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Person driving a go-kart on a track, wearing a helmet. Person in a helmet drives a go-kart on a track.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Overview

People in helmets ready for go-karting, with a logo on the lower left. People in helmets driving go-karts indoors, focused and ready to race.

Looking for a one-stop place for entertainment in Orlando? Look no more! Andretti Indoor Karting & Games offers uniquely designed attractions with your excitement in mind! With your FunEx discount tickets on hand, experience a lot of exciting things to do like karting, arcade, bowling, and more! If these are the kinds of entertainment you’re into, don’t miss out on our discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets for a huge discount and great deals!

You’ll surely have the best time on the racing tracks and electric karts which allows guests to experience the most powerful, ergonomic, environmentally friendly, and safe karts in the karting industry. No wonder why all racers, adults or kids, experience an adrenaline rush on their way to the victory lane.

Besides, there are a lot of classic arcades and fun games for everyone in the family! Get ready for a day of family fun and excitement under one roof with the state-of-the-art VR experience, the thrilling competition in the laser arena, the unique bowling lanes, and more! There’s always something to look forward to!

As per dining options, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games promises to deliver a beyond exceptional dining experience for you! All their meals are guaranteed fresh and appetizing, whether it’s lunch or dinner. Ingredients are guaranteed fresh and there are a lot of options to choose from!

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a lot of serious fun to have in Orlando’s one-stop place for entertainment! Grab your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets now here in FunEx!

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List of Attractions in Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

In Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, there are a lot of activities to make you excited throughout the day. All their uniquely designed attractions are all set on one roof! Here are some of the activities to look forward for:


If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, you should try their indoor-karting activity. Their electric go-kart will take you to instant acceleration, elevation changes, and lengthy straightaways. The climate in the indoor track is also controlled so you can race comfortably without the heat of the sun.

Good news, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in Orlando Florida has Mini Mario karts all set for the little drivers out there aged at least 4-7 years old! Make sure to include the child/junior karting experience on your purchase of discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets.


A young child playing air hockey in a vibrant arcade setting. A boy plays air hockey in a vibrant arcade setting.

Here in the arcade, you’ll get to experience the latest and greatest video games as well as your favorite childhood games like sink the ball and spin the wheel! There are also a lot of awesome prizes to look forward to in the Victory Lane Redemption Center! Who doesn’t want to win while playing? Get your game mode on with your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets!

Laser Tag

A smiling woman with a laser tag gun, poised to play, with the Andretti logo visible. Woman smiling, holding a laser tag gun, ready to play in an arena.

Take your gaming experience to a whole new level in the 4,000-square-foot laser tag arena! This is a two-story blacklight battleground that has a lot of base stations, player interactions, special power-ups during gameplay in the energy gates, as well as a variety of weapon settings to battle up.

Not only that but there are also over 10 different games to choose from. You can even try their unique zombie mode! Surely, you’ll get a heart-pounding experience as you go through the battlegrounds! Get your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets now and let the laser tag battle begin!

7D Experience

Two smiling women wearing sunglasses enjoying an arcade game. Two women with 3D glasses play an arcade shooting game, smiling.

If you are curious which Andretti Indoor Karting & Games is the crowd’s favorite, well it is no other than the 7D experience. It is a ride that immerses you in a world full of displays and actions in a 7D space, allowing your senses to feel all actions interactively. This is like a 3D interactive movie experience but with an addition of amazing special effects. Here, you can feel the movements, the wind, all the joy, and fright! This is the ultimate thrill ride like no other! We recommend including it on your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets in check out!

Boutique Bowling

A man smiles as he prepares to bowl at an indoor bowling alley. Man bowling in an alley with a green-tinted lighting atmosphere.

Here in Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, guests experience a one-of-a-kind boutique bowling escalated to fit every comfort and style! Black lights are set, lanes are race-themed, and there are other 12 customized designed to fit every need. You can also unwind and relax on their leather couches while being served by the Andretti Grill’s delicious menu. Doesn’t that sound like a classy and fantastic night out with a twist of a bowling experience?

Pro Racing Simulators

Child enjoying a bright arcade ride with vibrant neon lights in the background. Child riding amusement ride at a vibrant indoor arcade.

Do you know that you can actually train like a professional race car driver indoors? Yes, you read that right! With your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets, you can train like a pro without the risk and danger of race car driving. All Andretti’s racing simulators deliver thrills big-time!

These racing simulators are the same kind that all the professional race car drivers trained with which means that the experience you’ll get is truly realistic. You’ll feel the motion, the car vibrations, the tension in the seatbelt, the racetrack sound, and more! There are also panoramic screens where you can see the racetracks. This is a whole new level of gaming experience you’ll be indulged with when you purchase discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets with us!

Hologate VR

Do you want to be transported to a whole new other reality just by a Hologate VR? When you include the Hologate VR on your purchase of a discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games ticket, you can play in a virtual reality space with full sensory immersion. As soon as you put on the HTC Vive headset, you will be transported into a new dimension of thrill and gaming experience!

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Menu

If you ever feel hungry after all the fun and games, don’t worry because the Andretti Grill has your back! They are committed to combining your good times with their amazing food. You can stop by for lunch or dinner and expect a beyond exceptional menu! All their servings are made from scratch will all the fresh ingredients you can ask for! They also offer gluten-free options for their pasta, bread, pizza, cheese, and pizzas! Here are some of the most recommended meals to try in Andretti:

A pizza with a balsamic glaze, a burger with fries, and a layered cocktail. A pizza, burger with fries, and a cocktail on a table.

Andretti Platter

If you are looking for an all-in-one meal that can satisfy your cravings, try the Andretti Platter! It includes a mix of all the Andretti Grill’s shareable specialties such as russet potato skins, salsa, wings, cheese quesadilla, sour cream, tri-color tortilla chips, and ranch! This meal package guarantees to give you the boost that you need during the day!

Andretti Classic Burger

A burger is one of the best complimentary foods when playing. Andretti Grill also offers a tasty, handcrafted burger. Their classic burger comes with tomato, lettuce, red onion, and a butter bun. Also served with fries.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Are you craving some crispy chicken? Don’t worry because Andretti Grill also specializes in chicken wraps! When you get their Buffalo Chicken Wrap, you’ll get a tasty crispy chicken dipped in a buffalo sauce and tossed with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, and ranch. It is also served with a tortilla. This is totally a bang for the bucks!

Napoletana Pizza

Of course, the meal is not complete without a pizza! Playing video games at home is far more enjoyable with a pizza as a snack. So do playing in Andretti! Make sure to try their pizza specialties such as San Gennaro with fresh mozzarella, sweet & spicy peppadew peppers, sliced cipollini onions, Italian sausage, and fresh basil. Other pizza choices include Magheritta, pepperoni, and cheese.


For the desserts, Andretti Grill offers Hot Skillet Cookie Sundae, Brownie Sundae, and Churros and Vanilla Bean Gelato. Make sure to them to spice up your visit to Andretti!

Four friends enjoy slices of pizza together, smiling, in a vibrant arcade setting. Four friends enjoy pizza together in a lively arcade setting.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Beverages

Surely, you’ll also feel the thirst after all the thrilling and fun karting and games in the Andretti! Here are some of the beverages you may pick to make you feel recharged:

Pace Car

One of the best signature cocktails you can try in Andretti is the Pace Car! It is a mix of malibu rum, blue curacao, captain morgan rum, pineapple and apple juices, and grenadine.

Mario’s Martini

Next on the list is Mario’s Martini! This is the beverage for you if you are a fan of Smirnoff orange vodka! It is mixed with midori, blue curacao, and pineapple juice.

Finish Line

Once you reach the finish line in your Andretti Indoor Karting & Games journey, we recommend that you try the Finish Line cocktail! It is the best way to end your fun and exciting day in the arcade! It is a mixture of malibu rum, captain morgan rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine.

Tip: You can get their souvenir glass for only $4.00! This may serve as your souvenir.

Tips for Visiting Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Here are some things to do prior to and during your visit to the Andretti that will help you have the most fun and exciting experiences in the Andretti Attractions:

  1. Plan your visit ahead of time

    Each of the attractions in the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games has its own restrictions and height requirements. Before you purchase your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games ticket, it’s also a must to plan which attraction to try on your visit. You can check the play section of the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games website to get to know such restrictions. After planning, you can now purchase the discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games ticket package for you.

  2. Purchase Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets in advance

    To make your registration process faster and easier, we recommend that you purchase your Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets in advance! This will help you avoid unforeseen conflicts on the day of your visit. It will also help you avoid long lines in the entry gates and ticket lanes. Here in FunEx, you can get the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games ticket at a cheaper fee to save a few bucks!

  3. Wear comfortable clothes

    It is best to wear comfortable clothes and shoes especially if you plan to try the Andretti attractions that require huge movement such as laser tag. You’ll want to be able to comfortably move and run around while playing. You can also bring an extra comfortable shirt just in case you sweat and need to change.

  4. Make sure your phone is fully-charged

    You will be using your mobile phone to present your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games ticket to the entry gate. So, make sure it’s fully charged. Besides, you’ll use it to take some photos while playing.

Play Safely in Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

In Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, your safety is the topmost priority! They make sure to make their attractions and restaurants safe so you can also play it safe! To ensure your health and safety, existing and post-COVID-19 health protocols are still observed. Here are some of the health protocols you should remember in your visit:

  • Wear a face-covering that covers your mouth and nose while in the facility. Though recommended, this is not required.
  • Sanitize your hands once in a while. During your play break, you can look for the touchless hand-sanitizer stations available throughout the facility.

The authorities of Andretti Indoor Karting & Games also increase their deep cleaning procedures to make sure everything is sanitized for every guest’s usage such as the helmets. There’s nothing to worry about!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are reservations required to race?

    No, you do not need to make a reservation to race. Most of their racing activities are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you plan to visit in a group of ten or more, they highly recommend that you brook a group event through their Sales Department. This will give you a Front of Line Service with a coordinator and reserved track time.

  2. What do I need to wear to race?

    If you plan to do a racing activity on your visit, you should wear flat closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops or sandals are not allowed. You should also preferably wear pants or shorts. Use a ponytail. Tucked in your shirt. Hats of any kind, loose clothing, or scarves are prohibited. Guests are encouraged to follow the restrictions for your own safety.

  3. Where is Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Florida located?

    It can be found at 9299 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States.

  4. Can I bring my own helmet?

    Yes, you can bring your own helmet as long as it is Department of Transportation (DOT) approved with a visor and a full-face cover.

  5. Do I need to print my discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets?

    No, you do not need to print your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets. Just use your phone to present it on each attraction/activity you would like to try.

  6. How soon will I receive my discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets?

    You will receive your discount ticket right after you purchase it here in FunEx.

  7. Can I use a Go Pro mounted camera while racing?

    Yes, you can do so but first, consult the track attendant before your race so they can assure that the camera is secured to your kart or helmet.

  8. Can I bump and push everyone while racing?

    No, you cannot bump or push anyone on the racing tracks. These are highly prohibited. The racing Superkarts go at high speeds. Aggressive driving, bumping, or causing unwanted accidents on purpose is not tolerated.

  9. Is there an admission charge?

    No, there is no general admission to pay for. Your discount Andretti Indoor Karting & Games tickets are tickets to the attractions/activities of your choice.

  10. What are the operating hours?

    They advise guests to call for operation hours prior to their visit. It is because open hours may vary during holidays and school breaks.

Last updated April 18, 2024.

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