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Image displaying a collage of three photos advertising The Escape Game Houston. From left to right: two individuals with joyful expressions glance back in a hallway, suggesting excitement; next, a themed room resembling a submarine's interior with a person standing by the control panel; and a third photo showing a woman laughing in delight, possibly solving a puzzle. The branding is visible at the bottom. Banner for The Escape Game featuring a collage of three images showing excited players solving puzzles. From left to right: a woman with a walkie-talkie, a couple examining a clue, and a joyous woman looking upwards. Bottom right corner displays The Escape Game logo.

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The operating hours for The Escape Game Houston Galleria are daily from 8 AM - 12 AM. The schedule for each game times varies, so please refer to their official website for detailed information. Booking your The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets from FunEx will save you money and time with our lowest prices!

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Extraordinary Experiences with Four Unique Escape Rooms!

Players have 60 minutes to accomplish their mission! Whether it’s to complete an art heist, discover the truth as a special ops agent, dive into the deep ocean to uncover secrets, or become the top of the class. If you are having trouble finding clues, a Game Guide will be present to help you ! Each game offers an exciting experience, and there’s no better way to create memories than with family and friends! FunEx offers guaranteed lowest prices for The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets!

The Depths

A woman and a man engage in a playful escape game. She looks on with a delighted smile, while he works on a puzzle at a themed console labeled DESCEND. They're surrounded by vibrant turquoise walls and mock equipment, creating an immersive submarine environment. The logo of The Escape Game Houston is visible. Image shows two people engaged in an escape room activity. A woman in the foreground smiles towards the camera, indicating excitement, while a man in the background interacts with the puzzle elements on the wall. The room has a futuristic design with blue lighting and industrial-themed decor. The logo for The Escape Game is visible, signaling the brand.

Call the daredevil inside you and dive into the depths of the great ocean! A remarkable researcher named Dr. Humphreys has gone missing, and gossip of mysterious experiments has spread not long after his disappearance. Your task is to uncover the truth by investigating the abandoned laboratory deep underwater and decipher Dr. Humphrey’s study to learn what secrets he was keeping. Keep an eye out – you’re not the only one deep in the ocean.

The Depths escape room can take up to 8 players at a time with a difficulty of 7 out of 10. You will have an hour-long thrilling adventure at the lowest price with FunEx, so purchase your The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets from us today!

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Image shows a vibrant escape room with two people. A person in the foreground smiles excitedly, while another stands thoughtfully in the background, both seemingly engaged in solving puzzles. Decor includes wooden walls, eclectic items, and a colorful palette, reflecting a lively, adventurous atmosphere. The Escape Game Houston logo is visible in the bottom left corner. Image of two individuals in an escape room, exuding a vibe of excitement and challenge. The room is adorned with rustic wood paneling and decorative elements that suggest a thematic puzzle-solving environment. In the foreground, a person with a bright smile appears delighted, with their focus directed upwards. In the background, another participant, clad in a red checkered shirt, looks observantly across the room, possibly searching for clues. The logo  THE ESCAPE GAME MISSION  is visible at the bottom.

Going undercover to conduct investigations around the world is your regular task as a special ops agent. As you go through your routine inspection at a spice market, you will discover a shocking surprise. Now you need to solve an international crisis that threatens the whole world! Use all your strategic skills and save everyone from this global disaster before time runs out. Find out how deep the conspiracy goes as you take all the twists and turns in this case.

This game is for up to eight players to solve this nerve-wracking catastrophe! Purchase your The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets from FunEx today to save money and have a great time!


A favorite choice for both first-timers and veterans, the Playground escape room can take up to 12 players in each round! Starting in a classroom, you must complete all your tasks before the 60-minute timer is up, or else you won’t be having fun during summer break! With a difficulty of 6 out of 10, this escape room is the ultimate team-bonding experience! Step into a laidback and playful journey with your The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets from FunEx!

The Heist

Image shows a joyful woman and man in a warmly lit room, excitedly opening a door as if they just solved a puzzle. The woman is in the foreground and the man is behind her, both are smiling broadly. A logo for The Escape Game Houston is in the corner, indicating the setting. Two people are laughing joyfully as they exit an escape room game. The person in the front, with long hair, is looking back, laughing, while the person behind is holding a blue clue file, smiling widely. Both seem ecstatic, likely having solved the game. A logo with 'THE ESCAPE GAME' is visible on the bottom right.

As an agent, your task for this room is to accomplish a grand art heist in the Barclay Museum of Historical Art! A valued Monet painting has gone missing from the museum’s gallery, and the primary suspect is the museum curator, Vincent Hahn. Sneak through the museum galleries and infiltrate Hahn’s office to reclaim the painting before he returns! Save the day and become a hero by completing your mission.

The Heist escape room is one of the favorite picks of the players and has a difficulty level of 8 out of 10. Up to eight players can participate in the 60-minute game. Buy your The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets from FunEx today and enjoy the lowest prices guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions for The Escape Game Houston

  1. Where can I find the attraction?

    You can visit The Escape Game Houston Galleria at 5015 Westheimer Rd #3400, Houston, TX 77056. Don’t forget to purchase your discount tickets from FunEx while you plan your trip!

  2. Are reservations required?

    Booking your game times online in advance is highly advised. You may purchase them at the lowest price with FunEx! Please call 713-999-1496 to book your slot.

  3. Are there after-midnight games?

    Yes! Games that start after midnight are often available.

  4. Are the games wheelchair-accessible?

    Yes, but it is suggested that the guests make a call to the staff to help them choose the best game room!

  5. Are food and drinks allowed inside the games?

    No, food and beverages are not allowed inside the rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited within the venue.

  6. Is there an age limit?

    Young players are allowed, though the games are recommended for ages 13 and above. An adult must join with anyone that is 14 years old or under. Any participants who are under the age of 18 also must have an adult sign a waiver.

  7. Where can I park?

    Free parking is available at the venue. The best area to park is at the Orange garage and, go through the Left lane to enter.

  8. When should I arrive for my game?

    Kindly arrive ten minutes before your game time for check-in. Don’t forget to bring your The Escape Game Houston Galleria discount tickets from FunEx!

  9. Will I be really locked into a room?

    You will be in a room with a locked door. However, there is an exit button available on each of them. You may leave the room if you ever feel the need to do so.

Last updated July 06, 2023.

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