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The image showcases a close-up interaction with vibrant sea anemones at a SEA LIFE center. A human hand gently touches one of the anemones displaying pinkish-red tentacles, set against a backdrop of wet rocks in an aquatic environment. The SEA LIFE logo is visible, indicating an educational or experiential setting encouraging marine exploration. Image displays a close-up view of a person's hand gently touching a vibrant pink sea anemone in a rock pool. An adjacent anemone is partially visible. The SEA LIFE logo is visible in the lower right corner, indicating an aquatic themed setting.

SEA Life Aquarium Grapevine is open daily from 10 AM - 6 PM. They accept entries only until 90 minutes before closing time. Purchasing your tickets online in advance is strongly advised to avoid crowding and long lines. Hurry and buy your discounted SEA Life Grapevine tickets from FunEx today to save time and money!

A Journey into the Deep with SEA Life Grapevine

Image depicts a family at SEA LIFE Grapevine; a man, child, and woman gaze in wonder at aquatic life through a transparent underwater tunnel. Bright lighting accentuates the blues of the water, contrasts with the dark silhouettes of fish swimming overhead. Image of a man, a child, and a woman exploring an aquarium tunnel at SEA LIFE Grapevine. They're looking up in wonder at the marine life swimming above, with blue lighting enhancing the underwater experience. The logo on the bottom left indicates the location.

Discover a whole new world under the sea in SEA Life Aquarium Grapevine! See a fascinating view you've never seen before in the famed 360 Ocean Tunnel. Engage in fun and educational exhibits of friendly marine creatures, such as starfish in the Interactive Rockpools, caimans in the Rainforest Adventure, and rays in Stingray Bay!

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The image displays the logo for SEA LIFE Grapevine. Above the words 'SEA LIFE' is a large, five-pointed starfish in orange. Below, 'Grapevine' is written in smaller font. Beneath the logo are the words 'AUTHORIZED SELLER' and a green check mark to its left, indicating verified seller status. The background is white.

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A City Underwater in SEA Life Aquarium Grapevine

A home to over 5,000 aquatic animals, SEA Life Aquarium Grapevine is welcoming guests to come hand-to-fin with some stunning creatures! Over ten interactive exhibits can be explored with your family, each giving different and memorable experiences. Educators are ready to answer any questions related to marine life, making your journey even more special.

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Sea Turtle Rescue Center

A child and an adult are joyfully observing a large sea turtle swimming behind the clear glass of an aquarium at SEA LIFE Grapevine. The child, wide-eyed with excitement, points at the turtle while the adult looks on with a smile, sharing a moment of discovery and wonder. The lighting casts a serene blue glow on the scene, enhancing the underwater experience. A young child points excitedly at a large sea turtle swimming behind a glass panel while an adult with long hair leans in, sharing the moment. They are at the SEA LIFE Grapevine exhibit, illuminated by the tranquil, blue underwater lighting.

Drop by to say hello to one of the resident sea turtles, Scotti! This rescue center exhibit will give you a heartwarming experience as you witness the process of a successful rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild sea turtles. In partnership with Animal Rehabilitation Keep, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other Texas sea turtle hospitals, SEA Life Grapevine Aquarium was the first SEA Life branch in the country to be permitted to take care of sick and injured sea turtles and release them back to the wild.

The exhibit also educates guests on what sea turtles face in the wild and how to help if you see one that needs help. It will be a valuable and touching experience for you and your little ones, but it's even better when you can save money by purchasing your discount tickets from FunEx!

Ocean Tunnel

Image depicts an underwater tunnel at SEA LIFE Grapevine with a vibrant array of fish swimming. The sunlight filters through the water from above, illuminating the scene with rays of light. The tunnel curves towards a green-lit chamber, providing a captivating view of marine life in a serene, submerged environment. Image displays an underwater scene at SEA LIFE Grapevine. Viewers look through a glass tunnel surrounded by sparkling water, schools of fish, and illuminated coral. Sunlight disperses from the surface, casting a dreamlike glow over the aquatic environment. Text at the bottom indicates the location.

Surrounded by 160,000 gallons of water and several species of sharks, fish, rays, and rescued turtles, you can admire a FINtastic 360° view! Meet the nurse shark - one of the seven species of shark in the aquarium - Haggard, who weighs about 150 lbs! Watch schools of different fish species gently swim beside and above you with their shark friends and green sea turtles. It will be an unforgettable view - as if you're deep underneath the ocean full of incredible marine life.

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Rainforest Adventure

Image shows a young dark-colored alligator partially submerged underwater. Its head and back are above the surface, mouth slightly open in a characteristic pose. The background contains a blurred watermark logo for SEA LIFE Grapevine. Image shows a small alligator partially submerged in water, resting on an angled rock structure and lifting its head upwards. Below, the logo 'SEA LIFE Grapevine' indicates the location. The setting suggests a controlled environment, like an aquarium.

Step into a journey to the Amazon rainforest exhibit, where you can find the most fascinating and mysterious creatures. Say hello to two dwarf caimans, Mulder and Scully! You can also take a picture with Seneca, a reticulated albino python that's 13 feet long. If you're brave enough to go through the Piranha Tunnel - who knows, you might hear a piranha bark for the first time!

You can have this exciting and fun-filled adventure once you buy your SEA Life Grapevine discount tickets from FunEx!

Interactive Rockpools

Image description: A vibrant view of a sea anemone at SEA LIFE Grapevine. The anemone's bright orange tentacles are spread out, showing off its intricate patterns against a backdrop of subtle oceanic hues and rocky textures. The SEA LIFE logo is visible on the bottom left. Image depicts vibrant orange sea anemones with extended tentacles, located on a rocky underwater surface. The SEA LIFE Grapevine logo is present, indicating the setting or source of the image. The anemones' unique textures and the aquarium's serene aquatic environment are highlighted.

Made from the water left behind when the tide goes out, these interactive rockpools are home to several sea creatures! These incredible critters live in shallow pools and must be strong enough to adapt to different temperatures and the waves crashing over them - aren't they amazing? The rockpools give you a chance to touch live sea critters such as anemones and starfish!

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Stingray Bay

Image shows a stingray gliding over a sandy seabed in clear shallow water. The stingray's wings are speckled with darker patterns. A watermark indicates the photo is from SEA LIFE Grapevine. A stingray with a dark patterned back and long tail is partially submerged in clear shallow water over a sandy bottom. The watermark 'SEA LIFE Grapevine' is visible in the bottom left corner.

Did you know? Sea rays evolved from sharks 150 million years ago! These upbeat and happy creatures will teach you to glide your worries away and relax. The exhibit has four species of stingrays, and one is the cownose stingray! The secret behind their easy and smooth glides through the ocean is their skeleton being made of cartilage, making them lighter in weight. Watching them swim around gently and carefree will be a pleasant experience.

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Pollinator Garden

Image shows a vibrant garden display with pink echinacea flowers in bloom. In the forefront, the echinacea has prominent orange-brown centers with pink petals, while the background features green foliage and hints of other colorful blossoms. The watermark 'SEA LIFE Grapevine' suggests the setting or affiliation. Image showing a vibrant garden bed with pinkish-purple coneflowers in the foreground. Various green plants and smaller pink blooms occupy the background. A blurry text at the bottom indicates the location is SEA LIFE Grapevine.

Sponsored by Calloway, the SEA Life Pollinator Garden is a significant project to show the importance of pollination and how humans depend on pollinators such as insects and birds for plants and fruits to reproduce! You may learn more about pollination and the conservation of gardens by visiting SEA Life Aquarium Grapevine with your discount tickets from FunEx.

Frequently Asked Questions for SEA Life Grapevine

  1. Are reservations required for the tickets?

    For guaranteed entry and less waiting time, purchasing your tickets online is strongly advised. The attraction limits to 100 people per hour to avoid crowding inside. Hurry and buy your discount tickets from FunEx today!

  2. Where is SEA Life Grapevine located?

    You can find the attraction at the Mills Mall, 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 76051. Remember to buy your discount tickets from FunEx before making your trip!

  3. Is there a parking area?

    Since the attraction is inside Grapevine Mills, the parking is always free of charge. The recommended area to park is near Entrance 5.

  4. Are outside food and drinks allowed?

    The aquarium does not permit bringing outside food and drinks into the venue.

  5. Can adults visit the Aquarium without children?

    The attraction welcomes guests of any age. Those under the age of 16 must be with an adult (aged 18 and above).

  6. Is same-day re-entry allowed?

    For general admission tickets, re-entry is allowed throughout the day.

  7. What if we're late for the reserved time?

    The attraction can still accept you until two hours after your reserved time, but you may experience a longer than usual waiting time.

  8. Are pets allowed inside?

    The attraction does not permit bringing pets inside. However, service animals that help guests with disabilities are allowed.

  9. Are there restrooms?

    Yes. There are several restrooms with diaper-changing stations available within the attraction.

  10. Is the attraction wheelchair-accessible?

    The attraction is fully accessible for guests with disabilities and wheelchair users. Unfortunately, there is no rental service available for wheelchairs inside, but the Grapevine Mills Mall has them at Guest Services near Entry 1.

Last updated November 13, 2023.

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