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Castle Park

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Best Amusement Park in Riverside!

This image captures a group of joyous riders on a vibrant yellow and blue roller coaster. They are soaring down a gentle slope with their arms raised high, expressing exhilaration and glee. The sun shines brightly in a clear blue sky, enhancing the cheerful atmosphere of the scene. Lush green trees flank one side of the roller coaster track, adding a splash of natural beauty to the amusement park thrill. The roller coaster is part of Castle Park, as indicated by the logo on the bottom left corner of the image. 

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The park offers excitement and thrills to everyone who visits it, every day! Opened in 1976 by amusement industry pioneer Bud Hurlbut, this Riverside family destination offers over 25+ attractions, an arcade, four championship miniature golf courses, midway games, magic shows, and the Buccaneer Cove water playground. The theme park offers family fun all year with special seasonal events that transform the experience, including Springfest, the Castle Dark Halloween event and Duke’s Very Merry Village during the holiday season. Easy access from the 91 freeway is another reason locals recognize the Park as the Riverside area's favorite family destination!

Things to do, places to visit!

With so many attractions, games and all sorts of entertainment, you’d wish you had more time to visit this incredibly fun park! From thrill rides, mini-golf to arcades, you have something for everyone to enjoy.

Screamin’ Demon

One of the park’s most intense rides is its 35-foot-high roller coaster, the Screamin’ Demon. Are you brave enough to face your fears? You start off with a slow crawl to the top, providing scenic views but then you will zip along the track and twist and turn so fast that you won’t believe it! Only the brave are able to fight their demons so if you have the guts, this rollercoaster is perfect for you!

Mini Golf

Image description: This is a vibrant and lively photograph featuring two separate scenes of children playing mini-golf at Castle Park. On the left side of the image, a boy in a bright green T-shirt and beige shorts is enthusiastically swinging his golf club, his body leaning forward with energy as a younger boy behind him watches with a smile. They are surrounded by lush greenery, indicating a sunny, outdoor setting. On the right side, three children appear focused on their game of mini-golf; a girl in the foreground is lining up her shot while a boy in a green shirt and a girl wearing purple pants wait their turn. The setting is serene with well-manicured grass and decorative landscape adding to the cheerful ambiance of a day filled with friendly competition and fun.

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Have a fun round of Mini Golf with your family and friends. Here at the park, you will have the chance to try out four full 18-hole Mini Golf courses! These courses make a marathon of Mini Golf fun and adventure you can enjoy the whole day. You can even keep the fun going after it gets dark as there are over 4,700 lights that illuminate the courses after the sun goes down.

Buccaneer Cove

This image displays an exuberant scene at "Castle Park," showcasing a vibrant water play area on a sunny day. On the left, the image captures the fun atmosphere as children play in a shallow splash pad. Water jets propel streams of water upwards from the ground, where a girl in a green swimsuit holds hands with a boy, both frolicking through the sparkling spray, while another child in green appears to be playfully touching a jet of water.

The right side of the photo features a water play structure adorned with blue, red, and yellow colors. A young boy sans shirt and a girl in an orange swimsuit are immersed in excitement, engaging with a gush of water. The boy, taken by surprise, leans back against the powerful surge, while the girl, with a smile on her face, clutches a rope and playfully withstands the splashing water. Behind them, the park’s colorful decor and signage add to the festive and inviting environment.

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Buccaneer Cove is the park’s one and only water playground featuring four fun levels of family water play and dozens of interactive water elements. Have a soaking good time with five colorful water slides, aqua domes, spray cannons, loops and cylinder spray fountains! Lounge chairs and seating are available by upgrading to one of the private cabanas.


Image description: 

The image is a split-view capturing the vibrant atmosphere of an indoor amusement center. On the left side, a joyful young girl with hair tied back is seated on a red and black arcade-style motorcycle simulator with a screen displaying a racing game in front. She is holding onto the handlebars, showing a big smile, and appears to be thoroughly enjoying the gaming experience. She is wearing a dark tank top and light denim shorts. The background is filled with colorful lights emanating from various arcade machines, contributing to the lively ambiance.

On the right side, a dynamic scene at a neon-lit mini bowling alley is shown, where a family is engaging in a friendly game. An enthusiastic young boy with his right arm extended is releasing a bowling ball down the bright lane with ultraviolet lighting, exhibiting an eager and focused expression. Behind him, a woman is clapping and cheering, while another young girl awaits her turn, all bathed in the glow of the ultraviolet lights which also illuminate the bowling alley's details.

At the bottom of both photographs is a pink watermark that reads "Castle Park." 

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Come to the park for the best arcade games in the state! Located in the iconic castle building of the park, the unique arcade zone includes a rotating line-up of the latest state-of-the-art video games mixed in with popular classics. With more than 50 arcade games, air hockey, pop-a-shot, over 30 claw and many games that give out tickets that can be redeemed for cool prizes, everybody wins at the Arcade! The arcade area is open daily and guests can enter the Arcade through the Polk Street gate when other areas of the park are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Castle Park

  1. Where is the park located?

    You can visit the park at 3500 Polk Street, Riverside, California 92505. Remember to purchase your discount Castle Park tickets from FunEx as you plan your trip!

  2. Is there a parking fee?

    Yes, their parking rates apply. Credit or Debit Cards are accepted. Castle Park has gone cashless and will not accept cash at the parking booth.

    When the ride park is not open, the side entrance on Polk St is how you will access parking for Miniature Golf and the Arcade. They do not charge for parking when the ride park is not scheduled to be open. Purchase your discount Castle Park tickets from FunEx today!

  3. Can I bring outside food and drinks?

    No outside food or beverages are allowed within the park. Castle Park has a wide selection of food to choose from, such as hamburgers, french fries, pizza, salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken, ice cream, soft drinks, popcorn, funnel cakes, and cotton candy.

  4. Are there height requirements for any of the rides?

    Yes. All of their attractions have a height requirement to participate. The requirements are posted on signs at the entrance of each ride.

  5. Do you allow smoking or alcoholic beverages?

    No. Castle Park is a non-smoking facility and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. No tailgating is allowed.

Last updated April 01, 2024.

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