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This image features an aerial view of Dana Wharf, a peaceful marina filled with a variety of boats moored neatly in rows. The water is a calm, deep blue reflecting the partly cloudy sky above. Several white boats with blue trim, likely used for sportfishing and whale watching, dominate the scene, indicating the recreational nature of this harbor. The wharf appears well-maintained, with a permanent sign that reads "Dana Wharf Sportfishing / Whale Watching" with the additional information "Daily Year Round / Est. 1971" presented on a blue and white signboard. The surrounding area includes additional moored boats of various sizes and a lining of waterfront buildings, possibly containing businesses catering to the marina's visitors and boat owners. 

At, we offer unbeatable savings on tickets to a wide range of entertainment options, ensuring our customers can enjoy the excitement of Dana Wharf's sportfishing and whale watching adventures at the lowest prices. Image Description: This is an aerial panoramic view of Dana Wharf, capturing a serene marina setting lined with docks. A range of neatly parked boats, predominantly white with blue trim, float adjacent to the piers. The water is calm, reflecting hints of the surrounding infrastructure and boat masts. The sky is clear, suggesting a bright, sunny day, which highlights the tranquility and leisurely atmosphere of the wharf. The words “DANA WHARF” are prominently displayed along the bottom of the image, indicating the location.

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Dana Point Beach is the go-to place if you want to have some splashing good fun under the sun. This fan-favorite location has all sorts of exciting activities for guests of all ages to enjoy. This experience will show you all the wonders of Dana Point Harbor and the Orange County Coastline.

Get ready for a day out in the ocean. Whether you are visiting with your family or having a fun time with friends, you are guaranteed to have an incredible experience. There are many activities to choose from, including whale watching, sports fishing and many other things! You might even want to unwind on the Wine Cruise at Dana Point.

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Where is this located?

Dana Wharf Whale Watching is located at 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629, United States.

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What are some of the Activities at Dana Wharf?

This image is a split view of two different moments in a whale sighting experience. On the left side, a whale's tail is prominently displayed above the water's surface, showcasing the fluke's underside as water cascades off its edges. The whale's tail appears strong and powerful, set against a dark blue ocean backdrop. On the right side, the focus is on the head of a gray whale surfacing, with textured skin and blowholes visible on top of its head. The water is calmer around this gentle giant, and the whale seems to be at peace in its natural habitat.

At, experience the majestic beauty of whale watching at the lowest prices available, ensuring your adventure comes with great savings on tickets. Image Description:
This image is composed of two side-by-side photographs taken in a body of water that appears to be the ocean. The left photo captures the tail fluke of a whale emerging from the water, showing a clear split between the lobes of the tail, with water cascading off the edges in a dynamic splash. The right photo features the head of a whale at the water's surface. The whale has a mottled, dark gray skin, with barnacles visible on its upper surface, hinting at the majestic size and wild nature of the creature. The light ripples of the ocean's surface texture are visible around the whale.

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There are many fun-filled activities that you can enjoy with your discount tickets from FunEx. Get ready for an exciting adventure that you won't witness anywhere else. Here are some of the exhilarating surprises that await you at Dana Wharf!

Dana Wharf Whale Watching

This is a delightful experience that awaits you! Explore the magnificent ocean creatures that live off the coast of Dana Point Beach. This location is very popular because of these beautiful creatures!

Dana Wharf Whale Watching offers rare glimpses of some fantastic underwater wildlife. Your experience will surely be an adventure to remember! If you're visiting from November through April, you'll witness the Grey Whale season. Meet this graceful, endangered creature. You'll see them travel really close to shore as they migrate south.

Aside from the magnificent whales, you will also get to see the cheerful dolphins. A sight you will definitely remember for ages to come! There are many types of dolphins to see, from Rissos to bottle-nosed dolphins. You'll catch sight of this playful crowd all year long! You will watch them play around the boat.

These informative and entertaining cruises are narrated by expert captains who will also shed light on the abundant ocean life near Dana Point Beach.

Dana Wharf Sport Fishing

This image displays two distinct scenes. On the left, an elegant cheese and cracker platter is prominently featured in the foreground, with an array of cheeses and grapes neatly arranged on a long platter, accompanied by a stack of crisp crackers. Behind the food, two bottles of wine, one rose and the other red, add a touch of sophistication beside a bright window with views of blue water, hinting at a maritime setting. The "DANA WHARF SPORTFISHING & WHALE WATCHING" logo is overlaid at the bottom, suggesting the services offered by the venue.

On the right, a group of four cheerful individuals is shown outdoors on a sunny day aboard a boat, celebrating a successful fishing trip. They are standing and posing with their catch; two of them hold a large, spotted fish hanging from a hook, indicating a substantial and rewarding haul. Everyone is dressed in casual outdoor attire suited for fishing, and the surrounding blue skies and calm sea contribute to the pleasant and victorious atmosphere captured in the moment.

At, we are dedicated to providing you with the best experiences at the lowest prices. Book your next adventure with us and take advantage of our exclusive discounts on tickets to create unforgettable memories! This image is a split-view depicting two different experiences offered by Dana Wharf. On the left side, there's a tray with an assortment of cheeses, sliced baguette, grapes, and a bottle of wine, suggesting a relaxed dining or wine tasting event. The setting appears to be inside with a view of the waterfront through a window. The Dana Wharf logo is visible at the bottom left of this section.

On the right, we see a group of four individuals aboard a boat, enjoying a day of fishing. Three of them are proudly displaying a large fish that they have seemingly just caught. Each individual is wearing casual outdoor clothing and hats, suitable for a day at sea, and the expressions on their faces indicate excitement and satisfaction with their catch.

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Fishermen, amateurs and pros, rejoice at this awesome activity. There are tons of fish available to catch. The species of fish available to catch depends on the season and water temperature. You may find yourself catching Halibut, Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Barracuda, Sand Bass, Bonito, Calico Bass and even Tuna!

Dana Wharf Sport Fishing's spot is perfect for those who want to give this activity a try! They have a crew of knowledgeable and expert skippers who are willing to help educate and instruct.

The vessels at Dana Wharf Sport Fishing are made clean and comfortable for guests. They offer various options of hot and cold food and there is also soda, some chips, and candy available on board. They even have beer, perfect for having a cold one while fishing!

If you don't have any fishing gear and equipment, worry not! They have fishing gear, rods and reels available to rent. Please take note that a day license is required for anyone over 16 years of age.

Get your discount tickets from FunEx and experience a one-of-a-kind fishing trip at this fan-favorite location. You might just get hooked on fishing!

Wine Cruise Dana Point

Have a relaxing time on their Wine Cruise! This calming 90-minute cruise is an experience you surely won't forget! Enjoy wine and appetizers aboard a luxury catamaran in the beautiful Dana Point Beach Harbor.

Experience a 63 ft ocean adventure aboard the state-of-the-art catamaran with access to the large platform viewing deck. Take in the wonderful ocean views during this Wine Cruise! You will surely have a refreshing time.

This tour includes a sampling of two red wines and two white wines that come from The Organic Cellar. They promote organically grown and pesticide-free wines. They offer high-quality wines that will make your cruise even more unforgettable.

Get your discount tickets from FunEx! The package includes a wine host, cheese, crackers, fruits and nuts to complement the wines.

Information About the Animals You'll Encounter on the Tour

Isn't thinking about what you could see on a Dana Point whale viewing tour exciting? You'll see some of the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) on this list if you're lucky!

This image showcases the dynamic and awe-inspiring moment of a humpback whale breaching the ocean's surface. The majestic creature is captured mid-leap, with its body mostly above the water line, demonstrating the whale's power and grace. The backdrop of the photo is a tranquil sea, stretching into the horizon under a clear sky. A fine mist surrounds the whale as water droplets cascade off its massive body accentuating the motion of the breach. The bottom left corner features the logo "DANA WHARF SPORTFISHING & WHALE WATCHING".

Ensure your next adventure is unforgettable by securing your spot with, where you can find the lowest prices and most significant savings on tickets for breathtaking experiences like whale watching. This image features a dynamic scene of a large whale breaching the ocean's surface, showcasing its massive body and distinctive texture. The whale's momentum carries it upwards, and water droplets are visibly flung into the air around it, against the backdrop of a tranquil blue sea. On the bottom left corner, there is a watermark or logo that reads "DANA WHARF." To complement your ocean adventure, visit for the lowest prices and unbeatable discounts on tickets.

Blue Whales

The blue whale is the largest living mammal. The blue whale's hue is a shade between gray and blue, and it frequently has lighter gray mottling over a darker background. They have been known to exceed 100 tons in weight. Fact: The biggest females can weigh as much as 150 tons, much more than an average male of the same age.

Gray Whales

The body of a gray whale is sleek, and its head is long and tapered. The shape of the upper jaw is curved and overlaps the lower jaw just a little bit. A dorsal (top) fin is not present in a gray whale. Males in adult range in height from 45 to 46 feet, whereas adult females are somewhat taller. These whales are amazing!

Fin Whales

The V-shaped body of the fin whale is flat on top, and it has a long, streamlined body. There is a single ridge from the blowhole to the end of the rostrum (upper jaw)—the back and sides of a fin whale range from light gray to dark brown. The fin whale's dorsal fin is large and slightly falcate (curved) and is situated in the back. Wouldn’t you love to see one of these incredible animals?

Mink Whales

The minke is the smallest of whales. This rorqual's rostrum (upper jaw) is thin and triangular and proportionately shorter than other rorquals. The top of the minke is black or dark gray, while the bottom is white. They are truly beautiful specimens.

Humpback Whales

Who wouldn’t want to see a Humpback up close? They are incredible, and when viewed from above, a humpback whale's head seems round and broad, but it narrows significantly when viewed from the side. Its body is more spherical than sleek compared to other rorquals and tapers to a thin tail stock. Krill, a little shrimp-like crustacean, and other small fish make up the bulk of the humpback whale's diet. Learn many more interesting facts on this awesome tour.

Killer Whales (Orca)

The world’s most famous type of whale is ready to meet you! The orca's remarkable coloring consists of contrasting black and white regions with sharp edges. It has a black dorsal (back) section and a "saddle" that is white or gray behind the dorsal fin. Behind and above each of its eyes is a white oval patch. The orca's mouth is ample and ideally suited for its hunting habits. They are very smart animals. You will be impressed by all the fun things you will learn on this tour.

Image Description:

This image captures the exhilarating moment of two dolphins leaping gracefully out of the deep blue waters of the ocean. The dolphin in the foreground is arching its body elegantly as it emerges from the water, with its dorsal fin, tail, and beak clearly visible against the sunlight reflecting off the aquatic surface. The second dolphin, following closely behind, mirrors the airborne acrobatics with a similar pose. The ripples and splashes generated by their movement add dynamic energy to the scene. The vast ocean stretches to the horizon while the clear sky dominates the upper portion of the photo. In the bottom left corner, there is a watermark with the text “DANA WHARF SPORTFISHING & WHALE WATCHING.”

At, we're committed to helping you dive into the excitement of oceanic adventures with amazing discounts on tickets for experiences like whale watching, ensuring you get the savings you deserve with our lowest prices guarantee. This image displays three dolphins in mid-leap above the shimmering blue waters of what appears to be the open ocean. The dolphins are captured in a synchronized pose, their sleek, grey bodies arched gracefully against the backdrop of the water's surface. Sunlight catches their wet skin, highlighting the smooth texture and the powerful muscles visible beneath. Waves form soft patterns around the space where the dolphins have emerged, hinting at the vibrant energy of the scene. In the lower left corner of the image, there's a watermark logo that reads "Dana Wharf," suggesting that the photograph may have been taken during a boating or wildlife-watching excursion. Remember to visit for the lowest prices on tickets to enjoy remarkable experiences like this, where you can witness the majestic beauty of dolphins dancing on the waves.

Common Dolphins

While the long-beaked common dolphin has a more subdued color scheme, common dolphins, in general, are brightly colored and have a complex crisscross or hourglass pattern on their sides. From the top of the head to the base of the tail, the back is a uniform dark gray to black, sloping downward into a V just below the dorsal fin. The hourglass shape of the flanks is formed by a lighter gray area below the dorsal fin and a yellowish-tan area in front of it. The underbelly of this animal is white. Squid and other tiny schooling fish are an everyday dolphin food staple.

Bottlenose Dolphins

The name "bottlenose" refers to the dolphin's characteristically small and stubby beak. Compared to other marine dolphins, the bottlenose dolphin's neck is more flexible (like the beluga's).

Risso's Dolphins

This dolphin is similar in appearance to the more common pilot whale, with its comparatively thick body and rounded head. Most adult Risso's dolphins have considerable white scarring on their dark gray bodies. The average length is 10 feet. However, longer animals have been spotted. Like most other species, male dolphins tend to be bigger than females.

Image Description: This is a dynamic photo capturing a close-up view of a Pacific white-sided dolphin as it breaks the surface of a calm, deep-blue ocean. The dolphin is positioned diagonally in the frame, with its head and dorsal fin prominently visible while it swims to the left. Water droplets are frozen in motion, creating a sparkling effect around the dolphin's body, emphasizing its speed and grace. The dolphin's skin is predominantly gray, with patches of white around the lower jaw and belly, and it has a distinctive dark eye patch. The waters are so clear that they reflect the sunlight, giving the blue a vibrant, almost electric tone. The logo in the lower left-hand corner reads "DANA WHARF," highlighting the company associated with this maritime scene, presumably offering a related experience.

In our continual commitment to providing accessible content, we invite our visitors to to take advantage of our exclusive offers. Discover amazing marine wildlife while enjoying savings with our discounts on whale-watching tickets, ensuring you experience the ocean's wonders at the lowest prices. Image description: This photo captures a close-up of a lively dolphin as it emerges from the sparkling blue waters of the ocean. The dolphin is mid-leap, with droplets of water cascading off its sleek, gray and white body against a backdrop of deep azure. Its dorsal fin and part of its back are visible above the waterline, emphasizing the grace and agility of its movement.

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Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

This dolphin is known for its high activity levels, which include flipping onto its belly and performing back flips. It can swim quickly and efficiently and is an eager bow rider, remaining with moving vessels for long periods. Pacific White-Sided eats small schooling fish like anchovies, herring, sardines, hake, and squid. Nighttime may be their prime feeding time.

Hammerhead Sharks

They tend to be pale gray with a little greenish hue. Because of their white underbellies, they may hide in the water and sneak up on their target. The hammer-like form of the head was recently discovered to have developed (at least in part) to improve the animal's eyesight. Due to their placement on the sides of their characteristic hammerhead, sharks have excellent 360-degree views.

Great White Sharks

The great white sharks snout is strong, big, and conical. Like several mackerel sharks, this shark has a tail fin with almost equal-sized upper and lower lobes. Great whites use countershading, which causes them to appear speckled overall, with a white underbelly and a grey dorsal region (occasionally in a brown or blue shade).

While some of these species may be spotted during your visit due to the season, you should only count on seeing some of them. The best thing is that you never know what you'll see on the day of your visit. Yes, it comes as a surprise!

Some Handy Tips for visiting Dana Wharf

Here at FunEx, we care about having FUN and being prepared! Aside from bringing you budget-friendly discount tickets, we've also gathered a few helpful tips for your day at Dana Point Beach.

  1. Remember SPF!

    Get ready for your day of adventure at Dana Point Beach! Make sure to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and re-apply throughout the day to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. For extra eye protection, we suggest that guests bring sunglasses and a hat. You'll look extra cool in photos too!

  2. Bring extra clothes

    The activities at Dana Wharf can get you soaking wet! We suggest that guests bring an extra change of clothes to change into.

  3. Remember to hydrate!

    Make sure you always drink water during your adventure at Dana Wharf whale watching. With the thrilling activities under the sun, you're prone to dehydration. Bring your reusable water bottle with you and stay hydrated! Remind your family and friends to bring water as well.

  4. Charge your cameras

    Charge your cameras and make space on your phone! Your trip to Dana Wharf is going to be a trip you'll remember for ages to come. What better way to remember it by with awesome pictures that you can post on social media! We'd love to see your fantastic memories at Dana Wharf!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dana Wharf Whale Watching

  1. How soon will I receive my Dana Point Beach discount tickets?

    You'll receive your Dana Wharf Sport Fishing discount tickets immediately after your purchase. They'll be sent to your email with your receipt.

  2. Do I need to print out my Dana Point Beach discount ticket?

    There's no need! With FunEx's hassle-free ticket-buying experience, skip the printing process! Just show the e-ticket on your phone at the gate and you'll be good to go!

  3. What happens if it rains?

    Activities at Dana Point Beach still run in light rain. However, if it does become extremely windy, they cancel the trips for safety reasons.

  4. Are kids allowed at Dana Wharf?

    There are activities suited to kids including Dana Wharf Whale Watching. Children aged 2 years old require their own ticket as the boat can only hold up to a certain number of guests.

  5. How early should I arrive to check in before my trip?

    They suggest that guests arrive no later than 30 minutes before the cruise leaves so you have plenty of time for seating.

  6. When is whale watching season?

    You'll be able to see whales all year round at Dana Wharf whale watching! Gray whale season is from November to April. In May until before thanksgiving, you'll be able to see majestic blue whales. You'll also catch sight of dolphins, sea lions, pelicans and other seafaring birds.

  7. Do you guarantee that fish will be caught at Dana Wharf Sport Fishing?

    They can guarantee fishing, but not catching. The crew does everything they can to lead you to spots with nearby fish.

  8. Can I keep the fish we caught?

    At Dana Wharf Sport Fishing, they encourage catch and release for the conservation of their natural resources. Guests are welcome to keep any legal-sized fish.

  9. Is there fishing gear for rent at Dana Wharf Sport Fishing?

    Yes, they have sport fishing equipment available for rent.

  10. Are there restrooms on the boat?

    Yes, there are restrooms on board.

  11. Can I bring food and beverages?

    Guests are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. However, ice chests or alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be bought on board. There are alcoholic beverages available to order on board if you wish to drink.

Last updated June 28, 2024.

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