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NEW: Hop Into A New Exhibit at Aquarium of the Pacific!

Takes place on May 24, 2024

A vibrant green frog with smooth skin and dark, glistening eyes perches on a lush green leaf. Its underside transitions from yellow to pale, showing off the texture of its belly. The image features the Aquarium of the Pacific logo on the lower left side. A vibrant green frog with smooth skin and dark, glistening eyes perches on a lush green leaf. Its underside transitions from yellow to pale, showing off the texture of its belly. The image features the Aquarium of the Pacific logo on the lower left side.

Discover the vibrant and diverse universe of amphibians at the Aquarium of the Pacific's latest exhibit, FROGS: Facing a Changing World!

Dive into vibrant habitats, get a jump on learning with behind-the-scenes looks, and paint your own virtual frog! Hop on over and see the ribbiting world of these fascinating creatures and their ecosystems with a ticket away!

Take advantage of this educational adventure as un-frog-ettable experiences await! Leap into the fun and secure your discounted Aquarium of the Pacific tickets today!

A close-up of a speckled frog with a textured back, spotting yellow and green colors, perched on a surface with a blurred natural background. A close-up of a speckled frog with a textured back, spotting yellow and green colors, perched on a surface with a blurred natural background.


Image shows a young child seated in front of a large circular aquarium window, gazing at a seal swimming underwater. Text on the image celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Aquarium of the Pacific. The atmosphere is serene, highlighting the connection between humans and marine life. Image depicts a calming scene at the Aquarium of the Pacific, celebrating its 25th anniversary. A child sits mesmerized inside a circular observation window, watching a graceful sea lion swim in the tranquil blue waters. The aquarium's logo and anniversary emblem are visible in the frame.

Join us as the aquarium celebrates its 25th Anniversary with new exhibits, events, and programs highlighting the remarkable natural world right outside our door. Journey through a re-imagined Southern California Gallery highlighting fascinating local animals and marine habitats. Discover colorful reefs, kelp forests, and sea grass beds as you meet a pod of lobsters, an octopus, deepwater fish, and more. Hear about the local species we are saving, how we plan to rebuild California’s coastal wild, and unique ways we are connecting our community to the healing power of nature and our deep blue ocean.


Meet the newest members of the Aquarium family and discover how cute these baby animals can be. From rescued sea otters, mesmerizing cuttlefish, and miniature sea jellies to tiny translucent fish or a young desert tortoise, experience the heart-warming joy of baby animals while learning their fascinating behavior and biology, how we care for them, threats to their environment, and the importance of their survival for future generations and our oceans. Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and enjoy the exclusive discounts from FunEx!

Image shows a flamboyant cuttlefish with a vibrant display of colors perched on sandy substrate. Its body is mottled with shades of black, white, and purple, with eye-catching yellow bands running laterally. Parts of its arms are tipped with bright pink. Credit: Hugh Ryono, Aquarium of the Pacific. Image shows a close-up of a flamboyant cuttlefish with prominent yellow and purple markings walking on sand. Credit is given to Aquarium of the Pacific. The background is out of focus to emphasize the cuttlefish in the foreground.

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What is the Aquarium of the Pacific?

Aquarium of the Pacific is the largest aquarium in Southern California. This aquarium in Long Beach is home to more than 12,000 animals and sea creatures. Experience wonderful live animal exhibits and learn more about creatures such as otters, sharks, frogs, jellies, turtles, penguins, and fish, among others. These animals have come from all over – some are from the Northern Pacific, others from the Southern California region, and there's also those from the warm lagoons of the Tropical Pacific.

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Is Aquarium of the Pacific a good place to visit?

This aquarium is a great place to visit especially if you love animals. The Aquarium actively participates in conservation efforts, such as watershed education, rehabilitating endangered creatures, community science, and other loving actions to help the animals in their care. Visiting this world-class aquarium in Long Beach can be such an educational and wonderful memory! //www.aquariumofpacific.org/conservation/saving_endangered_species

Fantastic Surprises

Apart from the usual exhibits of this Aquarium in Long Beach, you must also try these fantastic encounters you’ll surely not want to skip! You will love these if you are an animal-lover!

Pacific Visions

Paint A Fish

Visitors enjoy an interactive exhibit at Aquarium of the Pacific. A large, vibrant digital aquarium wall displays colorful fish and coral. To the right, information panels describe the ocean environment while overhead, fish-shaped decorations hang. Two people are seated, engaged with exhibit features, and another stands reading a display. The ambiance is immersive and educational. Image shows an interior exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Visitors view large, vibrant displays of marine life. The room is dimly lit to highlight the illuminated scenes of underwater ecosystems, with informative consoles and overhead decorations resembling sea creatures adding to the immersive experience.

This interactive exhibit will surely amaze you! Visit this awesome glass building and discover everything you can do here. You can show off your painting skills, by coloring a virtual fish and watching it swim away! You can also enjoy the coral reef in an amazing and interactive state-of-the-art theater.

This exhibit is fun for the whole family! You can paint together with your family and see your fish as they swim along in the Aquarium!

Learn about the different species as you choose which virtual fish you will be painting! Are you going to choose a Parrot Fish, a Blacktip Reef Shark, or a Fairy Basslet?

Coral Film

Image displays an exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific featuring a vibrant underwater scene projected on a large wall. A curved walkway leads towards the colorful coral reef imagery, displaying hues of green, blue, and red. The bottom center shows the Aquarium's logo, crediting the image to the establishment and the photographer, Fahria Qader. This image shows an indoor view of the Aquarium of the Pacific. The foreground features an accessible ramp leading to a circular platform with a pattern resembling sand and water ripples. Vibrant lighting projects an underwater scene with coral and fish on the surrounding walls, enhancing the immersive aquatic atmosphere.

If you’re curious about what fishes or expert scuba divers see underwater, give this Coral Film in the Pacific Vision exhibit a try! Learn all about the life of fish under the sea! Watch them interact with their habitat and other species.

If you care about our lovely and innocent animals underwater, take a seat and listen to the educational show and learn so many new things about these underwater creatures! Learn about their life cycle, and about some of the major ecosystem threats they encounter.

You might just want to keep learning how to help animals and start taking action to save them after watching this! Buy through Funex today and save yourself a seat!

Animal Shows

Image shows a staff member wearing a blue shirt, cap, and a face mask at the Aquarium of the Pacific holding a bird with a long beak. Behind them is an underwater scene with bright fish and coral. Credit to Aquarium of the Pacific/Robin Riggs. An aquarium worker, wearing a mask and a blue uniform, holds a brown bird. In the background, there is an underwater exhibit with various fishes swimming. The bottom right corner features the Aquarium of the Pacific logo. The lighting is bright, highlighting the bird and the worker.

Come watch animals and how they play with their trainers! It is such a fun experience! You’ll see how these amazingly talented creatures play and show off their skills in this interactive show!

You won't believe your eyes when you see these trained animals interact with their caretakers! Who knows? You might even be able to participate and be called to the stage! Wouldn't that be the best memory ever?

This exhibit is included in your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets from FunEx!


Image depicts the Aquarium of the Pacific under a clear sky. It features an expansive, curved building with reflective blue glass panels. Palm trees and other greenery surround the area, along with scattered individuals visible walking near the entrance. A text overlay at the bottom shows the aquarium's logo and credits the photographer. Image of the Aquarium of the Pacific under a clear sky. This modern building features a wavy design with a blue facade accented by white stripes, symbolizing ocean waves. Visitors approach the entrance, indicating the venue's welcoming nature.

Your Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach experience will not be complete if you miss dropping by this unique building in the Aquarium! You will be surprised to see it's architectural design. Prepare to take your pictures, inside and out of the building. Be sure to tag us when you take some post-worthy shots!

Your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets from FunEx include all these exhibits!

You’ll never get bored at this aquarium in Long Beach! Have a splendid time visiting the home of more than 12,000 animals and sea creatures. Your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets gives you access to all the beautiful exhibits.

Coral Reefs: Nature’s Underwater Cities

Marvel at the beauty of the coral reefs at the Tropical Pacific Gallery! Learn everything there is to know about residents of the coral reefs and how to help save them.

Vibrant underwater scene featuring a sea turtle amidst colorful coral reefs. Diverse marine life such as fish and corals in shades of yellow, pink, and brown create a lively mosaic. Credit: Ken Kurtis/Aquarium of the Pacific. This image showcases a vibrant underwater scene from the Aquarium of the Pacific. Colorful coral formations in hues of yellow, pink, and orange adorn the ocean floor. Among these corals, a patterned sea turtle swims gracefully, accompanied by various fish including a prominent red one. Clear blue water surrounds this bustling marine life, creating a serene aquatic atmosphere.

Shark Lagoon

Make sure you visit Shark Lagoon! See several different species and sizes of sharks (some of which you can even touch)! This aquarium in Long Beach has daily presentations and feedings that will surely make you take an interest in these predators.

Image shows a close-up of a Zebra Shark with prominent spots and stripes against a vibrant blue underwater backdrop. The shark's small eyes and barbels near its mouth are visible, with marine flora in the background. Credit is given to the Aquarium of the Pacific/Ken Kurtis. Image displays a close-up of a zebra shark swimming in clear blue waters with visible tiny spots and a slender body. The shark is facing towards the camera, showcasing its small eyes and mouth. In the foreground, the logo for Aquarium of the Pacific is present, along with a note crediting the aquarium.

June Keyes Penguin Habitat

This gorgeous exhibit is home to twenty Magellanic Penguins. Enjoy this educational experience that features exhibit panels and interactive touch screens so that you can learn more about these adorable creatures. The June Keyes Penguin Habitat also includes a cozy crawl-in space that allows you to get closer to the penguins!

Image shows a penguin gracefully swimming underwater. Its black and white body is contrasted against the clear blue water. The penguin is tagged for monitoring, and the scene hints at an aquatic habitat, likely in an aquarium setting, as indicated by the text at the bottom referring to Aquarium of the Pacific. Image shows a Humboldt penguin swimming gracefully underwater. The penguin's distinctive black and white coloring contrasts with the clear blue water, and its flippers are spread wide in motion. Small bubbles follow its streamlined body as it moves. Text at the bottom indicates the photo is credited to Aquarium of the Pacific.

Sea Otter Habitat

At the Aquarium in Long Beach, discover the busy world of sea otters as they swim around the fish and kelp! The Sea Otter Habitat also hosts friendly competitions where you can learn more about sea otters, their habitat, eating habits, and more!

Northern Pacific Gallery

Discover what lies beneath the northernmost region of the Pacific Ocean! This Gallery takes you on a journey across the Northern Pacific. You’ll meet adorable otters, sea jellies, and the mysterious giant Pacific octopus! Stop by this fantastic exhibit when you get your discount Aquarium of the Pacific tickets through FunEx.

Tropical Pacific Gallery

Explore this feast for the eyes exhibit at this aquarium in Long Beach. Featuring over a thousand colorful fish, you will have an enjoyable viewing experience at the Tropical Pacific Gallery. Learn more about the diversity of the ocean life found off the coast of Palau.

Shark and Ray Touch Pool

Another exhibit included with your Aquarium in Long Beach discount tickets is the Shark and Ray Touch Pool. You’re sure to get an interactive experience when you gather around the shallow touch pools, reach in, and touch these graceful animals. Get an up-close experience with the epaulette shark, cownose ray, and many other amazing creatures!


Get to explore a wonderful world of sea jellies at this aquarium in Long Beach! Visit this gorgeous exhibit and you’ll learn more about these mysteriously beautiful creatures and the vital part they play in the planet’s ocean. The view is truly spectacular as these colorful jellies swim around. Drop by this exhibit!

Image shows vibrant orange jellyfish with delicate, branching tentacles floating against a dark aquatic backdrop. The jellyfish's bell-shaped bodies are illuminated, highlighting their intricate structures. Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific / Robin Riggs. Image of several graceful orange jellyfish floating against a backdrop of delicate, intertwining branches in blue water. Below is a logo of the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Harbor Terrace

Visit this unique outdoor area that will be a learning experience for the books! They are located on the east side of the Aquarium building. Visit them and see the Moon Jelly Touch Tank. This touch tank is one of the most popular features. They also have the archerfish exhibit. You will get to see the archerfish’s hunting prowess in this exciting display. Another exhibit found at the Harbor Terrace is the Mudskippers exhibit. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind fish that can live underwater and on land!

Get Up Close to animals with this Animal Encounter!

If you are up to having a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, then get ready to have a blast here at the Aquarium! During your visit, you will have the chance to encounter these popular animals up close in the Aquarium of the Pacific: Sharks, rays, seals, sea lions, penguins, and even some feathered friends! Please be advised that these encounters below are not included in your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets.

A person in a white shirt and dark pants feeds marine life at the edge of a pool in an aquarium. Credit is attributed to the Aquarium of the Pacific/Madeline Walden. There is a logo of the Aquarium of the Pacific at the bottom of the image. A man in a white t-shirt is kneeling by a watery enclosure at the Aquarium of the Pacific, holding a small transparent container with a focus on an aquatic experience. The environment suggests interactive aquatic exhibits, promoting a hands-on learning activity. The aquarium's logo is visible in the lower left corner, indicating the setting.
  • Animal Encounter: Sharks and Rays

    This is one of the best ways to learn the truth about sharks, and stop being so afraid of them. You can learn so many interesting facts here at the Aquarium in Long Beach! You will learn that these species are entirely different than what movies made them out to be. You will live an adventure as you have the chance to feed sharks and rays!

    “How deep is this touch pool, and what’s the recommended outfit to wear?”

    Keep in mind you will be walking in the water, so bring some extra pants and some swim shorts

    • Be sure to bring some extra comfy clothes to change when you are done!

    • The touch pool is 18 inches deep, and you must be at least 4’6” tall!

Where is Aquarium of the Pacific located?

This aquarium in Long Beach is located at 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802, United States.

How much time does it take to explore the aquarium in Long Beach?

Guests typically spend about 3 hours exploring the aquarium. This might be more when extended by shows and special events. There are schedules by the entrance that include a list of events happening within the day. Enjoy a fun-filled aquarium day with your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets!

When is the Aquarium in Long Beach open?

The aquarium is open all days of the week, from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Operating hours may vary.

Where can I eat at Aquarium of the Pacific?

Split image showing the left side with three people at an aquarium ticket booth under a sign that reads  Aquarium of the Pacific,  and the right side displaying a close-up of a juicy chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese on a whole grain bun. Image divided in two. On the left, visitors approach the entrance of the Aquarium of the Pacific, sunny skies above. On the right, a close-up of a chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a seeded bun.

We understand that you need to make sure food options are available before getting those discount tickets. Well, there’s no going hungry at this aquarium in Long Beach! There are multiple dining options guaranteed to fuel you for your day. Dining options are not included in your Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets. Here are a few of those yummy choices:

Bamboo Bistro

They serve a lot of different food options: sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and more. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a heavy meal, Bamboo Bistro has food options you’ll love. They even have Churro Bites and Chili Cheese Nachos!

Café Scuba

This dining option serves a variety of salads, sandwiches, burgers, other tasty treats in a relaxing atmosphere. Watch the Seals and Sea Lions exhibit while enjoying a delicious meal! They also serve Starbucks! Coffee and Tazo Tea.

Blue Whale Café Coffee Cart

Do you want to grab some coffee? This Coffee Cart is located inside the Great Hall under the Blue Whale sculpture. They also serve Starbucks! Coffee and Tazo Tea.

Bar Fresh

After a long day at the aquarium in Long Beach, you probably need a refreshing drink, right? This is the place to go! Bar Fresh also serves specialty smoothies.

Accessibility at Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific takes pride in creating an environment that not only meets but exceeds the ADA's standards but also ensures that your experience is as educational as it is enjoyable! Feel at ease knowing that every detail has been thoughtfully designed with your accessibility in mind!

Take a plunge and experience an inclusivity at its finest with your discounted Aquarium of the Pacific tickets!

Wheelchair Accessibility

Visualize yourself navigating the Aquarium’s exhibits with ease, thanks to its thoughtfully designed spaces! Complimentary wheelchairs are available at the Information Desk, and every area, including its interactive Behind-the-Scenes tours, is accessible and welcoming!

Service Animals

Paw parents! Rest assured that your service animal is warmly welcomed here. While Lorikeet Forest is a protective exception, the Aquarium’s team is always available to aid both you and your service companion!

For Guests Who Are Visually Impaired

  • Immerse yourself in the exhibits with audio tours and Braille guides, available at no charge!

  • Pacific Visions' accessible interactive features are designed to enhance your sensory experience!

For Guests who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  • Stay connected with the exhibits through written descriptions and closed-captioned videos!

  • Sign language interpreters can be arranged in advance to enrich your visit.

  • Experience the theaters with the help of assisted listening devices, making sure you enjoy every moment.

Sensory Processing Needs

Great news! Aquarium of the Pacific has partnered with KultureCity to provide sensory bags and quiet spaces, offering a comfortable and inclusive experience for all guests!

Engaging Educational Programs & Special Events

Picture yourself participating in their diverse programs and events, celebrating the abilities and talents of individuals from all walks of life! Experience Autism Family Nights, Abilities Night, and The Festival of Human Abilities, and so many other surprises!

Frequently Asked Questions about Aquarium of the Pacific:

  1. Are reservations required at the Aquarium of the Pacific?

    Yes, your date-specific Aquarium of the Pacific discount tickets serve as your reservation. Buy your discount tickets today to secure your visit!

  2. What if I don’t make it to my reservation time (or on that date), what should I do?

    General admission Aquarium of the Pacific tickets are valid one year from the purchase date. You are welcome to use your existing discount tickets within one year of the selected date and create another reservation.

  3. Do children get into Aquarium of the Pacific for free?

    Children under the age of three years old get in free.

  4. Is there free parking at Aquarium of the Pacific?

    No, parking rates apply.

  5. Are re-entries allowed in the aquarium?

    Yes, re-entries are allowed. Please make sure to have your hand stamped at the exit door to be assured of your re-entry.

  6. Does the aquarium have lockers?

    Unfortunately, they do not have lockers due to health and safety reasons.

  7. Am I allowed to bring outside food inside the Aquarium of the Pacific?

    No, outside food is not allowed inside the aquarium.

  8. Are cameras or video cameras allowed inside the aquarium?

    Cameras and video cameras are allowed for personal use only. Tripods are not permitted into the aquarium.

  9. Are wheelchairs available inside the aquarium?

    Yes, wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis for free.

  10. Are strollers available inside the aquarium?

    No, but they offer baby “backpacks,” which can be borrowed at the information desk for free. Visitors are welcome to bring their strollers as well.

Last updated May 21, 2024.

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