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What is Knott’s Soak City?

Soak City Water Park is a separately gated 15-acre water adventure park located next to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. This fun-filled Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark whimsically incorporates themes of Southern California Beach towns in the 1950s. Knott’s Soak City is home to 23 tube slides and speed and body slides. You can sure expect a thrilling good time! Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark is open from mid-May through early September. Get your and your family’s soak city tickets from FunEx to get dollars off!

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What are the attractions at Knott’s Soak City?

Excited to see what Soak City Waterpark has in store for you? Knott’s Soak City is 160 acres of splashing fun! From kid-suited rides to family attractions to thrill seeker must try’s, they have it all! Here are a few of the attractions at Soak City Waterpark:

  1. Beach House Slides

    Are you visiting with your little thrill-seeker? Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark’s Beach House Slides is the place to be! This attraction is packed with three stories of immersive water fun, water guns, fun nozzles, faucets, and even more surprises. The minimum height for this slide tower is 42”. Kids will have a splashing great time! Get discounted soak city tickets at a kiddie price from FunEx!

  2. Sunset River

    Sunset River is Soak City’s destination for relaxation! Visit the lazy river where you can lay back in a colorful tube as the gentle current pushes you along. This family-friendly attraction is the ultimate family bonding experience. Sunset River is accessible with your discount-soak city tickets.

  3. Gremmie Lagoon

    Gremmie Lagoon is the perfect attraction when you visit with small kids! This water playground is explicitly designed for children. They will love splashing and jumping around with the interactive octopus that lives in Gremmie Lagoon. They also feature slip and slides perfect for kids! The maximum height for this Knott’s Soak City attraction is 54”.

  4. Malibu Run

    Thrill rides are Knott’s Berry Farm specialty! Soak City Waterpark’s Malibu Run is one of the many thrill attractions created for loyal thrill-loving fans. These inflatable tube slides will bring the thrill of being 39 feet high with open and enclosed flumes. You’ll enjoy this high thrill ride that will plunge you into refreshing water at the end. Get your discount Soak City tickets to enjoy Malibu Run and other thrill rides.

  5. The Wedge

    Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark presents The Wedge! This open-air raft ride sits up to six passengers at a time. Bring the whole group and get ready to slide down this super long ride! The minimum height requirement for The Wedge is 42”. This family-friendly attraction is a must-visit at Soak City Waterpark.

  6. Shore Break

    Are you brave enough to stomach a 60-foot drop, daring loops, and more? Visit Shore Break! This Knott’s Soak City ride suits thrill-seekers with this seven-story high attraction. Board their Aqua Launch chamber and experience this most exhilarating ride. Admission to Shore Break is included in your discount Soak City ticket.

  7. Banzai Falls

    This 41-foot-high attraction is the perfect bonding experience for your family or friend group! You can grab your mat and see who’s the fastest slider in this six-lane aquatic race. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 42”.

Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark has even more attractions in store for you!

Knott’s Soak City Tips When Visiting

  1. Bring SPF

    Be prepared to spend a full day of fun in the sun! If you forget to bring some, the park sells sunscreen, sundries, and other merchandise in various locations throughout the waterpark.

  2. Stay Hydrated

    Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark suggests guests stay hydrated with plenty of water to avoid heat exhaustion. There are drinking fountains located outside the dining areas. You can also bring your own sealed bottle of water with you.

  3. Arrive Early

    Get there early to snag some good seats in the shade for you and your family. There are also Cabanas that you can rent for the entire day (comes with a locker for your belongings and other amenities too!)

  4. Get your tickets at a discount price

    Get your Soak City tickets from FunEx to enjoy the lowest prices! There is also no need to print your discount tickets out. Just show your e-ticket on your phone, and you are good to go.

Where is Knott’s Soak City?

Soak City Waterpark is located next to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. You can find them at:

8200 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, United States

What are the Dining Options at Knott’s Soak City?

Need a fuel break on your Soak City Waterpark adventure? All food locations accommodate dietary restrictions vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Here are a few of the dining options at Knott’s Soak City:

  1. Portside Pizza

    In the mood for Pizza? Soak City Waterpark’s Portside Pizza serves the famous tasty dish, funnel cakes, and salads.

  2. Longboard’s Grill

    In the mood for Pizza? Soak City Waterpark’s Portside Pizza serves the famous tasty dish, funnel cakes, and salads.

When will Knott’s Soak City open?

Soak City Waterpark will be open on May 21st, 2022. Separate admission will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Knott’s Soak City:

  1. Are reservations required?

    No, Reservations are not required.

  2. Do I have to print out my discount ticket?

    There’s no need! You can show your e-tickets on your mobile phone, and you’ll be good to go.

  3. When will I receive my tickets?

    When purchasing through FunEx, you’ll receive your Soak City tickets instantly after purchase. Your discount tickets will be emailed to you along with your receipt.

  4. Are reservations required?

    No, Reservations are not required.

  5. Is there free parking?

    There is available parking at Knott’s Berry Farm, which costs $20 for cars and motorcycles and $25 for RVs and buses.

  6. How much do Soak City tickets cost?

    Buy Knott's Soak City tickets for $44 vs $60 gate price! Go any day. Lowest price guaranteed on FunEx.

  7. What can I not bring to Knott’s Soak City?

    Some items not allowed in the park are radios and stereos, luggage, and large coolers (larger than 1’x1’x1’).

  8. What if I lose or leave something behind?

    If you happen to lose or forget something while visiting Knott’s Soak City, you can submit an online request on their website. Someone will contact you if your item is found.

  9. What happens if I get hurt?

    There is a first aid station with trained nurses in Ghost Town.

  10. Are outside food and drinks allowed?

    Unfortunately, outside food and beverages are not permitted except sealed water bottles. They also make exceptions for medication and food needed for medical reasons. If you bring your own food, there is a picnic area outside the entrance.

  11. Are there alcoholic beverages available?

    You can purchase beer and wine throughout the Soak City Waterpark from park vendors.

  12. Is smoking allowed?

    No, smoking is prohibited within park areas.

  13. What is the appropriate attire?

    Knott’s Soak City requires guests to wear proper swimwear. (One- or two-piece suit) Thongs, denim, pants, and transparent clothing are not allowed.

  14. Are there lifeguards at the waterpark?

    Yes, Knott’s Berry Farm Waterpark has trained lifeguards at every park’s attraction.

Last updated May 27, 2022

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