Discover playful bears, explore the world underwater, and watch as elephants make a splash. When you visit the Houston Zoo, you’re doing more than seeing these and the thousands of other animals. You are lending a hand to help save animals in the wild because the zoo is dedicated to conservation. The Houston Zoo. See them. Save them.

Banner featuring Houston Zoo with a line of elephants, including calves, on the left. On the right, a close-up view of a thoughtful-looking brown monkey resting its head on its hand. The zoo's logo is at the bottom center. This image features a group of elephants and a close-up of a spider monkey. On the left, several elephants, including a baby, stand together amidst green foliage. On the right, the monkey, with expressive brown eyes and a contemplative expression, peers out. The bottom displays the Houston Zoo logo, indicating the location where the animals reside.

Last updated February 06, 2023.

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