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Ascend to Spectacular Heights This Fourth of July at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt!

Takes place on July 4, 2024

Person sitting on a reflective floor against a backdrop of pastel-colored clouds. Person sitting on a reflective floor against a backdrop of pastel-colored clouds.

This Independence Day, elevate your celebration to extraordinary levels at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, where the fireworks in the sky are only the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable evening!

From the 30,725 square feet of mirrored spaces that reflect the vibrant lights and energy of New York City, here’s what awaits you at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt!

Fourth of July Celebration Highlights:

  • Unmatched Fireworks Viewing:

    Witness the city’s grand fireworks display from an unbeatable viewpoint!

  • Live Musical Performances:

    Dance to the beat of live music that complements the festive atmosphere.

  • Gourmet Festive Fare:

    Treat yourself to a selection of festive food, craft beverages, and cocktails that capture the spirit of Independence Day!

  • Engaging Entertainment:

    Enjoy a variety of interactive games and activities that promise fun for all attendees.

Celebrate the Fourth of July where the stars are beneath your feet and the city’s lights dazzle around you!

(Note: Fourth of July Celebration is separately ticketed and is not included in your discounted SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets)

NEW: Shine with Pride at Summit One Vanderbilt!

Takes place throughout the weekend of June 30, 2024

As New York City comes alive with the colors of the Pride Parade on June 30, join Summit One Vanderbilt in an all-weekend long celebration!

Dance under a canopy of multicolored balloons, witness rainbows light up the mirrored spaces, and enjoy social moments with light treats and drinks at the terrace! Come and be a part of the celebration that brings the city to life! Let your colors burst with pride with your discounted Summit One Vanderbilt tickets today!

Capture Memories in 3D at Summit One Vanderbilt!

A reflective interior with a large digital screen displaying colorful clouds, floor-to-ceiling windows showing an urban view, and a person standing near the windows. A reflective interior with a large digital screen displaying colorful clouds, floor-to-ceiling windows showing an urban view, and a person standing near the windows.

Experience the magic of your visit to Summit One Vanderbilt in a whole new dimension with The Hologram 3D Photo!

Situated on the breathtaking 93rd floor, The Portal photobooth transforms your image into an extraordinary 360-degree, 3D hologram using exclusive, advanced technology! Select your preferred scenic backdrop when you check out and take home not only a striking printed panoramic photo but also gain digital access to your personal 3D hologram.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to preserve your memories at Summit One Vanderbilt. Capture your 3D moment today!

(Note: The Hologram 3D photo may have separate charges and not included in your discounted Summit One Vanderbilt ticket admission)

Two people are joyfully jumping on a clear glass observation deck high above a dense urban cityscape. Skyscrapers stretch out below them into the distance. The word SUMMIT is visible, indicating the location is a high viewpoint above the city. Two people are seen jumping in excitement on a transparent platform high above a cityscape. Skyscrapers stretch out below them into the distance under a clear blue sky. The word SUMMIT is visible at the bottom corner, suggesting the name of the location.

Experience New Heights at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt!

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that seamlessly integrates art, technology, and thrill to redefine the traditional concept of an observation deck in New York City. Experience an invigorating sensory journey through three distinct levels of immersive space designed to stimulate, motivate, and exhilarate. One Vanderbilt is a remarkable architectural feat that stands out as a symbol of modernization in Manhattan.

Its distinctive shape sets a new benchmark for architecture in New York, making it a shining beacon that captures the world's attention. At a towering height of 1,401 feet, One Vanderbilt reigns as the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, securing a spot among the top 30 tallest buildings worldwide. Get your SUMMIT One Vanderbilt discount tickets through FunEx today to save more while experiencing the most unique and immersive observation deck!

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Image displaying the logo for SUMMIT One Vanderbilt with a graphic of a building above the text. Below, there's a badge featuring a lock and key, accompanied by the text 'Authorized Seller' and a logo with a mountain peak inside a shield. The design conveys authorized partnership and trustworthiness.

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What to Expect at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

With your FunEx SUMMIT One Vanderbilt discount tickets, you will experience all these attractions and experiences listed below.

    Image of an observation deck with panoramic views of a city skyline. The deck is encased in glass, with mirrored surfaces reflecting the sky and visitors. Visitors are seen walking on the transparent floor and observing the surrounding cityscape. The word SUMMIT is visible at the top. Image shows the interior of the Summit observation deck with transparent glass walls and floor. Visitors can be seen enjoying panoramic views of the cityscape. The sky and clouds are visible through the reflective surfaces, creating a sense of openness and height. The SUMMIT logo is at the bottom.
  • Air: Transcendence 1

  • Upon emerging, you find yourself in a world devoid of structure, where reflections play a significant role and the laws of physics and time seem to operate differently. This experience is already included in your SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets from FunEx.

  • Air: Transcendence 2

  • Indulge in the feeling of infinite expanse as you gaze down at Transcendence 1 and behold the sight of 30,375 square feet of reflective surfaces.

  • Air: Affinity

  • Two individuals explore an airy space filled with suspended reflective spheres of varying sizes. A woman in the foreground reaches toward a sphere, mesmerized. In the background, a man gazes out toward a panoramic city skyline visible through large windows. The interior decor creates a sense of floating amidst the clouds above the urban landscape. Image of a modern observation deck with two people among suspended reflective spheres. A woman reaches out to touch a sphere, and a man stands gazing at the city skyline visible through the vast glass windows behind the art installation. The word SUMMIT is visible at the bottom.

    As the immersive art experience progresses, it transforms into a much more interactive and playful encounter, where physical connection to the space is key. Get your SUMMIT One Vanderbilt discount tickets today and experience the Air: Affinity at Vanderbilt.

  • Air: Unity

  • An expansive view from a high vantage point where vibrant clouds are projected onto a large screen, creating a breathtaking, surreal scene. A visitor is silhouetted against the vivid colors and reflections, capturing a moment of contemplation. The area is enclosed with glass, reflecting the interior, and offering a view of a cityscape in the distant background. The image conveys a sense of awe and the merging of technology with natural beauty. The word SUMMIT is visible in the corner, suggesting this The image displays a person standing in a glass-enclosed space with a panoramic view. The left side shows a vibrant, pink and purple cloud-scape against a clear blue sky. Reflections and transparent surfaces add to the airy atmosphere of the scene. The image includes the word 'SUMMIT' at the bottom.

    Seamlessly merging the physical and digital worlds allows you to immerse yourself in an interactive experience where your face materializes in the clouds. This is an incredible experience!

  • Air at Night

  • Visitors explore a vibrant, mirrored exhibit with colorful reflections and lights. People are standing, walking, or lying on the floor, immersed in the luminous, kaleidoscopic environment. In the foreground, the word SUMMIT is visible. Visitors lounge and interact in a vibrant room with reflective surfaces. Colorful lights and ribbon-like decorations hang from the ceiling, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere. The flooring mirrors the scene, adding depth to the space.

    As the day draws to a close, you can visit the enchanting of Air: Beacon Mode, where an amazing experience is revealed. The summit is transformed by vibrant waves of color that create a dramatic and electrifying atmosphere. One Vanderbilt has been transformed into a radiant symbol of light and energy, serving as a prominent anchor that can be admired from every corner in New York City.

  • Levitation

  • Four friends enjoy a thrilling experience on a transparent glass platform high above a cityscape. They express excitement and joy, posing with outstretched arms, overlooking the urban expanse below during daylight hours. The photo includes an inscription with the word 'SUMMIT' in the corner. Glass viewing platform above cityscape with three joyful individuals pointing upwards, experiencing a thrilling urban vista. Skyline bathed in warm hues of sunrise or sunset, creating an atmosphere of adventure and awe. The SUMMIT logo in the corner suggests a high-altitude observation point.

    Experience an exhilarating sensation as you step out over the bustling cityscape with Vanderbilt's Levitation. This unique attraction features two glass ledges suspended a remarkable 1,100 feet above Madison Avenue. Experience the thrill of witnessing breathtaking views of New York City from a bird's eye perspective and get rewarded with an adrenaline rush like no other.

  • Reflect

  • Experience a mesmerizing visual journey that transcends the limits of perception with the shape-shifting art installation created by the renowned artist Yayoi Kusama.

    Image: An indoor observation deck with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a panoramic view of a cityscape under a clear sky. Reflective, pill-shaped cushions are scattered across the floor. The word SUMMIT appears in the corner, suggesting a name or location. This image shows a modern interior with tall windows revealing a cityscape. The floor is covered with large, oval-shaped, padded mats. The space is airy and bathed in natural light. The word 'SUMMIT' is overlaid at the bottom.
  • Apres

  • Image shows a group of people engaged in casual conversation at a modern high-rise building with floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior is filled with natural light and furnished with stylish tables and chairs. The expansive view of a cityscape, featuring recognizable skyscrapers under a clear blue sky, serves as the backdrop. The word SUMMIT is visible on the bottom left. A modern office space with full-length windows offering a panoramic view of a city skyline. Several individuals are engaged in a casual meeting, seated around a round table with laptops and notebooks. There’s a sense of lightness and quiet activity, with one person standing by the window, possibly presenting. The environment is bright and airy, communicating a productive yet serene workspace. Branding is visible on the lower right corner.

    Indulge in a serene dining experience at the Nordic-style café, expertly crafted by the renowned architectural Snohetta. Savor the carefully selected menu of delectable cuisine and handcrafted cocktails while taking in the breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Sit back, unwind, and let the staff take care of the rest.

  • Terrace

  • At the One Vanderbilt, guests can step onto the wrap-around terrace and enjoy breathtaking views spanning up to 80 miles. This outdoor viewing spot is perfect for taking in incredible sights while savoring the whole NYC immersive experience.

Things You Need To Know Before You Go

To provide an optimal experience for all visitors, we would appreciate that you comply with the following guidelines:

  • Be On Time

  • Please arrive at your scheduled time. Late arrivals will be accommodated based on availability and subject to a USD 10 late fee per person.

  • Dress Code

  • Dress appropriately to avoid unwanted exposure on glass and mirrored floors. We recommend wearing pants, shorts or tights when possible. Wear comfortable shows. Stiletto heels, steel toe boots, sports cleats and other footwear that can damage mirrored flooring are not permitted.

  • Policies on Food and Beverages

  • Outside food and beverage, smoking or e-cigarettes, large packages, suitcases, or weapons of any kind will not be permitted beyond the security checkpoint.

  • Policies on Alcoholic Beverages and Smoking

  • It is important to practice responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or any other substance is strictly prohibited in indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Service Animals

  • Although documented service animals and service animals in training are allowed on the premises, pets and emotional support animals are strictly prohibited for the safety and well-being of everyone.

  • Photography

  • Visitors are cordially invited to capture memories of their SUMMIT One experience by using their hand-held devices to take photographs. However, it is essential to note that certain photographic items are not permitted within the premises as outlined in the Prohibited Items Policy.

Tips and Tricks for Your SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Visit

  • Purchase SUMMIT One Vanderbilt discount tickets in advance.

  • Purchasing SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets in advance will allow you to save big while experiencing the same fun as full-priced ticket prices. FunEx offers discounts of up to 55% off, plus experience hassle-free entry when you visit!

  • Know the Hours of Operation.

  • Please note that SUMMIT One Vanderbilt operates seven days a week (Closed on certain Tuesdays), from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Last entry to SUMMIT is 10:30 PM. Hours of operation, as well as the days of operation, may change without prior notice.

Frequently Asked Questions about SUMMIT One Vanderbilt:

  1. Where is SUMMIT One Vanderbilt located?

    It is located at 45 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, Entrance located on the Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal.

  2. What are the operating hours of the attraction?

    The attraction is open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM, Monday through Sunday (closed on certain Tuesdays). The last entry is 10:30 PM. Hours and days of operation may change without prior notice. Please check their website before you visit to get the latest updates.

  3. Are SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets refundable?

    We're so sorry, but all SUMMIT One Vanderbilt discount tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Once purchased, it is final.

  4. Do I get free parking when I visit?

    There are parking garages located in close proximity to the area that caters to private vehicles. However, an extra fee is required for use. Please note that the rates, hours, and space availability may vary.

  5. How soon will I get my FunEx SUMMIT One Vanderbilt discount tickets?

    You will receive your SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets immediately, along with your receipt, after a successful purchase.

  6. Do I need to print my discount SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets?

    No need! The attraction highly recommends guests present SUMMIT One Vanderbilt tickets through mobile devices for easy and hassle-free entry!

  7. Do I need to purchase a separate SUMMIT One Vanderbilt ticket for my child?

    Children under the age of five are admitted free and do not need a ticket! All SUMMIT One Vanderbilt ticket sales are considered final and cannot be refunded or exchanged.

  8. Are pets or other animals allowed inside?

    While they accept service animals and working service animals, they do not allow pets or emotional support animals within the building for everyone's safety and well-being.

  9. Can I bring strollers inside SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

    For easy access to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, it is required that all strollers and carriages be foldable or collapsible. It is important to note that stroller storage is not available at SUMMIT. Therefore, keeping your stroller with you at all times during your visit is necessary.

  10. What are the items I can't bring at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

    For the safety and security of all attendees, we request that you refrain from bringing weapons, dangerous materials, transportation devices, suitcases, professional A/V equipment, or outside food and beverage to the event.

  11. Is there free Wi-Fi inside the attraction?

    Complimentary Wi-Fi access is provided. The attraction takes pride in providing guests with an incredibleexperience at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. As part of their commitment to ensuring your comfort and convenience, they are delighted to offer complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the premises.

  12. Do I need to be vaccinated to enter?

    As per the latest local guidelines, effective March 7, 2022, guests are not mandated to provide proof of vaccination.

  13. Am I required to wear a mask or any face coverings?

    Guests are no longer compelled to wear a face mask or other facial covering; however, it is strongly recommended.

Last updated June 21, 2024

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