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Children two and under receive free admission. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

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  • Saturday: Valid on any Saturday thru Nov. 03, 2024.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

Image of the entrance sign for Six Flags in St. Louis on a clear day. The iconic logo is white against a blue sky, flanked by trees and colorful roller coaster tracks in the background. In the foreground, a yellow barrier with greenery shows the park's vibrant atmosphere. Image shows a sunny day at Six Flags St. Louis. A large, colorful sign with the park's name is in the foreground. Behind it, green trees and a clear blue sky frame park structures and a Ferris wheel, capturing the excitement of this amusement destination.

Six Flags St Louis is now open!

Image shows a thrill ride at Six Flags amusement park called Catwoman Whip. A carriage with excited riders is swung horizontally high in the air against a backdrop of blue skies with clouds. The ride's sign displays the attraction's name in stylized letters with the iconic Six Flags logo below. Image shows a roller coaster car at the peak of a vertical track with passengers seemingly defying gravity. The track has a backdrop of a blue sky with light clouds. Below the track, 'Catwoman Whip' text is prominently displayed above the Six Flags logo.

Get ready to have the ultimate time of your life, as Six Flags St. Louis is now open! Hop on and buckle up, as world-class thrilling rides in this park will loop you into an exciting experience. Lose your mind on Spinsanity as you spin back and forth on a high-speed disk. Get refreshed and have a thrill as you ride into a water fight in Tsunami Soaker! If you're looking for exhilarating fun, try out the new ride addition-CATWOMAN Whip!

Your little ones will have a great time at Six Flags St. Louis as there are many kid-friendly and family-friendly rides for them to enjoy! Rides inspired by the all-time favorite show Looney Tunes will surely keep them entertained. What if you get hungry from all the fun? Don't worry, there are tons of dining options ready to serve and fuel everyone up for the day!

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What are the rides at Six Flags St. Louis?

The park offers 41 rides with different thrill levels for anyone to enjoy. From slow and scenic rides to exhilarating thrill rides, take your pick! When it gets too hot for you, you can cool down while getting splashed in Hurricane Harbor on its refreshing water rides! We won't let anyone miss out on the fun, so join us with your discount Six Flags St. Louis tickets from FunEx.

The Joker Inc.

Image shows a dynamic amusement park scene at Six Flags featuring a large, colorful statue of an animated character who resembles the Joker, laughing and positioned in front of a roller coaster filled with riders. The coaster is in a visceral banked turn, enhancing the excitement. The theme park's logo is visible in the foreground. Skies are clear with scattered clouds, suggesting a lively day out. The image shows a vibrant, outdoor amusement park setting with a large figure in a purple suit resembling a comic book character positioned as if running atop a rail. In the background, there's a fragment of a roller coaster, and on the lower edge, the Six Flags logo centered on a yellow banner. Clear skies and greenery complement the energetic theme park atmosphere.

Step on board and prepare yourself for an unforgettable ride! You'll find yourself laughing - not from The Joker's witty jokes, but from reaching new heights as you swing high and higher with this green ship. Hold on tight as The Joker laughs before throwing you into crazy waves of excitement and making the ship arc 180 degrees high up into the sky!

Experience this stomach-tightening momentum with a Six Flags St. Louis discount ticket from FunEx.

Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots

Two joyful children are enjoying a ride in an amusement park, sitting in a car-like structure with a reddish-brown front. The boy on the left, in a green shirt, raises his hand high, while the boy on the right, in a light blue shirt, waves delightedly. In the background, blurred foliage and park structures suggest a cheerful, bustling atmosphere. The Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the location. Two joyful children raising their hands with excitement while riding in a red roller coaster car at a Six Flags amusement park. They are wearing bright colored shirts. The background is blurred, indicating motion. The Six Flags logo is visible in the corner.

Let the little ones join their favorite cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, on a flight to keep an eye on the park! These little park rangers will take off gently and fly around up and down. Bugs Bunny will lead the planes around Bugs Bunny National Park, making sure none of the little ones stray off!

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The Boss

Image shows a wooden roller coaster at a Six Flags amusement park. People are seated in the coaster, their hands raised in excitement as they ascend the track. A clear blue sky and green trees frame the scene. Visitors are riding a wooden roller coaster at an amusement park, cresting the top of a steep drop. The structure's intricate wooden beams are prominent against a clear sky. In the corner, the park's logo is visible, indicating the setting. The thrill of the ride is suggested by the riders' raised arms and seated positions at the apex of the track.

Living up to its name, The Boss is a top-class wooden coaster. Taking account of the natural topography of the land it's built on, this coaster is also known as a “terrain twister,” with the earth itself, you'll be rising and falling. Drop 150 feet down and tunnel right through the coaster's structure with tight turns that might make you hug the ground!

Get your adrenaline pumping from this maximum thrill ride with a discount Six Flags ticket from FunEx!

Tube Slides

Image shows a vibrant water park with an array of colorful water slides under a clear blue sky. The slides, in shades of green, yellow, and pink, twist and turn, some ending in open splash areas. A Six Flags logo is visible in the foreground, suggesting the park is part of their amusement network. Image of a water park with multiple colorful slides in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink. Each slide curves or twists differently, and they all end in pools at the bottom. There's a clear blue sky with clouds above and the Six Flags logo is visible at the base of the slides.

With four brightly colored tubes to hop on, you'll be sliding 400 feet on a fun journey! You'll be spiraling down fast in a series of curves and twists, never knowing what comes next in this enclosed ride. The only thing that's sure is a big splash when you reach the bottom of this exciting slide!

Put on your bathing suits for this soaking adventure, courtesy of a Six Flags St. Louis discount ticket via FunEx!

Screamin' Eagle

A group of excited riders raises their arms in sheer joy on a blue roller coaster cart descending a steep wooden track against a clear blue sky. Below the track, there is a yellow barrier and the Six Flags logo is visible, suggesting the setting is a theme park.
The image shows a group of excited riders with their arms raised on a wooden roller coaster at its peak. The clear blue sky is in the background. The Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the theme park where the coaster is located. The bottom border of the image is yellow.

Soar through the skies like an eagle with this iconic wooden coaster! The first time it opened in 1976, it was immediately on Guinness World Records for its incredible 110 feet height and 62m/ph. Admire the bird's eye view of the park and skies when you get to the top, but don't get too comfortable and prepare for the 92 feet drop!

Buy your discount Six Flags St. Louis tickets from FunEx today to try out this world-class wooden coaster and feel the 3,800 feet track of intense fun.


Image shows a large Ferris wheel with blue and white cabins under a cloudy sky. An American flag waves to the right. The Six Flags logo is visible in the foreground. Image depicting a Ferris wheel with blue and white cabins against a partly cloudy sky. On the right, an American flag waves in the breeze. Below the Ferris wheel, a yellow barrier is visible, and the Six Flags logo is displayed in the lower left corner of the image, indicating the amusement park setting.

A visit to an amusement park won't be complete without riding a Ferris wheel. This classic ride never gets old, no matter how many heart-stopping thriller coasters you've tried. Gently rock your way to the peak high over the trees and witness the breathtaking view of the park.

Share a special memory with someone you cherish on this timeless ride by purchasing your Six Flags St. Louis discount tickets from FunEx today.

Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags St. Louis

  1. Are reservations required for Six Flags St. Louis tickets?

    Reservations for the tickets are no longer required, though it is highly recommended to purchase your discount tickets through FunEx early to save time and money.

  2. Is there parking?

    Yes, there is parking with an additional fee. Don't forget to buy your parking pass online before visiting. Six Flags does not accept cash and will only accept card payments.

  3. Where is St. Louis located?

    You can visit the park at 4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, MO 63025. Remember to purchase and bring your discounted Sic Flags St. Louis tickets from FunEx before going!

  4. Is smoking prohibited inside?

    The park maintains a smoke-free environment in all park areas except for the designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes are also only permitted in designated areas, while marijuana is strictly prohibited at all times.

  5. Are selfie sticks allowed?

    Selfie sticks, monopods, and similar devices are not allowed inside the park.

  6. Can weather affect the park's operating status?

    Yes. As guest safety is the number one priority, the park might close earlier than scheduled or remain closed due to certain weather circumstances.

  7. What are the height requirements for the roller coasters?

    The height requirements vary for each ride. They are listed in the Park Map & Guide that you'll receive at the venue.

  8. Are pets permitted at St. Louis?

    Only service animals that accompany the visually and hearing impaired are allowed entrance. Other pets are not permitted inside the park.

  9. Can I bring my own food and drinks to St. Louis?

    Only guests who have special dietary needs, food allergies, and infant food are allowed to bring outside food into the park. The containers must be non-glass. Park Security or Guest Relations will need to be notified to provide a stamp when these are accepted.

  10. Can I re-enter the park when I left on the same day?

    Yes, but you must get your hand stamped at the exit gate. When you come back, you must enter through the main entrance turnstiles and show your hand stamp for re-entry. Without a hand stamp, you will not be permitted to go back in.

  11. How soon will I get my Six Flags St. Louis tickets from FunEx?

    You will receive your Six Flags St. Louis discount tickets in your email instantly after your purchase, along with your receipt.

Last updated May 08, 2024.