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This image features three individuals actively engaged in an escape room game, set within a room that has a rustic, wooden cabin-like interior. On the left, a person in a red sweater is bent over, inspecting the contents of an open, large, wooden chest with visible excitement and concentration. In the center background, another individual with a white shirt appears intrigued, peeking over the shoulder of the person inspecting the chest while supporting themselves against a wooden wall with one hand. To the right, a person wearing a yellow beanie and teal shirt stands on tiptoe, reaching up to adjust or examine something high on the wooden cabin wall. The warm lighting and the wood-paneled walls create an atmosphere of mystery and adventure, suggesting a challenging and immersive experience for the players involved.

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Image description: A vibrant and exciting escape room adventure is captured in this image. In the foreground, a young woman with a wide, joyful smile appears to be the picture of excitement. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and displays a look of elation with her eyes looking slightly upwards. Her attire suggests a casual outing, and her fingernails are painted with a light blue polish. In the background, a young man in a red and black checked shirt is also part of the experience, attentively looking to his side, possibly solving a clue or deeply engaged in the game. They are both in a dimly lit room rich with ornate decor and an archway that hints at the immersive environment of the escape room. The setting suggests an atmosphere of mystery and exploration with rustic and exotic motifs.

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The Best Escape Rooms at Fisherman's Wharf

Image Description: This image captures an exciting moment at "The Escape Game." Two individuals are prominently featured in the foreground, both expressing a mixture of surprise and enjoyment. On the left, a woman with her mouth open in an animated laugh or shout wears a rust-colored sweater. Next to her, a young man with wide eyes and a startled expression looks towards something off-camera. They are in a room with a wooden wall to the right, and a section of the wall painted in a deep red behind them. Various props and décor suggest a thematic puzzle-solving environment. In the background, another person appears focused on an element of the game. Above the group, the large, bold logo "THE ESCAPE GAME" is displayed on the wall.

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  • NEW! Timeliner: Train Through Time

    - Join the Time Crisis Management team and travel through history on the time-traveling train, Timeliner! Correct the past to save the future in a race against time across different eras.

  • Prison Break: Alcatraz -

    With The Escape Game San Francisco discount tickets, plan your escape from Alcatraz! Cut the power from the warden's office and use hidden tools in your cell to break free in this daring escape adventure.

  • This image features a young woman and a young man engaged in an immersive experience at The Escape Game. The woman, who is wearing a casual green jacket, is intensely focused on something off camera, with a look of concentration. Hairstyled in a middle part, her gaze suggests a puzzle or clue has caught her attention. The young man, wearing a blue shirt, appears equally engrossed as he closely examines a carved lion head on what seems to be an ornate wooden door, his hand gently resting upon it as he searches for clues or mechanisms. The atmosphere hints at adventure and mystery, enhanced by the intricately detailed background suggesting an ancient or historical setting. The expression on both individuals' faces conveys a sense of curiosity and determination, typical of players involved in an escape room scenario.

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  • Special Ops: Mysterious Marke

    - As a special ops agent, you will uncover a global conspiracy in a spice market! Use your tactical skills to navigate twists and turns in this mission to avert a global crisis.

  • Gold Rush

    - Race against time to claim a hidden gold fortune left by your long lost relative, Clyde Hamilton. Solve puzzles in his cabin to secure your inheritance before others catch on!

  • Description: The image features an enthusiastic young individual wearing a bright yellow shirt looking upwards with a look of wonder and engagement. The background suggests a high-tech environment, possibly a part of an escape room game, with light blue and yellow hues creating an immersive atmosphere. Overhead panels and glowing lights add to the futuristic setting of the game.

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  • The Depths

    - Investigate an abandoned laboratory deep in the ocean. With your discounted Escape Game Fisherman's Wharf tickets, navigate a submarine, decipher a missing researcher's experiments, and uncover hidden secrets in the deep sea!

Embark on an Epic Adventure!

Description: This image features two excited individuals engaging in an interactive adventure at The Escape Game. On the left, a man with glasses, wearing a pinkish long-sleeved shirt, is captured in motion climbing a wooden staircase. He is looking upwards with a flashlight in hand, illuminating his path and seeming eager to discover what lies ahead. To the right, a woman with a voluminous curly hairstyle gazes upward with an expression of wonder and curiosity. Her attentive look suggests she is piecing together clues or anticipating the next twist in the game. The ambience of the room suggests a mysterious and immersive experience, enhancing the adventurous theme of The Escape Game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is The Escape Game Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco located?

    You can find it at 145 Jefferson St., San Francisco, CA 94133.

  2. What are the operating hours?

    They are open every day, from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

  3. What is The Escape Game San Francisco?

    It's a leading escape room venue offering immersive adventures. You'll have one hour to complete thrilling missions like retrieving a priceless work of art, finding lost gold, or escaping from prison.

  4. Do I need to book in advance?

    Yes, we recommend securing your discounted Escape Game San Francisco ticket through a reservation at FunEx.

  5. How early should I arrive for my game?

    Please arrive 10 minutes before your game time to check in.

  6. Am I really going to be ‘locked' in a room?

    While the room has a locked door, there is an exit button you can use to leave at any time for your safety and comfort.

  7. Will my group be playing with others?

    Their games are shared experiences. You can book a private game by reserving all the spots in a room. If all of the spots are not booked, it's possible other groups will join your game.

  8. Do you have parking?

    They don't have their own parking, but nearby paid garages are available, such as The White House Parking Garage at 223 Sutter Street. Taxis and ride-shares are also recommended.

  9. Is there an age limit for players?

    The games are best suited for ages 13 and up. Players under 14 require a paying adult with them, and those under 18 need an adult to sign their waiver.

  10. Can we bring food or drinks into the game rooms?

    No food or drinks be brought into the game rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on our premises.

Last updated June 27, 2024.

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