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Image Description: The image showcases a diverse group of excited spectators at a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. The individuals are wearing cheery paper crowns adorned with the Medieval Times logo. They appear to be animatedly cheering and waving red flags, with expressions of joy and enthusiasm. The background is a blur of activity, suggesting a lively and crowded arena setting. This atmosphere conveys a sense of fun and entertainment suitable for families and fans of all ages who are immersed in the medieval-themed performance.

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Be Part of a Legendary Tournament!

Lo’ and behold! The lights will dim, and the music will set you in the mood! Brace yourself for a heart-pounding tournament in Medieval Times Buena Park. Get ready to cheer for your Knight on to an epic victory!

You will witness thrilling hand-to-hand combat, unmatched feats of chivalry, and jousting. You will also be amazed by the extraordinary displays of horsemanship and falconry. Enjoy family memories that will be cherished forever!

The fun awaits you at the castle! Purchase your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets now!

The Feast

At Medieval Times Buena Park, your dinner is served in a four-course meal that is fit for royalty – and by royalty, it means YOU!

You are cordially invited to share a meal with Queen Maria Isabella and the members of her royal court. The Queen, known for being a gracious hostess, has instructed her royal chefs to prepare her favorite supper just for you! Medieval isn’t just about the horse jousting; the four-course meal, the desserts, and the royal beverages round up your Medieval experience perfectly!

That’s not all, customers can order rotating specials and delicious refreshing drinks to enjoy while watching the entertainment.

What is Medieval Times?

Image Description: This is a split image that captures the excitement of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. On the left side of the image, two knights clad in Medieval armor are engaged in a jousting match. They are riding horses and aiming their jousting lances at each other, charging from opposite ends. The background shows a blurred audience in a dimly lit arena, cheering the action. On the right side, three spectators are in focus, wearing paper crowns. They are sitting in the arena seats, with expressions of thrill and joy as they cheer on the participants. Their hands are raised high in excitement, and one of them is holding a flag associated with one of the knights.

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Medieval Times is one of America's most exciting and family-friendly dinner attractions. Inspired by an elaborate 11th Century feast and tournament, Medieval Times Buena Park transports their guests from modern times into a realm full of chivalry, rivalry, and royal characters, while indulging them with a bountiful four-course banquet.

You can expect almost two hours of wild roars and jeers as guests cheer for one of the six knights battling to be named the Defender of the Realm. Knights will compete in the joust and other tests to defend their honor. Come one, come all to the most highly anticipated realm event!

With great storytelling that features the royal Queen, you will be transported to medieval times! Experience what it would feel like to be invited by the glorious Queen centuries ago! This famous dinner attraction is truly one-of-a-kind!

This experience takes dining to another level!

A Brief History of Medieval Times

The show is based on a true story of a noble family in the 11th Century. This authenticity captures the imagination of guests of all ages. It began with two dinner/entertainment castles in Benidorm, Spain. The first Castle in America opened in 1983. Since then, more than 72 million guests have experienced the incredible banquet, heroic actions of knights and spirited horses in the Castle.

How early to show up for Medieval Times?

To maximize your Medieval Times experience, plan to arrive at the castle gates 60 minutes prior to showtime! Early arrival not only allows you to take part in memorable photo opportunities but also provides time to interact with the royal court and soak up the vibrant medieval atmosphere.

Step back in time with us! Secure your discounted Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets today and dive into a realm of chivalry, honor, and thrilling entertainment!

Is Medieval Times worth the visit?

Definitely! Medieval Times offers a thrilling blend of live medieval-style entertainment, jousting, and sword fights, coupled with a delicious four-course feast! It's an immersive experience that transports you back to the days of knights and royalty, making it a memorable outing for all ages.

Can you buy swords at Medieval Times?

Yes, you can purchase authentic replica swords at the Hall of Arms! Experience the medieval ambiance, explore an array of historic weaponry, and take home a piece of the past. Don’t forget to grab a drink from the bar to complete your experience!

Can you pick your seats at Medieval Times?

At Medieval Times, seats are assigned based on the order of arrival, your ticket package, and the size of your group. To ensure the best possible seats in your section and to avoid long lines, we recommend arriving as soon as the doors open! This approach helps you secure a prime viewing spot for the evening's entertainment.

For easier planning, consider purchasing discounted Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets through FunEx before your visit!

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Image Description: This image captures an exuberant moment at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. In the foreground, a young girl, beaming with joy, is decked out in a regal purple medieval-style costume with a gold trim. She is wearing a paper crown and proudly waving a small blue Medieval Times flag. Next to her, an adult is also seen waving a flag and partly visible, sharing in the excitement. The background is blurry, but we can observe more audience members, all wearing blue paper crowns and enjoying the atmosphere. The area is bathed in a warm, ambient light that adds to the cheerful ambiance of the event. The "Medieval Times" logo is displayed at the bottom of the image, indicating the themed setting of the experience.

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Is Medieval Times Buena Park fun for kids?

What could be more thrilling than witnessing the live action of Knights and horses? Kids will surely enjoy the cheering crowd. They will be really happy while watching the tournament.

Kids will never forget the epic night of royal fun!

There are also gift shops, medieval artifacts on display, and museums available for the little curious visitors!

Is the food good at Medieval Times California?

Back in the day, Medieval royalties loved to spice up their food. They indulged in sugar, vinegar, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, and other spices. At Medieval Times California, the food is delicious. You will be served with nothing but the best!

You can dive into a magnificent feast with your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets. They serve fresh garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, sweet and buttered corn, roasted chicken, and other delicious dishes. They also offer coffee and non-alcoholic beverages.

What to expect in Medieval Times California?

Don't forget your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets! Here is what to expect on your journey:

Arriving at the California Castle

It sits perfectly in the heart of Buena Park. You will easily be able to find your destination. You can expect a leisurely stroll since parking is free at the California Castle.

Tip: Once you get inside the castle, take some time to enjoy the sunshine in the beautiful courtyard of Her Majesty. California Castle is the only Medieval Times location with an outdoor courtyard, so grab a drink and enjoy the stunning view!

Approaching the Castle Gates

The Castle Gates will open 1 hour before the showtime. As you approach the Castle gates, be ready to get into character and show your battle face! This is the best time to take photos, explore the environment, and mingle with the Royalty. Like any other live event, expect to see a line at the Castle Gates. There is no need to fear! As long as you have your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets from FunEx, you’ll quickly get inside the Castle. Once inside, you are officially part of Her Majesty’s kingdom! The color of your crown symbolizes which noble house you are part of. Cheer for your valiant Knight because the louder you cheer, the better they fight!

Tip: If you want to upgrade your experience, you can upgrade your ticket to sit in the front row and witness the rivalry up-close. If you are celebrating your birthday, you can also commemorate the occasion by asking to be knighted by the Queen herself.

Exploring the Castle

This image features a festive scene at what appears to be the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament gift shop. Four employees wearing Medieval-style red tunics with yellow and blue crests are stationed behind a glass display counter. They are all donning face masks, and one is holding a flag while another playfully wields a toy weapon. The shop's walls are adorned with an assortment of merchandise reminiscent of the medieval era, including shields, swords, helmets, and various souvenirs. The atmosphere conveys a sense of historic adventure and interactive entertainment.

At, we pride ourselves on securing the best experiences for you at the lowest prices available, with amazing discounts on tickets for an unforgettable journey through the ages. This image shows four individuals dressed in Medieval-themed attire posing behind a counter adorned with various novelty items. They wear red and yellow costumes that evoke the style of historical medieval garments, and they are standing in a store with a background richly decorated with an array of merchandise reminiscent of a past era including swords, shields, and armory. All the individuals are wearing face masks and festive hats, likely as a nod to health safety regulations, while smiling and waving towards the camera. The setting appears to be a gift shop associated with the "Medieval Times Dinner & Entertainment," as the logo at the bottom of the image indicates. The atmosphere is charming and full of playful historical references, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the medieval spirit.

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You wont believe your eyes when you see a variety of suits of armors, giant candelabras, and all the treasures inside! You can also take a tour of the Museum of Torture. Warning: Do not visit this museum if you have a faint heart! Visit the Sword Shop or the magnificent birds and majestic horses. As you enter the Hall of Arms, you can also stop by the Souvenir Gift Shop to find the perfect memento! Pick your Knight's flag color and raise it while you cheer! You can also purchase an amazing Medieval Times T-shirt!

Tip: Don’t forget to sip on some refreshing beverages from the Queen’s Bar.

On to your seat

The Master of Ceremony will call you by the color of your crown. Pay attention when you enter the Grand Ceremonial Arena.

The call to the table will be announced early upon opening the gates. If you missed the call, just look for the banners above the doors of the Arena. If you need additional assistance with seating, you can always inform the ticket counter.

Keep in mind that your seats are reserved with your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets. No need to rush to get inside the venue.

Enjoy your Four-Course Feast!

As you get to your seat, now is the time to delight in the culinary fare while watching an amazing show! The humble servers will offer drinks, followed by the four-course meal.

Tip: If you are on a diet, just let your server know. They will accommodate your dietary needs! There are alcoholic drinks available also!

Let the Show Begin!

This vibrant image captures a scene of medieval-themed entertainment at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Equestrian performers dressed in elaborate costumes with distinct heraldic patterns ride on horseback, showcasing a display of medieval pageantry. The central figure is clad in black and yellow attire, riding a horse with coordinating barding, followed by others in similarly striking costumes. They carry flags emblazoned with coats of arms, adding color and vibrancy to the spectacle. In the background, an enthusiastic audience is seated in a semi-circular arrangement of red and green sections, watching the event unfold within an indoor arena filled with dramatic lighting and a smoky atmosphere that enhances the show's medieval ambiance.

For those eager to step back in time to an age of chivalry and competition, offers discounted tickets to such thrilling experiences, ensuring you can indulge your senses without sparing a king's ransom. Image Description: This is a vibrant and dynamic scene from a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament show. The indoor arena is filled with an excited audience seated in tiers, their anticipation palpable as they are about to witness the spectacle. In the center, two knights in shining armor, one adorned in black and yellow, the other in blue and silver, are mounted on horseback. Each knight is holding a lance in a display of chivalry and competition. They are accompanied by flag bearers proudly presenting various flags, including the United States flag, displaying the colorful medieval pageantry. A theatrical mist adds to the enchantment of the setting, hinting at the anticipation before a joust. The Medieval Times logo is visible at the bottom of the image, suggesting that guests are in for a treat of historical reenactment combined with a dining experience.

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Hang on to your crown! Hold your flags tightly as the crowd begins to roar wildly! The cheering around the arena will surely give you goosebumps when the show starts!

Cheer for your brave Knight! You will get the opportunity to watch the knights compete in hand-to-hand combat.

This is truly a thrilling experience. You don’t want to miss out! Buy your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets today!

Meet the Royal Knights and Court

The Queen

Take part in a knighting ceremony with Queen Doña Maria Isabella! For the first time in the history of Medieval Times, her majesty reigns supreme and oversees the tournament. She’ll be the one to judge who is worthy of being named the "Defender of the Throne".

This image features a trio of individuals dressed in medieval-themed attire as part of a theatrical show. On the left, a person with a smile is visible, donning a royal blue tunic adorned with golden fleur-de-lis symbols, complete with silver armor pieces on one shoulder, a helmet beneath the arm, and seated on a white horse. The individual is in an arena with onlookers in the background. In the center, another person is portrayed standing confidently, garbed in a richly detailed gold and green gown with a crown, exemplifying regal elegance, against a backdrop of a lavish, tufted, and gilded throne. On the right, there's a horse-mounted person wearing a checkerboard pattern of white and red with a cross, reminiscent of a knight, carrying a flag, and prepared for performance, with blurs suggesting motion.

Experience the thrill of a timeless spectacle and capture the excitement at a fraction of the cost with our exclusive discounts. Save on tickets and enjoy the lowest prices available only at This image features a triptych of actors dressed in medieval-themed costumes part of a dinner theater performance. On the left, a performer with a beaming smile is clad in a knight's attire with a blue tunic displaying yellow fleur-de-lis, seated atop a white horse in an arena setting. The center image shows a regal figure in opulent golden robes and a crown, suggesting a royal stature, standing with a dignified expression. The right panel presents a second armored individual, this time in a red and white ensemble, also mounted on a white horse, holding a lance, with what appears to be a squire assisting in preparations for a joust. The setting suggests the performers are part of a chivalric reenactment or tournament entertainment.

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The Knights

The knights are chivalrous, strong, and agile and have a pure heart! Meet the brave Knights who fight to defend the Kingdom.

  • The Green Knight

    The charming Green Knight of León is one of the most powerful knights in the kingdom. He is skillful in handling all weapons, from the crossbow to the battle-ax. A master in the art of war!

  • The Red and Yellow Knight

    He is the fiercest among all the Knights! He knew he was fated for glory when he picked up a dagger to train. This agile fighter will leave you in awe with his swift sword work!

  • The Red Knight

    He didn’t earn the name “Lion’s Heart” for nothing! He is a passionate warrior driven to bring honor to his people! A man with the heart of a lion. He shows courage through adversity.

  • The Blue Knight

    He is a symbol of righteousness and is known as the champion of the defenseless. Raised in Valiente, he grew up to be strong and swore to guard his people.

  • The Yellow Knight

    He has the most untamable force! Raised in Nevarre, he helps the vulnerable, but make sure not to challenge him because you will face his unquenchable wrath!

  • The Black and White Knight

    For him, there is no gray area! He always strives to win because losing is not an option. Meet the mightiest among the Knights! Purchase your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets now!

Meet the majestic horses

The tournament wouldn’t be complete without the stars of the show! Meet the majestic horses at the castle.

This image features an intimate moment between a knight in medieval attire and his horse. The knight, adorned with a long curly hair, leans in to affectionately touch foreheads with the majestic white horse, who is wearing a bridle. The knight's attire includes a black and red tunic and a piece of shining armor on the shoulder, suggesting he is ready for a tournament. The emblem of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is visible in the lower-left corner, indicating a themed entertainment experience. 

At, enjoy the chivalry and excitement of the past with the added benefit of today's savings – get your tickets at the lowest prices available! This image shows an intimate moment between a performer dressed as a medieval knight and a majestic white horse. The knight, adorned with a portion of a red tunic and what appears to be chainmail armor, is bending forward towards the horse, with his face close to the animal's muzzle, suggesting a bond of trust and companionship. The horse, equipped with a black bridle, stands peacefully as the knight gently interacts with it. The setting appears to be dimly lit, focusing the viewer's attention on this quiet exchange. The lower right corner of the image contains the text "Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament," indicating that this is likely a promotional image for the themed dinner theater experience.

Visiting will let you discover the lowest prices and best discounts on tickets, so you can enjoy remarkable experiences like these without galloping over your budget.


Guests often called Andalusians the “dancing horses” because of their precise fluid movements. These pure-bred Spanish Horses are highly respected for their unique beauty, incredible power, and breath-taking agility.

Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is a star of the show! They often showcase their unmatched ability to outdistance other horses in the arena. In just a quarter mile, they are always ahead of their competitors. Their speed is the reason why they are considered treasured stars of the kingdom.

Friesian Horse

Get a chance to meet a gorgeous warhorse from the Middle Ages, Friesians. Among all the horses in the show, these have the strength to carry the knights with heavy armor into battle.

These horses are almost extinct but made their comeback as performance horses. It is an incredible experience! Buy your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets now!

Behind the Scenes with the Horses

This image depicts a spirited scene from a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. In the foreground, a performer clad in a dark medieval-themed attire with a helmet is shown with his arm extended, presenting a gesture of acknowledgement or command towards a magnificent gray horse that is rearing on its hind legs in an impressive display of training and showmanship. The horse is adorned with decorative tack fitting the medieval theme, including a breast collar and a bridle. In the softly lit background, spectators can be seen seated in tiers, their attention captivated by the performance. Each tier is decorated with colorful medieval-style banners representing various crests or coats of arms, enhancing the immersive historical experience of the event.

The logo "Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament" is visible at the bottom of the image, promising an authentic step back in time to enjoy an exciting combination of historical reenactment and culinary delight.

At, experience the pageantry of the past for less - enjoy the thrill of Medieval Times with the benefit of discounts and savings for the lowest ticket prices available. This image depicts a spirited scene from a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. In the foreground, a performer clad in a dark medieval-themed attire with a helmet is shown with his arm extended, presenting a gesture of acknowledgement or command towards a magnificent gray horse that is rearing on its hind legs in an impressive display of training and showmanship. The horse is adorned with decorative tack fitting the medieval theme, including a breast collar and a bridle. In the softly lit background, spectators can be seen seated in tiers, their attention captivated by the performance. Each tier is decorated with colorful medieval-style banners representing various crests or coats of arms, enhancing the immersive historical experience of the event.

The logo "Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament" is visible at the bottom of the image, promising an authentic step back in time to enjoy an exciting combination of historical reenactment and culinary delight.

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Have you ever wondered what the life of a show horse in Medieval Times is like? How are these majestic creatures trained and cared for to become the stars of the exhilarating shows?

Let's go on a journey through the lives of our prized Andalusian horses, from their first steps to their graceful bows in the spotlight!

A Peek into Their Remarkable Lives

  • Nurtured Beginnings:

    At Chapel Creek Ranch, every Andalusian horse starts its journey in 250 acres of lush landscapes, enjoying early training that fosters trust and joy!

  • Training for Stardom:

    By age three, the horses move to North American castles for specialized training under the Master of Horse, focusing on their unique personalities and talents!

  • Knightly Bonds:

    The crucial bond between horse and knight is formed through trust and understanding, supported by a team of vets, farriers, and dental experts.

  • The Art of Dressage:

    Horses are trained in classical dressage, executing intricate maneuvers to music, showcasing their agility and grace!

  • Retirement in Peace:

    After years of captivating performances, the horses retire to the serene pastures of Chapel Creek Ranch, enjoying a tranquil and well-deserved rest.

  • Experience the journey of these extraordinary horses with your discounted Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets and witness the magic of their performances firsthand!

Medieval Times Buena Park Menu

Queen Maria Isabella commanded her royal chefs to cook all the kingdom’s specialties for you! Enjoy a four-course meal fit for royalty! They offer different meals for special diets, and it is all included in your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets.

Vegan meals

Vegans can enjoy the three-bean stew with brown rice, fire-roasted tomatoes, and more. There’s also some fresh fruit served.

Vegetarian meals

For vegetarians, yo can enjoy the same meals offered for vegans but with a piece of additional warm pita bread.

Gluten-free meals

Gluten-free meals for those with dietary restrictions are available upon request. It includes tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, and sweet, buttered corn

Some Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting Medieval Times California

  1. Purchase your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets in advance

    Seats are limited. If you want your slot ensured, purchase your discount tickets in advance at FunEx. This will save you time and money!

  2. Arrive early

    Since the Castle gates open 1 hour before the show, it is recommended to arrive early. This will give you enough time to explore the castle, capture some memories, and shop for souvenirs!

  3. Have fun on your birthday!

    They offer majestic birthday packages for guests who choose to celebrate with the Knights! These packages include cake, cheering banners, and a ceremony to commemorate your experience! Birthday packages are available for any age.

Discover Other Noble Encounters at Medieval Times California!

Image description: This image captures a heartwarming moment at a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. On the left, a woman dressed in Medieval-style servant attire, complete with a headdress, extends her arm to present a single red rose. On the right, a man adorned in a knight's costume, featuring chainmail and a cowl, reaches out joyfully to accept the rose. His expression is one of delight and appreciation. They are both illuminated by warm lighting that emphasizes the festive atmosphere. In the background, an arena filled with spectators seated at tiers is faintly visible, contributing to the immersive medieval ambiance. The Medieval Times logo is visible in the lower-left corner, indicating the theme of the entertainment.

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Medieval Times California invites you to dive deeper into the heart of their North American castles and meet the unsung heroes of their grand spectacle! While its knights and royalty often take the spotlight, it's time to shine a light on the other noble encounters! Meet them along with your discounted Medieval Times tickets from FunEx!

Master of Horse

This image depicts a tender moment between a man and a horse, evoking the spirit of medieval camaraderie. The man, who appears to be a knight dressed in a red and black outfit with long curled hair, gently rests his forehead against the horse's, showing a strong bond between the knight and his trusted steed. The horse, with a glistening white coat and a black bridle, stands calmly during this moment of connection. Both are partially visible while the background fades into a soft blur, highlighting the intimacy of the interaction. The logo for "Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament" is seen at the bottom, suggesting that this is a themed dining and entertainment event. 

As you immerse yourself in the chivalry and excitement of bygone days with a trip to Medieval Times, remember that is your go-to destination for obtaining tickets at the lowest prices, ensuring you can enjoy the spectacle while relishing in great savings. This image shows a serene moment between a performer dressed as a medieval knight and a majestic white horse. The knight, featured on the right, is adorned in a red cape and polished armor, showcasing intricate detail reflecting the historical attire. His long, curled hair is visible and he gently bows his head towards the horse as if sharing a quiet connection. The horse, on the left, is wearing a dark bridle and appears calm and attentive to the knight. The lighting casts a soft glow highlighting the bond between the knight and his steed, providing a sense of warmth and companionship. In the background, the environment is softly blurred, focusing attention on this tender interaction. The image promotes the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, an entertainment experience that transports guests to the age of chivalry.

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The majestic horses undergo a remarkable transformation, thanks to the Master of Horse! They go from playful foals to valiant steeds, ready to perform in the show.

  • Training Fit for Royalty - At the age of three, the future stars move into comfortable stables inside our ten North American castles. Each castle houses 20 to 30 horses, each with its own unique personality. The Master of Horse works magic with these temperaments, helping shy horses gain courage and spirited ones follow intricate commands!
  • Unwavering Care - The Master of Horse is dedicated to the noble companions with 24/7 veterinary care, regular check-ups, and top-notch hoof and dental care! If you want to see the majestic horses, grab your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets today!

The Royal Falconer

Image Description:

This panoramic image presents a captivating moment from a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament show. On the right side of the frame, a majestic falcon with outspread wings prepares to land on the gloved left hand of a person facing it. The falcon's feathers are prominently detailed, highlighting the natural beauty of the bird, with shades of brown, cream, and black on its wings and body. In the background, a blurred audience can be seen, adding depth to the moment. The blurred dark ambiance suggests that this is an indoor event, with focused lighting enhancing the central action. On the left side, the falconer's profile is visible, showing attentiveness and calmness while interacting with the bird. The person appears to be wearing a period-appropriate costume, suggesting an immersive historical experience. The bottom of the image features the logo of "Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament," establishing the context of the event.

Enjoy a journey to a chivalrous past with Medieval Times and unlock extraordinary savings when you book your tickets through, where we offer the lowest prices every day to elevate your experiences. This image features a close-up view of a majestic falcon at the moment of landing, extending its wings gracefully. Its feathers display various shades of brown, cream, and gray, and it has a keen, focused gaze. The bird is preparing to perch on the gloved left hand of a person who appears in profile from the chest up. The individual, whose face is partially visible, is watching the falcon attentively. The blurred background suggests an indoor setting with subdued lighting, adding a sense of intimacy to the scene. The words "Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament" are displayed prominently below the image, indicating the setting or theme related to the experience depicted.

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Prepare to be mesmerized by the grace and power of our soaring falcons! Behind the scenes, the Royal Falconer commands these fierce creatures with awe-inspiring precision.

With your FunEx discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets, visit the stables, the falcons' spacious chambers at each castle, and learn about the ancient art of falconry! The Royal Falconer takes great pride in sharing the history of this noble tradition!

The Squires

The knights are not alone in their quests! Meet the squires, the loyal companions who tirelessly support their knights in both battle and daily life.

  • Balancing Duty and Family - A squire's life is a delicate balance of duty and kinship. Witness their unwavering dedication as they ensure their knights are prepared for the grand spectacle of the show!

Join the fun and immerse yourself in the world of the other noble encounters! With your Medieval Times discount tickets, you can marvel at the majestic horses, soar with the falcons, and stand by the loyal squires as they uphold the chivalric legacy of their realm! It's a journey through time you won't want to miss!

Tips for an Amazing Medieval Times California Adventure

This image captures a lively scene at a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. Excited audience members are wearing yellow and red paper crowns. Many are waving red and yellow flags supporting their knights in the tournament. Everyone appears to be enjoying the immersive medieval experience, portrayed with bright smiles and eager anticipation. The event exudes a sense of historical festivity and communal enjoyment. The logo of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is visible at the bottom of the image, indicating the brand hosting this spirited event.

Shop with to enjoy exhilarating nights like these at Medieval Times, with the added benefit of amazing discounts, ensuring you get the lowest prices on your tickets for a royal experience! This image shows a vibrant scene from Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. A row of enthusiastic guests is featured, raising colorful red and yellow flags in the air, likely cheering for performers in a medieval-themed spectacle. The spectators, while not all clearly visible, appear engaged and entertained as they sit behind a wooden barrier, which implies that the action is taking place in an arena setting. The lighting is warm, focusing on the flags and the faces of the closest spectators, adding to the festive atmosphere of the event. At the bottom, the Medieval Times logo is prominently displayed, indicating the branded experience.

For an evening of feasting and jousting that harkens back to the chivalry and rivalry of the 11th century, look no further! Visit to take advantage of the lowest prices and greatest savings on tickets for an unforgettable Medieval Times experience.

Prepare to embark on a journey back in time to a land of chivalry, bravery, and feasting fit for royalty. Here are some practical tips to ensure your adventure is nothing short of extraordinary:

  1. Arriving in Style

    Park comfortably around the Castle - it's ample and free. Take a leisurely stroll to the castle entrance, but first, enjoy some sunshine in Her Majesty's beautiful courtyard. Pro tip: Grab a drink before heading in!

  2. Enter the Realm Early

    The castle gates open 60 minutes before the show, so use this time for photos, exploration, and mingling with fellow guests. Pro tip: Strike a medieval pose for your entrance photo!

  3. Seek Knighthood

    Ask about being Knighted by the Queen if you're celebrating a special occasion. It's a memorable way to mark your visit!

  4. Support Your Champion

    Upon check-in, you'll receive a crown in your chosen Knight's color. The louder you cheer, the mightier your Knight will be!

  5. Souvenirs and Knightly Attire

    Check out the Souvenir Gift Shop for keepsakes or items to dress up in your Knight's colors - flags, swords, shields, and T-shirts. The Queen's Bar and Sword Shop await you with refreshments and souvenirs.

  6. Magnificent Creatures

    Visit the falcons and stallions residing in the castle. You might even see them getting ready for the show. Keep an eye out for them during the tournament!

  7. Follow Your Colors

    Guests are called by the colors of their crowns. Look for banners above the Arena doors that match your Knight's color.

    Prepare to be enchanted as you step into a world of valor, pageantry, and merriment at Medieval Times California. Your medieval adventure awaits, and with these tips in mind, it's sure to be unforgettable!

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Covid 19 Safety Guidelines:

The Royal Queen and the brave Knights are delighted to welcome you back to their Castle! To ensure your safety, here are a few reminders:

  • Guests are encouraged to wear a mask before entry.
  • Practice social distancing. Stay at least a sword length from fellow Royals.
  • Castles have a limited capacity.
  • If you want to be seated beside your friends or family, make sure to book under the same reservation.
  • Keep your kingdom together through the markers placed in the Majesty’s halls.
  • For your safety, you can request disposable silverware and straws.
  • Meet and greet with the casts.

Experience Inclusive Adventures with Accessibilities in Medieval Times!

Dive into the age of chivalry in Medieval Times! At the park, everyone gets royal treatment. The castle gates are wide open to guests of all abilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the thrill of medieval tournaments!

Why You'll Love Visiting Medieval Times:

  • Clear Communication:

    The crew speaks clearly and plainly, making sure all visiting knights and ladies understand the lay of the land.

  • Service Animals Are Heroes Too:

    Service animals are more than welcome in all public areas! Just bring a note from a healthcare provider if it's not clear that they're service animals.

  • Bring Your Gear:

    Use your personal assistive devices anywhere in the castle. Encountered a barrier? They’ll swoop in to find a swift solution!

  • Support Person Salute:

    No extra fees for support persons—they're honored guests in the realm.

  • Stay Informed:

    Should a dragon—or rather, a disruption—arise, they'll keep you informed through various channels so you can plan with ease!

Ensuring a Majestic Experience for All in Medieval Times!

Ready to experience the epic battles and royal feasts of Medieval Times? Don’t let anything hold you back! We invite you to step into its castle where inclusivity meets spectacle!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Medieval Times California:

  1. Are reservations required?

    Reservations are required as seats are limited. Please call us at 949-367-1900 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST to make your reservations and know up-to-date show schedules and availability.

  2. Where is Medieval Times California located?

    It is located at 7662 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620.

  3. Is there free parking?

    Yes, parking is free around the Castle Gates.

  4. Do I need to print my discount tickets?

    There is absolutely no need to print your discount tickets. Just present your Medieval Times reservation confirmation and photo identification at the Castle Gates to enter easily!

  5. How long is the tournament?

    The tournament lasts approximately two hours.

  6. Is there a gift shop?

    Yes, you can visit the souvenir shop before the tournament starts.

  7. Is there a menu for people with special dietary needs?

    Yes, they are willing to accommodate your special dietary needs! Just let your server know so they can assist you! They also offer a special menu for vegetarians and vegans!

  8. Is ID required to purchase alcohol?

    Yes, ID is required to purchase alcohol from the Queen’s full-time bar. Only those who are 21 years old and above are allowed to purchase.

  9. Is the show suitable for all ages?

    Yes, the tournament is appropriate for all ages.

  10. Do children get in for free?

    Children under the age of 3 have free admission as long as they have to sit on an adult’s lap and share their plate. If you prefer that the child have their sit and meal, you will need to purchase a ticket.

  11. Is the show accessible for PWD?

    Yes, they are accessible for PWD. Let the staff know if you require additional assistance or accessible seating upon arrival. They will make accommodations for you. When purchasing your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets online, check “Show me ADA/Accessible Seating.” This will help you reserve your seats in advance.

  12. Is there a dress code?

    There is no dress code. You can wear costumes if you want to. Just refrain from wearing hats or headdresses that may block the view of the guests behind you during the show.

  13. Are weapons allowed?

    No, weapons are not allowed, whether they are real or fake. This is to ensure the safety of every guest.

  14. Can I bring a camera to the show?

    Yes, you can bring your cameras, but flash is not allowed.

  15. Is the show accurate?

    Yes, the show is an authentic and historically accurate show.

  16. Do you have to eat with your hands?

    Eating with your hands is encouraged. Silverware is available upon request.

  17. When can I visit and watch the show?

    You can visit 365 days a year, including special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, and New Year! Buy your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets today!

  18. What is Medieval Times?

    At the show, you will experience a vibrant, family-friendly adventure reminiscent of an 11th-century feast and tournament. With your discount Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets, you'll enjoy a 4-course banquet while rooting for knights competing in jousting and various skill tests.

  19. Is the show historically accurate?

    Indeed, the show is grounded in authentic Medieval history, depicting the real story of a noble family with a lineage dating back to the 11th Century.

  20. What else does the show offer besides the feast and show?

    Besides the feast and tournament, you can visit our extensive bar for adult beverages, shop for unique items at our gift shop, and explore medieval artifacts in the Hall of Arms.

  21. Will strobe lights be used in the show?

    Yes, strobe lights are part of the show's special effects.

  22. How early should you arrive?

    The Castle gates open 60 minutes before the show starts. Arriving early is recommended, especially for sold-out shows, to ensure a smooth and timely entry.

  23. Do they sell merchandise?

    Yes, at its gift shop, you can find a range of merchandise including costumes and medieval-themed toys.

  24. What's on the banquet menu?

    Your feast includes garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet, buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, the Castle's special dessert, coffee, and two rounds of select non-alcoholic beverages. For those over the legal drinking age, alcoholic drinks are available at our bar. Vegetarian meals are also offered upon request.

  25. Can you bring outside food or cake?

    For health and safety reasons, outside food or beverages are not permitted. However, we provide a variety of meal options including allergen-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. If you're celebrating a special occasion, cake slices are available upon request.

  26. Can you meet the cast?

    Currently, meet-and-greets are suspended due to COVID-19 protocols. Normally, there are opportunities to meet the cast before and after the show. Please check with your local castle for the latest on COVID-19-related procedures.

  27. Can you bring balloons into the Castle?

    No, balloons are not allowed inside.

Last updated July 13, 2024.

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