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LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

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Terms And Conditions

Requires Full Prepayment

When making a reservation, you will be required to make a full payment for the room, as well as the Resort Fee and any taxes that may apply. Please keep in mind that once the payments have been made, you will not be able to cancel, make changes, or receive a refund.


  • Discount and room nights are subject to availability.
  • Blackout dates may apply.
  • Not applicable to all room or theme types.
  • Not valid on previously booked rooms.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, promotions or group rates.
  • Additional restrictions may apply and are subject to change without notice.
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Overview of the LEGOLAND California Hotel

Stay at the best family hotel in California – the LEGOLAND California Hotel in LEGOLAND Resort California. There are two magnificent hotels at the park: Castle Hotel and the the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel. Each hotel features 250 rooms, each one packed with Legos and themed play areas. The hotel is located within a short distance from the amusement park's entrance.

Both the Resort Hotel and the brand-new Castle Hotel are available to guests of LEGOLAND California. Any of these choices would be perfect for a night's stay with the family. If you want to give your family the chance to enjoy the most unforgettable LEGO experience imaginable, you might want to think about spending the day at the coolest theme park and the night at the LEGOLAND California Hotel. Stay at the Castle Hotel and you and your royal family will enjoy some LEGO magic and fascinating tales of faraway lands and royal kings and queens. FunEx has the best deals for your stay at the LEGOLAND California Hotel, and you can get your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount today!

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LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

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LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Perks of buying FunEx Discount tickets to LEGOLAND Hotel

  • Your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount from FunEx offers you the chance to experience staying in these themed hotels that are filled with a variety of interactive LEGO features: from LEGO-inspired rooms to activities that are sure to amaze your kids! You will have an incredible stay and save money if you choose FunEx to purchase your stay at the LEGOLAND California Hotel!
  • You have the option of choosing whatever Lego-themed room you would like to stay in at the LEGOLAND Hotel. Your accommodation at the LEGOLAND Resort can have a variety of themes, including Lego Ninjago or Lego Friends, as well as an adventure theme, a pirate theme or even a kingdom one. Each and every one of these rooms is incredible and full of surprises for the entire family!
  • Your discounted deal at the LEGOLAND California Hotel comes with a complimentary breakfast buffet at the hotel. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

LEGOLAND Hotel Rooms

If you're planning a family vacation to LEGOLAND California Resort, you'll need to book a room at a hotel that caters to guests during nights. By doing so, LEGOLAND Hotel guarantees that you'll have a wide range of accommodations from which to pick, making them among the finest hotels in California! Both the Resort Hotel and the Castle Hotel are offered to visitors. You can relax; we've got your back. Stay with us, we'll explain more later!

To help you choose amongst the various hotel options, we have compiled a summary of their key features and amenities:

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel LEGOLAND Castle Hotel
Free Breakfast (Hot Buffet!) Free Breakfast (Hot Buffet!)
Kid-friendly-themed Entertainment Awaits! Kid-friendly-themed Entertainment Awaits!
Themed Rooms: Adventure, Lego Ninjago, Kingdom, and Pirate-themed rooms. Themed Rooms: Has more than 250 Lego Castle-themed rooms (Knights & Dragons, Magic Wizard or Royal Princess)
Location: Near the entrance of Lego California Themed Park. Location: Near the entrance of Lego California Themed Park.
Access to Treasure Hunt throughout hotel. Has Ultimate Kid’s Quarter
Access to Pool with soft bricks to build! Has access to enhanced pool area with interactive water play features!
- Has entertainment courtyard.
- Has lots of playful surprises for you to enjoy!

Now that you have a general idea of which one is most appealing to you, read on to learn about the specifics of each room and the special amenities you'll enjoy the most. If you've already made up your mind, you can skip this piece of writing and be taken by surprise. Make the most of your trip to Lego California with a premium stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel, thanks to our LEGOLAND California Hotel discount deals!

All About LEGOLAND Resort Hotel – Inside Preview

If you want to make sure that your vacation is one that your kids will never forget, consider booking a room at the LEGOLAND Hotel, which is located in the heart of the LEGOLAND California Resort. Take advantage of the savings that the hotel has offered you if you purchase your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount deals through FunEx!

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel Themed Rooms

LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Lego Ninjago-Themed Rooms

As you go into the world of Lego Ninjago and become a master of the elements, you can relax in your cozy chamber and fantasize about one day becoming a ninja master. Kids who think it would be cool to wake up to a ninja-themed bedroom would love this space. This room was designed with families in mind, so it's a good idea to take the preferences of your children, the future ninjas, into account when making your decision. In here, they'll be able to have fun and explore things that pique their interest. When you use the LEGOLAND California Hotel discount from FunEx, you can quickly reserve a luxurious stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel if you like this one.

Room features:

  • Room designed with full Lego-Ninjago theme
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate adult and child area to sleep
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Pirate Themed Rooms

The spoils from a perilous journey on the high seas are all gathered in this one chamber. Once inside Captain Brickbeard's pirate cabin, all you have to do is follow the clues to find the hidden treasure chest. Take some time to relax in your king-size cabin while your younger shipmates play Legos and fantasize about sailing the seven seas. Reserve your pirate themed room through FunEx using the LEGOLAND California Hotel discounts offered just for you!

On the interior features:

  • Room for a family with a total of five members
  • A separate sleeping room for children
  • Treasures for your kids to hunt!
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Lego Friends Themed Rooms

You and your LEGO Friends are in for nonstop excitement at the granddaddy of all sleepovers. Rooms have been meticulously designed to replicate the tastes of the five Friends from Heartlake City, so you may relax in style during your visit. Even down to the Lego models and bright wall painting, these rooms are spot-on recreations of Heartlake City. Using the FunEx LEGOLAND California Hotel discount deals, you can treat your buddies to a night in one of the beautifully crafted Lego-themed rooms at the Resort.

Inside Features:

  • Room designed in full Lego Friends Theme
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate adult and child area to sleep
  • Treasure to Hunt
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Kingdom Themed Rooms

The amenities and services in this accommodation are fit for a king, a queen, a prince, or a princess. There's a treasure to be found before your child princes and princesses can retire to their own royal rooms, but first you must retrieve your crown and do battle with dragons. Over the bed, Lego flags, shields, and bunting proclaim this Lego kingdom as appropriate for a monarch.

Extras on the Inside:

  • Room designed in full Kingdom Theme
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate adult and child area to sleep
  • Treasure to Hunt
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Adventure Themed Rooms

Intrepid explorers, here is your room; peril lurks behind every corner here. Play the role of a real-life Lego hero as you search for Johnny Thunder's lost treasure in the depths of the jungle. Spend a few nights in a Premium Adventure suite and experience an unforgettable vacation ever! Thrill-seeking enough? When you use our LEGOLAND California Hotel discounts, you can save 10% off the existing low rates offered by LEGOLAND Resort to Fun Express customers.

What’s Inside?

  • Room designed in full Adventure Theme
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate adult and child area to sleep
  • Treasure to Hunt
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Go to the Lego Store, They're Awesome!

In order to tide you over until you reach The Big Shop within Resort California, Lego Shop features a wonderful collection of Lego-related items for sale. In addition, they provide a variety of goods that can help make your stay a little more pleasant, such as:

  • Lego Collectibles and Souvenirs
  • Personal Care and Toiletries
  • First Aid necessities

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel Services Offered

The hotel provides not just high-end accommodations but also a range of services (in case). For example:

  • Parking starting at only $30.00 for each day
  • Laundry Service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Room Service
LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Inside View

At the new Castle Hotel, where every brick is filled with Lego enchantment and captivating tales of Knights, Wizards, and Kingdoms from other regions, the famous California Resort is pleased to welcome you. Today, through FunEx, you can book the perfect weekend getaway and take advantage of the great rates we have available. Just make your reservation for the LEGOLAND California Hotel discount, and you'll be good to go!

Castle Hotel Themed Rooms

The Knight-themed chamber is the place to stay if you're waiting for your chance to become a hero and defeat magnificent beasts. If you're more into potions and spells, you may even book a room with a wizard theme!

LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Knights & Dragons Themed Rooms

Send out a call to any would-be knights out there. You will receive a hero's welcome when you check into the ultimate Knight's room, fit for the champion of the Castle. A stained-glass window hangs above the bed in this whimsical Knights & Dragons room decorated with colorful bunting and shields. There, priceless childhood recollections are built one brick at a time with loved ones. There was a lot of thought put into making the space feel comfortable and inviting for the kids to play in. Reserve your room to LEGOLAND Resort today through FunEx’s LEGOLAND California Hotel discount and save up to 10% off!

LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Royal Princesses Themed Rooms

Serve as a guard and princess over a land teeming with wildlife including birds and butterflies. In the new Castle Hotel, guests can choose from not one but three unique themes, including a Royal Princess option. Two more are commonly recognized by their respective names: Knights & Dragons and Magic Wizard. The Castle Hotel features three unique themes, with the Royal Princess offering the fewest options. This hotel's standard rooms and suites both feature the Royal Princess design. Reign your throne at Resort with your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount exclusively for FunEx members!

LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Magic Wizard Themed Rooms

Hey! The Magic Wizard Room is a magical hangout for anyone who wishes to learn magic and meet like-minded people. The Wizard's chamber is bursting at the seams with all the magic inside. This is the area where magical concoctions and spells are made. In fact, these chambers are delightful for novice sorcerers who are fascinated by the occult and the science behind witchcraft. FunEx is the best way to save 10% on your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount during your stay, so if you want to seek wizardry there, you should book through us. A profit that is sure to put a genuine smile on your cheeks!

Hotel Benefits

People's first thought is one of relaxation once they hear the word "hotel," because hotels are synonymous with rest. To put it simply, California offers a fresh and exciting twist on its accommodations.

At Resort Hotel

Welcome Treasure Hunt!

You can get a discount on your hotel stay by booking it via FunEx, and then you can begin searching for clues all over the hotel to figure out the combination to the treasure chest that is in your room. Unlock it to find a special treat that's been hidden inside! During your stay, a bucket of bricks will be provided in your room for you to use in creating your own brick masterpieces.

At Castle Hotel

Lego Play

The hotel contains interactive Lego elements, such as an outdoor courtyard in the form of a castle that is equipped with interactive games for young noblemen and ladies. Bricks shines in every area because to the Lego designs and surprises that can be found around every corner.

LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Pool Perks!

Are you considering which hotels offer the best pool privileges to stay at? No need to be concerned! When you check in, you can take advantage of the same incentive at both the Resort Hotel and the Castle Hotel.

You just need to get your tickets and spare clothing ready for the exciting experience of splashing around in the water and playing in the zero-entry, heated resort-style pool that has soft bricks for you to build with while you swim. This will make your trip even more memorable. Cabanas can be rented seasonally at the Resort Hotel California, and there is a food and beverage service available right by the pool. Because of this, these accommodations are suitable for the entire family. Children younger than 14 years old are not allowed in the area surrounding the pool unless they are accompanied by an adult. The duty of care for the children's safety falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Children who have a height that is less than 48 inches are required to wear a life jacket that has been authorized by the United States Coast Guard.

When you book your hotel discount tickets at FunEx, where the lowest prices are guaranteed and where people will enjoy themselves more while spending less, you and your family will have the opportunity to experience all of these wonderful and humorous yet tiresome moments together!

LEGOLAND California Hotel discount

Try LEGOLAND California Resort During your LEGOLAND Hotel Stay!

You may play your part by going to the LEGOLAND California Resort, which is only an hour's journey south of Anaheim and half an hour's drive north of San Diego. More than 60 rides, shows, and attractions make up this hands-on theme park experience aimed at families with children aged 2 to 12. In addition to being the world's first Lego Water Park, the Resort is also home to the world-famous Sea Life Aquarium. The LEGOLAND Hotel at the Resort has recently opened, and it's fewer than three kilometers from the nearest beach, making it a great option for those who've always wanted to spend the night at a theme park.

If that interests you, you may purchase your theme park discount ticket here.

What is the California amusement park's size?

It is located near Carlsbad, California, which is about 75 miles south of Disneyland. The total park is 128 acres in size. There are several attractions, including a land park, a water park, a Sea Life Aquarium, and a number of five-star hotels. The best news for families is that if they get their tickets to the amusement park from FunEx instead of paying the gate price, they will save the most money possible!

Frequently Asked Questions for LEGOLAND Hotels

  1. Are reservations required when staying in LEGOLAND Hotels?

    Yes. Absolutely, you will need to make a reservation. When you make your reservation in advance online for your LEGOLAND California Hotel discounts, you will be asked to select a date when you expect to check in as well as the number of guests that will be staying in your room (inclusive of both adults and kids).

  2. Where is the hotel located?

    The hotel is located right at the entrance to the LEGOLAND California Resort. At LEGOLAND One Drive, Carlsbad, California 92008, the Hotel can be found directly across the street from the primary entrance of the theme park. It can be found about 30 minutes north of San Diego and one hour south of Anaheim. It is located to the east of the I-5 Freeway. Take the Palomar Airport Road exit off of the Interstate 5 freeway.

  3. What is the check-in hours at LEGOLAND Hotels?

    After four in the afternoon, the check-in period begins, and checkout must be completed before eleven in the morning. Guests who remain in the hotel past their scheduled check-out time will have additional charges added to their credit card automatically.

  4. Is there free parking with your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount ticket?

    A reservation to the hotel does not entail a free parking space for guests. Parking is $25.00 per night at the Castle Hotel and the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, and it is $30.00 per night for valet parking at each of these hotels.

  5. How much is a reservation for LEGOLAND California Hotel?

    The cost of your hotel room depends on the room type that you select when you check in. Reservations for hotel stays come in a variety of price levels. However, if you book your accommodations with FunEx, you are guaranteed to receive a discount of 10% on any and all hotel reservations you make, regardless of the option you select.

  6. Is there free breakfast included in my hotel stay?

    Yes, without a doubt! If you make a reservation in advance of your stay at the hotel, you are guaranteed to a complimentary breakfast buffet during your entire duration of stay there. Guests who did not include breakfast in their reservation options have the option to purchase it upon arrival and have it upgraded to a more expensive option.

  7. Are there strollers or wheelchairs available for rent at the hotel?

    Unfortunately, there won't be any. The hotel does not have any wheelchairs or strollers available for rent at this time. These can only be rented within the park itself while they are there.

  8. Can I bring my own stroller/wheelchair instead if it’s not available for rental at the hotel?

    Yes. Guests are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs and strollers, however other wheeled vehicles, such as bicycles and skateboards, are not allowed inside the venue.

  9. Are children allowed to access the pool?

    Yes. However, children under the age of fourteen are required to be accompanied at all times by an adult who is at least eighteen years old. As a matter of fact, children who are less than 48 inches tall are required to wear the life jacket that is provided. Yes, life jackets are provided and can be borrowed for free by any children who might require one.

  10. Do visitors need to be vaccinated?

    Guests are no longer required to show proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test, or wear face masks before entering LEGOLAND California; however, the California Department of Public Health strongly recommended that all guests be fully vaccinated before entering the park to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

Last updated September 28, 2022.

LEGOLAND® Hotel California

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