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Searching for exciting fall activities in New York? Look no further! Take advantage of FunEx exclusive discounts and save up to xx% on your visit this fall season. With ticket prices starting at just $42.00, you'll have access to highly anticipated events like the Halloween-themed Brick-or-Treat and the all-new LEGO DREAMZzz movie! Book your tickets today to enjoy huge discounts and guaranteed entry on your chosen date!

Top Events to Look Out This Fall at LEGOLAND New York

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

Top Events to Look Out This Fall at LEGOLAND New York

  • Family-Friendly Halloween Experience: Unlike traditional Halloween haunts that may be too scary for younger visitors, Brick-or-Treat is designed with family fun in mind. It offers an age-appropriate experience that both kids and adults will enjoy.
  • Interactive Activities: Halloween-inspired activities such as trick-or-treating keep the whole family engaged.
  • Themed Entertainment: Enjoy seasonal shows and performances specially curated for the Brick-or-Treat event, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your LEGOLAND visit.
  • Limited-Edition Merchandise: Take home a piece of the magic with limited-edition Brick-or-Treat merchandise, available only during the event.
  • Festive Atmosphere: LEGOLAND goes all out with seasonal decorations, making it the perfect backdrop for memorable photos and an immersive Halloween experience.
  • Food and Treats: Special seasonal food and treats offer something extra to tickle your taste buds.


Experience the Magic of LEGO DREAMZzz Live at LEGOLAND New York After Its Riveting Debut! The LEGO DREAMZzz has just premiered, and now the theme park at LEGOLAND New York is bringing the show to life. Take a look behind the scenes as Mateo and Izzie go on an epic quest to stop the Nightmare King from destroying the dream world.

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Step Out on a Brick-tastic Adventure!

This awesome destination is open to people of all ages looking for unlimited fun! This amusement park is a paradise for LEGO fanatics, as everything is LEGO-themed – the attractions, rides, and hotels – along with tons of exciting events and activities. Cool off from the heat this upcoming summer with us as the new addition, the Water Playground opens!

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LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

NEW: Sleepover Series at LEGOLAND New York Hotel

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

Put your favorite pajamas on and have the best slumber party you'll ever have at LEGOLAND Hotel! On weekends from January 6th to March 25th, your stay will be packed with special and fun activities to enjoy! Each month has a different theme: Ninja Nights for January, Kingdom Nights for February, and Pirate Nights for March.

It's the perfect chance to spend time with the whole family and immerse yourselves in the fun LEGO activities! Enjoy story time, dance parties, LEGO Mosaic build, character meet and greets, the new LEGO Challenge, and many other fun activities.

Fun, Rain Or Shine!

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

The weather on the date of your visit plays a huge role into how the day is going to pan out. With LEGOLAND New York's Rainy Day Promise, you won't need to worry about the rain being such a downer! If the weather conditions affect the rides for more than 2 hours, a Rainy Day return ticket will be issued at Guest Services at the front of the park, which you can then use to visit the park in the next 365 days with reservations.

**Please note, this does not apply to annual passholders and must be redeemed on the day of your visit at Guest Services.

Bus Schedule:

  • Port Authority/NYC to LEGOLAND New York: 8:30 am; 9:30 am; 10:30 am
  • LEGOLAND New York to Port Authority/ NYC: 3:45 pm; 5:00 pm; 6:15 pm

Port Authority Address: 42nd St. & 8th Ave. New York, NY 10018

Guest must visit ticket booths at Port Authority to obtain bus ticket located 1st floor, South Building, Booths 11-15.

Round trip bus transportation is provided from Port Authority Bus Terminal New York City: 625 8th Avenue New York, NY

It's a Brick-tastic Adventure in LEGOLAND New York

LEGOLAND New York is open to people of all ages looking for unlimited fun! This amusement park is a paradise for LEGO fanatics, as everything is LEGO-themed – the attractions, rides, and hotels – along with tons of exciting events and activities. Cool off from the heat this upcoming summer with us as the new addition, the Water Playground opens!

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Theme Park Overview

Located in Goshen, New York, this theme park designed after the famous toy brand LEGO is an incredible place to visit. It is the third LEGO theme-based park in the US. A 90-minute drive from NYC will get you to this fascinating park, the largest of them, which covers around 500 acres of land near New York.

Adults are Welcome Here!

Any guest with LEGOLAND New York tickets can enjoy this Lego brick-inspired park. Who wouldn't want to see 15,000 real LEGO models made up of 30 million LEGO bricks and have fun on the rides? Enjoy this fascinating amusement park and the mesmerizing LEGO-themed hotels, roller coasters, and food areas.

An amazing 'sea life' area is yet to be constructed here. Hurry up and book your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets via FunEx and get ready for an incredible time.

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A 1-Day Visit: Is it Enough?

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

Yes, you may explore the park in just one day. But, for a fuller experience of trying out the rides and food places, it would not be a bad idea to have a revisit on your itinerary! Purchase your LEGOLAND New York tickets through FunEx if you plan to revisit soon.

Best Rides at LEGOLAND New York

LEGOLAND New York tickets give you access to a total of 17 rides which include rollercoasters, driving schools, and many more! Watch out for the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride - where you shrink into a minifigure. This is a digital experience exclusive to the park, with a bonus tour through time with displays of past LEGO sets as you wait in line. For serious brick fans, this is a must-see! Build & Test and Lego NINJAGO The Ride are also two activities you wouldn't want to miss! The LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride starts with a ninja practice session and ends with an action-packed battle. You will have to save NINJAGO! There is no height restriction on this ride. All you have to do is to bring your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets.

Here are some other interesting rides:

  • Anchor Away

    It is a must-try ride in the pirate section of this resort, which you can access with your FunEx discount ticket. Get ready to live the life of a pirate! From smooth sailing to handling the pirate ship in the middle of a storm, this ride is an unforgettable experience. You must be at least 36 inches tall to ride or be accompanied by someone responsible. Are you ready to have the best time with your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets?

  • Dragon's Apprentice

    LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

    Come fly with your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets and discover what it feels like to soar around with baby dragons as your company. You must be at least 42 inches to ride alone.

  • DJ's Dizzy Disco Spin

    There is no height limit for this ride. You'll have so much fun spinning around the LEGO characters. The Minifigure DJ will be at your service to play your favorite songs, and with the disco lights dangling all around you, this will definitely be the greatest time of your life! This ride is included in your FunEx LEGOLAND New York discount tickets!

  • Brick Party

    Grab your LEGOLAND New York tickets and come jump on this awesome carousel! This super unique merry-go-round is one of children's favorite rides! You must be at least 4 years old to ride alone or have a grown-up riding with you.

  • Coast Guard Academy

    Get ready to steer your boat through the Wharf! This is a kid-friendly water ride that everyone will enjoy. You must be at least 34 inches to ride and have a companion if you are under 52 inches tall. Enjoy this beautiful and unique boat ride with your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets.

  • Fire Academy

    LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

    Do you have what it takes to be a LEGO City firefighter? Put yourself to the test as you drive a LEGO fire engine and shoot your water cannons at a burning building. This ride is included in your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets, so hurry up and fight some fires! You must be at least 34 inches tall to get on this ride. You should ride with a family member or friend if you are under 44 inches tall.

  • Jay's Gravity Force Trainer

    What does it feel like to move at the incredible speed of Spinjitsu? Jump in Jay's training machine to find out! Kids must be at least 4 years old to ride, and if they are under 8 years old, they must be supervised. With your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets, you'll be able to experience how our beloved ninjas' train.

Park's Top Rides & Attractions

Brick Party, DJ's Dizzy Disco Spin, Jay's Gravity Force Trainer, The Dragon's Apprentice, Coast Guard Academy, Fire Academy, and Anchor's Away!

You can experience all these fantastic and exhilarating rides with your discounted LEGOLAND New York tickets!

Other Fun Adventures To Do

You won't want to miss out on these other amazing rides at LEGOLAND New York! There are over 50 rides, shows, and attractions you can enjoy on your visit to LEGOLAND New York with your low-priced LEGOLAND New York discount tickets from FunEx! (We have the lowest prices, guaranteed!)

Nothing is better than spending the day at the park and trying all the rides! You will have many unforgettable moments to treasure with friends and family.

Enjoy all these awesome rides with LEGOLAND New York discount tickets from FunEx!

Brick Street

Play Your Way

Play YOUR Way is a positive, engaging experience that enables children to discover five distinct Play Types. They can choose which they like best and demonstrate their creativity! Don't miss out on meeting the Master Player and Guru of Giveaways every Thursday to Sunday! You might be one of the lucky winners of limited-edition Lanyards and Badges! What are you waiting for? Visit the park today and get your LEGOLAND New York tickets!

Rebuild the World

Come have some fun in this world where nothing but creativity is required! Allow your creativity to jump wild and build anything you desire! Use all the LEGO pieces you want to create your masterpiece. Everything is possible!


Build and Test

This area is one of the most incredible places to visit! You can create and race a car, or stack and shake a skyscraper! Send your bricks flying over the skies, swimming across the oceans, or anything you can imagine! There are no height requirements to play here, and it's perfect for some family fun! At FunEx, we want you to enjoy more and spend less, so buy your LEGOLAND New York tickets today!

Build Your Art Gallery by LEGO Dots

Are you ready to cover your world in dots? Bricks aren't only made up of squares and rectangles; at LEGOLAND New York, you can create and invent anything you want using LEGO Dots! Bring your masterpiece to life with colors and creativity!

DUPLO Express

Hop on board the DUPLO Express Ride at LEGOLAND New York! This joyful train ride will make your kids smile! There is no height restriction to ride. Parents can enjoy the ride with their little ones, too!

LEGO Creative Workshop

Our Master Model Builder can build ANYTHING out of LEGO bricks! Attend the Master Model Builder's exclusive classes throughout the day to learn insider tips and methods for creating with LEGO bricks! The area may be inaccessible during school group sessions, so call LEGOLAND New York or FunEx for updates!

LEGO Factory Adventure Ride

There is no other ride like this one! This one-of-a-kind customized experience is the park'sbest ride! Hurry up and purchase FunEx's exclusive LEGOLAND New York discount tickets so you can discover how Legos are made!



Save your energy and sharpen your wits as Master Wu teaches you the elements' superpowers! You will be equipped with a range of stunning illusions for practice. You must beat the Greatest Devourer and redeem Ninjago World! Ready to become the best ninja of all time?

Nature Maze

Ready to indulge in some a-MAZE-ing fun? Run to the Nature Maze! Find your way through and discover many LEGO models, LEGO road signs, and LEGO flower bouquets. Can you discover all the LEGO elements hidden around the labyrinth? If you are into treasure hunting, then Nature Maze is for you! Grab your LEGOLAND New York ticket at FunEx to enjoy your day at the amusement park!

NINJA Training Camp

Improve your ninja skills! Engage in interactive and challenging activities to help protect NINJAGO! Have you ever seen an army of Ninjas? Enjoy all this fun at the park, thanks to the incredibly affordable LEGOLAND New York tickets offer from FunEx!

LEGO Castle

Builder's Guild

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! The King is looking for Master Builders to help him protect the country and adorn his palace! Join the Builder's Guild and help build the castle! Kids may visit Builders Guild, a little nook next to the Royal Market store while waiting for meals at the adjoining Royal Fest restaurant!

Merlin's Flying Machines

The Wizard has created a new magical machine to soar over the Kingdom and aid in its defense! But he needs you to try it out! Climb aboard and discover how high you can get the Wizard's amazing machines to fly! Guests must be at least 36 inches tall or must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

Tower Climb Tournament

Are you ready to be on top of the world while climbing through the towers? Who wouldn't want to save someone and protect the kingdom? Be the knight that everyone looks up to! Join the Tower Climb Tournament and eliminate as many enemies as possible!

The Dragon

Gear up! As you fight for your wizard's stolen staff! Defeat the red wizard and his red dragon with your mighty strength! If you win, you will be hailed as the realm's champion!

The Dragon Ride is the largest roller coaster ride in the park ! If you don't want to miss out on this hurry up and buy your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets from FunEx!


Driving School

Explore LEGO City, it's filled with buildings made out of LEGO bricks! Drive around and follow the easy road rules in LEGO City Driving School. You will be able to earn your Driver's License in a snap!

Junior Driving School

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

Driving lessons for your little ones are really fun at Junior Driving School! There is no minimum height requirement, but the rider should be between 3 to 5 years old to ride. If they succeed and have lots of fun, they'll surely get their Driver's License!

Palace Cinema

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

After a very tiring day, what better end than to watch movies with their loved ones? Watch the latest blockbusters in 4D from LEGO City Studios. Choose any of the amazing shows: LEGO City 4D: Officer in Pursuit, LEGO Mythica 4D: Journey to Mythica, or LEGO NINJAGO: Master of the 4th Dimension. Purchase your LEGOLAND New York discount ticket at FunEx, and we will reserve you a seat!

LEGO Pirates

Rogue Riders

Prepare some extra clothes and towels if you want to give this ride a try. Sailing is not an easy task as there are plenty of dangers underwater! Splash across the ocean on Rogue Riders and race your barrel! Look out for the uncalm waves and sail safely back!

If you want to give this ride a try, reserve your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets at FunEx for the most affordable ticket price!

Shiver Me Bricks

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

Shiver Me Bricks is a giant pirate ship perfect for those who want to play as pirates and heroes! Conquer water battles and befriend some pirates! Jump, climb, and play above and below the deck.

Splash Battle

If you love playing with water, then Splash Battle is for you! Splash Battle is a water fight; all you need to do is get behind your water cannon and take your shot! Splash onlookers and other riders! Be sure not to get caught!


LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

MINILAND at LEGOLAND New York is a very popular attraction! You can glimpse the most famous landmarks in the whole country in just a day! Enjoy all the famous buildings built of LEGO bricks, fantastic, right? Visit ten destinations of amazing sceneries and city skylines!

Have the greatest time while saving money on your LEGOLAND New York tickets with FunEx!

Are there any hotels near LEGOLAND New York?

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets

You can enjoy beautifully themed hotels with highly comfortable rooms decorated with LEGO features at the LEGOLAND Hotel. These rooms are divided into Pirate, Lego NINJAGO, Lego friends, and Kingdom. This hotel is located near the main entrance of the park. Several means of entertainment for children and adults are available there, including a resort-style pool. This resort is safe and ideal for everyone wanting to spend a night near this fascinating theme park.

Shopping Options

The park has several shops, including Master Wu's Warehouse, Mini Market, Royal Market, Bricktopia Bazaar, Smuggler's Haul, The Big Shop, and The Photo Shop. Be sure to drop by whenever you are in the area!

Dining Options

A few restaurants in this park include Brick Street Café, Brick beard's Food Market, Brickolini's Pizza and Pasta, City Snacks, Food Cart, Granny's Apple Fries, Ninja Kitchen, Royal Feast, Showtime Snack, Smokey's Brick-B-Q, Snack Shake, and Wizard Frozen Wonders.

Tips and Tricks for Your Visit!

LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets LEGOLAND NEW YORK discount tickets
  1. Buy tickets in advance

    If you're planning a visit to the park, be sure to buy your LEGOLAND New York tickets in advance to save time and enjoy big savings!

  2. Pre-Purchase Parking tickets

    Pre-paid parking is highly suggested. Secure a parking spot for your visit by purchasing your parking tickets beforehand. You can save more by pre-paying online, purchasing at the Park Admissions Ticket Window, or visiting the Guest Services Office near the Park Entrance.

  3. Arrive Early

    The earlier, the better! This is the biggest LEGOLAND park and will require a fair amount of time to explore it all. The early bird catches the worm!

  4. Stay hydrated

    Don't forget to drink water throughout your visit. Always stay hydrated! You can buy some drinks at the food shops also.

  5. Choose the best day to visit

    Weekends are undoubtedly the best time to have fun, but there are a lot more people. On weekdays, you can expect less crowding, fewer waiting lines, and an easier approach to rides and food counters.

  6. Read the rides height requirement

    Measure your child's height and read the ride restriction guides to plan the rides and attractions your child wants to visit.

  7. Go cashless!

    The park has recently migrated to cashless payment options. For easier transactions (all admissions tickets, retail, food and beverage, games, and other 'for purchase' services are included in this category), it is highly suggested to bring your credit card with you. Apple Pay and contactless bank cards can also be used.

  8. Don't forget your sunscreen

    Keep sunscreen in your bag as you'll be outdoor having loads of fun most of the time. Take care of your skin!

  9. Bring your shades and hats

    When it comes to must-have accessories, hats, caps, and sunglasses are on top of the list. Keep cool and comfortable throughout the visit by protecting yourself from the hot sun.

  10. Charge up!

    In order to capture the greatest memories and show your FunEx e-ticket at the gate, bring a fully charged camera or cell phone.

  11. Interact with the staff

    All staff members at the park are positive, caring, and helpful. Feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or concerns.

  12. Download their app from Google Play or App Store

    After buying your LEGOLAND New York tickets, download their app and use it to view rides inside the park. You may also look for dining options and several other exclusive offers.

  13. Prepare for bag check

    All guests must pass a security checkpoint before entering the park. Your bags and belongings will be searched for the safety of everyone and may be scanned by a metal detector.

Frequently Asked Questions about LEGOLAND New York

  1. Are reservations required at LEGOLAND New York?

    Your purchases of LEGOLAND New York discount tickets from FunEx are date-specific and will serve as your reservation. Please note: dated LEGOLAND New York ticket holders do NOT need to make an additional reservation.

  2. How many water rides are there in the park?

    This park has 4 water rides. You can ride them all with your LEGOLAND New York discount tickets.

  3. How big is LEGOLAND New York?

    The park consists of 7 theme parks and sits on 500 acres of land near NYC. It is undoubtedly the largest LEGO theme park ever constructed!

  4. What age gets in for free at the park?

    Only toddlers (aged 0- 2) will be allowed to enter the park without a LEGOLAND New York ticket.

  5. What are the fun things to do in the amusement park?

    There are 5-gazillion things present at the park! Meet awesome LEGO characters, enjoy the park's special events with your families and loved ones, go on an adventure, and visit all the attractions and will never get bored here!

  6. What will I find at the LEGO shop?

    The LEGO Shop has a vast collection of LEGO goodies inside the store! You can find items like basic medical supplies, first aid kits, baby care products, toiletries, and stationery in the LEGO store. You can buy some keepsakes and toys also! It has a disco elevator as well.

  7. Is there WiFi in the park?

    Yes, there is! To connect to WiFi during your visit, simply follow these simple steps:

    - Make sure your device's WiFi is turned on.

    - From the list of available WIFI networks, choose 'LEGOLAND New York'.

    - To register or log on, open your browser and follow the on-screen instructions.

  8. Are strollers and wheelchairs available in the park?

    Yes. On a first-come, first-served basis, strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs are available for rent. Visit GUEST SERVICES at the park's entrance!

  9. What is a rainy day promise?

    The park is open rain or shine, and as much as the staff would like to assure a memorable experience, they cannot manipulate the climate (yet!). If the weather impacts their rides for more than 120 minutes, the park promises to offer their visitors a coupon with a code to book a free return ticket online for a return visit within 365 days. Drop by their Guest Services Center in front of the park to claim your return visit coupon and code. Please note, this doesn't apply to annual pass holders.

  10. Do you have to wear a mask at the park?

    Their official website states they recommend that all guests wear a mask when indoors. This includes indoor rides, attractions, restrooms, shops, and dining locations.

  11. Why isn't the day I want to visit available?

    The park has capped the number of guests every day to ensure the absolute best experience. If you can't reserve on your preferred date, kindly select an alternate visit date.

LEGOLAND New York is undoubtedly an amazing place to visit if your children are between 4-12 years and you want to experience thrills and collect fun memories at a discounted price. This family attraction that offers delicious food and awesome rides will make you want to visit the park again and again.

LEGOLAND New York discount tickets offered by FunEx will make this whole trip more memorable as you enjoy more by paying less. Don't forget to check out the LEGO store in this amazing theme park. This is a must-see place!

Last updated September 19, 2023

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