Park Opening Date: 05/17/2024

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Tickets purchased are non-refundable. Children aged two and under receive free admission. Starting Saturday, June 24, 2023, Hurricane Harbor water park will not be included in admission.

Any Day but Saturday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Sunday - Friday public operating day thru 10/14/2024.

Saturday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Saturday thru 10/14/2024.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

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What's In Six Flags Darien Lake?

Gear up and take a deep breath before heading out onto an adventure! Six Flags Darien Lake welcomes guests with over 40 rides. Experience a great deal of fun and enjoy the best attractions. Special events and live concerts are also coming along the way, so stay tuned! Buying your discount Darien Lake tickets from FunEx will be worth the price.

Restaurants and dining areas will open their doors and serve snacks and delicious food to fuel you up throughout the day! Shops will also sell merchandise and gifts, a perfect way to have a memento of a fantastic journey!

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What special events can I enjoy at Six Flags Darien Lake?

This year is packed with exciting holiday festivals, entertaining and educational events, and live concerts with inspiring artists! Come and have a blast with your discount Darien Lake tickets from FunEx!

Music Festivals

Perform your heart out and let the audience hear your music! An outside panel of experienced instrumental and choral instructors will assess hundreds of performers throughout the season, giving constructive criticism from a unique perspective. Mark the dates - May 20th, 22nd, 26th, 27th, and June 2nd & 3rd - this opportunity will be open to everyone at the park.

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Live Concerts

Let's hear a round of applause for these amazing artists! At Darien Lake Amphitheater this year, you can jam with your favorite bands and witness their awe-inspiring performances live on stage. Going to live concerts is a magical experience, nothing compared to watching them digitally. Don't miss out on the chance to watch them perform live, as the curtains will open for the following bands:

  • KIDZ BOP (July 14th)
  • Foreigner (July 28th)
  • Match Box Twenty (August 1st)
  • Pantera (August 9th)

Feel the beat of the live performances by purchasing your Six Flags Darien Lake discount tickets from FunEx!

Math & Physics Day

What's a better way to learn than to have fun? On May 22nd, join us at Darien Lake to not only have tons of fun but also learn new things! This engaging and educational event is open for 9th - 12th-grade students. You'll only need a discount Six Flags Darien Lake ticket from FunEx to have this solid 2-in-1 deal of knowledge and fun!

July 4th Celebration

Celebrate freedom and join the biggest party at Six Flags Darien Lake! On the 4th of July, a historic day, thrill yourself with world-class rides, go all out playing in game booths, indulge yourself in tasty snacks and food, and finally, watch the mesmerizing fireworks display paint the night skies brightly!

Invite your family and friends to this incredible annual celebration, and don't forget to buy your Six Flags Darien Lake discount tickets from FunEx to save money.

Image shows two amusement park rides against a clear blue sky. On the left is a spinning ride with basket-like seats designed to resemble flower petals. On the right is a set of colorful closed water slides with a tall structure for entry. The Six Flags Darien Lake logo is visible. The image showcases two amusement park attractions. On the left, a spinning ride with bucket seats resembling flower petals in browns and greens. On the right, a tall water slide with multiple colorful, twisting tubes and a blue clear sky overhead. The Six Flags logo is visible on the bottom left.

What are the rides at Six Flags Darien Lake?

The park offers over 40 rides with varying thrill levels for everyone's enjoyment, so don't hesitate to bring friends and your little ones on this journey! Everyone can take their pick, from heart-stopping thrill coasters to gentle and kid-friendly ones; no one will miss out on the fun.

Beaver Dam Explorer

Take the little ones with you for exploration on a cute submarine! Look out the window and see the beautiful scenery of Beaver Brothers' Bay from 17 feet in the air. This gentle yet fun-filled ride is a pleasant way to spend time with family and discover new depths you've never seen before.

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This ride is a perfect recipe for fun! Just like you make scrambled eggs, this ride will spin clockwise and counterclockwise. You might end up feeling a little bit scrambled after this whirling ride of fun! You'll turn and spin so much that a single round of it will have you wanting to get back on.

Venture out on this fun and spinning journey with friends and family, as FunEx provides you the lowest prices guaranteed for Six Flags Darien Lake discount tickets.

Darien Lake Railway

Let young ones hop in on this colorful train and enjoy the short, scenic ride around Beaver Brothers' Bay! Kids can fulfill their childhood dreams by taking off on an adventure with this safe and gentle ride. A Six Flag Darien Lake discount ticket from FunEx is all you need to make your kids smile and have fun.

Shipwreck Falls

Is summer getting too hot, and you want to have a thrilling yet refreshing time? Then this ultimate water ride is perfect for you. Starting calmly and relaxing, you overlook the view of some of the park - but don't get too comfortable because you'll be dropping from a 50-foot downhill bend! This plunge will cause waves of over 20 feet to drench everyone and anyone in range, so don't forget to bring spare clothes with you.

Experience this fun and refreshing ride with your discount Six Flags Darien Lake tickets from FunEx!

Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags Darien Lake

  1. Are reservations required for Six Flags Darien Lake tickets?

    Reservations for the tickets are no longer required, though it is highly recommended to purchase your discount tickets through FunEx early to save time and money.

  2. Is there parking?

    Don't forget to buy your parking pass online before visiting. Six Flags does not accept cash and will only accept card payments.

  3. Where is Darien Lake located?

    You can visit the park at 9993 Alleghany Rd, Corfu, NY 14036. Remember to purchase and bring your discounted Sic Flags Darien Lake tickets from FunEx before going!

  4. Is smoking prohibited inside?

    Six Flags maintains a smoke-free environment in all park areas except for the designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes are also only permitted in designated areas, while marijuana is always prohibited everywhere.

  5. Are selfie sticks allowed?

    Selfie sticks, monopods, and similar devices are not allowed inside Darien Lake.

  6. Can weather affect the park's operating status?

    Yes. As guest safety is the number one priority, the park might close earlier than scheduled or remain closed due to certain weather circumstances.

  7. What are the height requirements for the roller coasters?

    The height requirements vary for each ride. They are listed in the Park Map & Guide that you'll receive at the venue.

  8. Are pets permitted at Darien Lake?

    Only service animals that accompany the visually and hearing impaired are allowed entrance. Other pets are not permitted inside the park.

  9. Can I bring my own food and drinks to Darien Lake?

    Only guests who have special dietary needs, food allergies, and infant food are allowed to bring outside food into the park. The containers must be non-glass. Park Security or Guest Relations will need to be notified to provide a stamp when these are accepted.

  10. Can I re-enter the park if I leave for some reason on the same day?

    Yes, but you must get your hand stamped at the exit gate. When you come back, you must enter through the main entrance turnstiles and show your hand stamp for re-entry. Without a hand stamp, you will not be permitted to go back in.

  11. How soon will I get my Six Flags Darien Lake tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your Six Flags Darien Lake discount tickets in your email instantly after your purchase, along with your receipt.

Last updated April 02, 2024