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Banner image for SEA LIFE San Antonio featuring a close-up view of a shark swimming underwater. Rays of light pierce the water, illuminating the shark's sleek form as it glides through the blue aquatic environment. Banner image for SEA LIFE Aquarium showcasing a shark swimming gracefully with its fins spread. Light filters through the water, illuminating the shark and the shadowy underwater plants in the background. The SEA LIFE logo is visible at the bottom left corner.

Dive deep and experience the interactive pool where you touch creatures, travel through a ring of schooling fish, and enjoy many breathtaking encounters in San Antonio’s best aquarium in the city!

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What can you expect in Sea Life San Antonio?

A joyful couple is taking a selfie with a smartphone at the SEA LIFE aquarium in San Antonio. They are smiling broadly, with colorful marine life, including rays and fish, visible in the background through the clear, curved tank glass. The environment emits a serene underwater ambiance. The SEA LIFE logo is visible in the corner. A joyful couple is taking a selfie at SEA LIFE San Antonio. They're in front of a large aquarium window with various fish in the background. Both are smiling warmly, with the woman embracing the man from behind. The SEA LIFE logo is visible in the lower-left corner, indicating the location.

Take a journey in Texas' largest aquarium, located in San Antonio. You will be mesmerized by the underwater world that is waiting for you. Enter the underwater tunnel and meet hundreds of species of sea creatures. You will enjoy seeing the aquarium’s abundant number of native sharks, jellyfish and even seahorses. You will be meeting all the creatures that live in coral-filled shores and others that live in the depths of our oceans.


Image shows four children exploring an underwater tunnel at SEA LIFE San Antonio. They appear captivated by the marine life swimming overhead in the clear blue water. The aquarium's immersive experience surrounds them with various fish, creating a sense of underwater adventure. Image of visitors at SEA LIFE San Antonio experiencing an underwater tunnel. Three children are excitedly pointing upwards at marine life visible through the clear ceiling, while one adult accompanies them. Blue aquatic lighting enhances the undersea ambience.

The aquarium is home to the city’s only 360-degree Ocean Tunnel! Travel deep under this watery wonderland where you will meet sharks, stingrays and many other sea creatures the aquarium houses in its huge tank!

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Image shows a touch pool experience at SEA LIFE San Antonio. Two children in yellow shirts are reaching into the water to touch marine life, closely supervised by an adult. Vibrant underwater habitat features starfish and other sea creatures. The ambiance of the exhibit is visible with dim lighting focusing on the touch pool area. Visitors, including children in yellow shirts, interact with marine life at a touch pool exhibit under dim blue lighting at SEA LIFE San Antonio. They are leaning forward with hands reaching into the water, likely feeling the textures of underwater creatures. The SEA LIFE logo is visible at the bottom left corner.

Get your hands wet in this interactive shallow pool where you will have the chance to touch a variety of fascinating and unique creatures. This exhibit is a perfect place to find out what a sea star or anemone feels like. Did you know that sea anemones look like plants, but they’re actually alive just like the other fishes in the sea? These gelatinous creatures feel like jello, but look like flowers. Sea stars also roam the touch pool, and guests can often see their suction-cup tube feet clinging to the glass or the rocks.

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Image displays two stingrays swimming gracefully underwater with sunlight filtering through the water above. The rays' silhouettes are seen against the vibrant blue ocean background. The photo includes the Sea Life San Antonio logo. Image shows two stingrays swimming gracefully under water, with their silhouettes visible against a soft blue aquatic background. The left lower corner has the 'SEA LIFE San Antonio' logo. The scene exudes a serene underwater ambiance.

Explore San Antonio’s Sandy Beach surrounded by bright tropical beaches full of beautiful palm trees and see stingrays swim across the white sand next to bright schools of fish. Stingrays mainly eat shellfish like clams and crabs, which they pull out of the sand using suction from their mouths. So, what about their notorious tails? They don't use their barbed tails to hunt, the barbs are solely for self-defense against other predators in the sea.

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Image of a brown moray eel with its head protruding from a rocky crevice in a vibrant blue aquarium tank, caught in the light at SEA LIFE San Antonio. The eel's sharp gaze and open mouth add to its curious appearance. Image of a sea lion peeking from behind rocks at SEA LIFE San Antonio. The creature's sleek head and neck are visible, with subtle lighting amplifying its smooth, brown skin against the vivid blue backdrop of its aquatic environment.

Dive into a deeply sunk shipwreck and spot some of the most unique creatures at this amazing aquarium. Explore a colorful reef full of live corals, schooling bannerfish, and a wave of beautiful coral fish! Don’t forget to look out for the incredible six-foot-long green moray eel! This long and skinny fishy friend has two sets of jaws and tiny teeth!

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Close-up of a vibrant yellow seahorse with black spots clinging onto a white structure with its tail, set against a soft-focused background. The SEA LIFE San Antonio logo is visible in the bottom left corner. Close-up view of a yellow and black spotted seahorse clinging to a structure with its tail, with the SEA LIFE San Antonio logo visible in the frame. The background is blurred, highlighting the seahorse's unique features and patterns.

They may all look the same but there are 2 different species of these unique creatures in the Seahorse Mangrove! Kids of all ages can see these beautiful creatures in their specially created habitat by the aquarium. Be on the lookout for the famous Alligator pipefish and the longnose hawkfish!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sea Life San Antonio

  1. Are reservations required for Sea Life San Antonio tickets?

    Reservations are not required, though buying discount tickets through FunEx online is highly recommended to save time and money!

  2. What are their operating hours?

    Sea Life’s opening hours are normally from 10 am- 6 pm for the whole week but there’s a chance that their schedule may change without prior notice. We recommend checking their calendars for any changes they have made.

  3. Where is Sea Life San Antonio located?

    You can visit the aquarium at Shops at Rivercenter in 849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205. Don’t forget to buy your discount Sea Life San Antonio tickets from FunEx before dropping by!

  4. Are face coverings required?

    Yes, face coverings are highly recommended for guests during their visit.

  5. How will social distancing measures be enforced?

    Guests will be guided with directional markings, allowing them to better distance themselves while exploring the attraction. Their employees will also remind guests to maintain a respectful distance if necessary.

  6. Are visits guided?

    Visits to the aquarium are not guided. A typical visit takes approximately 1 hour, but you are welcome to stay for as long as you wish.

  7. Is the aquarium suitable for visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users?

    Yes, they are fully accessible for visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users. They do not provide wheelchair or stroller rentals at their attraction though.

  8. Do I need to print my tickets?

    Tickets purchased online don’t need to be printed, as they can be easily scanned from your mobile device.

  9. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

    They do not have any food or drink options inside the aquarium. Except in the case of medical needs, they do not allow any food or drinks inside the aquarium.

Last updated March 29, 2023.

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