

Acoustic Sunsets at Cannonball!

A musician with curly hair is performing outdoors, playing an acoustic guitar. In the foreground, two people are seen from behind, listening to the music. A speaker stands to the left, projecting the sound. The words 'Belmont Park' with a colorful logo are seen at the bottom of the image. A musician with curly hair is performing outdoors, playing an acoustic guitar. In the foreground, two people are seen from behind, listening to the music. A speaker stands to the left, projecting the sound. The words 'Belmont Park' with a colorful logo are seen at the bottom of the image.

Join the beat every Tuesday and Thursday, from 5PM to 8PM, for a mesmerizing evening! Located in the heart of Cannonball, Belmont Park brings you San Diego's elite local artists to grace your evenings from pop and rock to reggae and jazz!

As night comes, complement the breathtaking ocean views with delightful sushi and the soothing melodies of live acoustic performances. It's a perfect setting for those looking to find serenity in both sound and sight!

Music, Trivia, and Savings!

Mark your calendars and make Belmont Park your preferred dining destination! With enriching music, brain-teasing trivia, and ever-delicious culinary delights, every evening promises a unique blend of fun and relaxation!

Enhance the experience with unbeatable savings with your exclusive discounted Belmont Park San Diego tickets, elevating your nights to memorable heights!

Belmont Lanes

Try out this new indoor game at the theme park and let your kids enjoy this mini-bowling activity designed just for them! They will absolutely love it! Suitable for guests aged three and above. Get ready to win in this four-lane mini-bowling game and have so much fun!

Image of an arcade game screen displaying a colorful caricature drawing. In the foreground, a person's arm extends towards the screen, interacting with the game. The background shows patrons walking in an indoor setting with faintly visible arcade machines. Belmont Park logo is visible in the corner. The image shows a close-up of a person's hands holding a tablet with a colorful caricature displayed on the screen. The surroundings suggest an indoor setting with several people, possibly a family-friendly location like an amusement park. The floor appears to be carpeted, and there's movement indicating the presence of other individuals, potentially children, in the background. A watermark at the bottom right corner reads 'Belmont Park'.

NEW! Flip Out – Interactive Thrill Ride

Ready to take your ride experience to the next level? Take control of the entire ride by simply using the buttons on your shoulder restraint to decide which direction to rotate! It's all about being in charge of your adventure.

Every ride on Flip Out is a unique and exhilarating experience. Riding can be exhilarating or a serene experience, all depending on the settings!

Two thrilled individuals ride a yellow rollercoaster against a clear blue sky. Their hair and expressions capture the excitement of the descent. Below, the logo of Belmont Park suggests the location of this fun experience. Two individuals are enjoying a thrilling ride at Belmont Park, secured in a yellow seat with overhead safety harnesses. Their hair is windswept, indicating high velocity. Clear blue skies provide a bright backdrop to their joyful experience. The park's logo is visible at the image's bottom.

Explore The Plunge!

Image shows a vibrant poolside scene with children engaged in playful activities. Kids in swimwear, including one in a black wetsuit, balance on floatation pads. Balloons and onlookers surround the pool under a clear sky. The Belmont Park logo is displayed at the bottom. Image shows a vibrant poolside scene with children engaged in playful activities. Kids in swimwear, including one in a black wetsuit, balance on floatation pads. Balloons and onlookers surround the pool under a clear sky. The Belmont Park logo is displayed at the bottom.

Dive into a seamless blend of history and modernity at The Plunge! Since its 1925 inception as The Natatorium, this treasured spot has been re-envisioned for today's thrill-seekers and water lovers, offering:

  • Spectacular Views & Innovations:

    Experience an unmatched splashing adventure, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass walls providing breathtaking ocean views.

  • Aquatic Adventures for All:

    Engage in a broad spectrum of water activities, from swim lessons and fitness classes to leisurely swims, catering to every visitor.

Visit FIT Athletic!

A lifeguard watches over a lively outdoor fitness class at Belmont Park. Sunlit participants, some in motion, enjoy the energetic atmosphere under a clear sky, with palm trees lining the background, creating a scene of active community and vigilant supervision. A lifeguard watches over a lively outdoor fitness class at Belmont Park. Sunlit participants, some in motion, enjoy the energetic atmosphere under a clear sky, with palm trees lining the background, creating a scene of active community and vigilant supervision.

Elevate your lifestyle at FIT Athletic, nestled in Mission Beach's vibrant heart, where fitness aspirations become reality through:

  • Scenic Motivation:

    Work out in an indoor facility with panoramic views of The Plunge or on an outdoor deck showcasing Mission Beach's beauty!

  • Dynamic Outdoor Turf Area & Luxury Amenities:

    From an outdoor cross-training turf to luxury locker room facilities including showers, steam room, and sauna, FIT Athletic is designed for holistic wellness.

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment:

    Challenge and change yourself with the advanced workout equipment, setting the stage for beginners and elite athletes!

  • Community and Classes:

    With membership, gain access to a variety of yoga and group fitness classes, joining a community that supports each fitness level and interest.

Together, The Plunge and FIT Athletic Club offer an unparalleled experience, combining splashing joy and fitness excellence in the heart of Mission Beach!

(Note: Some amenities and activities may have additional charges and are not included in your discounted Belmont Park tickets)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Ticket is valid for an entire day of fun at the park (for either child or adult)
  • Unlimited access to rides and attractions
  • Ticket has no expiration date.
  • Get the same wristbands issued at the park on your visit.

What's included in your Belmont Park discount ticket from FunEx?

Our discount ticket gives you unlimited access to various rides, attractions, and shows in the park. One of the best things about purchasing your tickets through FunEx is that you don't need to pick a date, you can use your Belmont Park discount tickets any day. We have the lowest prices guaranteed!


California has a lot of unique places for tourists and locals to visit! The state is known for its vibrant cities, amusement parks, natural wonders like mountains, forests, islands, beaches, and national parks.

If you are looking for a perfect place to visit, then this theme park is the right place for you to visit! Enjoy the perfect beach view while having a very fun time.

Visit the most iconic beachfront boardwalk: Belmont Park San Diego! You can enjoy various activities while walking on the beach!

At the theme park, you will find rides and attractions for everyone! Plus, there are many different restaurants to try out across the entire park. Explore dishes from various cultural cuisines, and have great family fun! There is so much to enjoy with this beachfront fun experience! This theme park has it all!

About Belmont Park San Diego

The park is located in San Diego, California, and has been known to be this city's most famous and iconic beachfront boardwalk. The park has been offering beachfront fun since the year 1925. It is open year-round for anyone looking for amusement and beachside activities!

The park has 14 different amusement park rides that are really fun for all ages. They also have games, events, more than ten dining options, and incredible shops!

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Have any questions or concerns? Please feel free to reach out to us through:


at 949-367-1900 from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily or,

Enjoy Unlimited Rides, Games, & Attractions with your Belmont Park discount tickets from FunEx

From chill rides to more extreme ones, you will find something fun for everyone! Enjoy gliding on ziplines, playing some mini golf, experiencing a 7D theater, playing laser tag, hopping on rollercoasters, driving bumper cars, and so many other fun things you can do! All of these rides and attractions are sure to make you smile!

Hurry up and purchase your Belmont Park discount tickets from FunEx!

Kid-friendly Rides at Belmont Park San Diego

Overdrive Bumper Cars

Hop on these colorful and fun vehicles at the park. This is an excellent interactive ride for your children to enjoy with you. You can have the time of your life with your family on this 2,000-square-foot driving floor. Buckle up and bump into others, just have a great time! This is one of the benefits of purchasing our discounted Belmont Park tickets!

Minimum Height Requirement: You must be at least 48 inches tall to drive alone, if not, you must ride with a companion.

Krazy Kars

Looking for a fun ride for your children? This Krazy Kars ride is a must-try! Ride your tube-shaped car, and race, spin, and bump into other riders. Try this out at night, it lights up with disco balls, music, and some awesome lights! Are you ready to party? Buckle up and get ready to have fun with our Belmont Park discount tickets from FunEx!

Minimum Height Requirement: Riders or drivers must be at least 42 inches tall, no exceptions.

NEW | Mic Drop

Try the all-new Mic Drop experience and soar up three stories in the air before dropping back down! This is a family-friendly ride ideal for your children to have a fun and thrilling time. Using your discounted FunEx Belmont Park tickets, you will be delighted at the chance to ride Mic Drop!

Minimum Height Requirement: 42 inches.

Image showing two attractions at Belmont Park. On the left, visitors enjoy bumper cars, with two smiling children driving their own carts. On the right, a group of people with hands raised in excitement are secured in a ride called 'Mic Drop', ready to experience a thrilling vertical drop. The background features a clear sky and park structures. This image showcases two amusement park rides at Belmont Park. On the left, individuals enjoy bumper car rides, engaging with each other in a friendly match. On the right, thrill-seekers experience the excitement of the vertical 'Plunge Drop' ride, with arms raised and expressions of exhilaration. The Belmont Park logo is visible at the bottom.

Dip N Dive

Dive on this submarine and prepare to ride some waves! This theme park has this Crazy Submarine that will wave up to 20 feet in the air in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion. With our Belmont Park discount ticket from FunEx you can make the most of your underwater experience.

Minimum Height Requirement: Must be at least 42 inches to ride alone or else, ride with a companion.

Liberty Carousel

Kids will have so much fun while riding a horse in this classic merry-go-round! Come on over to Liberty Carousel and capture some special moments as they spin along on the ride! Your kids smiling on this ride is a priceless memory. Capture a moment that will last a lifetime with our discounted Belmont Park tickets! Make sure to tag us when you post your pics!

There is no height requirement; however, children under 2 years of age require an adult to help them.

Two scenes at Belmont Park amusement rides captured in bright daylight. On the left, a group of four children with raised hands smile exuberantly while seated in a giant, ice cream-themed ride carriage. On the right, two individuals joyfully interact aboard a colorful, shark-inspired roller coaster car, with a winding blue track in the background. This image shows two different scenes at Belmont Park with visitors enjoying rides. On the left, a group of excited children and an adult with arms raised are on a boat-themed ride. On the right, two people are smiling while on a spinning ride with pink highlights. The background includes part of a roller coaster and clear blue skies. The Belmont Park logo is at the bottom.


With the cheapest prices in the market your FunEx Belmont Park discount ticket, be sure to try out this one-of-a-kind attraction shaped like an ice cream cone! The sweetest ride is perfect for your little ones. This classical ride is so much fun! Tilt and spin away with your Funex discount tickets!

The rider must be at least 46 inches tall to ride alone.


Drive these cute Nascar-inspired cars with your Belmont Park discount tickets from FunEx and enjoy the race! Fits up to two riders! Buckle up and race around the oval track!

Minimum Height Requirement: Riders must be at least 36-inch tall to ride alone.

The image is split into two scenes. On the left, the exterior of the 'LAZERMAZE' attraction at Belmont Park is displayed, featuring a bold red and black facade with stacked geometric shapes. On the right, three climbers tackle a tall rock climbing wall, safely harnessed and making their way up the gray surface dotted with colorful handholds. Split image with left side showing an entrance to 'LazerMaze' with red accents and right side depicting two people climbing a grey outdoor rock wall with handholds and ropes. The word 'Belmont' appears at the bottom.

Belmont Express

If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing view of this amazing theme park, then you should try riding the Belmont Express. Belmont Express is a classic train that has all the gadgets that trains use, but made to enjoy a ride around the park with your kids! Use your discounted Belmont Park tickets to ride this colorful train, and relax a little while before continuing on to your next destination.

You must be 36 inches tall to ride alone. If your child is under 36 inches tall, a chaperone must ride along.

Zero Gravity

Launch this rocket ship above Belmont Park San Diego's rooftop and take a deep breath as it drops you at rapid speed in zero gravity! Perfect for young thrill seekers looking for an intense bouncing adventure. If you dare to ride in Zero Gravity, simply use our Belmont Park discount tickets from FunEx.

Height Requirement: at least 42 inches tall; maximum height is 76 inches tall.

Thrill Rides for Adults at Belmont Park San Diego

This image captures a moment of excitement at Belmont Park, showcasing a wooden roller coaster filled with thrilled riders. The coaster car, adorned with the park's logo, descends a steep track against a backdrop of a blue sky, imparting a sense of speed and adventure. A vibrant photo captures a roller coaster in motion at Belmont Park. Bright sunlight highlights the wooden structure's complexity as the red and black coaster car filled with riders crests a thrilling drop, conveying a sense of excitement and adventure. The clear blue sky creates a cheerful backdrop for the amusement park experience.

Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

Get ready to have an exciting time on this iconic roller coaster that stands in front of the San Diego oceanfront. This roller coaster will make you scream as it speeds at 48 mph through tremendous twists, turns, and dips in zero gravity! Don't miss out on the amazing beach view that you will be able to enjoy on the ride. Jump in the Giant Dipper with our great-priced Belmont Park tickets!

You must be 50 inches tall to ride, no exceptions.

Image of Belmont Park amusement rides. Left side shows a large swing ride with riders suspended in the air. Right side captures children screaming with joy on a roller coaster. Clear skies and park structures visible. Image of Belmont Park with two amusement rides. On the left, a swing ride mid-action has people suspended horizontally. On the right, two girls laugh on a colorful vertical drop ride. Clear skies add to the cheerful atmosphere.

Control Freak

Have fun on this interactive ride! Use the buttons on your seat to control which way you would like to spin. Don't miss the opportunity to ride on the Control Freak! You will have so much fun getting flipped over and spinning around! This ride is included with our Belmont Park discount tickets!

Height Requirement: 52 inches tall (minimum) and 77 inches tall (maximum).

Beach Blaster

Beach Blaster is one of the theme park's most intense experiences. You will never be ready for the next turn on this thrilling ride. Are you ready for some high-speed twists, flips and spins? You'll feel butterflies in your stomach as you ride Beach Blaster with our discounted Belmont Park tickets!

Minimum Height Requirement: You must be 48 inches tall with no exceptions.


Control the direction you want to move by using the joystick in front of you! This Octotron ride lets you choose whether you want to go forward or backward, and the speed you want to travel. This is a super fun ride to enjoy with your family and friends.

Note: Try riding it at night since the neon lights provide a gorgeous glow! This ride is available with our Belmont Park discount tickets from FunEx.

Minimum Height Requirement: You must be 48 inches tall.

Games and Activities to Play!

A split image featuring fun at Belmont Park. On the left, two young people are joyfully playing a carnival game, with a rollercoaster and vibrant booths in the background. On the right, a child smiles alongside actors dressed in historical costumes, creating an immersive experience. The Belmont Park logo is prominently displayed in the center. Image split into two scenes of fun at Belmont Park. On the left, a smiling woman gesticulates excitedly during a fairground game with a boy looking on. On the right, two people dressed as pirates pose with a young girl, evoking a sense of historical adventure. The Belmont Park logo features prominently below.

Are you ready to plunge into an ocean of thrills and laughter? Gear up for an unforgettable journey at Belmont Park, where every corner hides a magical experience!

It's time to unleash your inner child and create lifelong memories. Grab your discounted Belmont Park tickets today and dive into the excitement!

  • Arcade Wonderland:

    Step into the dazzling world of Belmont Park's Arcade, with over 70 games that challenge and delight! Rack up tickets and exchange them for some of the coolest prizes imaginable!
  • Escapology San Diego:

    Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Escapology San Diego! Immerse yourself in a world of challenges, where every solved puzzle and discovered clue edges you closer to a triumphant escape!
  • Midway Games:

    Prepare to show your skills at the Midway Games! Test your precision with classics like balloon popping and tub tossing!
  • Jungle Gems:

    Dive into the adventure at Jungle Gems Mining and Sluicing Company! Excavate through sands to uncover hidden wonders - from sparkling stones to ancient fossils. What extraordinary treasures will you find?
  • Belmont Lanes:

    Intensify your bowling experience at Belmont Lanes! Challenge friends and family in our high-tech lanes, blending traditional bowling with innovative and thrilling Mad Games!
  • Old Time Photo Booth:

    Step back in time in the Old Time Photo Booth! Suit up as cunning mobsters or daring pirates, and capture hilarious, unforgettable moments with those you cherish most!

Get ready for an escapade filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments. Your adventure starts with your discounted Belmont Park tickets from FunEx!

Attractions and Games included with your Belmont Park Discount Ticket

This image is split into two sections. On the left, a group of children are playing laser tag in a dimly lit room, holding glowing laser guns, with colored lights accentuating the playful atmosphere. On the right, set against a clear blue sky, an individual is engaged in a ropes course adventure, carefully navigating a series of yellow and green beams and ropes high above the ground, secured with safety harnesses. Below the images is the logo of Belmont Park. This image is split into two sections. On the left, a group of children stands in a dark room illuminated by neon lights, each holding a laser tag gun, ready for play. To the right, an individual is seen from above, navigating a high ropes course with green and yellow elements on a sunny day. The bottom portion of the image carries the logo of Belmont Park.

Laser Tag

Team up with your friends as you play Laser Tag with our Belmont Park discount ticket. Shoot some lasers and win all three levels with your teammates to win the battle.

Restrictions: For you to be able to play, Laser Tag’s vest must be a comfortable fit on you.

Lazer Maze

Try this exciting Lazer Maze game and win while dodging laser beams! This engaging and entertaining game is suitable for people of all ages. Complete the mission in the smallest time possible! Don't get shot at, or you will lose points! Another perk of buying our low-priced Belmont Park discount tickets!

No restrictions apply. Fun for everyone.

Sky Ropes

Climb on Sky Ropes obstacle course and face 26 challenges, including a zipline, that will test your strength and balance. You will have to jump from one rope to another and over trees in this 2-story high canopy of Tiki Town Jungle. Purchase our Belmont Park discount ticket to access this activity, trust us, you'll looooove it!

Restrictions: You must be at least 48 inches to climb alone. If you do not meet the requirements, you must come with a chaperone.

Rock Wall

Test your strength at Belmont Park San Diego's Historic Plunge Building and climb with your buddies. This dynamic climb will bring out the best in you! You can climb alone or with friends. This is perfect for everyone looking for a new experience in the park, and it comes in three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced rock climber levels. This attraction is available with your FunEx discount Belmont Park tickets!

Restrictions: Climbers must have a weight ranging from 50-250 pounds. Closed-toe shoes are required to climb, no exceptions.

Tiki Town Mini Golf

This mini golf course is great for everybody. Perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to golf.

Perfect game for all ages!

Xanadu 7D Theatre

You can choose any adventure, from pirates to zombies, and enjoy this awesome Xanadu 7D Theatre. You will be transported other dimensions on this modern ride. Be amazed by the special effects and realistic motions. Use our Belmont Park discount tickets to ride this.

Riders must be at least 40 inches tall and have a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

Coconut Climb

If you really like rock climbing, then Coconut Climb is one of the best interactive games for you! Race with your friends on this unique version of a rock climb. Ring the bell when you reach the top to win! With our cheap rates, you will surely enjoy your theme park visit. Purchase through FunEx and try this Coconut Climb. Have some tropical fun at the park!

Keep in mind that you must weigh between 30 to 250 pounds and wear closed-toe shoes to climb.

Grab Some Quick Bites

Three montage photos display a sunny, vibrant day at Belmont Park. A boy in sunglasses eagerly bites into a chip, flanked by images of two smiling women – one playfully holds an ice cream cone, sporting a bandana, while the other enjoys a burger and fries, both conveying relaxed enjoyment. Bright colors and casual dining underscore the park's lively atmosphere. Three individuals enjoy food at an amusement park. From left, a boy in sunglasses eats a hot dog, a woman in a headband licks an ice cream cone, and another woman laughs holding a burger and fries. A vibrant setting with food stands, including one labeled 'BURGERS', in the background. The Belmont Park logo appears in the corner.

Draft Coffee

Indulge in the most exquisite and authentic Italian flavors at our charming coffee shop nestled by the pristine beaches of San Diego, CA. Please take a moment to relish the irresistible scent of our expertly crafted coffee and treat yourself to our mouth-watering pastry assortment, all while taking in the breathtaking ocean vistas!

El Jefe Taco Shop

Craving some delicious Mexican flavors? Their menu offers you mouth-watering options like juicy carne asada, savory al pastor, and flavorful chicken tinga. Don't miss out on this fantastic foodie experience!

Dole Soft Serve

Looking for the perfect way to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings? Visit Soft Dole Serve and enjoy this delicious treat to enjoy on a beautiful day by the beach. These amazing soft-serve flavors are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool off in the sun!

Hot Dog On A Stick

While enjoying the beautiful weather in Belmont Park, stop by Hot Dog On A Stick for a tasty treat. Traditional hot dogs on skewers are always a welcome snack.

Belmonty's Burgers

Just off the boardwalk, you'll find Belmonty's Burgers, serving American standards with tried-and-true flavor combinations. These delcious burgers are crafted with premium, fresh ingredients and perfectly grilled.

Sweet Shoppe

Whether you're looking to cool down on a hot day or reward yourself after an exciting ride, traditional ice cream flavors, and homemade sweets are the way to go.

Beach Treats

If you're looking for a sweet treat that will blow your mind, check out Beach Treats on the Mission Beach boardwalk! Their monster cones, shaved ice, and other mouth-watering sweets are seriously next level!

Midway Snacks

If you're looking for a quick and delicious snack to munch on while gaming, Midway Snacks is the place to be! As you take in the sunny beach vibes, the extensive selection of treats is ideal for satisfying any craving!

Dippin' Dots

You may cool off from the day's excitement with these flash-frozen ice cream dot treats. Dippin' Dots is the best-frozen dessert ever since it comes in so wide delicious varieties, both old and new.

Round Table Pizza

Enjoy a slice of pizza fit for a king at Round Table Pizza while taking a break from your park explorations. You may travel the world and yet not find a better pizza than the one served by the Knights of the Round Table.


A split image featuring Belmont Park. On the left, a festive facade with the sign  San Diego's BEST,  adorned with string lights under a clear blue sky. On the right, a smiling woman in sunglasses speaks with a man adjusting his glasses, with a sunglasses stand and the ocean in the background. The image is split into two scenes. On the left, a person strolls past a building with 'BEST' on its facade, under a clear blue sky. To the right, a smiling woman touches sunglasses on a man’s face, both brightly lit by sunshine, with a rack of sunglasses beside them. Belmont Park text is visible below.

San Diego's Best

Clothing presents and mementos with beach themes are available at San Diego's Best in appreciation of the city and the Californian way of life.

You may bring some of San Diego's timeless sense of fun, ease, and leisure back in one of its many excellent gifts or keepsakes to help you remember your trip.

Beach Trader

All of your beach needs are met here. You'll find all sorts of unique goods and beachy necessities at Beach Trader. You'll find it here whether you're looking for beachwear or some beach art.

Midway Carts

Visitors of all ages might find a unique souvenir or trendy clothing item at one of the Midway carts. Visitors are big fans of their individualized selection of magnets, postcards, key chains, bracelets, tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Belmont Beach Gifts & Apparel

Transform your home into a stunning beach house oasis with the stunning selection of beach-inspired décor. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the ocean with this hand-picked selection that will transport you to the sandy shores no matter where you are!

Tips and Tricks for Your Belmont Park Visit

Pre-purchase Belmont Park discount tickets.

Enjoy savings of up to 41% off each ticket vs the gate price when you purchase your Belmont Park discount tickets in advance through FunEx! FunEx offers many discounts, and you can save big time with every purchase!

Arrive Early at the Park.

Want to have the ultimate Belmont Park experience? Make sure to arrive early! Take advantage of all the unique experiences that this park has to offer. Enjoy every single experience and leave no stone unturned!

Plan Ahead of Time

One day of fun can be exhausting if you try to rush through it to check everything off your list! Planning is the key! Make sure to note all the must-see attractions and activities in order of priority. This way, you won't miss out on any fun and can maximize your adventure!

Know These Things Before You Go!

Park Rules

  • Belmont Park is an amusement park for everyone. Please follow the park policies and staff's verbal instructions to ensure guest safety and enjoyment.
  • Alcoholic beverages, weapons and knives are prohibited in the park.
  • Only service animals and leashed dogs are allowed. Please clean up after your dog and keep them under control.
  • The park prohibits smoking, including vaping. Parking lots have smoking zones.
  • No skateboarding, running, rollerblading, bicycling, etc. The midway allows bicycle walking. Midway entrances have bike racks.
  • Belmont Park is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  • Disruptive or objectionable dress is forbidden.

Belmont Park maintains the right to reject entry or request that person leave the property if someone violates these rules.

Frequently Asked Questions about Belmont Park

  1. Are reservations required?

    No, reservations are not required at the theme park. Bring your Belmont Park ticket to the park and get your wristbands!

  2. Where is the park located?

    The exact address is 3146 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109.

  3. What are the operating hours of Belmont Park San Diego?

    The park is open 11 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Thursday, 11 AM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 11 AM to 9 PM on Sundays. Please note that park hours may change without prior notice.

  4. What are the operating hours of the restaurants at the theme park?

    The Beach House is open daily from 11 AM until sunset; Draft is open from Monday to Friday 11 AM to 9 PM and on Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM; Cannonball is open from 11 AM to 9 PM; and Draft Coffee is open daily from 7 AM to sunset.

  5. Is there free parking at Belmont Park San Diego?

    Yes, there is free parking!

  6. Do I have to print out my Belmont Park tickets from FunEx?

    No, through FunEx, you can just show your Belmont Park discount tickets on your phone at the entrance for easy entry.

  7. How soon do I receive my Belmont Park tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your Belmont Park discount tickets instantly after your purchase along with your receipt!

  8. What items are not permitted at the park?

    The park is open to everybody that wishes to have fun and let loose! To keep the environment kid-friendly and safe please refrain from bringing the following items into the park:

    • Weapons
    • Knives: or any item that may cause harm to other guests
    • Pets (with the exception of service animals)
    • Cigarettes: or any alternative such as to e-cigarettes and vapor pens.

    Additionally, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, and other accident-prone activities are prohibited inside the park.

  9. How big is the park?

    The park is approximately 7 acres big!

  10. Is smoking permitted at the park?

    Smoking at the public and common areas of the park is strictly prohibited, to ensure the comfort of all guests. Designated smoking areas can be found within the parking lots.

Last updated May 30, 2024.

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