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Sherman Gardens is an inspiring horticultural oasis and nationally renowned botanical garden.

The Sherman Gardens has over 100 species of palms from around the world; 130 unique varieties of begonias; and a lush tropical conservatory featuring a koi pond, carnivorous plants, and an extensive orchid collection. Visitors can explore the gardens along wide brick walkways winding past bubbling tile fountains and flower beds bursting with color, texture, and fragrance! The Sherman Library, on the other hand, is a historical research library specializing in the history of the Pacific Southwest – including southern California, Arizona, northern Mexico, and adjoining areas. Its book collection encompasses more than 15,000 volumes! Come and explore Sherman Library & Gardens today for an unforgettable and informative experience at very reasonable prices through FunEx!

This image features a panoramic view that is divided into two contrasting sections. On the left, a watercolor rendering of the Sherman Library & Gardens' building is depicted. It shows a white structure with a classic design, including windows covered with grid-like protective bars, and an ornate circular window under an arched detailing. Vines and foliage partially obscure the building, giving it an overgrown, historical look.

The right half of the image displays a vibrant photograph of a garden detail with meticulously arranged plants. In the foreground, a series of succulents, including echeverias, are planted in intricate patterns forming a living tapestry with colors ranging from deep greens to vivid reds. Behind them, layers of pale-colored blooms cascade over the edge of a light-toned structure, possibly a wall or large planter box. The gardening design demonstrates a keen eye for symmetry and color blending.

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Sherman Gardens showcases plants from around the world.

This image displays a vibrant bed of flowers in a garden setting. The foreground is focused on a cluster of bright, open-faced anemones, featuring rich hues of magenta, deep violet, and a singular blue flower. Each anemone has a dark, intricately patterned center surrounded by a varying number of delicate petals. The flora appears healthy and well-maintained, suggesting a serene environment. The garden's greenery, exhibiting a variety of leaf shapes and textures, indicates the diversity of plant life in this setting. There's an impression of sunlight washing over the scene, enhancing the vivid colors and contributing to the overall freshness of the garden atmosphere. To experience such captivating floral displays and serene garden walks, secure your adventure with, where savings bloom with the lowest prices on tickets. Description: This image features a vibrant display of flowers, predominantly in shades of deep purple and magenta, set against a backdrop of fresh greenery. The blooms have prominent, dark centers that contrast with their colorful petals. Each flower appears full and lively, basking in sunlight that subtly highlights their intricate details. The garden setting suggests a peaceful and natural environment.

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Sherman Gardens showcases plants from around the world. Blooms come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So while you may be dazzled by the display beds there are many unique plants to explore in every corner of the Garden.

Sherman Library

This image is a black-and-white montage composed of two photographs placed side by side, depicting scenes from an earlier era. On the left, a group of nine people—five women and four men—are positioned in front of the "Balboa Inn Café," which advertises lunch and dinner with prices displayed (Luncheon 75¢ and Dinner 85¢) next to the entrance. The individuals appear cheerful and are dressed in what can be identified as mid-20th century clothing styles, with the ladies' skirts having similar patterns, posing on the steps and the porch of the café.

On the right side, the scene shifts to a waterfront setting with a row of five fishing boats moored side by side in calm water, reflecting the vessels and buildings above. These boats, each with a prominent hull number, are docked in front of industrial buildings, suggesting a busy fishing port. The buildings feature various signs, with one sign partially visible bearing the word 'COCKTAILS,' linking the scene to the recreational or hospitality industry.

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On the right half of the image, we see a harbor scene with several boats moored along docks. The water is calm, and there is a row of buildings in the background, suggesting a waterfront community or a docking area for leisure boats and possibly fishing vessels.

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Sherman Library collects historic materials relating to the Pacific Southwest and makes them available to the public. Sherman Library's photograph collections document a wide range of places and events in southern California, Arizona, and northern Mexico.

A selection of the roughly 40,000 photographs in the library's holdings are available through the Sherman Library Digital Catalog that dates from 1919 to 1956.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are reservations required prior to visiting Sherman Library & Gardens?

    No, as of writing (9/11/21) Sherman Library & Gardens does not require reservations to visit; however, guided garden tours require reservations at least three weeks in advance.

  2. What hours does the Sherman Library & Gardens operate?

    The Garden is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily and closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Their summer hours are extended until 7 p.m. The Sherman Library is open Mondays through Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Guided garden tours are available from Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday tours depend on docent availability.

  3. How much do Sherman Library & Gardens tickets cost?

    Sherman Library & Gardens tickets can be bought directly from their website for $5. Through FunEx, the exact same tickets are sold at only $12 for 3 tickets!

  4. Does Sherman Library & Gardens take card payments?

    Yes, they do. Sherman Library & Gardens also accepts cash and checks.

  5. Can I bring outside food into Sherman Library & Gardens?

    No, but there are available dining options within the gardens, such as the Cultivar Restaurant, which is open for brunch on Sundays and lunch from Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Call 949-220-7229 for reservations.

  6. Are alcoholic beverages sold at Cultivar Restaurant?

    Wine, beer, and champagne is available for purchase.

  7. Will there be a tour guide available?

    Yes. Sherman Gardens has a knowledgeable group of specially trained docents available to give tours of their beautiful gardens to both adults and children, but reservations are required three weeks in advance. Self-guided tours are available through their Dial & Discover cell phone audio tour. More information is available at the entry gate.

  8. Does Sherman Library & Gardens require masks to be worn inside the premises?

    Yes, they do.

  9. Am I allowed to take pictures inside Sherman Library & Gardens?

    “Vacation-style” or impromptu photography is permitted throughout the gardens without a reservation. All posed photography (wedding and engagement photography, graduation and prom portraits, quinceañeras, maternity and family portraits), both commercial and non-commercial, require a reservation. For complete details, click here.

  10. Are pets allowed inside Sherman Library & Gardens?

    Pets are not allowed inside, but service dogs are.

  11. How long does a visit to Sherman Library & Gardens take?

    It depends on how long you want to stay, if you take a guided tour, or if you visit both the library and gardens or just one. Approximately, most people stay from one to three hours. The guided tour takes one hour.

  12. Is Sherman Library & Gardens handicap accessible?

    Yes, they have handicap parking and a handicap entrance. More information is available at the entry gates.

  13. Is there free parking?

    Yes! It is free to park in both parking lots, located at Dahlia Ave., at Pacific Coast Highway and Dahlia Ave. at 3rd Avenue.

  14. Do we have to wear masks or present proof of vaccination?

    No, there would be no need to wear masks or to show proof of vaccination.

Last updated June 27, 2024.

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