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Image showing two scenes from The Escape Game Austin. On the left, two people are examining clues in a room with an ancient temple theme. On the right, two individuals are engaged in an interactive game in a vibrant, neon-lit space with a futuristic vibe. The Escape Game logo is displayed at the bottom center. The image features two panels of people engaged in escape room activities with the logo 'The Escape Game' at the bottom. On the left, a pair of participants investigates clues within a richly detailed room with ancient Egyptian decor. On the right, another group interacts with glowing circular elements on the wall in a dimly lit, futuristic setting. Both scenes convey a sense of adventure and team problem-solving.

The Escape Game Houston CityCentre operates from 8 AM - 12 PM daily. The game times vary, so please refer to their official website for detailed information. Booking in advance is highly recommended, and with FunEx, your The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets are available at the lowest prices!

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Take a one-of-a-kind adventure by entering The Escape Game Houston CityCentre! Gather your friends and family for top-notch missions of prison breaks, completing heists, or launching a spaceship. Each room contains a theme and a game filled with action and excitement or goofy and whimsical adventures! You and your party will have 60 minutes to accomplish the tasks, and a Game Guide will also give you clues when you’re having trouble. It is a great and unique way to spend time and create unforgettable memories with everyone, and you might even learn a new skill or more! Step into this fun-packed experience by purchasing your The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets from FunEx today!

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The image features two logos. The upper logo includes a stylized lock symbol with a keyhole, surrounded by concentric circles and the phrase 'THE ESCAPE GAME' next to it. Below is another logo indicating 'AUTHORIZED SELLER', with a small padlock icon above the word 'AUTHORIZED'. The color scheme consists of black, white, and shades of green.

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at 949-367-1900 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily or,

Take Exciting Missions at The Escape Game Houston CityCentre!

With an hour of fun and adrenaline-pumping tasks to complete a real-life adventure game, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone! Since 2014, The Escape Game has welcomed over 5 million players and given them unique and memorable journeys with its escape rooms. At Houston CityCentre, the Escape Game offers seven rooms varying in themes and difficulty levels such as Gold Rush, The Heist, Playground, The Depths, Prison Break, Timeliner: Train Through Time, and Special Ops: Mysterious Market.

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Prison Break

Three participants are engrossed in an escape room challenge at The Escape Game Houston. They're attentively searching for clues in a dimly-lit, prison-themed room, with one of them bending over to inspect something closely, another looking on with a clipboard in hand, and the third kneeling and examining a wall. The excitement of the game is evident on their focused faces. Image shows three individuals involved in an escape room activity. They appear engaged and focused, searching for clues. The setting has a dim, warm lighting which suggests an indoor and possibly a mysterious atmosphere common to escape room challenges. The Escape Game logo is visible, indicating the location or brand of the experience.

Taking up to eight players each time, the Prison Break is considered the most challenging escape room! Split into two realistic 1950s prison cells, the participants should work together for a successful escape, including a stealthy adventure to the warden’s office. The room also includes real prison toilets to create true-to-life scenarios, enhancing your exciting experience! Find an escape within 60 minutes, or you’ll end up in prison forever!

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Gold Rush

Image shows a group of three people engaged in an escape room activity. One is intently searching inside an open chest, another is examining the wall with a puzzled look, and the third stands by a lantern, looking out for clues. The wooden interior suggests a rustic theme for the escape room at The Escape Game Houston. Image depicts three individuals in an escape room with rustic wooden walls. One person in red kneels, searching a chest; another in white stands observing; and the third in teal reaches up along the wall. The room’s lighting casts a warm glow on their focused activity. Logo at the bottom reads The Escape Game.

You have one hour to find Cylde Hamilton’s stash of gold! In a time when anyone could get lucky with riches back in 1800s California, Clyde was clever to leave quite an amount of gold. The prospector offers you a chance to inherit Cylde’s fortunes as his next of kin – that is – if you can enter the cabin and claim the stash before your time runs out. Hurry and find the inheritance before the news of such fortune reaches other people in town! The game room can take up to eight players at a time, making it a fantastic group activity with your family and friends!

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The Heist

Image shows two people excitedly exiting a room with wood-paneled walls, indicative of an escape room experience. The woman in the foreground smiles widely and the man behind her appears thrilled, holding a clue folder. The setting suggests a thrilling adventure at  The Escape Game Houston. Image of two excited individuals, a woman on the left and a man on the right, exiting a room with smiles indicating a successful escape room experience. The Escape Game logo is visible at the image's bottom indicating the venue.

Step into one of the most picked escape rooms and accept an exciting mission! Accomplish the ultimate art heist in the Barclay Museum of Historical Art with the help of eight other players. The museum’s curator, Vincent Hahn, has nabbed a precious Monet painting, and your task is to infiltrate the museum galleries and sneak into Hahn’s office to retrieve the artwork before his return! You have sixty minutes to finish the exhilarating mission, which you can participate in by purchasing The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets from FunEx!

Timeliner: Train Through Time

Image shows three individuals engaged in an escape room activity at The Escape Game Houston. They're focused on solving interactive puzzles with colorful lighting. The room is adorned with neon rings and a futuristic design, creating an immersive experience. The excitement of teamwork and the challenge of the game are evident. Three individuals are engaged in an escape room activity. Two are standing and interacting with circular, light-up puzzle elements on the wall, while the third person, who appears to be an employee, is observing or assisting. The room is dimly lit with ambient blue and purple lighting, adding to the immersive experience. The scene captures the collaborative and fun atmosphere of the game. The logo 'The Escape Game Houston' is visible, indicating the location.

Travel back through time and save the future! Hop into this digitally-interactive escape room and join the Time Crisis Management team. Tasked to solve life-threatening issues, you will swiftly jump from decade to decade, from the Jurassic era to the Medieval and everything between them. The fate of fixing the past and saving the future rests in your hands, but be careful! Making even just one mistake will cause the entire future to crumble, and you only have one hour to accomplish it. Time travel for a lifetime of adventure with your The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets from FunEx!


Image shows two people in an indoor setting that resembles a playful, colorful escape room. They appear engaged and are standing at an open door, peeking through as if they are searching for clues. On the wall is a logo for 'The Escape Game Houston'. Image shows a man and woman emerging enthusiastically from a doorway in a brick-walled corridor with escape room branding. The man in an orange shirt points forward, while the woman in the background expresses surprise. A blue object with symbols is in the foreground. The Escape Game logo is visible.

The Playground escape room is built to take up to 12 players for each game and is an all-time favorite of both veterans and first-timers! This fantastic team-building activity will start in a classroom where you have sixty minutes to accomplish all your assignments. Don’t be too comfortable, as the assignments are completely different from what you usually see from school! Hurry and buy your The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets from FunEx today for the ultimate adventure at the lowest prices!

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Image shows two people engaged in solving a puzzle at The Escape Game Houston. A woman to the left looks intently at a clue, while a man on the right examines a piece of the puzzle. They are surrounded by thematic decorations, suggesting an immersive, adventure game experience. Two individuals are engaged in a puzzle at an escape room. A woman on the left looks on thoughtfully while a man on the right examines an elaborate lock. The room has an adventurous decor with rustic charms and a touch of greenery. The Escape Game Houston's logo is marked on the image.

How deep does the conspiracy go? A routine search of a spice market will be surprising you. Fight an international crisis that threatens the state of the world. Make use of all of your tactical skills and training if you plan to put a stop to this catastrophe.

The Depths

Three joyful friends are taking a selfie together inside 'The Escape Game' room in Houston, with a theme of 'DESCEND' indicated in the background. The two men and one woman display wide smiles, reflecting a fun moment shared. Branding for 'The Escape Game' is visible. Three joyful friends take a selfie inside an escape room with a 'DESCEND' sign overhead. They're enjoying the moment, standing close together, smiling wide. The room's theme has a futuristic vibe with metallic walls featuring circular details. A logo at the bottom reads 'THE ESCAPE GAME HOUSTON'.

Decipher the brilliant Dr. Humphreys’ research and the story behind mysterious experiments since his disappearance. Navigate your way to the lab and find out what he’s been hiding deep in the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions for The Escape Game Houston

  1. Where can I find the attraction?

    You can find and join the fun-filled adventure at 794 Sorella Ct Suite 127, Houston, TX 77024! Remember to buy your The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets from FunEx before going on your way!

  2. Are reservations required?

    Booking your game times online in advance is highly advised. You may purchase them at the lowest prices with FunEx!

  3. Are there after-midnight games?

    Yes! Games that start after midnight are often offered.

  4. Will I be really locked into a room?

    You will be in a room with a locked door. However, there is an exit button available on each of them. You may leave the room if you ever feel the need to do so.

  5. When should I arrive for my game?

    Kindly arrive ten minutes before your game time for check-in. Don’t forget to bring your The Escape Game Houston CityCentre discount tickets from FunEx!

  6. Is rescheduling possible?

    Yes, rescheduling your games is possible until 4 hours before your reserved time.

  7. Where can I park?

    Free parking is available at the venue.

  8. Is there an age limit?

    Young players are allowed, though the games are recommended for ages 13 and above. An adult must join with anyone that is 14 and under. Any participants who are under the age of 18 also must have an adult sign a waiver.

  9. Are food and drinks allowed inside the games?

    Any food and beverages are not allowed inside the rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited within the venue.

  10. Are the games wheelchair-accessible?

    It is suggested that the guests make a call to the staff to help them choose the best game room!

Last updated July 06, 2023.

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