You’ll get your choice of a LEGO® themed room, free breakfast, exclusive early access to the Park, and special surprises for the kids!

Offer Includes:

  • Your choice of LEGO® themed room at one of the 2 LEGOLAND California Resort Hotels.
  • FREE full hot breakfast buffet daily*
  • Nightly themed entertainment including dance parties, shows, and storytime
  • Exclusive Early Park Access
  • Separate sleeping area for kids in EVERY ROOM.
  • Interactive treasure hunt with LEGO gift for the kids
  • Heated, resort-style pool
  • Kid-friendly amenities in every room including a LEGO building area, second in-room TV, and bathroom with handheld shower head
This promotional banner image features a vibrant and exhilarating scene representing excitement at a theme park. In the foreground, we see children exuberantly enjoying a roller coaster ride: a boy with light brown hair and a red and blue shirt raises his arms in joy, and a girl with dark hair in green attire is also captured mid-scream, enjoying the thrill of the ride. Both children appear to be having a fantastic time. The background is a colorful blur, suggesting the rapid movement of the ride, and Lego-style bricks frame the image, hinting at the Lego theme of the park. Bold, eye-catching red text at the top proclaims "SAVE UP TO 55% ON YOUR LEGOLAND TICKETS" against a sunny sky, encouraging viewers to consider the savings. A prominent "BUY NOW" button in a bright yellow reminds and encourages immediate action to take advantage of this offer.

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In the center of the image, a family of four is depicted enjoying a ride in a LEGO vehicle. The family appears to be thrilled, with two children and two adults smiling and raising their hands in excitement, suggesting they are on a rollercoaster or similar amusement park ride. They are surrounded by colorful LEGO brick designs and shapes, enhancing the theme park vibe.

Below the image of the family, in the lower right portion of the banner, is a bright yellow button that stands out against the blue background, labeled "BUY NOW" in bold blue letters, encouraging immediate action for purchasing discounted tickets.

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This image features the vibrant facade of the LEGOLAND Hotel. The hotel appears brightly colored with a theme consistent with LEGO, showcasing block-like patterns on its exterior. Prominently displayed is the hotel's name in large, bold letters above the entrance. To the right, there's a playful oversized LEGO figure wearing a cowboy hat, with a friendly smile and a scarf around its neck. The figure stands adjacent to another LEGO character dressed as a pirate with a black hat and eye-patch. A LEGO dragon sculpture protrudes from the hotel's sidewall, adding to the whimsical atmosphere. The hotel façade is designed to excite visitors of all ages with its playful characters and colorful LEGO theme.

At, experience the joy of savings while treating your family to an epic adventure with our lowest prices on tickets to fun destinations. This is a panoramic image featuring the facade of the LEGOLAND Hotel. The hotel's exterior is vividly decorated with bright LEGO brick patterns in various colors including red, yellow, blue, and green. Bold lettering at the top center of the building spells out "LEGOLAND HOTEL". On the right side of the image, a large LEGO figure depicting a pirate character with a black hat and a skull and crossbones is prominently displayed. The pirate figure has a friendly expression, wears a brown hat, and has a parrot perched on their shoulder. A playful assortment of LEGO-like flora, including flowers and palm trees, adds a whimsical touch to the scene.

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Save big while having a wonderful time at the LEGOLAND California Hotel by purchasing your Funex LEGOLAND California Hotel tickets!

Terms And Conditions

Requires Full Prepayment

When making a reservation, you will be required to make a full payment for the room, as well as the Resort Fee and any taxes that may apply. Please keep in mind that once the payments have been made, you will not be able to cancel, make changes, or receive a refund.


  • Discount and room nights are subject to availability.
  • Blackout dates may apply.
  • Not applicable to all room or theme types.
  • Not valid on previously booked rooms.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, promotions or group rates.
  • Additional restrictions may apply and are subject to change without notice.

Overview of the LEGOLAND California Hotel

Stay at the best family hotel in California – the LEGOLAND California Hotel in LEGOLAND Resort California. There are two magnificent hotels at the park: Castle Hotel and the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel. Each hotel features 250 rooms, each one packed with Legos and themed play areas. The hotel is located within a short distance from the amusement park's entrance.

Both the Resort Hotel and the brand-new Castle Hotel are available to guests of LEGOLAND California. Any of these choices would be perfect for a night's stay with the family. If you want to give your family the chance to enjoy the most unforgettable LEGO experience imaginable, you might want to think about spending the day at the coolest theme park and the night at the LEGOLAND California Hotel. Stay at the Castle Hotel and you and your royal family will enjoy some LEGO magic and fascinating tales of faraway lands and royal kings and queens. FunEx has the best deals for your stay at the LEGOLAND California Hotel, and you can get your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount today!

Why chooseFunEx for Your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount?

This image displays the logo for the LEGOLAND Hotel with prominent capital letters spelling out "LEGOLAND" above the word "Hotel". The LEGO logo is also present, featuring the standard red square with the word "LEGO" in white. Below the hotel's name, the logo is visible, indicating that is an "AUTHORIZED SELLER".'s logo includes their brand name with a green swoosh and a blue locator pin icon.

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Perks of buying FunEx Discount tickets to LEGOLAND Hotel

  • Your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount from FunEx offers you the chance to experience staying in these themed hotels that are filled with a variety of interactive LEGO features: from LEGO-inspired rooms to activities that are sure to amaze your kids! You will have an incredible stay and save money if you choose FunEx to purchase your stay at the LEGOLAND California Hotel!
  • You have the option of choosing whatever Lego-themed room you would like to stay in at the LEGOLAND Hotel. Your accommodation at the LEGOLAND Resort can have a variety of themes, including Lego Ninjago or Lego Friends, as well as an adventure theme, a pirate theme or even a kingdom one. Each and every one of these rooms is incredible and full of surprises for the entire family!
  • Your discounted deal at the LEGOLAND California Hotel comes with a complimentary breakfast buffet at the hotel. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

LEGOLAND Hotel Rooms

If you're planning a family vacation to LEGOLAND California Resort, you'll need to book a room at a hotel that offers you a comfortable stay. LEGOLAND Hotels guarantee that you'll have a wide range of accommodations to choose from, making them one of the finest hotels in California! Both the Resort Hotel and the Castle Hotel are highly recommended places to enjoy your stay and relax after a day of fun.

To help you choose which hotel is best for you, here's a list of their key features and amenities:

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel LEGOLAND Castle Hotel
Free Breakfast (Hot Buffet!) Free Breakfast (Hot Buffet!)
Great entertainment for kids! Great entertainment for kids!
Themed Rooms: Adventure, Lego Ninjago, Kingdom, and Pirate-themed rooms. Themed Rooms: Has more than 250 Lego Castle-themed rooms (Knights & Dragons, Magic Wizard or Royal Princess)
Location: Near the entrance of Lego California Themed Park. Location: Near the entrance of Lego California Themed Park.
Access to Treasure Hunt throughout hotel. Has Ultimate Kid’s Quarter
Access to Pool with soft bricks to build! Has access to an exclusive pool area with interactive water play features!
- Has an entertainment courtyard.
- Has lots of playful surprises for you to enjoy!

Now that you have a general idea of each hotel, read on for a more detailed description of each one, and the special amenities you'll enjoy the most. Make the most of your trip to Lego California with a premium stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel, thanks to our LEGOLAND California Hotel discount deals!

All About LEGOLAND Resort Hotel – Inside Preview

If you want to make sure that your vacation is one that your kids will never forget, consider booking a room at the LEGOLAND Hotel, which is located in the heart of the LEGOLAND California Resort. Take advantage of the savings you will make if you purchase your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount deals through FunEx!

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel Themed Rooms

Lego Ninjago-Themed Rooms

As you go into the world of Lego Ninjago and become a master of the elements, you can relax in your cozy chamber and fantasize about one day becoming a ninja master. Kids who think it would be cool to wake up to a ninja-themed bedroom will love this space. This room was designed for families, so everyone will have a great time. When you use your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount from FunEx, you can quickly reserve an awesome stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel.

Room features:

  • Room designed entirely with a Lego-Ninjago theme
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate adult and child area to sleep
  • This image depicts two separate but related scenes of joyful interactions within a Legoland Hotel room. On the left, an adult and a child are engaged in a playful activity. The adult, wearing a pink shirt, is smiling broadly as he assists the young child in a blue shirt with the construction of a colorful Lego structure. The background suggests the interior of a themed hotel room with wooden furnishings and warm lighting, enhancing the cozy ambiance of shared creativity.

On the right side, two children are similarly situated on a bed surrounded by an array of Lego bricks scattered across the bedding. They appear to be happily engaged in building with Legos. One child, wearing a red shirt, is laughing while holding a Lego piece, with the other child, who has long blonde hair and is wearing a white shirt, playfully responding with an animated expression. The room decor includes a thematic red-and-white-striped wall and a pillow with a pirate motif, imparting a sense of adventure to the playful setting.

For your next family adventure, visit to unlock exclusive savings on tickets to destinations like the Legoland Hotel, where the lowest prices meet the biggest smiles. This image depicts two separate scenes set in indoor environments branded with the LEGOLAND Resort logo. On the left side, an adult with a beard and a pink shirt is smiling and engaging with a younger individual in a blue shirt over a colorful assortment of LEGO bricks. They appear to be assembling pieces together, enjoying a moment of creativity and bonding. On the right, two young individuals are sitting at a table with a vibrant collection of LEGO bricks scattered across it. They seem to be having a cheerful interaction while playing with the LEGO pieces. Behind them, a Jolly Roger flag adorns the wall, adding to the playful atmosphere. For a fun-filled getaway that doesn’t break the bank, remember to check for exclusive discounts and the lowest prices on tickets.

Pirate Themed Rooms

Once inside Captain Brickbeard's pirate cabin, all you have to do is follow the clues to find the hidden treasure chest. Take some time to relax in your king-size cabin while your younger shipmates play Legos and imagine sailing the seven seas. Reserve your pirate themed room through FunEx using the LEGOLAND California Hotel discounts today!

Room features:

  • Room for 5 family members
  • A separate sleeping room for children
  • Treasures for your kids to find!

Lego Friends Themed Rooms

You and your LEGO Friends are in for some non-stop fun and excitement. Rooms have been meticulously designed to make you feel part of the Best Friends group from Heartlake City, so you may relax in style and have a fun time during your visit. With its bright wall painting and details these rooms are spot-on recreations of Heartlake City. Using the FunEx LEGOLAND California Hotel discount deals, you can treat your friends to a sleepover in one of the beautifully crafted Lego-themed rooms at the Resort.

Inside Features:

  • Room inspired by Lego Friends
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate sleeping areas for kids
  • Hidden treasure for your kids

Kingdom Themed Rooms

The amenities and services in this accommodation are fit for a king, a queen, a prince, or a princess. There's a treasure to be found before your royal children retire to their own majestic rooms. Are you ready to discover this incredible kingdom full of dragons, shields and treasures?

Extras on the Inside:

  • Room inspired by the Kingdom theme
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate sleeping areas for kids and grown-ups
  • Hidden Treasure

Adventure Themed Rooms

These rooms are only for brave explorers. Spend a few nights in a premium Adventure suite and experience an unforgettable vacation! You and your kids will love your stay! When you use our LEGOLAND California Hotel discounts, you can save big!

What’s Inside?

  • Room is entirely decorated as a Lego Adventure
  • Designed to fit a family of five
  • Separate sleeping areas for kids and adults
  • Treasure Hunt included
  • This image displays two vibrant scenes inside the LEGOLAND Hotel. On the left, a woman with long brown hair and a blue star-patterned shirt is looking with joy at her dining companions, a young boy and a girl, both engaged in their meals at a red-draped table adorned with large plates of classic American fare. Behind them, a whimsical dragon made of green LEGO bricks can be seen, adding to the playful atmosphere.

To the right, the joy continues in a LEGO-themed room where a diverse group of children are engaged in creative play. The children are dressed casually and are laughing while interacting with oversized LEGO constructs, including an impressive knight in blue, constructed entirely of LEGO bricks, that dominates the scene. Vibrant LEGO creations and playful decorations enhance the setting, which celebrates imagination and play.

Experience the magic of LEGOLAND without breaking the bank! is your go-to source for the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring your family enjoys incredible savings and discounts on your next adventure. This is a split image depicting two scenes at a LEGOLAND restaurant. On the left, a woman with long hair and a blue polka dot dress is smiling while seated at a dining table, presenting a platter of food including hamburgers and fries to a child who is focused on decorating a cookie. On the right, in a vibrantly colored dining room, two children with their mouths open in excitement are looking upwards. They are pointing at a whimsical figure made of LEGO bricks, suspended from the ceiling, which appears to be pouring a bucket of LEGO pieces. The figure is a clown dressed in bright yellow and blue, enhancing the playful atmosphere of the setting. In the background, other restaurant guests can be seen, including a child in a blue shirt at a table, interacting with their surroundings. The LEGOLAND logo is visible in the lower left corner of the image.

At, families looking to create magical memories can find the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring that unforgettable experiences like those at LEGOLAND come with great savings.

Shop at the Lego Store, It is Awesome!

If you are a huge Lego's Fan, then you have to stop by the store. Lego Shop features a major amount of some really cool Lego-related items for sale. They also have variety of goods that you might need on your vacation, such as:

  • Lego Collectibles
  • Personal Care and Toiletries
  • Souvenirs

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel Services Offered

The hotel provides not just high-end accommodation but also a range of services (in case). For example:

  • Parking at a daily rate
  • Laundry Service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Room Service

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Inside View

Come visit the all-new Castle Hotel, where every brick is filled with Lego enchantment and captivating tales of Knights, Wizards, and Kingdoms from other regions. The famous California Resort is pleased to welcome you. Today, through FunEx, you can book the perfect weekend getaway and take advantage of the great rates we offer. Just make your reservation for the LEGOLAND California Hotel discount, and you'll be good to go!

Castle Hotel Themed Rooms

The Knight-themed chamber is the place to stay if you're waiting for your chance to become a hero and defeat magnificent beasts. If you're more into potions and spells, you might want to book a room with a wizard theme!

Knights & Dragons Themed Rooms

If you choose these rooms, you will receive a hero's welcome! Perfectly designed for the castle's champion. A stained-glass window hangs above the bed in this whimsical Knights & Dragons room decorated with colorful flags and shields. Reserve your room at LEGOLAND Resort today through FunEx’s LEGOLAND California Hotel discount tickets and save up to 10% off!

This image features a vibrant and playful room at the LEGOLAND Hotel. On the left, there is a bunk bed with a pink bedsheet on the lower bunk and a purple one on the top. A young girl with a tiara on her head sits on the top bunk, holding a LEGO sword and smiling towards the camera. A young boy lying on his back looks up at her from the floor with an expression of playful excitement. On the right side of the photo, another young boy and girl are seated on a purple couch with LEGO blocks in their hands. The boy is holding and examining a LEGO piece, while the girl is holding a toy and grinning joyfully while looking off to the right. They are surrounded by LEGO creations and colorful shelves filled with various objects. The room is cheerful with its bright colors and LEGO-themed decor, offering an engaging atmosphere for children. To add to the excitement, is proud to offer discounts on tickets, ensuring you experience the magic of LEGOLAND Hotel at the lowest prices. This image is a vibrant and lively scene split into two panels. On the left, a brightly colored room is decked out in a fantasy theme with a girl wearing a tiara and a pink princess costume sitting on a bunk bed, gleefully peering through a pink, pretend telescope. Below her, a young boy playfully hangs upside down, his feet hooked securely on the lower bunk railing. On the right, two children, a boy and a girl, are seated on the floor in another room filled with shelves of toys. They are joyfully playing with colorful LEGO bricks, surrounded by LEGO creations. The overall scene exudes a sense of fun, creativity, and playful imagination associated with the LEGOLAND experience, as indicated by the LEGOLAND logo in the lower right corner. On, we're excited to bring you the lowest prices and exclusive savings on tickets to places where imaginations soar like LEGOLAND.

Royal Princesses Themed Rooms

Feel like a real princess in this colorful, fancy room. Are you ready to create some Lego memories? You and your princesses will feel so happy while you hunt for a Lego treasure in this beautiful and royal room. Your kids can sleep and play in their own separate space. This hotel's standard rooms and suites both feature the Royal Princess design, so you can choose which type you would prefer. Enjoy your stay while saving money with your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount tickets exclusively for FunEx members!

Magic Wizard Themed Rooms

The Magic Wizard Room is great for anyone who wishes to learn magic and stir some potions. The Wizard's chamber is bursting with magic inside. Would you like to learn how to make some magical spells? FunEx is the best way to save up to 10% on your LEGOLAND California Hotel during your stay, so if you want to see some magic, you should book now through FunEx!

Hotel Benefits

Any of the Legoland Hotels are great if you are looking for a unique stay. Have fun and rest at these awesome resorts.

At Resort Hotel

Welcome Treasure Hunt!

You can get a discount on your hotel stay by booking it via FunEx, and once you get to the hotel, you can begin searching for clues all over to help you figure out the combination to the treasure chest that is in your room. Unlock it to find a special gift that's been hidden inside! During your stay, a bucket of LEGO bricks will be in your room for you to use in creating your own masterpieces.

At Castle Hotel

Lego Play

The hotel contains interactive Lego elements, such as an outdoor courtyard in the form of a castle that is equipped with interactive games for young noblemen and ladies. There are so many surprises that can be found around every corner.

Pool Perks!

Are you considering which hotels offer the best pool privileges to stay at? Both the Resort Hotel and the Castle Hotel have some great pools!

This image displays a bright and colorful scene at a Legoland Hotel pool area under a clear blue sky. On the left, a joyful family is playing in a shallow pool adorned with giant floating Lego bricks. A woman in a blue swimsuit is holding hands with a young boy in sunglasses and patterned swim shorts, guiding him through the water, while a little girl in a navy blue swimsuit with polka dots cautiously steps around the Lego pieces. In the background, the hotel showcases windows with blue shutters and flags of various nations fluttering above.

On the right side of the image, another family is sitting on the pool edge, enjoying the sun. A man in blue swim trunks is assisting two young boys with goggles in assembling large Lego bricks. A woman in a red swimsuit lounges next to them, smiling. Colorful deck chairs line the poolside, and guests are visibly relaxing and soaking in the sun-filled atmosphere.

Remember to visit for exclusive discounts, savings on the lowest prices, and unbeatable deals on tickets to make memories like these at destinations around the world. This image features a vibrant and sunny day at the Legoland Water Park. On the left, joy radiates from a smiling child wearing swim goggles and holding a large LEGO brick, while a woman in a blue one-piece swimsuit accompanies another child building with colorful oversized LEGO blocks by the water's edge. To the right, a man in swimwear is seen assisting two children with building structures from similar large LEGO bricks, with one child focused on connecting the pieces. Both sections depict a shallow pool area lined with lounge chairs, colorful umbrellas, and a whimsical hotel facade in the background, evoking a playful and family-friendly atmosphere.

At, we're committed to bringing you the joy of such family destinations at the lowest prices available—because your smiles should be as big as your savings when you purchase tickets with our exclusive discounts.

You just need to get your discount tickets and some spare clothing to be ready to start splashing around in this luxurious, heated pool. There are soft bricks in the water for you to build and play with while you swim. This will make your trip even more memorable. Cabanas can be rented seasonally at the Resort Hotel California, and there is a food and beverage service available right by the pool. This accommodation is suitable for the entire family. Children younger than 14 years old are not allowed in the area surrounding the pool unless they are accompanied by an adult. Parents are solely responsible for the children's safety. Children who are under 48 inches tall are required to wear a life jacket that has been authorized by the United States Coast Guard.

When you book your hotel discount tickets at FunEx, where the lowest prices are guaranteed, you and your family will have the opportunity to experience all of these wonderful and humorous moments together!

Visit LEGOLAND California Resort During your LEGOLAND Hotel Stay!

You might want to double the fun by going to the LEGOLAND California Resort, which is only a few steps away from the Hotels. Enjoy more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions in this hands-on theme park experience. It's a perfect place for families and kids. In addition to having the world's first Lego Water Park, the Resort is also home to the world-famous Sea Life Aquarium. It's also located less than three kilometers from the nearest beach, making it a great option for those who've always wanted to visit many great places in one stay.

Hurry up and purchase your theme park discount ticket here!

Image Description: Inside the brightly colored and whimsical lobby of the LEGOLAND Hotel, a young girl in a yellow dress is engaged in a playful interaction with a larger-than-life LEGO character. The LEGO character, dressed as a wizard with a blue and star-patterned robe and hat, is standing on the right, towering above as he gestures a friendly welcome with his outstretched hands. The character's costume includes a long white beard and expressive yellow LEGO facial features. In the background, a castle-themed decor enhances the magical atmosphere, with gray LEGO-brick walls, a torch sconce, and a barred window, behind which two LEGO minifigure guards can be seen. A wooden staircase with red carpeting to the right leads to an upper level of the hotel, suggesting multiple floors of adventure await visitors. The LEGO and LEGOLAND Hotel logos are present in the lower-left corner of the image, signifying the branded experience.

At, you can expect enchanting memories with the added magic of exclusive discounts, ensuring your tickets to LEGOLAND are at the lowest prices available. This image displays a vibrant scene inside a Legoland theme park. On the right, a large LEGO figure clad in wizard attire, predominantly blue with golden stars and moons, holds a yellow staff and waves cheerfully. To the left, a young girl wearing a yellow jacket walks by, seemingly glancing at the wizard with interest. The background showcases an indoor setting with a staircase and railing, exemplifying the playful and colorful atmosphere typical of a Legoland adventure. Get your tickets on and enjoy the magic of Legoland with the lowest prices guaranteed, ensuring great savings on a day full of wonder and excitement.

How big is LEGOLAND park?

It is located in Carlsbad, California. The total park is 128 acres in size. There are several attractions, including a land park, a water park, a Sea Life Aquarium, and a number of five-star hotels. Great news! Buy your tickets to LEGOLAND California from FunEx instead of paying the gate price, and save huge!

Frequently Asked Questions for LEGOLAND Hotels

  1. Are reservations required when staying in LEGOLAND Hotels?

    Yes, absolutely. You will need to make a reservation. When you make your reservation in advance online for your LEGOLAND California Hotel discounts, you will be asked to select a date when you expect to check in as well as the number of guests that will be staying in your room (adults and kids).

  2. Where is the hotel located?

    The hotel is located right at the entrance to the LEGOLAND California Resort. At LEGOLAND One Drive, Carlsbad, California 92008, the Hotel can be found directly across the street from the primary entrance of the theme park.

  3. What is the check-in hours at LEGOLAND Hotels?

    The hotel has a 4:00 pm check-in. Check-out is at 11:00 am. Guests who remain in the hotel past their scheduled check-out time will have additional charges added to their credit card automatically.

  4. Is there free parking with your LEGOLAND California Hotel discount ticket?

    A reservation to the hotel does not entail a free parking space for guests. General and valet parking are available at the Castle Hotel and the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel.

  5. How much is a reservation for LEGOLAND California Hotel?

    The cost of your hotel room depends on the room type that you select when you check in. Reservations for hotel stays come in a variety of price levels. However, if you book your accommodation with FunEx, you are guaranteed to receive a discount of 10% on select hotel reservations you make.

  6. Is there free breakfast included in my hotel stay?

    Yes, without a doubt! If you make a reservation, you are guaranteed to a complimentary breakfast buffet during your entire duration of stay there. Guests who did not include breakfast in their reservation options have the option to purchase it upon arrival and at an additional charge.

  7. Are there strollers or wheelchairs available for rent at the hotel?

    Unfortunately, there are no strollers or wheelchairs for rent at the hotel, but these can be rented within the Legoland park to be used there.

  8. Can I bring my own stroller/wheelchair instead?

    Yes. Guests are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs and strollers, however other wheeled vehicles, such as bicycles and skateboards, are not allowed inside the venue.

  9. Are children allowed to access the pool?

    Yes. However, children under the age of 14 are required to be accompanied at all times by an adult who is at least eighteen years old. Children who are less than 48 inches tall are required to wear the life jacket that is provided. Yes, life jackets are provided and can be borrowed for free by any children who might require one.

  10. Do visitors need to be vaccinated?

    Guests are no longer required to show proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test, or wear face masks before entering LEGOLAND California; however, the California Department of Public Health strongly recommends that all guests be fully vaccinated before entering the park to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

Last updated March 07, 2024.

LEGOLAND® Hotel California

    FunEx members can receive up to a 10% discount on LEGOLAND Hotel bookings!