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Arrive 15 minutes early before your scheduled time to maximize your visit.

A child must accompany adult guests to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

The LEGO Play Is About to Begin!

It's time to enter a massive LEGO-themed play area and lose yourself in the bricks. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center in San Antonio is a brick-tastic place for children to have a great time and take home many fond memories of their visit. The Center is full of enjoyable activities, such as roller coasters, building games, and great views. It is the great choice if you want an action-packed family trip.

You will have the chance to fly on Merlin's Apprentice, shoot down skeletons in the Kingdom Quest, see your favorite characters in the LEGO 4D Theater, plus, you will design magnificent LEGO models with the help of master builders!

Purchase your LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets today and be ready to have fun!

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Image displaying the Legoland Discovery Center logo, marked with the iconic Lego brick outline and text beneath. Below is a stamp indicating that the seller is authorized. The color scheme includes red, black, and green with emphasis on brand identity.

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Things You Need to Know Before You Go!

Purchase LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets in advance.

Buying your FunEx discount ticket in advance is the ideal way to save money and make the most of your trip. Buying LEGOLAND General Entry online can save you as much as 27% off the gate price. Discounts of up to 20% are available for combined general admission to Sea Life and LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

Reserve Your Spot at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

Reservations are the only way to ensure a quick entry into the park. You must purchase your LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets in advance and select a date and time that works for you!

Operating Hours

Check LEGOLAND's official website to see what times the Discovery Center is open on the day you plan to visit. The last entry is 2 hours before closing time.

Directions and Parking


LEGOLAND Discovery Center San Antonio is in downtown San Antonio inside the Shops at Rivercenter, just steps away from the historic Alamo and world-famous San Antonio Riverwalk.


Discounted validated public parking is available at the admission desk for the Crockett Street and the Commerce Street parking garages (they are attached to the mall). Please bring your printed parking ticket to our front desk to receive 2 hours of parking for only $3.

Parking fees may change without prior notice.

Safety Measures

Wear Face Masks or Coverings.

Visitors are strongly advised to use protective masks or other facial coverings at all times while in the zone.

Cleaning and Sanitation.

Every areas, from high-traffic touchpoints and playgrounds and the LEGO bricks, are bound by strict daylong cleaning and sanitation regulations.

What to Expect inside the LEGOLAND Discovery Center?


Discover Alamo City made out of 1.5 million-pieces of LEGO. You will find the city's most beloved sites!

LEGO Cinema

Audience enjoying a 4D cinema experience at LEGOLAND in San Antonio. They are wearing 3D glasses and smiling in a dimly lit theater with blue lighting and onscreen effects that appear to float around them. A group of people is sitting in a dark movie theater, each wearing 3D glasses and looking up at the screen. They're smiling and appear engaged with the film. The theater seats are red, and there are floating white particles, possibly representing either dust caught in the projector light or a special effect from the movie. The Legoland logo is visible in the bottom left corner, suggesting a themed cinema experience.

Visit the theater to watch an exciting LEGO movie starring your favorite characters. Be careful of the mighty wind, rain, and snow effects as they explode off the screen and make the movies come to life! This experience is included in your LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets.

Kingdom Quest

A joyful family of four is riding an interactive ride at LEGOLAND San Antonio. They are seated in a blue cart adorned with a crest, embarking on an adventure. The backdrop features whimsical, LEGO-inspired stone columns and vibrant scenery. The parents are holding up wands, engaging with the ride, as their daughter smiles widely and their young son looks ahead with excitement. A joyful family of four enjoys a colorful interactive ride at LEGOLAND. Two excited children and their smiling parents are seated in a vehicle adorned with LEGO motifs, engaging in a playful laser-based activity amidst vibrant surroundings enhanced by themed decorations.

Go on the Kingdom Quest trip in your chariot and help free the captive Princess! Terrorizing trolls and cunning skeletons could be hiding anywhere, so BEWARE!

Merlin's Apprentice Ride

A joyful child and a smiling woman enjoy a ride in a bright red, LEGO-themed car at LEGOLAND San Antonio. They're harnessed in safely, ready for fun. Multiple rides and vibrant colors fill the background, capturing the excitement of the amusement park. Image shows a smiling woman and a child enjoying a ride in a red, LEGO-themed vehicle. Both are secured with safety bars, simulating a flight experience. In the background, LEGO structures mimic a control room. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center logo is visible.

You must pedal the enchanted cart in his potions room to become Merlin's nextapprentice wizard. Hold your breath and increase your speed as you try to summon the sorcerer's magic and reach new heights.

Meet Your Favorite LEGO Characters

A family of four, with a smiling man, woman, girl, and boy, pose beside a life-sized LEGO pirate figure at LEGOLAND San Antonio. The pirate has a black hat, red coat, and a skull-and-crossbones design. They are all standing in front of a colorful amusement park backdrop with a racing track and LEGO scenery. The LEGOLAND logo is visible in the corner. Image shows a happy family of four with two children smiling and posing with a life-sized LEGO pirate character at LEGOLAND. The pirate figure is adorned in a traditional pirate attire with a black hat. The family seems to be enjoying their visit.

Take your picture with some of your favorite LEGO® figures sized up to life, and you'll have a keepsake to cherish forever. This amazing experience is included in your LEGOLAND San Antonio discount tickets.

LEGO Racers: Build & Test

Image showing a smiling adult and child engaged in play at a Legoland Discovery Center in San Antonio. They are at a table with a colorful Lego creation in front of them. In the background, bright Lego structures and signage add to the playful setting. The logo of Legoland San Antonio is visible in the bottom left corner. A smiling adult and child are engaged in an activity at a brightly colored workshop area with LEGO structures visible in the background. They appear to be having fun together with LEGO bricks at a white table, emphasizing a family-friendly environment. The space has vibrant signage and a lively atmosphere, with a LEGOLAND discovery center logo at the bottom right corner.

In the Build & Test area, you can develop a lightning-fast vehicle and compete in a test race against your pals. Will your car be the fastest to the finish as the race ends?

LEGO City Play Zone

Enter this massive, indoor LEGO® City Building Site play area! The LEGO Construction Site play area features a climbing wall, many slides, and a jungle gym, making it ideal for little future builders to burn off steam while their parents take a load off or keep creating with LEGOs.

LEGO Master Builder Academy

Participating in the interactive workshops is an excellent way for LEGO fans to have access to insider information and learn the tricks of the trade from professional Model Builders.

LEGO Friends Heart Lake City

Join Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma from LEGO® Friends as you build a beautiful city and bring their narrative to life. In this interactive build area, the personalities of the fab five will inspire you regardless of whether you enjoy music, science, sports, nature, or the arts.

DUPLO Village

An adult and a child are engaging with LEGO blocks in a brightly colored room. Behind them, a wall adorned with multicolored LEGO pieces adds to the cheerful atmosphere. The adult, smiling, points at a LEGO creation while the child, in a shirt and suspenders, holds a LEGO piece, appearing curious and attentive. The logo of LEGOLAND San Antonio is visible, suggesting a playful and creative environment. A man and a young boy are building with colorful blocks at a Legoland play area. The man, smiling, places a piece on a tall structure, while the focused boy holds a block. Brightly colored block-built structures surround them against a green background. The Legoland logo is visible in the corner.

The DUPLO Farm is a great place for young builders to let their creativity run wild while learning about animals. Construct a vibrant bloom for the garden, or just wriggle and slide all over the place.

Shop, Eat & Have Fun!

LEGO Store

Image displays a joyful moment between an adult and child in a retail store with colorful shelves lined with toy packages. The child, expressive and delighted, interacts with the smiling adult holding a Lego set, suggesting a choice made. The backdrop hints at a bright, playful shopping environment, with the LEGOLAND San Antonio watermark visible. A smiling adult and a young child in a toy store are looking at a LEGO box together. Colorful shelves filled with various toys are visible in the background. The store has bright lighting and displays the LEGOLAND logo at the bottom.

Don't forget to stop by and pick up some giftsto relive your LEGO® experience. This store is incredible!

Coffee Shop

The LEGO®-themed Café is a fun place for builders of all ages to relax and mingle. Grab a bite or drink and take a break from building in the Coffee Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Should I make a reservation before going to the Discovery Center?

    Yes. All you need to do is pick a date and time of visit to guarantee admission.

  2. How do I get the FunEx discount on my LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets?

    Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

  3. Where is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center located?

    It is located at 849 E. Commerce Street, Suite 910, San Antonio, TX 78205.

  4. What are the operating hours of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center?

    They are open daily and usually operate from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Operating hours may vary.

  5. Do I get free parking when I visit?

    Only discounted validated parking is available. You may park at Crockett Street and Commerce Street (both attached to the mall). Bring your printed parking ticket to the front desk for 2 hours of parking for only $3.

  6. Can I get a refund if I can't go?

    LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  7. How soon do I get my LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your LEGOLAND San Antonio discount tickets instantly after purchasing online, along with your receipt!

  8. Do I need to print my LEGOLAND San Antonio discount tickets?

    No. You can show your mobile device LEGOLAND San Antonio tickets for a fast entry.

  9. Should I buy my kid a separate LEGOLAND San Antonio discount ticket?

    Yes, kids aged 3 and over should have a valid LEGOLAND San Antonio ticket to enter the Discovery Center. If your child is 2 years and below, the admission fee is on us!

  10. Can adults visit the Center without a child?

    No. At least one child must accompany all adult guests to enter.

  11. Can children visit without an adult companion?

    No. All children ages 17 years and younger must always be supervised by an adult.

  12. Is this a guided tour?

    This is not a guided experience. Allow yourself and your family to bond inside the Center to experience the fun like no other!

  13. How long does each visit last?

    Typical visits usually take 2 to 3 hours, but you are welcome to stay longer and play if you like!

  14. Am I allowed to bring food and drinks inside?

    Outside food and drinks are prohibited except for cases with allergies and baby food.

  15. Is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center wheelchair-accessible?

    Of course! The Center is fully accessible for visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users.

  16. What kind of footwear should children wear in the Discovery Center?

    Wearing closed-toe shoes with socks is recommended. Socks are required to play in the LEGO City Soft Play area.

  17. What if I'm late for my reserved time?

    No worries, you can still get in and be admitted up to two hours after your entry time.

Last updated March 13, 2023.

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