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Children two and under receive free admission. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

    Any Day but Saturday:
    Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Sunday - Friday public operating day through 10/27/2024.

    Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Saturday through 10/27/2024.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

Image shows a roller coaster with orange tracks and blue seats filled with riders in a Six Flags amusement park. Lush green trees can be seen in the background under a clear blue sky. The Six Flags logo is present in the corner. Image shows a roller coaster with orange tracks against a blue sky, filled with people secured in the seats as the ride twists along the track. Trees are visible in the background, and the 'Six Flags' logo is displayed in the corner.

Visit Six Flags Frontier City!

For over 65 years after it first operated in 1958, Six Flags Frontier City continues to give a warm welcome to its guests. Admire the view of the west by hopping in on the Grand Centennial Ferris Wheel, touch the clouds as you soar through the skies with the Silver Bullet, and lose your mind looping and dangling over 72ft in the air with Brain Drain!

You won't ever worry about running out of things to do, and there will always be something new to explore. The park has 29 world-class rides to offer, along with special events and family-friendly entertainment to enjoy. With your Frontier City discount tickets from FunEx, you'll experience a lifetime of adventure at a low price!

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What are the events in Six Flags Frontier City?

This year's Frontier City will once again offer exciting seasonal festivals and educational events that are super fun! Take the time to relax and enjoy with family and friends all the colorful festivities and rides they will offer.

A discount ticket from FunEx will guarantee you and your party a wonderful time and a one-of-a-kind experience including dining services, shops, game booths, shows, and incredible rides. Hurry up and buy your FunEx tickets online now!

Kids Weekend

Image of a young boy and girl enjoying a ride at Six Flags amusement park. Both children are smiling broadly with their arms up, riding in a colorful, cart-like vehicle on a track. The boy, in a bright yellow shirt, is in the foreground, and the girl, wearing a teal-colored top, is seated behind. The Six Flags logo is visible in the top left corner. Image features a joyful boy and girl on a vibrant amusement park ride, their expressions full of excitement. The boy, in a bright orange shirt, grips a yellow bar, while the girl behind him smiles broadly. The backdrop includes part of the ride structure in blue and yellow, with the Six Flags logo visible.

Want to feel young again or watch your kids have fun? Then this event will be the perfect one! On March 11th - 12th at Frontier City, kids and children at heart will be able to bond together over the weekend. The only thing you'll need is a discount ticket from FunEx!

St. Patrick's Day

The image features a festive green and white banner celebrating St. Patrick's Day. A leprechaun's hat and shamrocks accompany the text, which is set against a green background with a thin gold stripe along the bottom. The Six Flags logo is visible in the bottom left corner. Image featuring a bright green background with a banner in a lighter green shade. The banner has an intricate border and reads 'St. Patrick's Day' in decorative white text, flanked by shamrock designs. Below the banner is a narrow golden yellow stripe. In the bottom left corner is the Six Flags logo.

Go green and experience an amazing celebration of this year's St. Patrick's Day at Frontier City. This exciting and lucky event will be on March 17th - 18th; stay tuned for more details!

Cinco de Mayo

Image shows a close-up of a smiling woman adorned with a colorful ribboned hairpiece typical of traditional folkloric dance attire. She is wearing a vibrant, multi-colored dress with blues, yellows, and pinks predominating. The Six Flags logo is visible at the top left, indicating a festive event at the theme park. The background is blurred but suggests an outdoor, sunny setting with other people present. A smiling performer at Six Flags wears a colorful traditional dress with ribbons in her hair, engaging with an audience during a festive event. The logo of Six Flags is visible in the corner.

Viva la Fiesta! In celebration of Cinco de Mayo 2023, Frontier City welcomes everyone with delightful and festive foods and activities. Get ready to show your moves but don't forget to purchase your tickets from FunEx for a low price!

Grad Nite 2023

Image shows five cheerful graduates wearing colorful caps and gowns - red, yellow, purple, and two in green. They are smiling and posing with a fairground ride in the background at night. The logo of Six Flags appears in the bottom left. Group of five jubilant graduates in colorful robes, with caps, smiling widely, with arms raised in celebration. They stand before a blurred backdrop of an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, under the logo Six Flags. The graduates embody a spirit of achievement and fun.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime party for our high school senior graduates, Frontier City will grant them exclusive park hours on May 5th from 6 PM - 10 PM. Gear up and take over the dance floors while live DJs bring the party to life or ride the night out with world-class thrilling coasters! Hungry after all that partying? An all-you-can-eat buffet will be sure to keep your stomach full.

Summer Vibes Festival

A vibrant array of open umbrellas floats against a clear sky. The umbrellas come in various colors including red, green, yellow, and pink creating a playful canopy. The lower-left corner features a Six Flags logo. Image features a vibrant display of multicolored umbrellas opened and overlapping each other against a clear blue sky. In the foreground, the Six Flags logo indicates the theme park brand. The bottom of the image shows a warm-colored gradient banner.

Have some summer fun in a kaleidoscope at Six Flags Frontier City this May 27th - 29th! Experience vivid dreams coming to life and have a great time at this summer festival with people you cherish.

Splash this season with vibrant colors with a FunEx discount ticket for only $xx.

4th of July Festival

Image shows a vibrant fireworks display with bursts of pink, blue, and white colors dominating the night sky. The company logo for Six Flags is visible in the lower left, suggesting the event takes place at one of their parks. The fireworks create dazzling patterns, reflecting a joyous atmosphere. A vibrant fireworks display fills the sky with bursts of pink, purple, and white, against a night backdrop. Below is a yellow banner with the Six Flags logo on the left-hand side.

Celebrate the country's independence with a bang! Gather with everyone at Frontier City and witness a beautiful fireworks display illuminating the night skies on July 3rd - 4th. Of course, your visit to the park won't be complete without jumping on one of the rides, so don't forget to buy your FunEx tickets at a discounted price!

What are the rides at Six Flags Frontier City?

There will be 29 kiddie, family, thrill, and water rides that will be open to entertain and give everyone a breathtaking experience! Purchase your tickets from FunEx for a discount price of $xx and save money!

Billy's Frog Hopper

Image displays a close-up of a large, colorful, cartoon-style frog figure. The frog is predominantly green with round, protruding white eyes featuring black pupils and red accents. It appears to be part of an amusement ride, as suggested by the structure and setting. The Six Flags logo is visible in the corner, indicating the location or theme of the ride. Background shows wooden beams and a green wall, hinting at a themed area within the park. Image of a large, whimsical green frog figure with a playful expression. The frog has round white eyes with black pupils, a red tongue sticking out, and appears to be part of an amusement park ride. The background is blurred with hints of wooden structures. In the foreground, the Six Flags logo is visible, suggesting the location.

Are you curious about what it's like to hop around like a frog? You'll know when you jump on in Billy's Frog Hopper! Hang tight as you leap into the air and back to the ground as if riding on a frog. A one-of-a-kind experience you get from purchasing a Six Flags Frontier City discount ticket from FunEx!

Brain Drain

An exhilarating roller coaster is captured mid-loop against a clear sky, with a glimpse of a tree branch in the foreground. Riders are seen upside-down enjoying the thrill. The Six Flags logo anchors the image, hinting at a day filled with adventure and excitement at the amusement park. Image displays a roller coaster track curving towards the sky with people seated in the ride, enjoying the thrill. A tree's silhouette is visible alongside. The Six Flags logo appears at the bottom left, indicating the amusement park brand.

Riders of this wild and loopy ride are guaranteed to have their brains drained by the end. Don't forget to take a deep breath before the ride pauses and dangles everyone for over 72 feet in the air!

Grand Carousel

Image shows a meticulously decorated carousel with ornate golden trimmings and motifs, partially obscured by lush green foliage. Above, white canvas peaks stretch into the sky, suggesting a carnival atmosphere. The Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the setting is within one of their amusement parks. Image shows a carousel under a large, white-tipped blue tent at a Six Flags amusement park. Decorative golden accents and lights adorn the ride, with green trees and a clear sky in the background. The Six Flags logo is visible at the bottom.

What's a trip to the park without riding a dreamy carousel? This classic family ride has horses in bright and colorful saddles, majestic tigers, zebras, and dragons to hop on! Take a relaxing ride on one of the splendid creatures or the chariot to fulfill your childhood dreams.

Mystery River Log Flume

Image displays a water ride at a Six Flags amusement park with a splashdown finale, creating a large spray of water. A maintenance cart is visible near the ride, and lush greenery surrounds the area. The Six Flags logo is present at the bottom. Image shows a water ride at Six Flags amusement park. A burst of mist rises from a splashdown zone where a boat has just landed. In the background, green trees and a rustic wooden structure can be seen. The Six Flags logo is in the foreground.

When you can't stand the summer heat any longer, it's time to get refreshed at this thrilling water ride! Get on board a long raft and enjoy the peaceful river and natural scenery; relax and take a deep breath before sliding down the waterfall at the end!

Experience this relaxing yet thrilling ride in Six Flags Frontier City at a discounted price of $xx only at FunEx.

Sheldon's Balloon Race

Vibrant amusement park ride at Six Flags featuring colorful, balloon-shaped gondolas suspended from a central structure against a clear blue sky. The ride symbolizes fun and excitement in a sunny, outdoor setting. This image depicts a vibrant amusement park ride against a clear blue sky. The ride features a series of colorful, spherical cabins attached to a central supporting structure with mechanical arms, giving an impression of motion. The cabins are designed with alternating patterns and bright colors. The bottom edge of the picture includes a yellow structural part of the ride, and the logo of Six Flags is visible in the lower-left corner.

Reach new heights as you hop into one of Sheldon's colorful hot-air balloons! Glide over Timber Town in this kid-sized Ferris wheel and enjoy a fantastic view. Look out for friendly characters you may see as you whirl through this balloon race!

Purchase your Frontier City discount tickets from FunEx and experience this fun ride at the best price!

Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags Frontier City

  1. Are reservations required for Six Flags Frontier City tickets?

    Reservations for the tickets are no longer required, though it is highly recommended to purchase your discount tickets through FunEx early to save time and money.

  2. Is there parking?

    Don't forget to buy your parking pass online before visiting. Six Flags does not accept cash and will only accept card payments.

  3. Where is Frontier City located?

    You can visit the park at 11501 N I- 35 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73131. Remember to purchase and bring your discounted tickets from FunEx before going!

  4. What are the hours of Six Flags Frontier City?

    They will be reopening their gates on March 11! Hours are to be announced.

  5. Is smoking prohibited inside?

    Six Flags maintains a smoke-free environment in all park areas except for the designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes are also only permitted in designated areas, while marijuana is prohibited everywhere and at all times.

  6. Are selfie sticks allowed?

    Selfie sticks, monopods, and similar devices are not allowed inside The Frontier City.

  7. Can weather affect the park's operating status?

    Yes. As guest safety is the number one priority, the park might close earlier than scheduled or remain closed due to certain weather circumstances.

  8. What are the height requirements for the roller coasters?

    The height requirements vary for each ride. They are listed in the Park Map & Guide that you'll receive at the venue.

  9. Are pets permitted at Frontier City?

    Only service animals that accompany the visually and hearing impaired are allowed entrance. Other pets are not permitted inside the park.

  10. Can I bring my own food and drinks to Frontier City?

    Only guests who have special dietary needs, food allergies, and infant food are allowed to bring outside food into the park. The containers must be non-glass. Park Security or Guest Relations will need to be notified to provide a stamp when these are accepted.

  11. Can I re-enter the park when I left on the same day?

    Yes, but you must get your hand stamped at the exit gate. When you come back, you must enter through the main entrance turnstiles and show your hand stamp for re-entry. Without a hand stamp, you will not be permitted to go back in.

  12. How soon will I get my Six Flags Frontier City tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your Frontier City discount tickets in your email instantly after your purchase, along with your receipt.

Last updated May 23, 2024.