Get an in-depth, interactive peek inside the presidency of George W. Bush. In addition to extraordinary special exhibits, museum highlights include A Nation Under Attack, remembering the events of September 11, 2001; Life in the White House, a peek inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; a massive, 360-degree LED screen showing multimedia films; and the hands-on Decision Points Theater.

The image shows an interior view of a gallery with various exhibits. On the left, a large cut-out graphic of the United States adorned with multiple images is displayed above a section labeled 'Defend the Homeland.' To the right, two portraits of men are hung on a navy blue wall. Below the portraits, informational plaques provide details about the displayed items. The logo of the George W. Bush Presidential Center is visible at the bottom, indicating the location. The environment suggests an educational and historical context Image of an exhibition space with walls displaying various items including two portraits, one of a man with white hair and another of a man with red hair, an American flag, and historical documents encased. Center focus is on a colorful sculpture of the United States, with the stripes of the flag filled with images and words. Text panels provide information about the exhibition.

Last updated February 06, 2023.

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