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Showcase your mastery and skills as a builder in LEGOLAND Dallas indoor playground! The Discovery Center is perfect for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages and gives the best way to have fun and bond with the little ones. Tons of exciting and interactive activities await you and your family and will certainly give everyone a lifetime of adventure! Visit MINILAND, Ninjago City Adventure, Kingdom Quest, and many other incredible places!

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at 949-367-1900 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily or,

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas Hours

Please refer to the timetable below for details.

Day Time
Monday - Friday 10 AM - 5 PM (Last entry at 3:30 PM)
Saturday 10 AM - 8 PM (Last entry at 6 PM)
Sunday 11 AM - 6:30 PM (Last entry at 3:30 PM)

A Creative Adventure at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas!

Unleash your inner creativity with millions of LEGO bricks that you will find in the indoor playground! Build the best and most awesome design with your imagination and have a great time with the other builders. You won’t run out of things to do with all the fun activities available for your little ones!

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Dallas & Fort Worth MINILAND

Image displays a detailed miniature cityscape built entirely from LEGO bricks, showcasing various urban elements. Notable features include skyscrapers, a Ferris wheel, a stadium, vehicles on roadways, and smaller structures like a classic brown building with a dome. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center logo is visible on the image, hinting at the exhibit's location. Colors are vibrant, highlighting the creativity of LEGO construction. This image shows a vibrant Lego cityscape at LEGOLAND. It features detailed Lego constructions of skyscrapers, various buildings, and a large stadium. The scene includes city streets bustling with miniature Lego cars and includes lush green spaces. The Legoland watermark is visible at the bottom.

With over 1.5 million LEGO bricks, you can explore and interact with a replica of the beautiful cities in Texas! Keep an eye out for playful little Minifigures hiding in the small brick world! Witness the fascinating glowing towers as the diorama changes from day to night. During your adventure, you will see iconic landmarks such as the DFW International Airport, AT & T Stadium, Southfork Ranch, and Fort Worth Stockyards!

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LEGO 4D Cinema

Image shows a row of people in a darkened movie theater wearing 3D glasses. There are specks of light that resemble floating bubbles, adding to the immersive experience. The audience is smiling and looking captivated by what's on the screen. The ambiance suggests they are enjoying a 3D movie together. There's a Legoland Discovery Center logo on the bottom left, indicating a family-friendly atmosphere. Image of a family sitting in a movie theater at LEGOLAND, wearing 3D glasses. They are smiling and looking forward at the screen, surrounded by a dim blue light and floating white particles, suggesting a 3D movie experience.

Take a seat and hold on tight, as you might get blown away by the special wind, rain, and snow effects that will burst out from the big screen! Grab a pair of 4D glasses and get ready to see your favorite characters come to life and take you on a BRICKtastic adventure. The crowd favorites and action-packed movies such as LEGO City: Report for Duty and The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure will be featured and played on rotation every 15 minutes, giving everyone a chance to choose one or watch them all!

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LEGO Ninjago City Adventure

A joyful scene at LEGOLAND Discovery Center with a smiling adult and a child high-fiving a life-sized LEGO ninja mascot. The background features colorful LEGO structures, adding to the playful atmosphere. Image of a joyful child raising her hand towards a larger-than-life LEGO Ninjago character mascot, with an adult smiling beside her. The scene is set against a vibrant LEGO themed backdrop at LEGOLAND, invoking a sense of excitement and fun.

Train and become an excellent ninja with Sensei Wu at the Airjitzu temple and Dojo training room! Interact with your favorite Ninjago characters, such as Kai, Jay, Cole, Lloyd, Zane, and Nya, while going through an obstacle course for training. Sail the vortex-spinning barrel and master the art of Spinjitzu with the spiral slide of lights! Crawl through the hover rings and lighting buzzer bars, escape from the crisscross maze, and climb high with the ropes, to test your ninja skills and be the best ninja ever!

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Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

A joyful child and an adult are seated on a bright red, LEGO-themed ride at Legoland Discovery Center. They are surrounded by oversized LEGO bricks and fixtures, with a whimsical, faux-wooden backdrop suggesting an indoor play area. The adult is assisting the child with the ride's controls. A woman and child are seated in a bright red interactive ride vehicle at LEGOLAND. They smile while pretending to steer with a large joystick. The indoor setting has vibrant lighting and playful decor suggestive of a Lego-themed adventure. The LEGOLAND logo is visible in the corner.

Climb in on one of Merlin’s magical carts and pedal your way around his magical potions chamber! If you work hard enough, you can become his next wizardly apprentice! Reach into the skies by flying high to obtain the sorcerer’s spell. For a safe and fun adventure, the guests must be 36” tall to ride with an adult. If you want to ride alone, you must be 48” and above.

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Kingdom Quest

A joyful family enjoys a vibrant ride at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Two adults and two children are seated in a bright yellow vehicle adorned with a blue banner and the number 3. They appear to be engaging in an interactive game, holding faux laser blasters and targeting points of interest amidst a backdrop of playful LEGO-inspired structures. The atmosphere conveys fun and excitement. Image shows a family enjoying a ride at LEGOLAND. Two children and two adults are seen waving and smiling on a colorful ride vehicle with LEGO-inspired designs, passing under a stone-like archway, adding fun to the vibrant amusement park atmosphere.

Step out on a fun-filled adventure as you hop in on an incredible chariot! Become everyone’s hero by taking on this quest to save the captured Princess. Look out for beastly trolls and tricky skeletons that hide around the corners, and zap out as many as you can! You can collect points as you proceed on your mission and find out who has the highest score at the end!

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Meet LEGO Characters

A family of four poses with a life-sized Lego pirate figure at Legoland Discovery Center. Two smiling adults flank a joyful girl and boy in a brightly colored play area. The Lego pirate wears a black hat, red coat, and has a skull and crossbones emblem. Image shows a family with two adults and two children smiling and posing with a life-sized Lego pirate character at LEGOLAND. They're standing in front of a colorful, playful background. Everyone appears cheerful and the setting suggests a fun family-friendly atmosphere.

Say hello and shake hands with your favorite LEGO characters! Emmet, Bertie, and many other fun characters will be available for a great big hug and memorable picture with them. This rare opportunity only happens during Thursday-Sunday visits, so don’t miss out on this exciting meet-up by purchasing your discounted LEGOLAND Dallas tickets from FunEx today!

Frequently Asked Questions for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas

  1. Are reservations required for LEGOLAND Dallas tickets?

    As you book your tickets, you need to choose a specific date and time for arrival. It helps the attraction reduce the queue times and speed up your entry. You may stay in the center for as long as you like once you enter. Buy your LEGOLAND Dallas discount tickets from FunEx today!

  2. Where can I find the attraction?

    You can visit the attraction at 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, Grapevine, TX 76051. Don’t forget to buy your discounted LEGOLAND Dallas tickets from FunEx before making your trip!

  3. Is the Center accessible for guests with disabilities or wheelchair users?

    Yes, the Center is accessible to visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users. The rides do require the guest to transfer to the ride vehicle. Unfortunately, they do not provide wheelchair or stroller rentals at the attraction.

  4. Can I bring outside food and drinks inside?

    No. Bringing outside food and drinks is not permitted inside the Discovery Center. Baby formulas and food allergies for children are an exception. The attraction encourages everyone to enjoy the tasty items on our Cafe menu.

  5. Can adults visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas without a child?

    Adults must have at least one child (aged 16 or younger) in their group to enter. The attraction is best suited for ages 2 - 10. As for the LEGO Retail Store, it is open to everyone of all ages, including adults without children.

  6. Are our visits guided?

    No, everyone’s visits are unguided. The attraction encourages families to work as a team and explore with their imagination with the open play they offer. You can stay for as long as you wish, so hurry and buy your LEGOLAND Dallas discount tickets from FunEx today!

  7. Are the staff trained in First Aid?

    Yes, the Discovery Center Columbus ensures the safety of the visitors. Trained staff members in first aid are always present and ready.

  8. Are there facilities available for toddlers?

    Yes, the attraction is stroller-friendly and has family bathrooms with diaper-changing tables.

Last updated July 10, 2024.

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