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  • Saturday: Valid on Any Saturday thru 10/29/23.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Six Flags Great America reopens April 29th!

Welcome to Six Flags Great America, the Midwest's premier amusement park and the perfect place for thrill seekers. Everyone will have a good time at this epic theme park, that houses intense roller coasters, exquisite meals, spectacular performances, and engaging activities. Visit Six Flags for an experience like no other, with rides, shows, and attractions that you and your family will love! Buy your discount tickets at FunEx and have the best time at Six Flags Great America!

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MILD to WILD things to do at Six Flags Great America!

Are you looking forward to riding the most heart-racing and nerve-wracking roller coasters ever made? If so, make your way to Chicago's Six Flags to experience an adventure you will never forget! All these thrilling coasters, from the tamest (for children and families riding together) to the most intense, will leave you giddy with excitement!

Here's a sneak peek of some of Chicago's best to offer you with your FunEx discounted tickets.

Family Rides


Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

This world-famous blue and gold tilt-a-Rama challenges you to try its breathtaking vistas and thrilling swings. Keep your grip tight as you ascend the 112 feet of the middle pole. The higher you go, the quicker you'll spin! Fly with Condor and experience the rush of the wind in your hair as you soar over the skyline. You will have an incredible time.

DC Super-Villains Swing

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Ride this swinging, twisting, and tilting carousel, where you will feel like you're floating through the air at incredible speeds. Swing chairs form a circle on the ground, but their serenity will not last long. You are slowly swirled about the center as you are scooped up softly. There's nothing like flying through the air with your feet dangling from the seatbacks. Lovely kids will surely enjoy this one-of-a-kind ride!

Logger's Run

Summers may get warm, so riding a flume is the best! Get your Six Flags Great America tickets and refresh on the log raft while you float down the river instead of a track. This family-friendly flume ride winds through the woods and quickly takes you high above the ground. You'll experience a tremendous, rapid decline when you reach the bottom. Land with a great big splash after diving over the edge of the falls!

Roaring Rapids

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

White water rafting has never been more exciting! Keep in mind that you might get soaked! You'll set off on a wild water adventure with your team of twelve riders as you negotiate the river's roiling, winding rapids. This is a challenging float trip. You will be strapped onto a full-sized circular raft and released into the furious downstream flow, where rapid falls and swift currents will try their best to soak you. Be extra careful, but rest assured, it's super fun!

Kids' rides are also available at the park. You may check available rides online or onsite.

Extreme Rides

BATMAN: The Ride

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Jump on and get ready to fight crime on this 55 mph roller coaster that's not for the faint of heart. BATMAN: The Ride will test your bravery while you battle the criminals of Gotham. See the floor under your feet spin wildly while the metropolis below bounces back and forth in a sequence of gravity-defying twists that will amaze you.


Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Get ready to ride a terrifying inverted loop, passing through some dangerous rock cliffs. As you gain speed, will shoot past a dark rock tunnel lighted by pulsating, streaking colors that will make you woozy as you reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Once you cross the barrier of the huge letter S, you will enter a world of breathtaking velocity on this ride . Get ready to fly like Superman and dive down a 115 feet plunge. You will also go through a unique loop that includes a stunning upward turn and a high-speed drop.

Other fun and lively ways to spend your Six Flags adventure!

Live Shows and Entertainment

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

At Six Flags Great America in Chicago, the sound of LIVE entertainment can be heard in every direction. Nothing beats a memorable experience with such a fantastic performance. Have a great time with loved ones. The park has a wide range of world-class performances- they will create memories that last a lifetime!

Restaurants and Dining

Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Eat away at one of Great America's many unique restaurants, each with a unique menu and atmosphere. They offer everything you need to stay energized for the rest of the day, whether you are hoping for a quick bite or a big meal.

There are plenty of dining options to choose from.


Six Flags Great America discount tickets Six Flags Great America discount tickets

Make sure you stop by one of the awesome shops and buy a keepsake! Only at Six Flags can you get the latest trending t-shirt or cap, a cute plush animal, or the ideal snapshot of your group riding a gigantic roller coaster. There are so many great items available that you will want to take home!

Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags Great America:

  1. Do I need to make reservations?

    Six Flags Great America tickets can be used any day without making a reservation.

  2. Is there free parking?

    No, standard parking fees will be applied at the park.

  3. Should I have to wear a mask?

    You are not required to wear a mask when you visit, but people who haven't been vaccinated should. Six Flags Great America follow the rules from the CDC and local health authorities.

  4. How does the park make sure the safety of its visitors?

    The park's major concern is for their visitors' health. They ensure that viruses can't spread by offering hand sanitizers all over the park that people can use to clean their hands as often as they need to.

  5. Can I pay with a card at the park?

    Definitely! The park ONLY takes cards and mobile payments. Inside the park, there are machines that can convert your cash to cards.

  6. Can I bring my food and drink?

    Visitors cannot carry food, drinks, coolers, or grills into the park. Only people with food allergies and babies who need food that isn't in a glass jar are allowed to bring food with them. No outside drinks are allowed.

  7. What days and times does Six Flags Great America operate?

    The park is open at different times. Please visit Six Flags Great America's official website or use their Mobile App to get the latest update.

  8. What happens if it rains?

    There are many things to do, many of which are independent of the weather, like indoor shows, games, and arcades. Some rides and shows may have to close because of rain or wind, but they will open again as soon as the weather improves. There are no rainchecks or refunds available.

  9. Can we bring our pets?

    Outside of service animals, pets are not allowed in the park. There are places near the front gate where you can leave your pets. The park offers water for your pets as well.

  10. When is the best time to go?

    The best times to visit is when the park is less crowded People tend to visit less on weekdays in the summer and any day in April, May, September, or October. Buy discount tickets to have a great time.

  11. What's the minimum height to ride the roller coasters?

    Each roller coaster has different height requirements. You'll get the Park Map & Guide when you get to the park and can also check the height requirements at each ride. These rules may change at any time for your safety.

  12. How soon can I get my Six Flags Great America tickets from FunEx?

    Instantly, once you purchase, along with your receipt!

  13. Do I need to print out my Six Flags Great America tickets?

    No. If you buy Six Flags Great America tickets from FunEx, you can show them on your phone at the gates to get in quickly.

  14. Are there live shows at Six Flags Great America?

    Yes, indeed! There will also be characters all over the park.

  15. What is the most popular thrill rides at Six Flags Great America?

    There are so many exciting rides. When you visit Six Flags Great America, be sure to check out Goliath and Superman: The Ultimate Flight after you buy Six Flags Great America tickets.

  16. Where can I eat in the park?

    Inside the theme park, there are many places to eat. You can eat as many chicken, fries, burgers, and other food as you want. Plan your trip and buy your Six Flags Great America tickets in advance.

  17. Where is Six Flags Great America located?

    You will find this theme park at 1 Great America Pkwy, Gurnee, IL 60031.

Last updated April 26, 2023.