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Image features two scenes from The Escape Game Grapevine. On the left, three individuals search clues in a rustic wood-paneled room with bright lighting, appearing engaged and collaborative. The right scene shows a person holding a camouflage backpack, looking intently towards the viewer, with shelves of various objects in the background, suggesting a puzzle-solving context. Image displaying two scenes from The Escape Game. On the left, a group of three people work together in a wood-paneled room, one pointing out a clue to the others. On the right, a man holding a map looks intently forward, a shelf with various objects behind him, conveying a puzzle-solving atmosphere. The Escape Game logo is at the bottom center.

The Escape Game is the premier provider of escape rooms, and their games are like action-packed thrillers full of unexpected plot twists and shocking revelations! The 60-minute journeys they take you on are a one-of-a-kind way to feel legendary tales come to life. Here's how it goes: Your quest will need your team to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and work together to reach the end goal. To escape, you'll need to work together, communicate well, use your wits, and be willing to take risks.

Everyone from close-knit families and groups of friends to thrill-seeking visitors and office parties will have a blast at The Escape Game. And by creating the world's most accessible and immersive escape rooms, The Escape Game's adventures become more thrilling and appealing, and everyone has a chance to rescue the day.

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Tips and Tricks for You!

To escape, you'll need to decipher complex codes and puzzles. But there's a catch: time is ticking away, and you only have one hour. Will you be able to do it? Follow these guidelines, and escaping will be easier than ever before!

Examine Your Surrounding: Look Everywhere!

Look around the room thoroughly as soon as you enter it. Pay attention since you can find the first clue in that room to begin moving. Remember to check under furniture and behind bookcases and examine each picture in detail.

Look for Patterns

The answer is sometimes in a different light. Examine the prints on the walls, items, and clues you locate to look for patterns or discrepancies. They could be the missing piece to the puzzle!

Use Everyone's Skill

Some team members excel at putting together jigsaw puzzles, while others excel at spotting and analyzing patterns. As escaping requires everyone's best efforts, play to each other's strengths and pitch in where you can.

Keep Track of Solved Puzzles and Used Clues

When a riddle or hint has been solved or used, it is typically unnecessary for further progress. For the same reason, this is crucial so that people save time attempting to solve problems that have already been answered.

Don't Lose Hope. Stay Positive!

It's disheartening to sit and do nothing as the clock keeps ticking. Try not to give up! Escape rooms are all about teamwork and having a good time with friends!

How to Get Started?

As a newbie in this game center, you must know some essential things before entering the game area. Below are the expected things to do once you arrive at The Escape Game Grapevine.

Select a Theme

There are a lot of exciting and mind-blowing themed rooms to play with your friends. As starters, you must pick a room that interests you the most. If you're unfamiliar with each playroom, you can start with the Playground, as it is the best room for beginners. If you want to explore and are ready to face harder challenges, you can try out the Prison Break.

Meet your Game Guide

After selecting a room, you will meet your game guide. Your game guide will take you to your room, explain the game rules, and answer all the questions you have in mind.

Enter the Game and Watch a Mission Video

Once you're on the adventure, you will be watching a mission video with your teammate that will inform you what kind of world you're into. Remember, you only have 60 minutes! Your time will start immediately after watching the video.

Escape the Room!

Use your wits. Bring out your inner detective. Crack the codes! Clues might be anywhere. Look for patterns, solve puzzles, and decipher codes.

Get A Clue

A little help from your game guide might help you out! If you are stuck in your mission, you can ask for help. Your game guide is ready to help you get through your mission, so don't be shy.

Escape Rooms

You may pre-select a room to play before you go by checking them below:

Image showing three individuals engaged in an escape room game. They are attentively searching for clues, one person holding a flashlight, to solve a puzzle with a wall-mounted gadget featuring dials and levers. The setting has a vintage industrial feel, adding to the immersive experience. Three individuals are collaboratively exploring a room with rustic, industrial decor—evidently part of an escape game. The walls are adorned with dials and switches. One person holds a flashlight above, illuminating the scene as they search for clues, reflecting engagement and concentration. Their expressions convey a mix of intrigue and determination. The ambiance suggests adventure and teamwork as they navigate the challenge. The Escape Game logo is visible, indicating the experience's branding.

Prison Break

In Prison Break, players are locked in a 1950s-style jail and must cooperate to escape. The only way to escape jail is to sneak into the warden's office. You will be locked up for life if you try to escape and fail.

Image shows a person inside a room with a vintage aesthetic, holding a briefcase and looking directly at the camera. Behind them are wooden shelves adorned with various objects, two globes, and a carved elephant head wall mount. The watermark text reads 'THE ESCAPE GAME GRAPEVINE'. Image depicts a person with a surprised expression holding a large, puzzle-like item. They are in a room with vintage decor, including wooden furniture and wall-mounted animal sculptures. The logo 'THE ESCAPE GAME GRAPEVINE' is visible.

The Heist

The Barclay Museum of Historical Art recently lost a Monet painting worth a lot of money. The curator of the museum, Vincent Hahn, took it. Your mission is to sneak through the museum galleries without getting caught, break into Hahn's office, steal back the painting, and run away before he notices.

Image shows a trio engaged in an escape room challenge at The Escape Game Grapevine. One searches inside an open, large wooden chest while another examines a wall, and the third looks towards a clue high up. The rustic room hints at a thrilling adventure. Three people are engaged in an escape room game, actively searching for clues in a wood-paneled room. One individual in a red jacket is examining a piece of paper, another in a white shirt leans forward intently, and the third in a turquoise top reaches upwards. The mood is one of excitement and focused investigation. The Escape Game logo is present, indicating the brand.

Gold Rush

During the 1800s California gold rush, many people got lucky and made a lot of money. No one knew this better than your relative Clyde Hamilton, who just died. He left quite a lot of gold behind. As his only living relative, he wants you to take the gold fortune as your inheritance—if you can find it.

Four people collaborate enthusiastically around a table in an escape room, pointing at clues. They're in a brightly lit room with colorful walls, lockers in the background, and an air of excitement. The photo includes a watermark for The Escape Game Grapevine. Four individuals are engaged in a collaborative activity around a table in a vibrant escape room with a yellow and blue color scheme. They appear focused and entertained as they work together to solve a puzzle. The Escape Game logo is visible, indicating the entertainment brand.


The playground room is a favorite. The game will begin in a classroom where you must do all your homework before the day is through if you want to take a summer vacation. But be prepared, these tasks are unlike anything you've ever seen in school!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to make a reservation before going to The Escape Game Grapevine?

    Yes, reservations are a must. Please call 214-692-2180. Pick the best date and time for you and your escape buddies.

  2. Where is The Escape Game Grapevine located?

    It is located at 3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway, Suite 604, Grapevine, TX 76051.

  3. Can I reschedule my visit?

    Rescheduling is possible up to 4 hours before your reservation time. Within 4 hours of the start time, tickets are no longer transferable and non-refundable.

  4. What are the operating hours of the game center?

    Operating hours vary daily and are subject to change without prior notice. Please check their official website to get day-to-day updates.

  5. Is there free parking?

    Parking is available at Grapevine Mills' parking lots.

  6. How soon will I get my FunEx Escape Room tickets?

    You will get them instantly, along with your receipt via email!

  7. Do I need to print them?

    No. Smartphone tickets are accepted.

  8. Should I buy my child a separate The Escape Game Grapevine discount ticket?

    If your child is four years old and under, they are FREE of charge. However, if your children are five years old and above, they need valid Escape Room tickets to enter.

  9. Is there an age limit?

    No. Games are recommended for guests ages 13 and up.

  10. Are the game rooms wheelchair accessible?

    Yes! Please call (214) 692-2180 to help select the best room for your team.

  11. Can I bring food and drinks inside the game room?

    No outside food and drinks are allowed.

Last updated Npvember 21, 2023.

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