About Omni Arena Virtual Reality
If you love having fun, come to Omni Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada! Here, you get to play virtual reality games in which you battle pirates and zombies and compete with other players for the title of victor. You even receive a video of your gameplay for free before you leave. At Omni Arena, both adults and kids also have the option to race go-karts! Each race takes place on a quarter mile track, is three laps, and lasts about eight to ten minutes. You can purchase up to three races if you choose. Reserve your tickets now to experience the zombie-killing, pirate-slaying, go-kart-racing excitement!

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Tickets Details:
  • Min height Kids Karts: 48'' (1.20m). Adult Karts: 56'' (1.42m)
  • All racers must be 6+ and able to safely operate the kart
  • Games are for 4 players at a time, but you can book for more people

Location: 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Phone: 7002-777-2782

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  • VR Experience

    (All Ages)

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    VR + 3 Races

    (All Ages)

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