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Be creative in LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey!

You will be surrounded  by color and wonder in this Discovery Center! Take on an epic adventure with your kids and  build whatever your heart desires. Hop on their interactive ride and join the multiple LEGO activities the Discovery Center has to offer!  

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Have a blast at LEGOLAND New Jersey's Playgrounds

So much fun awaits your family at this Discovery Center! The indoor playground has several areas for everyone to enjoy and discover new and fun adventures. It is a perfect way to make your imagination come to life and create long-lasting memories with your little ones.  

A discount LEGOLAND New Jersey ticket from FunEx will take you on an unforgettable journey with your family.

Imagination Express

Hitch a train ride and travel through an interactive LEGO world full of imagination and color. Wave your magic wand around to collect points as you go and watch your kids have a fun time. Buy your discount LEGOLAND Discovery Center tickets from FunEx today and spend quality time with your family!

Image features two scenes from LEGOLAND Discovery Center. On the left, a family of four, with two excited kids, poses with a life-sized LEGO pirate. On the right, a father and son joyfully play with LEGO race cars at a track. Bright colors and playful LEGO backgrounds depict a fun, engaging atmosphere. A joyful family of four poses with a life-size LEGO pirate character on the left, while another family of three engages in a playful LEGO car-building activity at a Racers Build & Test station on the right. Both scenes reflect the vibrant, interactive environment of LEGOLAND.

LEGO Racers: Build & Test

Build your own speedster LEGO race car and race against your family and friends on the test track at the Build & Test zone. Will your race car zip through the tracks towards the finish line first or will your friends leave yours in the dust? Make the best build with your discount LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey tickets from FunEx!


Your kids can be a ninja for a day at LEGO NINJAGO Soft Play zone! Kids will have the chance to explore the soft play structures, take part in ninja training exercises, and then put their build skills to the test on the NINJAGO build table. Buy your discount Legoland New Jersey tickets today and let your kids enjoy this unique experience!


The DUPLO Park in the Discovery Center is the perfect way to bond with your kids! Help your children enjoy and put their creativity to the test with colorful, bright and educational building blocks from LEGOLAND. Discover new things and have so much fun with your kids with your lowest priced FunEx LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey tickets!

Image shows two sections of a Legoland Discovery Center. On the left, a woman and a child admire a miniature cityscape built from LEGO bricks. On the right, two people, one adult and a young child, are smiling and building with LEGO blocks on a yellow table. A LEGO logo is visible at the bottom left. Bright, colorful and engaging environment for family fun. A family is engaging in a playful activity at a Legoland Discovery Center. There is a detailed Lego cityscape in the background. In the foreground, an adult and two children are building with Lego bricks on a yellow surface, smiling and enjoying their time together. The Legoland logo is visible at the bottom.

Mini World

If you've toured New Jersey, then this place is a must see for you and your family. Explore and view familiar landmarks and also discover new places you've never seen before. Famous scenes and structures are waiting to be visited by your family! Purchase your discount LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey tickets from FunEx today and venture out on this fun-filled journey.

The image features two scenes. On the left, a smiling family poses with a large LEGO pirate character at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. On the right, an audience wearing 3D glasses enjoys an immersive experience in a theater with a starry effect above. Bright colors and joy are evident throughout. This image is a split frame. On the left, a family of four, smiling with a LEGO pirate character at LEGOLAND. Everyone appears happy and excited. On the right, a group of people sit wearing 3D glasses, engaging with a vibrant light display, surrounded by bluish hues and simulated snow effect, suggesting an immersive experience. Fun is the central theme of both scenes.

4D Cinema

Experience LEGO characters come to life with special effects from their 4D Cinema! You will wear a pair of special glasses as you go on an exhilarating experience. This unique 4D experience is available at the lowest price only at FunEx! Hurry up and purchase your discount LEGOLAND New Jersey tickets!

Creative Workshop

The Master Model Builder can create ANYTHING from LEGO bricks! Join in one of their special workshops that takes place throughout the day to discover unique LEGO tips and super tricks when building with LEGO. FunEx offers discount tickets to save you money and have a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions for LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey

  1. Where is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey located?

    You can visit the Discovery Center at 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ 07073. Remember to buy your discount LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey tickets from FunEx before going out on your way.

  2. Is there a line to get in?

    You might have to wait a short while in the "I Have Tickets" line when visiting during peak times. A live show that lasts about 15 minutes is the first activity at the Center. Guests might have to wait in line until the start of the next show.

  3. Is there free parking in LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey?

    American Dream offers convenient parking to all guests. The first 30 minutes of parking are free, and after that, their respective rate will apply.

  4. What if we are late for our reserved time?

    The "I Have Tickets" line will be open to guests who arrive 30 minutes or more after their scheduled time, but they might have to wait longer than normal.

  5. What time does LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey open?

    The Discovery Center opens at 10 am - 5:30 pm on weekdays and 10 am - 7 pm on weekends. Do note that the times they are open are subject to change so it's best to check their schedule first before visiting.

  6. Can adults visit without any children?

    No, adults must be accompanied by children to enter.

  7. Are guests required to wear face masks?

    Face coverings are highly recommended for guests (3+) and you must maintain social distance.

  8. How will social distancing be enforced?

    They have reduced the daily ticketed capacity to allow for social distancing and the best possible guest experience. There is clear signage along with monitoring staff to ensure proper social distancing while in line for a ride or experience. There are new seating arrangements to ensure social distancing in their dining areas. Guests entering classes, shows, or theaters, will be separated in accordance with social distancing requirements.

  9. Are there stroller or wheelchair rentals?

    Yes, they are fully accessible for visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users. They do not provide wheelchair or stroller rentals at the attraction.

Last updated November 13, 2023.

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