The Los Angeles County Fair is an annual county fair. Please check back with us for 2021 tickets!

2019 LA County Fair Goes Pop!
Celebrate decades of cultural phenomena as the 2019 LA County Fair Goes Pop! From art to clothes to technology and toys, the Fair takes a deep dive into Pop Culture, with a spotlight on Los Angeles’ influence. Immerse yourself in delights, décor and doohickeys from the 1950s on – frozen dinners, Elvis the Pelvis, the squawk box, space flight, disco, Andy Warhol, electric cars and phones made for yapping that also set the toes a tappin’. The Fair is where nostalgia and relevancy collide!

The LA County Fair will have it all: larger-than-life pop art on the Fair hillside that pays homage to LA’s movies, music, art and architecture; Toytopia; Popnology 2.0; and the classic nostalgic carnival at the center of it all! You won’t have to ask where’s the beef ‘cause we’ve got it in burgers and on barbecues! And May the Force be with you as you spin ‘round and ‘round on G-Force! Remember there’s no place like home, except the LA County Fair. I pity the fool who misses the Fair in 2019! The Fair runs Aug. 30 to Sept. 22 at Fairplex.

LA County Fair

1101 W. McKinley Ave

Pomona, CA, 91768