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Valid for One-Day admission to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California until 1/1/25. Children aged two and under receive free admission. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Any Day but Saturday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Sun - Friday thru 01/01/2025. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Saturday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on any public operating Saturday thru 01/01/2025. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

Swing ride in motion with people flying above a theme park with roller coasters and palm trees. Swing ride in motion at an amusement park with roller coasters in the background.

The Marine World Experience returns!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom honors its 36-year history of incredible and educational wildlife activities this year! This is the perfect opportunity to visit and discover your wild side by attending this great event. On specific afternoons, visitors will travel back to 1986 when the park first opened its doors in Vallejo. You will have the opportunity to visit the park's most renowned residents, Cain and the rest of the lion pride. You will also be able to watch the amazing Sea Lion, Seal, and Otter shows.

There are numerous opportunities to interact and learn about the animals under the park's care, as well as educational interviews with animal care experts, and a variety of animal demonstrations. Purchase your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets and enjoy the Marine World Experience, available select days from 12:00 to 5:00.

A triptych of a giraffe, theme park ride with people, and smiling dolphin. Triptych of a giraffe, rollercoaster ride, and dolphin emerging from water.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Overview

If you are looking for your next destination, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the ultimate place to go! There is a wide variety of animal attractions, exhilarating rides, exciting performances, as well as wildlife exhibits, making it the Thrill Capital of Northern California!

A full day of entertainment and learning awaits you as you visit more than 40 rides and so many attractions in the park! Keep in mind that your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets from FunEx include all this fun! You might also have a chance to pet a stingray, feed a sea lion, or feed a giraffe. Isn't that cool?

You won't want to miss Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's newest ride, Batman: The Ride, with its eleven exhilarating roller coasters. Hurry up and buy your discount Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Ticket, so you don't miss out on SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight and the hybrid wood-and-steel coaster, THE JOKER. Each of these rides will give you non-stop thrills and suspense.

You might want to splash around the wet and wild water coasters or visit the kid-friendly play zones, which are also included in your purchase of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount ticket here in FunEx!

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What's New at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom?

Fun moments are guaranteed when you visit Discovery Kingdom this year! Here are some of the events to look forward to at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this year!


Enjoy the seasonal brews and craft beers when you visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on select dates from September 10 to October 31. The selections of craft beers are complemented with German-inspired cuisine, live entertainment, and music!

Thrill Rides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Your visit to Six Flags will not be complete without trying their fastest, tallest, and wildest rides! Grab your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets from FunEx and get ready to scream your lungs out on the most gut-wrenching rides in the park!

Roller coasters with loops and people upside down. Two images of roller coasters, one with a loop and the other with inverted riders.

BATMAN: The Ride

First on the list is a top-notch 4D Free Fly Coaster that whisks you away on a high-speed trip through Gotham City. Board Batman's newest creation and be amazed at its technologically advanced features. For instance, BATMAN: The Ride features unique onboard magnetic technology that allows for smooth head-over-heels free-fly flips and gives riders a sensation of weightlessness.

During this high-speed trip with surprising drops, and vertical free-falls, you will also face a flip that will spin you head-over-heels at least six times. Hold on tight as you blast through spectacular jumps and dives and tumble from one level to the next. Are you ready to go straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill? You never know what's next on this ride. This is the ultimate satisfaction for thrill-seekers! Can you believe that BATMAN: The Ride is included in your discount Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tickets? Hurry up and purchase through FunEx

Boomerang Coast-to-Coaster

Are you looking for the ultimate breathtaking ride? Head straight to the Boomerang Coast-to-Coaster! Ride a long sleek train that will take you into a spiking 120 feet in the sky. In just a second, you will face an incredible flight path that will surely take your breath away!

Once you get to the top, get ready to scream as loud as you can once you are released down the track at full speed! Only the brave will be able to endure the inversions, flips, and loops! Don't worry, you can ride it with your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets!

Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

Another must-try ride included with your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets from FunEx is the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster. This exciting ride will make you go full speed through giant loops. You will be suspended in the air upside-down before changing directions, adding more thrill and fun!

You won't want to miss this fantastic looping roller coaster ride. This ride has the ideal combination of anticipation and suspense, and untamed thrills.


Looking for some more thrills? Why don't you hop on Kong coaster ride, one of the crowd's favorites at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom? Get ready for some high-speed looping coaster as your feet dangle in the air. Have an incredible time on this twisted track with your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets!


If you are a fan of Greek mythology, you will surely enjoy the ride inspired by the dreaded monster Medusa, the half-serpent and a half-woman. According to Greek mythology, even the most courageous warriors couldn't get close to her. The Medusa ride has seven relentless inversions that resemble looping snakes! You will be challenged to face this mythical ride inspired by the legendary beast! Use your discounted Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tickets to jump on this ride.

WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth

Last in this list but definitely not least is WONDERWOMAN Lasso of Truth. This is the most extreme-thrill ride that has a pendulum-like movement! It will swing you to heights that only the brave will enjoy!

Inspired by the legendary female Superhero, WONDER WOMAN, this ride represents her power and strength. Don't forget to board this with your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets from FunEx. You can find it near THE JOKER and SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight.

Three roller coaster snapshots at a Six Flags amusement park. Three different amusement park rides: a looping roller coaster, a high-speed coaster, and a circular spinning ride.

Kid-Friendly Attractions at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

If you are visiting with kids, no worries! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a lot of fun to offer to the little ones! Your purchase of discount Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tickets is totally worth it. Here are some of the attractions they can enjoy in the park:

Acme Fun Factory

Bring your kids over to the Acme Fun Factory, where all the fun is created! This is the greatest play area for kids. Their favorite Looney Tunes characters will be waiting for them to visit!

Kids can climb, explore, slide, jump, and navigate! They will have such a great time. Parents will watch them play, laugh, and make friends as they crawl through the tunnels, play with foam balls, swing through the obstacles, and do other fun things!

A collage of three amusement park rides, including a roller coaster, swings, and excited riders. A collage of amusement park rides with excited people.

Air Penguins

Who wouldn't want to learn how to fly? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to make this dream come true! Take off on an exciting helicopter ride in the penguin-shaped aircraft. Kids can choose their chopper and fly around a central lighthouse in a slow-paced flight, perfect for little riders.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your discount Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tickets now!

Congo Queen

Head over to the Congo Queen! Use your imagination and pretend to be a deep-sea fisherman on the rough seas! The lovely and fun boat ride will take them on a swirling and twisting journey across the rapids. Use your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount ticket from FunEx and jump on the boat!

Family-Friendly Rides in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a family-friendly destination. There's a lot of fun waiting for you and your family. Let us tell you about some of the rides that are included in your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets, which are great for the whole family:

Sidewinder Safari

This is an all-new coaster available with your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets. It welcomes you to a snake pit you've never witnessed before! It features live encounters with reptiles, and rattlesnakes, coupled with a jungle-like setting preparing you for a wild ride!

It is a one-of-a-kind attraction that allows guests to see animal exhibits before the ride. Sidewinder Safari is located next to the Temple of Odin.

Boardwalk Bumper Buggies

Of course, one of the best family-friendly attractions included in your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount ticket is the classic bumper cars! Every member of the family can pick out their favorite car - green, red, blue, or even purple! It just doesn't matter as long as the rider wants to bump around!

Visit Discovery Kingdom and have a great time driving around and bumping into everyone!

Wave Swinger

Wave Swinger is another ride included in your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets from FunEx! You can fly through the skies and soar over the clouds! This carousel will spin and swing you around while you twist, and tilt through the air like never before! The top of the carousel tilts as it rotates.

The unique seats fly around a vibrant tower which has a breathtaking mural of fish, whales, and ships painted.

These fun swings are fun for the whole family.

Live Shows at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Your purchase of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets gives you access to exciting live shows! We offer the best prices and experiences at FunEx!

Animal Photos

Complete your visit to Discovery Kingdom by taking a family or group photo with a Six Flags animal friend! This will give an extra special touch to your memories in the park. You can get your exclusive photo with friendly animals next to the Toyota Stadium. Just look for the Animal Attractions booth. Please note that animals may vary each day so make sure to check the schedules of the daily shows.

Discover Our Ocean Friends

Meet the mesmerizing Dolphins in the park! In Discover Our Ocean Friends, you will witness a live educational demonstration of dolphins with their animal caretakers. All their natural behaviors will be exhibited, and you will have an opportunity to interact with them! See for yourself how special and unique they are!

Come on over to the Dolphin Harbor. It is located to the right of Main Plaza. Make sure to arrive early to ensure your seats!

Visitors marvel at sharks in an aquarium tunnel; poster of a dolphin beside text "Discover Our Ocean Friends." Visitors view marine life at an aquarium with the text "Discover Our Ocean Friends."

Odin's Temple of the Tiger

In Odin's Temple of the Tiger, you'll get a full glimpse of amazing tigers diving through the water! Watch and learn as the tigers start diving and swimming underwater like a pro! Keep in mind that you might get splashed if you choose to sit near the tiger's swimming area. Make sure to bring some extra clothes!

Seals, Sea Lions, and Otters

The best part of your visit to Discovery Kingdom is the learning opportunities! Thanks to your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets, you will learn a lot of fun facts about harbor seals and sea lions! This extraordinary opportunity will allow you to connect to these marine mammals at the Sea Lion Stadium, learn about their instinctual behaviors, and know how you impact their lives and the wildlife around you! You can locate this engaging presentation near DC UNIVERSE and Looney Tunes Seaport.

The Wildlife Experience

A hidden Wildlife Experience Show located in the Tava’s Jungleland at the Discover Theater will give you some great new insight about very clever species of animals like turkey vultures, parrots, and even wolves! All of them will demonstrate their own prowess, talents, agility, and natural behaviors. There are also birds of prey showing their amazing flying abilities.

Head straight to this new wildlife experience! Make sure to stop by and join the fun with your discount Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tickets from FunEx.

Restaurants and Dining Options

You might feel your stomach growl while you spend the whole day at the park. No worries! There are a lot of restaurants and dining options you can choose from to recharge and refuel your energy!

Big Belly Burger

In the mood for some burgers and fries? Head straight to Big Belly Burger located inside DC UNIVERSE. They also offer turkey legs, soft drinks, and shakes!

California Crepes

Find many tasty snacks like donuts, crepes, and nachos here at California Crepes. If you are craving some snacks on the go, you can purchase a tasty treat from California Crepes located across the SeaSide Junction.

Dare Devil Grill

If you feel hungry right after getting off the rides, we suggest that you try the specialties of Dare Devil Grill located at the Oasis Plaza. They offer a wide variety of snacks like hotdogs, burgers, fries, and a lot of other options!

Two food stalls at an amusement park with guests in line, under a clear sky. Two images of food stalls with people ordering at an outdoor venue.

Funnel Cake Corner

Craving something sweet? Well, if you want some sweet treats, Funnel Cake Corner is highly recommended! They offer delicious ice creams, Dole Soft Serve, and Funnel Cakes you will love to taste! You can locate this shop right at the main entrance.

Gotham City Snacks

Want some popcorn? You can buy some at Gotham City Snacks! This is also located in the DC UNIVERSE. You might want to try out some Dippin' Dots and ICEE here also.

Johnny Rockets

Last on the list is Johnny Rockets. If you suddenly felt hungry across from Toyota Stadium, this dining option is the best place to go! Their specialties are burgers, shakes, and American fries. You can also get some soft drinks here to recharge during the day!

Tips for Visiting Legoland California

  1. Purchase your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom tickets in advance

    Save your time and avoid long lines at the ticket booth near the entry gates of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! It is best to purchase your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom ticket in advance so you can enjoy a quick and easy entry on the day of your visit. Besides, when you purchase our Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount ticket, you will enjoy the same rides, shows, and attractions at a cheaper rate without wasting time purchasing your ticket at the entry gate.

  2. Save the Park Map

    If you don't want to get lost in the Discovery Kingdom, you should download the park map prior to your visit. It will also help you locate the rides, attractions, and dining options you would want to go to easily and quickly. Saves time and effort!

  3. Make sure to bring extra clothes

    You will be riding many thrilling rollercoasters and engaging in a lot of attractions and shows so make sure to bring extra clothes, just in case you need to change. This will come in handy, especially if you visit with kids.

  4. Charge your batteries

    Make sure that your batteries are fully-charged before you go to Discovery Kingdom. You will need your phone and cameras to capture all the beautiful and memorable moments in the park. You will also use your phone to present your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount tickets at the gates, so make sure to bring extra power banks if you can.

  5. Wear comfortable footwear

    Since there will be a lot of walking in the park, we recommend you wear comfortable footwear. Closed shoes are recommended especially if you plan to ride rollercoasters in the park.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are reservations required?

    No, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom does not require their guests to make a reservation before their visit.

  2. Are selfie sticks allowed?

    Unfortunately, selfie sticks are not allowed in the park. Monopods and other similar items are also prohibited.

  3. Where is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom located?

    You can locate the park at 1001 Fairgrounds Dr. SW, Vallejo, CA 94589.

  4. Does the park have access to PWD?

    Six Flags strives to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. If you have a hearing impairment, you are welcome to use the TDD telephone in the park’s guest relations. You can also view their Safety & Accessibility Guide to get to know the ride access and equal access passes.

  5. Are pets allowed?

    Six Flags advises their guests to leave their pets at home. Unfortunately, only service animals are allowed inside.

  6. Can I bring food to the park?

    No, you cannot bring food inside the Discovery Kingdom. There may be exemptions made for people with diet restrictions. There are a lot of dining options and restaurants strategically located in the park.

  7. Are there strollers or wheelchairs available?

    Yes, strollers and wheelchairs at Discovery Kingdom can be rented on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  8. Is smoking allowed?

    Only in designated smoking areas in the park. If you are under the age of 21, smoking is prohibited.

  9. Is there a dress code?

    Since the park is a family-friendly attraction, guests are advised to dress appropriately. Casual and comfortable clothes like shirts are recommended. Rude, vulgar, or clothing that contains offensive graphics or language is not allowed. This is strictly enforced, and you may be denied admission if your clothing is inappropriate.

  10. Do I need to print my discount tickets?

    No, there's no need to print your Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount ticket. You can easily present your discount ticket at the gates using your phone.

  11. How soon will I receive my discount tickets?

    You will receive your discount Six Flags Discovery Kingdom ticket instantly after your purchase here in FunEx.

  12. Is re-entry allowed?

    Yes, you can re-enter the park if you have to leave the park during the day for some reason. Just make sure that you get your hand stamped at the gate.

  13. Are there lockers?

    Yes, there are day lockers available in the Main Plaza. There are also short-term lockers available throughout the park.

  14. What are the park's operating hours?

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is open from 10 am to 5 pm daily.

  15. What are the best days to visit?

    Any day is a great day to visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but if you want to visit on days that are less crowded, then you should choose a weekday!

  16. What are their COVID-19 safety protocols?

    At Six Flags, your safety is the topmost priority. Guests who are not yet vaccinated are recommended to wear facial coverings during their visit. It is not mandatory though. There are also a lot of hand sanitizers located all throughout the park.

Last updated June 30, 2024.