Image description: Three artists with blue-painted skin and bald heads are closely grouped together against a dark background. They wear expressionless faces and black clothing splattered with bright specks, appearing both intriguing and mysterious. Image features three individuals with blue-painted faces and black clothing, standing against a black background. The lighting highlights their expressions of surprise and curiosity. They are reminiscent of a performance group known for visual spectacles. The image conveys a dramatic and artistic mood.

BLUE MAN GROUP's performances are euphoric celebrations of human connection, blending art, music, comedy, and non-verbal communication. With the Blue Men's unique approach of not speaking, the show transcends language barriers, making it universally appealing across various age groups and cultural backgrounds. Every Blue Man Group performance is a one-of-a-kind experience, ensuring that audiences never witness the same show twice!

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Discover the World of Blue Man Group

These shows contain lively music and the fusion of art and comedy! Enjoy the show as they use the following instruments to liven up the crowd!

  • Drum Phoenix

    This instrument and its expanding percussive wings, co-created with world-famous designer Michael Curry, are sure to amaze guests!

  • Smoke Drums

    Mystical smoke rings emerge from these drums! The best part about this? The smoke is in sync with the music from the band!

Tips For a Smooth Experience

  1. Buy your Blue Man Group discount tickets in advance.

    Guarantee your entry on your chosen date by purchasing your discount tickets in advance! Your dated tickets are considered your reservation.

  2. Arrive early.

    Make sure to make time for parking, entrance to the venue, finding your seats, possible bathroom needs, a snack, and getting settled into your seats. The show will run from approximately 90 to 105 minutes and will not have any intermissions.

  3. Wear comfortable clothing.

    Despite being seated for the show, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are reservations required?

    Yes, reservations are required. Your Blue Man Group discount tickets will serve as your reservation.

  2. Where can I watch the show?

    Discover the Blue Man Theater at Luxor Hotel and Casino, situated at 3900 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119. You can find the theater on the Mezzanine level of the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

  3. What language does the Group perform in?

    Experience the captivating world of the Group, where performances are euphoric celebrations of human connection. Without uttering a word, the Blue Men communicate through art, music, comedy, and non-verbal expression, making their show universally appealing across ages and cultures. It's a unique spectacle where silence speaks volumes, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience that transcends language barriers.

  4. What will happen if a guest is running late?

    The management reserves the right to seat late patrons at a suitable time that won't disrupt the ongoing show.

  5. When will the show be available?

    Their schedule is subject to change based on the city and season. However, they typically perform on numerous days and weeks throughout the year. For the most accurate information on tickets, dates, and times, please refer to the calendars for each specific city.

  6. Is the show wheelchair accessible?

    For more information on accessibility, you will have to check with the individual cities.

  7. Are there food and drinks available at the theater?

    Yes! The lobby has snacks and beverages available for purchase.

  8. Will strobe lights be used in the show?

    Yes, portions of the show will have the use of strobe lights. If you are sensitive to strobe lights, kindly notify the Theatre House Manager upon your arrival. Upon request, a staff member will assist you in exiting the theatre before any strobe lights are used.

  9. Is there a dress code for the show?

    While there is no specific dress code for the show, we recommend casual and comfortable clothing. However, if you're planning to attend the Behind-the-Blue Experience tour in Las Vegas, please ensure you wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals).

  10. What time should guests arrive?

    Ensure you allocate sufficient time for travel, parking, navigating the casinos, indulging in a hand of blackjack, undergoing security screenings, and making bathroom visits before the performance. Theater doors open 30 minutes before showtime, and we advise arriving no later than 15 minutes before the show. For large groups, an earlier arrival is recommended, and it's advisable to factor in extra time for the walk through Luxor Hotel and Casino to reach the theater doors.

  11. Is there free parking?

    Luxor Hotel and Casino provides both paid valet services and paid self-parking options. You can access paid valet services at both the north entrance from Reno Ave. and the east entrance from Las Vegas Blvd. Paid self-parking is conveniently situated on the west side of the pyramid.

  12. When will I receive my discount Blue Man Group tickets?

    Your discount tickets will be sent to your email right after checkout.

Last updated January 04, 2024

Blue Man Group Tickets

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