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Water slides closed for the season.


Are you seeking an enjoyable activity while in the Temecula and Menifee areas? For those seeking a fun-filled family experience, Mulligan Family Fun Center is the perfect destination. Mulligan offers diverse entertainment choices catering to a broad spectrum of age groups and preferences. The primary objective is to establish a secure, hygienic, and welcoming space for individuals of all generations. The Mulligan Family Fun Center is famous for families, businesses, schools, and churches seeking entertainment.

Mulligan recognizes the significance of birthday parties and group events, such as company parties, corporate team-building events, and school and church outings, as crucial business sectors. Their facility is clean, maintained and their staff is highly qualified to keep customers happy! If you are looking to have fun and receive great service, this is the place to go. Experience the excitement at Mulligan, located in the vibrant Murrieta, Temecula & Menifee regions. Discover how many fun surprises Mulligan elevates the fun factor and makes it the center of attention. Don't miss out on all the fun! Visit them today with your FunEx discount Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta tickets!

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Arrive Early at the Park.

To fully enjoy all of the attractions in the park during your visit, it is recommended that you arrive early. Experience a fun-filled day with your friends and family at Mulligan, where you will enjoy so many activities, including Mini Golf and the recently opened water adventure. Bring your friends, family, and loved ones for an unforgettable time. There are no limits to the amount of fun you will have while saving money!

Know Park Rules

Before visiting the park, you might find it useful to get to know the the park's rules, ride specifications, and height restrictions. You can check out the most recent information by visiting Mulligan's official website before you go. Keep in mind that the only one person may ride per slide and the weight limit is 225 lbs. To be able to ride the upper-level slides, riders must be at least 36 inches tall. Please note that floatation devices, lounges, barbecues, glass containers, and similar items are strictly prohibited within the Water Slide attraction area to keep everyone safe.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

The park provides various outdoor activities that will have you spending fun under the sun. Applying sunscreen or sunblock is a must-do to protect yourself from the sun. After each game, it's also important to remember to drink plenty of water to maintain your energy for the next activity.

Fun Things To Do at the Park

Laser Tag

This image features two young individuals engaged in a laser tag game at the Mulligan Family Fun Center. They are positioned side-by-side, amidst a vibrantly lit arena that glows with purple and pink hues. Both are wearing black vests adorned with neon lights and are geared with futuristic-looking laser guns, one in each hand, pointing directly ahead. Red laser beams streak across the view, adding to the dynamic and action-packed atmosphere. Neon green lights in the shape of elongated hexagons adorn the walls, contributing to the high-energy, gaming environment. At the bottom left, the Mulligan Family Fun Center logo is prominently displayed, signaling a place of entertainment and group activities.

Remember, at, you can enjoy the thrill of adventure at Mulligan Family Fun Center for less, with exclusive discounts, the lowest prices, and a seamless ticket purchasing experience! This is an image of two individuals engaged in an indoor laser tag game at Mulligan Family Fun Center. The environment suggests a dimly lit arena with neon lights, and the players are wearing dark vests equipped with sensors. The young woman on the left and the young man on the right are both holding laser guns, looking intently ahead as they aim. Their expressions convey focus and excitement during the thrilling game. The Mulligan Family Fun Center logo is visible in the bottom left corner.

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Experience the thrill of a high-energy Laser Tag game as players engage in team-based competition within the expansive 2,200-square-foot arena. Experience the ultimate laser tag adventure with your friends in a state-of-the-art glow arena. Immerse yourself in the game with special lighting and realistic sound effects as you blast your way to victory with cutting-edge laser beams.

Miniature Golf

This image features a vibrant outdoor scene at Mulligan Family Fun Center, showcasing a miniature golf course with a beautifully landscaped setting. In the foreground, palms and other trees frame the view, partially obscuring details and adding depth. The main focus is a central miniature golf area with bright green artificial turf and red-trimmed borders, where holes are interspersed with small water features, including a water fountain. A quaint, blue-roofed building resembling a cottage serves as a focal point within the greenery and the golf area. In the distance, more green foliage and trees can be seen under a clear sky, suggesting a tranquil, family-friendly entertainment environment.

At, we're committed to providing the joy of miniature golf with the added bonus of savings, offering the lowest prices and great discounts on tickets to ensure your visit to Mulligan Family Fun Center is both delightful and affordable. This is an image of a vibrant outdoor family fun center on a bright day. Various recreational installations can be seen scattered across the area, including miniature golf courses with green synthetic turf and playful obstacles. Around the golf area, patches of well-maintained grass accentuate the leisurely atmosphere. Tall palm trees and lush foliage provide ample shade throughout the park, enhancing the tranquil environment. A small blue-roofed structure is located near the front, possibly serving as a ticket booth or customer service spot. The center seems designed for family enjoyment and outdoor activities, featuring walkways that allow for easy navigation throughout the space.

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Two 18-hole courses, each with a unique motif, like a waterfall or a Western mining town, are available. You might want to consider testing your abilities with various obstacles and attempting to play like a pro- golfer.


Image Description: Visitors at Mulligan Family Fun Center enjoy a lively go-kart racing experience. The photo captures six go-karts on the track, each driven by a person wearing safety equipment, including helmets and seatbelts. The drivers appear focused and entertained as they navigate their karts. There are trees and shrubs in the background, suggesting an outdoor setting on a clear day. The go-karts are numbered, aiding in identification and adding a competitive edge to the activity. The Mulligan Family Fun Center logo is prominently displayed on the image, showcasing the family-friendly environment.

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Gentlemen, fire up your engines! These Go-Karts are one of the most exciting rides for everyone! The 1000-foot racing track is waiting for you and your friends to have the greatest time! The minimum height for drivers of single go-karts is 56′′.

Rookie Go-Karts

Image Description: This is a dynamic photograph of two children enjoying a go-karting experience. In the foreground, a young boy with a joyful expression is steering a red go-kart marked with the number "2". He is wearing a seatbelt for safety and his attentive gaze is on the course ahead. His left foot is visible on a pedal, demonstrating an active and engaged driving position. Behind him, slightly out of focus to emphasize the depth of the scene, another youngster is seen piloting a blue go-kart. This child is also wearing a seatbelt and has a focused look while navigating the track. The background suggests an outdoor setting within an enclosed area, contributing to a safe environment for family fun. The words "Mulligan Family Fun Center" are visibly branded on the lower left corner, indicating the recreational context of the go-karting activity.

At, we're dedicated to ensuring you get to enjoy exhilarating moments like these at the lowest prices. Browse our site for exclusive discounts and savings on tickets for a variety of family-friendly destinations. Image Description: This is a dynamic photo featuring two children enjoying a go-kart experience. The child in the foreground is steering a red go-kart labeled with the number "2" and is wearing a dark-colored jacket with a light-colored shirt underneath, along with a safety helmet. He exhibits a joyful smile and is attentively focused on his ride. Trailing behind him is another child operating a blue go-kart, also equipped with a safety helmet and maintaining a poised posture as she maneuvers her kart. Both karts are situated on a smooth outdoor track, and they appear to be in motion. In the background, there is a perimeter fence, and the setting suggests an enclosed go-kart track designed for family fun. Emblazoned at the bottom of the image is the logo "Mulligan Family Fun Center," indicating the recreational context of the photograph.

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Experience the thrill of racing on the Rookie Go-Kart track, specially designed to cater to little guests. To be able to drive, individuals must meet specific height requirements. Drivers must have a minimum height of 40 inches and a maximum height of 58 inches.

Kiddie Rides

Image Description: A vibrant and lively moment captured at the Mulligan Family Fun Center, featuring a group of seven delighted children aboard a colorful, cartoon-themed drop tower ride. The kids, a mix of boys and girls, appear to be in their preteens and are seated in a single row. They are expressing pure joy and excitement, with their hands raised high in the air and expressions of exhilaration on their faces as they experience the thrilling descent. The ride is decorated with playful drawings, showing characters having fun, which enhances the playful atmosphere of the scene. Tall green trees provide a natural backdrop to the image, suggesting the park is in a suburban area with ample greenery.

At, we're all about the thrills without the frills—enjoy the lowest prices on tickets for top attractions and events, ensuring your adventures are paired with unbeatable savings! This image shows a vibrant, action-packed scene on a family-friendly amusement park ride. A group of children is seated in a yellow amusement park ride that resembles a giant caterpillar, which is in motion. Their feet dangle freely from the open-fronted seats, and their expressions are a mix of joy, excitement, and exhilaration as they revel in the fun of the ride. They are secured by a shared safety restraint, and trees can be seen in the blurred background, indicating that the ride is outdoors. The children's arms are up, and they appear to be shouting or laughing, enhancing the sense of movement and excitement. The ride, painted in bright colors, adds to the festive and cheerful atmosphere of the scene. At the lower left corner of the image, there's a watermark that reads "Mulligan Family Fun Center," suggesting the location of the amusement ride.

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The Kiddie Rides section offers an exciting experience for the younger guests. They can ride the Tea Cups, Frog Hopper, and Western Train.

Keep in mind that in order to enjoy the Frog Hopper ride, riders must meet a minimum height requirement of 36 inches. To ride the Western Train and Tea Cups, riders must be at least 36 or 32 inches tall with an adult.


Image Description:
The photograph captures a moment at Mulligan Family Fun Center, showcasing a joyful arcade experience. In the foreground, right of center, a young boy in a blue shirt is focused intently on a video game, his hands grasping a small black controller. To the left, a younger child in a red shirt, also holding a controller, sits beside a smiling adult man, who is engaged in playing the game with the child. All three are intently watching the screen in front of them, absorbed in the excitement of the game. Slightly behind this group, to the left, another young boy in a dark blue shirt is visible, also concentrating on a game controller. In the right background, there is a woman in a brown top, enthusiastically cheering on the players, with her attention directed towards the screen and action. Faintly behind her, a girl with her hair in braids is partially visible, observing the gaming fun. The ambiance is lively and filled with vibrant colors of the arcade machines, creating a sense of fun and family entertainment.

For unbeatable savings on your next adventure, visit where you can find the lowest prices on tickets to a wide array of attractions, including family fun centers just like this one! Image Description: This is a vibrant and lively photo taken inside what appears to be an entertainment or arcade venue. The foreground shows two excited young children, each gripping a video game controller with a look of intense focus on their faces. The child on the left is seated on a red, arcade-style motorcycle game, while the one on the right is standing and playing a separate game. Behind them, two adults, a man and a woman, are partially visible, also engaged in the gaming experience. The woman on the right is closely watching over the standing child, seemingly cheering him on. The environment is colorful with bright lights and typical arcade décor, creating an atmosphere of family-friendly fun. Large, soft, red structures resembling the side of a creature with multiple round eyes, adorn the background, adding a playful touch to the scene. The photo also includes the watermark "Mulligan Family Fun Center."

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Have the greatest time playing the newest and most popular games in a secure and protected environment at the Arcade. Don't let this opportunity slip away! The indoor family entertainment center has an amazing array of exciting arcade activities to that you will love.

They provide a wide selection of arcade and ticket redemption games to keep kids of all ages entertained.

Batting Cages

This image shows a focused young player in a red batting helmet and a matching team shirt, gripping a green baseball bat with determination. They're in the midst of a powerful swing, making contact with a yellow softball in front of a chain-link fence. Observers can be seen in the background watching the game intently. It's a sunny day on the field, evocative of the spirit of outdoor sports and community entertainment. The vibrancy of the scene is enhanced by the blur of the ball, illustrating the motion and energy of the game.

Visit to find the lowest prices and best savings on tickets for outdoor activities and family fun centers where moments like these are made every day. This image shows a young baseball player in a batting stance, focused on hitting a yellow ball at a batting cage. The player is dressed in a red helmet and shirt, gripping a green bat leveled across the strike zone, ready to swing. In the background, blurred figures who appear to be spectators, possibly family members, watch the action from behind a chain-link fence. The setting suggests a sunny day at a local park or recreational facility. At, we hit a home run with our lowest prices on tickets, ensuring your family enjoys incredible savings on your next adventure!

Whether you're looking to showcase your abilities or bring your entire team along, we invite you to put your skills to the test. These cutting-edge batting cages are sure to help you hit home runs. The park provides calibrated slow-pitch softball at a speed of 14mph and baseball ranging from 35 mph to 70 mph.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta

  1. Do I need to make a reservation with my Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta discount ticket?

    No need. Head straight to the park on your preferred date and time. No prior reservation is needed upon entry.

  2. Where is the park located?

    It is located at 24950 Madison Avenue, Murrieta, CA 92562.

  3. What are the operating hours of the park?

    They are open Thursdays through Sundays, from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM for the park and 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM for the water slides. Please note that certain Tuesdays the park is closed to the public. Please check their calendar to see the full schedule.

  4. Are Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta tickets refundable?

    No. All Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta discount tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable. Once purchased, it is final.

  5. How soon will I get my FunEx Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta discount ticket?

    You will receive your discounted Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta tickets immediately, along with your purchase receipt.

  6. Do I need to print my Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta discount ticket?

    No need to print them put! Just present your Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta tickets through your smartphone, and you will be granted entry - easy and fast!

  7. When will my FunEx Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta discount tickets expire?

    Your discount tickets do not have an expiration date. Visit anytime you want with FunEx!

  8. Are there any height and weight restrictions for certain rides and activities?

    Yes, specific height, age, and weight restrictions may apply. Ride and activity guidelines are posted on every entry for your guidance.

  9. What is included on my Mulligan Family Fun Center Murrieta tickets?

    A $50 Fun Card is valid for any purchases at the Murrieta location, up to $50, without restrictions, including food and beverage.

  10. What happens if it rains?

    Visitors may swap their tickets for outdoor attractions for one of the following things if management decides to close an attraction because of bad weather:

    • You are allowed to save your ticket and use it later.
    • You can swap your ticket for a different open attraction or arcade credit equal to the ticket's face value.
  11. Can I bring food and drinks inside the park?

    No. Outside beverages and foods are not permitted inside.

  12. Can I bring my pet to the park?

    Only trained service animals are allowed inside. Animals used as emotional support or pets are prohibited on the property. Companion and emotional support animals do not fall within the ADA's definition of service animals and do not have the same rights to public spaces.

  13. What mode of payment is accepted in the park?

    They accept cash, Apple Pay, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. No personal checks are accepted.

Last updated December 05, 2023.

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