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A joyful family at San Antonio Zoo with a woman and young girl holding bird feed while colorful parrots perch on their hands. A man to the right takes a photo with his phone, all smiling brightly. Lush greenery surrounds them. Text on image says San Antonio Zoo named Best Zoo. Image of a smiling family with two adults and a child at a zoo. They are posing with refreshing drinks amidst lush greenery. The zoo's logo is visible, suggesting a tropical setting with palm leaves and vibrant orange flames as part of the design. The atmosphere is casual and cheerful.

Love and learn to protect the animals while having fun! Drop by the zoo and meet some incredible bears, jaguars, snakes, hippopotamus, lions, giraffes, and so many other fascinating creatures!

The zoo operates from 9AM to 5PM daily, so be sure to bring your San Antonio Zoo discount tickets and head there early. Enjoy some special experiences available at the zoo like behind-the-scenes animal encounters, their 4D Theater, tours, and other exclusive surprises at the zoo.

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Sections Of The Zoo You Should Explore!

A visit to the zoo means getting to see these animals up close, and they will surely leave you in awe based on their sheer magnificence!

Friedrich Aquarium

Vivid underwater scene at San Antonio Zoo showcasing a variety of tropical fish including bright yellow tangs and a royal blue tang among colorful corals. An orange clownfish adds a pop of contrasting color in the lower left. Image of a vibrant underwater scene at San Antonio Zoo featuring a variety of fish, including yellow tangs and a blue tang, swimming among colorful coral. The San Antonio Zoo logo is visible at the bottom.

First started in 1948, the Friedrich Aquarium has maintained a unique charm for many aquarium goers! You can find different species of both fresh water and saltwater animals.

Asian Forest

Image features a close-up view of a lizard, likely a Komodo dragon, with fine scales in hues of green, gray, and brown. The creature's eye is prominent, showing a golden iris. In the lower left corner, the San Antonio Zoo logo is visible. Image of a Komodo dragon's head up close at the San Antonio Zoo. The reptile's scales are visible in shades of grey, brown, and subtle blue. Its eye is detailed, with a sharp gaze. The zoo logo is located in the bottom left corner.

The Komodo dragons, known as the largest, heaviest lizards in the world, calls the zoo its home and is among its most laid-back inhabitants. In the section where they live in the zoo, you will also find other fantastic animals found in Asian Forests such as gibbons, langurs, and Asian small-clawed otters. Don't forget to bring your San Antonio Zoo discount tickets!

The Savanna

Image shows a close-up of a giraffe's head, its profile gracefully captured as it appears to lean over a wooden barrier. The giraffe's distinct pattern of tan patches and white lines are clear, contrasting with the lush greenery in the background. The San Antonio Zoo logo is visible at the bottom of the image. Image shows a close-up of a giraffe's face and neck. The giraffe has a pattern of tan patches with white lines and brown spots. In the foreground, a blurred wooden structure suggests an enclosure. Text overlay at the bottom displays  San Antonio Zoo .

Are you excited to explore the Savanna? Observe the zebras, ostriches, sitatunga, cranes, giraffes, and white rhinos from high vantage points as they roam around the area.

Discover many other places in the zoo that are sure to spark your interest!

Visit Africa Live where their hippos, Timothy and Uma, are one of the main attractions. You might set your eyes on a Nile crocodile, some African wild dogs, colobus monkeys, dwarf mongoose, a giant aviary, and many other amazing animals!

Did you know that areas such as the Reptile House, The Grottos, Big Cat Valley, Amphibia, Wild Australia and other sections are all waiting for you? What are you waiting for!

Buy your San Antonio Zoo discount tickets today and visit the best zoo in Texas!

Restaurant and Dining Options at the Zoo

After a long day of walking around and marveling at the animals, make sure to stop by one of their restaurants to grab a bite and fuel up for the rest of the trip!

**Please note that food and dining are purchased separately and are not included in your general admission discount tickets.

Beastro Restaurant

Get a great view of the zoo's impressive carousel and lake while having your fill of their delicious burgers and pizza. Dessert options for those with a sweet tooth are also available!

Riverview Restaurant

In search for sandwiches, salads, and ice cream? This restaurant has everything you are looking for!

Tips and Tricks Before Visiting the Zoo

  1. Buy your discount San Antonio Zoo tickets in advance.

    Getting in line at the ticket booth of the zoo could be quite a nightmare, and more expensive too! When you buy your discount tickets ahead of time, you can skip that queue and immediately start touring around the venue!

  2. Wear comfortable shoes.

    There's a lot to explore inside the zoo! Make sure you and the kiddos wear comfortable walking shoes so you can go around meeting animals without hurting your feet.

  3. Keep hydrated!

    Weather it's sunny, rainy, or snowing, always make it a point to bring your water bottle and pump up your energy by drinking plenty of water!

  4. Arrive early.

    Get ahead of traffic, the long line at the zoo, and save time by arriving early!

Frequently Asked Questions about San Antonio Zoo

  1. Are reservations required prior to visiting San Antonio Zoo?

    No, reservations are not required. Just bring your discount San Antonio Zoo tickets, and you are good to go!

  2. When does the zoo open?

    The zoo operates from 9AM to 5PM daily. Their hours may vary, so please check the official website for more up-to-date operating hours.

  3. Is there free parking?

    Yes! The Zoo Parking Garage can be found between the zoo and Will Smith Zoo School. Parking will be free during zoo business hours. You can also find public parking areas around Brackenridge Park.

  4. Are pets allowed inside the San Antonio Zoo?

    Only trained service animals are allowed inside and are required to check in upon entry. Pets, and other animals that do not meet the definition of a Service Animal per Title II and III of the ADA will not be allowed inside the zoo.

  5. Does the San Antonio Zoo rent wheelchairs/strollers?

    Yes! Please check their official website for up-to-date rental pricing. You are welcome to bring your own strollers into the zoo as well.

  6. What will happen if it rains hard when I visit the San Antonio Zoo?

    Unless the severity of the weather threatens the safety of the visitors and employees, San Antonio Zoo is open every day, rain or shine. Inclement weather closure announcements will be made on their website and social media pages of the zoo. They cannot issue refunds; however, they can reschedule your tickets. Please send them an email at with the subject line "RESCHEDULE TICKETS." Don't forget to include your order number.

  7. Is there a dress code at the zoo?

    The zoo tries to uphold their family-friendly environment. As such, clothing or tattoos with offensive graphics or language will not be permitted. Examples of those are clothing that display profanity, pornography, graphic violence, gang symbols, support for drugs or use of drugs, and those that promote discrimination against any group.

  8. How soon will I receive my San Antonio Zoo discount tickets?

    Immediately! They are sent straight to your email, with your receipt.

  9. Do I have to print my discount San Antonio Zoo tickets?

    No need! You can show them on your phone for easy entry.

Last updated May 02, 2024

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