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Lights, Camera, Action! Discover Filming Locations Across the US with On Location Tours!

Two people stand outdoors holding film clapperboards, smiling. The male on the left and female on the right are both unfocused in the background. A clear blue sky and greenery surround them. Text on the clapperboards reads 'Hollywood Production.' Two people stand outdoors holding film clapboards with a smile. The person on the left is a man in a light shirt with suspenders, and the person on the right is a woman partially obscured by the man, in darker attire. Both are poised as if about to snap the clapper shut. The background is a sunny, tree-lined setting.

Step into the scenes of your favorite films and TV shows with On Location Tours, the award-winning sightseeing company operating across multiple US cities! Founded in 1999 and annually delighting over 100,000 visitors, the tours offer an insider's look at over 60 iconic filming locations.

Guided by local actors, these diverse tours include NYC TV & Movie Sites, Sex and the City Hotspots, Gossip Girl Sites, and more! Experience the real-life backdrops of the big and small screens in a new and exciting way with your discounted On Location Tours tickets from FunEx today!

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Tour America's Iconic Movie Locations with On Location Tours!

Discover the magic behind your favorite films and TV shows with On Location Tours, offering an exclusive glimpse into America's most iconic filming locations!

Six people pose smiling in front of a tree-lined city street with a brownstone building in the background. Clear skies and sunshine enhance the cheerful day. The group appears diverse and casually dressed, exuding a friendly vibe. The photo includes the logo for 'On Location Tours' hinting at a themed city tour event. A group of six adults stands smiling behind a white half-wall on a sunny day with trees and a classic five-story brick building in the background. They are casually dressed, with some in light-colored tops and others in darker hues.

New York City Tours

Step into the scenes of your favorite movies and TV shows as you visit over 30 famous sites from classics like Friends, Seinfeld, and When Harry Met Sally, along with a special walking tour of Central Park's most picturesque film locations featured in hits such as Serendipity and Enchanted!

Chicago Tours

Explore the heart of the Windy City as you experience iconic scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Untouchables, and The Dark Knight. You can even explore suburban film sites in a private vehicle on the Chicago Suburbs Movie Sites Tour with your discounted On Location Tours tickets!

Image shows a sunny day outside the Cheers bar, known from TV. A group of people can be seen listening to a guide on the street. The bar's sign hangs overhead, boasting its founding year, 1895. Cars line the street, and trees are visible in the background. Image of visitors gathered outside enjoying a sunny day near the entrance of a well-established venue, marked by a vintage signboard with the establishment year. The street is lined with cars and trees, adding a peaceful suburban atmosphere to the scene.

Boston Tours

With Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour will take you through the filming locations from beloved shows and movies, letting you relive the magic of the big screen!

Virtual Tours and Entertainment by On Location Tours!

Can't make it out? No problem! Dive into the world of your favorite films and TV shows from the comfort of your home with On Location Tours' virtual offerings!

  • Virtual Tours:

    Fly through the Super Tour of NYC, a virtual reality journey through the most thrilling comic book scenes. Alternatively, explore the iconic locales from Friends in our Friends virtual sites tour, visiting beloved landmarks and settings from the show!

  • Trivia Nights:

    Test your TV smart brains with the live virtual trivia nights! Hosted by our knowledgeable tour guides via Zoom and Kahoot, compete against other fans in challenging quizzes covering over 30 famous sitcoms!

Tips to Enjoy On Location Tours

Inside a tour bus, passengers enjoy a guided tour. A man wearing a light-colored shirt and holding a microphone stands in the aisle, smiling as he addresses the group. The interior features rows of dark fabric seats. Daylight streams in through large windows showcasing cityscape advertisements. Inside a bright bus, a person wearing a cap sits on the left, looking toward another person standing on the right, who is gesturing mid-conversation. Dark patterned seats occupy the foreground, and a blurry city view is visible through the bus's front window.
  • Book in Advance:

    Tours can fill up quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons. Secure your spot early to avoid disappointment! You can check out On Location Tours discount tickets from FunEx!

  • Dress Comfortably:

    You'll be walking and standing quite a bit, so wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Keep in mind you'll be getting on and off the bus to explore different sites.

  • Charge Your Devices:

    Ensure your phone and camera are fully charged so you don't miss out on any photo opportunities!

  • Arrive Early:

    Get to the meeting point at least 15 minutes before departure to check in and find a good seat on the bus!

  • Bring Snacks and Water:

    While food and drinks are not provided, having snacks and water on hand can keep you energized and hydrated throughout the tour.

  • Ask Questions:

    Don't hesitate to engage with your tour guide! Your guide can enhance your experience with insider insights and answer any queries you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What specific locations will we visit?

    The locations vary by tour, with three to four stops typically included. Each tour has a different route, and you'll receive a handout of visited locations for further exploration.

  2. Do we stay on the bus throughout the tour?

    No. While the tours use a coach bus for travel, you'll frequently get off the bus with your guide to explore locations and take photos.

  3. Can I take photos during the tour?

    Yes, you can take photos at our stops. Filming and photography on the bus are not allowed, but you can take pictures from the windows.

  4. Are food and drinks included? May I bring my own?

    No food or drinks are provided. You can bring your own, but please clean up afterward. Alcohol is not allowed.

  5. What type of bus is used for the tours?

    The tours use an enclosed coach bus, which is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

  6. Can I bring a stroller or luggage on the tour?

    Yes, but space is limited, and it might be inconvenient to bring large items as you will leave the bus several times.

  7. Are young children free on the tour?

    Children aged 1 through 5 years old can ride the tour for free but may need to sit on a lap if seats are full. Purchase a ticket to guarantee a seat.

  8. Is the tour only offered in English?

    Yes, the tours are in English. Non-English speakers can download an app for a translated experience in German or French on specific tours.

Last updated May 15, 2024

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