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  • North Harbor Tour (1 Hour) - 19 tickets
  • South Harbor Tour (1 Hour) - 19 tickets
  • Full Bay Tour 2 Hours - 19 tickets
  • Patriot Jet Boat - 19 tickets
  • Harbor Dinner Cruise (Thursday Friday) - 10 tickets
  • Sunday Dinner on the Bay - 10 tickets
  • Saturday Harbor Dinner Cruise - 10 tickets
  • Champagne Indoor Brunch Cruise - 10 tickets
This image displays a large, luxurious multi-deck yacht named "California Princess," which is sailing on calm waters. The yacht is part of the Flagship fleet, as indicated by the brand logo inscribed in the upper left corner of the picture. The vessel is captured during what appears to be sunset, with the warm glow of the sun reflecting off its white exterior and emphasizing its sleek design. The skyline in the background suggests an urban coastal setting, and the clear sky indicates fair weather, creating an inviting atmosphere for a cruise. Don't miss the chance to experience an unforgettable sea adventure at a discount when you book through, where we always strive to offer the lowest prices on tickets for premier experiences. This image features a large, multi-deck pleasure boat from Flagship Cruises & Events positioned against a calm sea. The sun is setting (or rising) in the background, casting a golden glow across the water's surface. The sun's reflection on the water creates a pathway of light leading to the boat, which is mostly in silhouette against the bright backlighting of the sun. The scene conveys a sense of tranquility and leisure, hinting at the possibility of a pleasant maritime excursion. The boat's design suggests ample space for passengers to enjoy the voyage comfortably. The company's logo, "FLAGSHIP," is prominently displayed on the lower left corner of the image.

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All Aboard!

Travel in style and comfort while exploring San Diego's beautiful sights on a vessel from the city's most experienced and knowledgeable family-owned fleet! Join us for a Flagship harbor cruise as we take in the sights, sounds, and stories of San Diego. Sail beneath the Coronado Bridge and past famous monuments while watching lively sea lions, Navy ships, and beautiful skyline architecture. Your tour guide will tell you stories about the city's history and present-day perspectives. For both newcomers and longtime residents, this voyage is a must. You can go around the Bay while having fun.

San Diego's oldest harbor cruise company offers the best bayside sightseeing. Select a 1-hour or 2-hour guided tour of San Diego Bay, conducted by experts in the field. The tours operate every day of the year. You can choose to relax inside or on the deck; you can buy beverages, snacks, and alcoholic beverages as well. Booking in advance is recommended. Come enjoy FunEx Flagship Cruises & Events tickets today!

The following highlights are included in your tour:

  • Indoor and outdoor seating are available across the ship for a complete 360-degree view.
  • 55+ Attractions Tour with Narration; and
  • You may buy drinks and snacks there.

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North Bay Tour

This image displays a large multi-deck cruise ship belonging to Flagship Cruises & Events, floating peacefully on a calm body of water during what appears to be dusk, given the dim light. We can observe an American flag prominently displayed at the rear of the upper deck. The vessel features string lights that add to the ambiance and several people can be seen enjoying their time on both the upper open deck and the illuminated decks below. A silhouette of the coastline is faintly visible in the background, suggesting the ship is not far from shore.

Be sure to check out for exclusive discounts and the lowest prices on tickets for your next aquatic adventure. Description: This image showcases a multi-deck cruise ship floating calmly on a body of water. The vessel boasts clear, distinct layers, with an upper deck open to the elements where passengers can be seen enjoying their time. Two large American flags wave proudly from the rear of the ship, adding a patriotic touch to the serene maritime setting. The surrounding water is dark, suggesting either early morning or late evening light conditions, casting a tranquil hue around the ship. The ship's name isn't visible, but there is a logo on the bottom left corner that reads "FLAGSHIP."

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Discover the incredible sights of North Bay on a guided tour, including the Cabrillo National Monument, the North Island Naval Air Station, Harbor Island, Shelter Island, and the Naval Sub Base. The duration of this guided journey is approximately 1 hour, and its length is approximately 12 miles.

This experience is included in your Flagship Cruises & Events tickets from FunEx!

South Bay Tour

This image displays a large two-tiered sightseeing boat with a sleek white hull, cruising through calm blue waters. The boat, with its top deck filled with rows of passengers seated facing outward, is adorned with an American flag fluttering in the breeze. The backdrop features a vibrant harbor scene with an array of docked white yachts and a striking, semi-circular modern structure on the waterfront which adds a distinctive architectural element to the landscape. Lush greenery and a bustling promenade with visitors can be seen in the middle ground, while the skyline is dotted with various buildings, illustrating a beautiful, sunny day perfect for sea excursions.

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Admire the US Navy's surface fleet, the Coronado Bay Bridge, and the bustling shipyards while you're here. About 12 miles and an hour are covered in this guided excursion.

Full Bay Tour

This image shows a large, white multi-deck cruise ship named 'Spirit of San Diego' floating on the water with a clear view of its port side. The ship, adorned with the 'Flagship Cruises & Events' branding, is filled with passengers on its multiple open-air decks. Many passengers are visible enjoying the sunny weather and the view. In the background, the city skyline of high-rise buildings lines the waterfront, and a few trees from a nearby park can be seen. The American flag flies proudly atop the rear of the ship.

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Our deluxe trip includes the Harbor and Shelter Islands, Point Loma, Cabrillo National Monument, North Island Naval Air Station, Submarine Base, Coronado Bridge, and more. This guided journey covers over 25 miles and takes about 2 hours.

Brand New: Friday Night Hops on the Harbor Craft Beer Dinner Cruise

Each month, a different San Diego brewery is featured in this Friday night dinner cruise. Guests enjoy two and a half hours of fine food, musical entertainment, and breathtaking city views as night falls. You will be on the water between the hours 6:30 and 9:00. Please call (800) 44-CRUISE (27847) to make a reservation.

Champagne Brunch

This image depicts a group of people enjoying an outdoor social gathering on the deck of a cruise ship, with the company name "Flagship Cruises & Events" visible on a sign. They are dressed in smart-casual attire, with some holding beverages, suggesting a relaxed, yet upscale atmosphere. The deck overlooks a tranquil body of water during the evening, as indicated by the sunset skies. A clear, blue-toned bridge spans the background, further accentuating the expansive view. The use of natural light and the open setting provides an inviting ambiance. 

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The San Diego and Coronado waterfronts provide a picturesque backdrop for this two-hour brunch cruise. Enjoy a tasty meal and some live music in a fun and gorgeous setting away from the daily grind. It's perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other joyous occasions!

Hop on this fun cruise experience with your FunEx Flagship Cruises & Events tickets! Boarding time 30 minutes prior.

Whale Watching Tours

This image features a serene ocean scene with onlookers enjoying a whale watching experience. In the foreground, three individuals are seen from behind, observing the sea. The central figure, wearing a white jacket, has short hair, and is seated, while to the right, two younger spectators, possibly children, are also focused on the activity in the water. In the middle distance, a whale's tail is prominently displayed above the water's surface, indicating the presence of marine life commonly sought after on such excursions. The water is calm and the skyline in the far background suggests a coastal city with clear skies. The logo in the bottom left corner reads "FLAGSHIP Cruises & Events."

Don't miss the chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, and remember, is your go-to source for the lowest prices and best savings on tickets to unforgettable experiences. Description: This image captures a serene whale-watching moment. In the foreground, three individuals are seen from the back, gazing out at the water. The central figure, wearing a white jacket, has their hair tied back, and is flanked by two others who appear to be younger with visible blond hair. They are all looking towards the ocean where the majestic tail of a whale is prominently displayed. The whale's tail is in the center of the photo, mid-flip, with a spray of water visible above the surface, suggesting the whale has just dived. The ocean expanse is vast and calm under a soft, blue sky. In the background, a hazy city skyline is faintly visible. The image conveys a sense of peacefulness and the thrill of witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat.

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Approximately 20,000 gray whales pass through the coast of San Diego between December and April. Join a guided whale-watching tour to learn more about these remarkable creatures and their extraordinary migration. A deeper understanding of the ocean ecology and real-time commentary will be provided by knowledgeable marine experts from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

This experience is included in your Flagship Cruises & Events discount ticket from FunEx.

Sunday Night Prime Rib Dinner Cruise!

This image features an elegant dining setup, likely aboard a cruise or at an upscale event, presented by Flagship Cruises & Events, as indicated by the logo in the top left corner. The foreground displays a white plate centered on a polished wooden table. The plate contains a succulent steak topped with two grilled shrimp, garnished with parsley. Accompanying the main dish are sides of creamy mashed potatoes and a variety of roasted vegetables including brussels sprouts, carrots, and possibly beets or purple cauliflower, adding vibrant colors to the plate.

Completing the table setting are two forks to the left, a knife and spoon to the right, and a white cloth napkin. In the background, blurred wine glasses suggest a beverage option available to complement the meal. The overall scene conveys a sense of fine dining and indulgent cuisine.

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Enjoy two and a half hours of delicious food, live music, and breathtaking views of the San Diego skyline on this Sunday evening dinner cruise. The cruises are usually between the hours of 6:30 and 9:00. Our discount tickets include all fees and tips. Please call (800) 44-CRUISE (27847) to make a reservation.


Typically, boarding begins 15-30 minutes before departure on most cruises. You'll need extra time to check in at the ticket booth. Bring your electronic Flagship Cruises & Events tickets with you and start having a good time.

Please note as well for the parking and directions below:

  • Ticket Booth & Broadway Pier Departures: 990 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101, (619) 234-4111.
  • For parking locations and parking fee prices: you may click here to check the parking fees and locations available.


Keep in mind all the policies and guidelines. Should you have questions regarding this section, contact Flagship before your scheduled tour for Flagship Cruises & Events or call (619) 234-4111.

  • Safety

    We follow all the TSA's safety regulations. All our cruises are currently mask optional.

  • Seating

    Tours and excursions operate on a first-come, first-served basis for seats. When you book a dining cruise, the hostess will greet you at the door and seat your party at a separate table.

  • Children

    When accompanied by an adult, children ages 4-12 are welcome. Except for the Patriot Jet Boat, all trips include free admission for children under the age of 4. Children under the age of four are not permitted on deck for safety reasons for Patriot Jet Boat.

  • What to Wear

    As far as we know, there is no required attire. Guests on dinner cruises typically dress formally. For other types of cruises, a relaxed and comfy attire is recommended. Layering up is a good idea, so please do so. Sunscreen and a hat are must-haves on daytime cruises.

  • Food & Drinks

    There is a full bar and seasonal meals available on dining cruises. On the harbor tours and trips, they offer a snack bar stocked with hot dogs, sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. To see the complete menu online, CLICK HERE.

    • Prohibited Items
    • Coolers and glass bottles are not permitted.
    • You must use headphones if using a sound device.
    • There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding tobacco use on the boats.


Flagship Cruises & Events maintains an open-door policy for passengers of any background, including those with disabilities. Choose FunEx for Flagship Cruises & Events ticket and you’re good to go!

Things You Need to Know!

  • Arrive early.

    Please note that boarding times are scheduled 15-30 minutes before departure. So, we highly recommend you arrive earlier at the venue.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility.

    Flagship Cruises & Events offers a friendly wheelchair-accessible cruise on most tours in San Diego Harbor, including the famous San Diego Harbor Tours. Wheelchair access is limited to the vessel's internal main deck and galley; the upper deck and bathrooms are not accessible.

  • Protect yourself against the sun.

    Your excursion will take you to the open sea for a few hours, and prolonged exposure to sunlight could result in sunburn. Wear protective clothing and accessories, such as hats and sunscreen, when going outside.

  • Things to Bring.

    Keep in mind that as you make your way around San Diego through the cruise, you'll pass by some of the city's most famous monuments and glide past some fun marine creatures and stunning modern architecture. We recommend that guests bring a camera and binoculars so they can capture some of the beautiful scenery to take home and cherish fondly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Flagship Cruises & Events, CA

  1. Are reservations required for Flagship Cruises & Events?

    No additional reservations are needed when purchasing Flagship Cruises & Events tickets through FunEx. Your dated discount tickets serve as your reservation already. One of the perks FunEx has been offering is that you do not need to pay varying prices on tickets on your selected date(s). We have the lowest prices in the market!

  2. When can I receive my Flagship Cruises & Events discount tickets?

    You will receive your FunEx Flagship Cruises & Events tickets and your receipt immediately after your successful online purchase.

  3. Where is Flagship Cruises & Events located?

    Flagship is located at 990 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA, 92101.

  4. Do I need to purchase Flagship Cruises & Events discount ticket for my child?

    Babies and toddlers (those younger than four years old) are admitted free of charge. However, children aged four and up are welcome to join the tour if they purchase a Flagship Cruises & Events discount ticket and are accompanied by an adult.

  5. Are these boats safe?

    All of their boats pass regular inspections and have Coast Guard approval.

  6. Could I possibly feel seasick?

    The waters of San Diego Bay are often relatively calm; thus, seasickness is uncommon. It is recommended that those susceptible to motion sickness take any necessary medicine before boarding the ferry. Motion sickness wristbands are also effective. Both are widely available at pharmacies, the dockside gift shop, or the Wheelhouse Gift Shop.

  7. Can I get help boarding?

    Yes. Wheelchair users and those who require assistance boarding a vessel can count on assistance from Flagship Cruises & Events' uniformed employees, who can help with the steep ramps connecting the shore to the docks.

  8. Do you allow ticket changes and cancellations?

    Bookings are final and cannot be refunded. If you need to change your cruise time or date, please let us know at least 24-48 hours in advance.

  9. Do any of the ships permit animals?

    Except for the Patriot Jet Boat, all boats are accessible to passengers with service animals.

Last updated June 28, 2024.

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