Fancy yourself a new incredible story to tell at parties? Add getting chased by a virtual T. rex, touching a tornado, and battling your friends in a remote-control robot arena to your list!

With 11 hands-on exhibit halls to explore and a cutting-edge 3D theater, the Perot Museum offers a full day of discovery. Get ready to amaze your brain! Get to experience this awesomeness by purchasing your discounted Dallas CityPASS tickets today!

An enthusiastic woman with face paint and a smiling man interact with a bright, captivating exhibit at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The image evokes a sense of discovery and fun in an educational setting. Image showing a man and a woman engaged in an interactive exhibit. They appear focused and are smiling as they look at a brightly lit display table. In the background, others are also interacting with similar exhibits. The logo 'Perot' is visible, indicating the setting or sponsor.

Last updated February 06, 2023.

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