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Promotional banner featuring the slogan 'The city under the sea' for New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium. A man and a child look up in awe at a vibrant underwater scene blending city architecture with marine life. Brightly colored fish swim among coral and skyscrapers. Banner showing a colorful underwater scene with text 'The city under the sea' over an illustration blending city skyscrapers and aquatic life. Sea creatures like fishes and a turtle swim among buildings. Logo for 'SEA LIFE Aquarium' is visible. A father, seen from behind, points something out to his child.

The operating hours for SEA Life Aquarium New Jersey are 10 AM - 6:30 PM every day of the week. They allow entry only until 5:30 PM. It is highly recommended to reserve your tickets to save time and avoid crowding inside the attraction.

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An Underwater Experience in SEA Life New Jersey

A child is silhouetted against a vibrant aquarium at New Jersey SEA LIFE, mesmerized by the marine life. Colorful fish swim in the blue-lit water surrounded by playful underwater-themed décor and signage. A visitor observes a large aquarium filled with a variety of fish, bathed in a blue light. Promotional banners with phrases like 'Shark Shipwreck' and 'Feelin' Nauti' deck the room. The New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium logo is visible at the bottom.

Explore the deep underwater world with SEA Life Aquarium New Jersey! Meet the friendliest marine creatures in interactive and themed exhibits such as the Ocean Tunnel, Urban Jungle, and the Tiny Giants Touchpool. Learn about these amazing creatures you might not have seen before and watch them in awe as they swim around you!

Take memorable pictures with adorable jellyfish, stingrays, sharks, and many other marine species! It's a perfect way to spend time with everyone, taking an underwater adventure in this vast aquarium filled with stunning creatures. Purchase your discount SEA Life New Jersey tickets from FunEx today and go on this exciting journey!

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Enjoy an Incredible Experience in SEA Life Aquarium New Jersey

SEA Life New Jersey offers a unique experience with their incredible aquarium that is home for over three thousand marine lives! There are plenty of exhibits to visit and enjoy, and each of them holds a different theme. You can learn a lot about these aquatic creatures as several educators are ready to answer your questions - you might even become a marine expert after this trip!

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Ocean Tunnel

A family gazes in awe at sharks swimming overhead in an aquarium tunnel. They express joy and wonder, surrounded by the serenity of blue underwater scenery. The New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium logo is visible. Image of a family at an aquarium looking up in awe at sharks swimming overhead. The New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium logo is visible. There's a sense of excitement and wonder as they observe the marine life.

Witness magnificent views as you walk through the city underneath the sea! Explore and find the iconic landmarks of Manhattan hidden in between schools of tropical fish, sharks, rays, and more. The Ocean Tunnel is 15ft deep and is so large that scuba divers need to head in every week to clean it.

This exhibit houses 20 species in different colors and habitats, giving you the feeling of the tropical ocean mixed with Manhattan sceneries such as the Empire State Building and the Babbling Brook Bridge. With FunEx, you can purchase your discount SEA Life New Jersey tickets at the lowest price and have this wonderful experience!

Tiny Giants Touchpool

Image displays three individuals, two adults and a child, engaged in an activity at the New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium. The woman on the left leans over with a smiling toddler, while the woman on the right assists, both showing the child something of interest. The background suggests an underwater theme. The aquarium logo is visible in the corner. An engaging scene at an aquarium: two adults and a young child leaning over a touch pool, exploring marine life under soft blue lighting, with another visitor in the backdrop. The New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium logo is visible, indicating the setting.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to touch anemones and starfish? Come visit the astonishing rockpool where you can reach in and touch eight different species ! The exhibit, themed after local sports, will educate you on why these incredible creatures are the athletes of the shores.

Did you know? The flower-looking sea anemones are live creatures! Several starfish also roam around the rockpool, so you'll be able to see what their tube feet look as they cling to the glass and rocks! Educators will teach you more about these fascinating creatures.

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Sharks Fish Avenue

Image shows a child reaching towards a large, vividly colored octopus behind aquarium glass. The octopus's tentacles are spread out, showcasing its suction cups. It's part of an exhibit at New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium, indicated by the logo in the corner. A child is reaching out towards a large orange octopus displayed behind the glass of an aquarium tank. The octopus has its tentacles spread out, creating an impressive display. Text at the bottom indicates it is at the New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Inspired by Fifth Avenue, this area will let you experience the most incredible window displays. One of the fascinating creatures you will meet is the Porcupine Pufferfish, which is native to the tropical seas! It will be a great time to take a leisurely walk with the little ones through this beautiful exhibit.

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Urban Jungle

Image shows a vibrant aquarium setting with a visitor observing underwater life. The interior is aglow with blue and purple lights, highlighting the aquatic environment and diverse fish species. The foreground features a man and child looking through a clear tunnel, encapsulated in a serene, submerged world. Text on the image reads: New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium. Image features an underwater tunnel inside an aquarium with a person observing marine life. The walls are transparent, revealing jellyfish and fish in a blue-hued aquatic environment. Text on the image highlights the location as New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium. The visitor appears engaged and curious, immersed in the marine spectacle.

Have you ever heard of an underwater jungle? This exhibit will blow your mind! Themed after a blend of the streets of New York and a rainforest, you will discover some of the most amazing and terrifying species of the sea jungle - such as the Red Bellied Piranha! Get ready for a thrilling adventure into the jungle oasis, and don't forget to buy your discount tickets from FunEx now!

Jellies 54

Image displays two translucent jellyfish with visible radial patterns floating in a serene, blue aquatic environment. The photo includes the logo for the New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium at the bottom left. Image shows two jellyfish floating in a blue underwater environment. The creatures’ translucent bodies and delicate, trailing tentacles are visible against the gently lit backdrop. Text overlay reveals location as New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Get your dance moves ready and groove to the beat with the Moon Jellyfish! Inspired by the famous Studio 54, the exhibit has interactive lighting displays to enhance your experience. Jellyfish have been swimming around the vast ocean for over 650 million years now, isn't that amazing? It will be fascinating to watch these wonderful creatures swim around in person with your discount tickets from FunEx!

Seahorse Mangrove

Image displays a child sitting in front of an aquarium exhibit at the New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium. The display includes underwater greenery and several yellow fish. The backdrop is a dark, stone-like wall with etchings, conveying an ancient aquatic atmosphere. The child appears captivated by the colorful underwater scene. The New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium logo is visible in the image. A child sits closely observing an aquarium exhibit with illuminated blue water and green aquatic plants. The environment suggests an underwater theme with stone-like structures. The setting is peaceful, inviting visitors to enjoy marine life in a serene atmosphere. Text on the image indicates the setting is New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Themed after the New York Ballet, this exhibit will let you observe and admire multiple species of seahorses - also known as the “ballet dancers of the ocean.” These playful little creatures will surely keep you entertained as they gracefully swim around! Purchase your discount SEA Life New Jersey tickets from FunEx and enjoy this exhibit!

Stingray Bay

Image shows a serene underwater view with a stingray resting on sandy ocean floor. The clear water and patterns of sunlight on the sand create a tranquil setting. Logo of New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium is visible. Underwater view of a stingray on sandy ocean floor with clear, turquoise water. The stingray is centered in the image, showcasing its distinctive flat body and long, thin tail. The bottom of the image displays a blue banner with text for New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium.

You will learn why stingrays are considered the “pilots of the ocean” as they adorably and happily glide through the water! This tropical airport-themed exhibit will show you fun things about these lovely creatures, along with an educator that will teach you more facts about them. These amazing creatures evolved from sharks around 150 million years ago! Watch and learn about them by purchasing your discount tickets from FunEx!

Frequently Asked Questions for SEA Life New Jersey

  1. Are ticket reservations required?

    Reservations are required. Buying your tickets in advance is highly recommended. Purchase your discount tickets from FunEx today to save money and time!

  2. What is SEA Life Aquarium New Jersey's location?

    The address for the attraction is 1 American Dream Wy Suite A, East Rutherford, NJ 07073. Don't forget to buy your discount tickets from FunEx before dropping by!

  3. Where can I park?

    The American Dream mall offers convenient parking areas to the guests. The first thirty minutes of parking are free, but after that, it costs $5.00 per vehicle for the day.

  4. Are visits guided?

    Visits to the aquarium aren't guided, and it is encouraged for the guests to explore the exhibits on their own. Typical visits usually take around 1 hour, but you may stay for as long as you wish.

  5. Do you accept cash?

    Most attractions ask guests to use bank cards as a form of payment instead of cash. No-fee cash-to-card machines are available as an option, though some guests that might be unable to use card payments may contact the guest services before their visit.

  6. Do children need tickets?

    Children aged 2 years old and up, need admission tickets. Be sure to buy your discount tickets from FunEx to save money!

  7. Are pets allowed inside?

    Pets are not allowed inside the attraction. Service animals that will accompany guests with an impairment are welcome to enter.

  8. Is the aquarium ADA-accessible?

    Yes, the attraction is ADA-accessible. Please note there are no rentals available at the venue.

  9. Can I bring my food and drinks inside?

    The aquarium does not permit outside foods or drinks.

Last updated November 13, 2023.

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