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Image shows three joyful children playing in a water park with colorful slides and water features in the background. The sky is clear and bright. The word 'Aquatica' is visible, indicating the name of the park. Three joyful children play in a shallow pool with colorful water attractions in the background, including slides and water buckets. Bright sunny day enhances the vibrant colors and playful atmosphere of the waterpark scene.

Now Open: Riptide Race

Get ready to slide on the exciting Riptide Race, the newest ride in Aquatica San Antonio. Team up with your friends or race against each other in a splashy dueling race ride. It is a heart-stopping waterslide where you hop on a two-person raft and rush down a 51-foot tower to aim for the watery victory.

Keep an eye on the opponent while competing side-by-side and going through twists, turns, and tunnels. Have fun on this high-speed adventure with your San Antonio Aquatica discount tickets available at FunEx.

What is Aquatica San Antonio?

Aquatica San Antonio located in San Antonio, Texas is one of the most renowned waterparks in the USA. Its water rides, underwater caves, and tropical fishes are all inspired by the South Seas. It gives a seaside feel and a tropical paradise experience. We guarantee that if you are looking for a perfect place to splash and play, there is nowhere else to go!

With your San Antonio Aquatica discount ticket, you'll enjoy different water rides, from serene to thrill. You will have a lot of opportunities to meet tropical birds, stingrays, and many other amazing animals. It's the perfect getaway if you are looking for simple and relaxing moments while soaking up some sun on the white sand beaches.

Is Aquatica San Antonio worth visiting?

Of course, it is! There are a lot of attractions and fun activities to engage in at the water park. You will surely enjoy the lazy river ride, where you can just go with the water currents and float. Kids will be very excited playing at the splash pad areas. Even if you are a thrill-seeker, there are a lot of extreme water slides and rides to choose from. Bonus: the staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Your discounted San Antonio Aquatica tickets will be worth it, and you will have a wonderful time at the park.

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The image displays the logo for Aquatica San Antonio, featuring stylized aquatic waves above the text. Below the park name, there's a seal indicating as an authorized seller. The color scheme includes shades of blue and green to evoke water themes.

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Collage of three water park scenes: left shows colorful enclosed water slides with people; center shows a panoramic view of a roller coaster; right captures four individuals on a raft in an underwater tube with fish visible through transparent walls. This image shows a collage of three water park attractions. On the left, there's a vibrant maze of intertwined water slides with people joyously sliding down. The center depicts a thrilling drop ride with pairs of riders suspended at the top. On the right, a group enjoys a raft ride through a lush, tropical-themed waterway. The sky is a mix of dramatic clouds and clear blue areas.

What's New?

Beat the summer heat in the waterpark with your discounted San Antonio Aquatica tickets. Here are the newest rides you'll get to enjoy with your discount tickets:

  • Riptide Race

    This ride is the perfect spot for all your team-building activities. Grab your friends and head out to the Riptide Race, board a two-person raft and take the water racing challenge. Have a great time with your friends on this fast-paced adventure.

  • Tidal Surge

    Aquatica is known as the best water park in Texas for a reason! It has the best rides ever, including the newly opened ride, Tidal Surge. This is not your typical swing, riders will board a pendulum-like ride that will swing back and forth in the air and reaches 135 feet at its peak!

    If you are a fan of exciting rides, then you will love this one!! As you swing in the air, you will also be able to view the entire park from above. This new attraction is included in your San Antonio Aquatica discount ticket.

Image split into two scenes. On the left, a vibrant water slide named Taumata Racer with multiple lanes in blue, orange, and green, and people sliding down in a race. On the right, a group of joyful young adults splashing in a pool, under clear blue skies. Image features a vibrant water slide with multiple colorful lanes titled Taumata Racer. Riders are descending headfirst on mats. Adjacent is a pool where people emerge with splashes, smiling and enjoying the water. The atmosphere is lively and fun.

Water Slides in Aquatica San Antonio

The Aquatica proudly offers the most extreme water slide experiences to its guests. Here are some you should try with your San Antonio Aquatica discount tickets from FunEx:

  • Tonga Twister

    Get ready to feel the rush as you twist and turn in a fully enclosed tube water slide. This heart-pounding slide will plunge you from over 50 feet.

    It even features electrifying special effects, creating an incredible water slide experience that will leave you pumped up for more! Unlimited access to this ride is included in your discount San Antonio Aquatica tickets.

  • Stingray Falls

    Be ready to be enchanted with the park's signature attraction, Stingray Falls. This water slide takes you into a twist and turns into an underwater grotto where you'll get to see the tropical fishes and stingrays, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Walhalla Wave

    This is the perfect water slide to ride with the whole family! Hope on a raft and slide to the bottom, through a 6-story maze. This is included with your San Antonio Aquatica discount ticket from FunEx!

  • HooRoo Run

    You surely won't want to miss the park's most exhilarating water slide. Here in HooRoo Run, you can choose between a single or double tube for your 48-foot tall drop. It features closed and open slides, lots of turns, twists, drops, and water curtains.

    Are you brave enough to go on this?

Image showing two sides of fun at Aquatica waterpark. On the left, people are laughing in a pool, splashed by clear water under bright sunlight. The right shows a group enjoying snacks and drinks at a shaded table surrounded by lush greenery. This image is split in two, showcasing happy moments at a water park. On the left, two adults laugh joyfully while splashing in a clear blue pool. The right side shows a group of four young adults enjoying a meal under a shade, with tropical decor hinting at a warm, sunny day. The ambiance is relaxed and social.

Pools and Lazy Rivers in the Aquatica

If you are not into thrills and rides, no worries! There are a lot of pools and lazy rivers to choose from when you purchase our discount San Antonio Aquatica tickets. Here is the list of pools and rivers that you will really enjoy:

  • Loggerhead Lane

    Longing for a relaxing time in a pool? This is one of the best places to take a break in the water park. Here, you can just float around the lazy river, swim peacefully or just walk around in the water. It is a 1,200-foot-long route that is full of tunnel jets, misters, and foam shooters for some extra fun. If you are under 39", it is recommended that you wear a life vest.

  • Slippity Dippity

    If you are visiting with toddlers, this pool is specially made for you! Here, you can have the perfect bonding moments with the kids as you enjoy plenty of small slides and water play elements to choose from. It's a separate pool where you can ensure the safety of the kids.

    This image is split in two. On the left, four people are joyfully sliding down a water slide in a yellow raft at Aquatica waterpark, surrounded by splashing water. On the right, a group of pink flamingos stands in shallow water with a person flipping off a slide in the background under a bright blue sky. The image shows two photos side by side from a water park. On the left, four people are joyfully riding a yellow raft down a vibrant, multicolored water slide with a splash of blue water at the end. The right photo captures a flock of pink flamingos gracefully wading through a shallow pool surrounded by tropical foliage and visitors overlooking the scene from a path, with a waterslide in the background. The word 'Aquatica' is displayed in the lower-left corner.
  • Walkabout Waters

    This is another really nice place for kids in the water park. Covering a 15,000-square feet kid-friendly pool and play area, kids and kids-at-heart are welcome to enjoy the sprays, navigating geysers, huge dumping buckets, and spouts. It's an endless sea of fun with its interactive funhouse activities.

    Experience this burst of color and water and have an exciting adventure! Purchase your discount tickets through FunEx now to begin your watery adventure at this awesome splash zone with your kids!

  • Whanau Waters

    If you are looking for a perfect spot to relax, head straight to the Whanau Waters pool area! This place features amazing naturalistic rockwork making it the perfect place to unwind. Enjoy refreshing under some pretty waterfalls and floating around in the shallow pools with your Aquatica San Antonio discount tickets from FunEx.

  • Cutback Cove

    Last on the list is the Cutback Cove Pool and Beach. It is a 3,360-square-foot pool area that features tropical activities like corkscrew water slides, waterfalls, and poolside lounge chairs sunbathers will surely enjoy.

Dining Options in Aquatica San Antonio

Riding the water slides and spending time in the pool and play areas can leave you feeling hungry. When you need to take a break from the water, here are the top dining places you can visit at the water park:

  • Waterstone Grill

    This is the perfect place to taste all the summertime goodies! They offer a wide variety of fresh and tasty favorites like sandwiches, specialty wraps, salads, pizza, juicy hamburgers, and more!

    They also have a special menu for kid meals and desserts. You might want to enjoy a nice ice-cold beer, some soft drinks, and of course a nice ice-cold Coca-Cola!

  • Mango Market

    Like Waterstone Grill, the Mango Market also offers a variety of succulent sandwiches, salads, specialty wraps, and ice-cold Coca-Cola. They also have hot dogs and some great kid meals and delicious treats.

Shops at Aquatica San Antonio

Looking for some souvenirs in the Aquatica? Here are some great shops you should stop by:

  • Adaptations

    In Adaptations, you can pick up everything you need in the water park like headwear, water shoes, sundries, and flip-flops. They also have Aquatica San Antonio-inspired family apparel and jewelry.

    The image features two scenes from a water park. On the left, a group of happy people are sharing a large yellow raft, splashing through water. An Aquatica logo is visible. On the right, an individual on a green tube is sliding down a vibrant blue and orange water slide. Bright sunlight enhances the vivid colors of the park. The image shows two scenes from a water park named Aquatica. On the left, a group of people enjoy a ride on a yellow raft down a water slide, splashing and laughing. The right side displays another water ride with a close-up of a blue and orange striped slide with a single rider on a green tube emerging from the tunnel. The atmosphere is sunny and joyful.
  • Kiwi Traders

    After a fun day in the park, don't forget to stop by the Kiwi Traders to pick up some souvenirs to help you remember your once-in-a-lifetime water adventure at Aquatica.

Tips for Visiting Aquatica San Antonio:

  • Wear Sunscreen

    Do not forget to wear a high SPF and broad-spectrum sunscreen before starting your day in the water park. If you forget to bring your sunscreen, you can easily get one at Kiwi Traders.

  • Stay Hydrated

    Despite spending the day in the water slides, pools, and rivers, it is very important to rehydrate every hour with refreshing drinks. You can stop by the dining options in the park and purchase a refreshing drink.

  • Purchase your tickets at a discounted price

    Enjoy all the fun activities in the water park at the best price with our discount San Antonio Aquatica ticket. We recommended you purchase your discount ticket in advance to avoid long lines at the entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aquatica San Antonio:

  1. Are reservations required for Aquatica San Antonio?

    No, there is no need to make a reservation, as your discount San Antonio Aquatica ticket is all you will be needing to enter.

  2. Do I need to purchase a date-specific San Antonio Aquatica ticket to visit?

    No, there is no need to purchase a date-specific discount San Antonio Aquatica ticket. You can come to Aquatica San Antonio any day you would like.

  3. Where is Aquatica San Antonio located?

    The water park is located at 10500 SeaWorld Drive San Antonio, TX 78251.

  4. What time does the Aquatica San Antonio open?

    Aquatica San Antonio opens at 10:30 am. Hours may vary.

  5. What is the best day to visit Aquatica San Antonio?

    It is best to visit on weekdays because it is less crowded.

  6. Can I bring food inside Aquatica San Antonio?

    Bringing outside food, beverages, or coolers is strictly prohibited in the water park. You may only bring bottles of water or refillable water bottles. Don't worry because there are a lot of dining options inside the park that have tasty meals and drinks for you.

  7. Is proof of vaccination required for guests at Aquatica San Antonio?

    No, it is not required.

  8. Do I need to print my discount tickets to Aquatica San Antonio?

    No, there is no need to print your discount San Antonio Aquatica ticket. Just use your mobile phones to present your discount San Antonio Aquatica ticket at the gates.

  9. How soon will I receive my San Antonio Aquatica discount tickets?

    You will receive your discount San Antonio Aquatica tickets instantly after your purchase here in FunEx.

  10. Is re-entry allowed at Aquatica San Antonio?

    Yes, you can re-enter Aquatica San Antonio if you leave during the day. Just make sure to keep your discount San Antonio Aquatica ticket. You can also use your ID for re-entry.

Last updated April 21, 2024.

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