Paint the Skies at Chihuly Garden and Glass!

Image of a vibrant glass sculpture by Chihuly, featuring fiery red and amber tones with hints of yellow, suspended from the ceiling of a glasshouse. The clear blue sky is visible through the structure's glass panels above. The Chihuly Garden and Glass logo is displayed on the lower left. Image shows the interior of a glasshouse with a high arched ceiling. Numerous bright, fiery-hued glass sculptures hang from the ceiling, resembling flowers or sea creatures. The sky outside is twilight blue. Below the image, the words 'Chihuly Garden and Glass' are visible.

Experience a kaleidoscope dance of color and glass with the Chihuly Garden and Glass! This vibrant exhibit intertwines the beauty of glass, nature, and creativity across galleries, a striking Glasshouse, and a beautifully integrated garden. It's a place where art transforms the landscape and invites visitors into a world of color, light, and imaginative expression!

Situated at 305 Harrison St, Seattle, the Garden and Glass stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, making it a must-visit for those seeking to experience the fusion of art and nature through the lens of Chihuly's visionary work!

Enjoy the place where glass meets class and flowers bloom all around with your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass tickets from FunEx!

Elevate Your Experience with Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Space Needle

The image displays a view of a famous observation tower during dusk. The sky elegantly transitions from pinkish hues to soft blues above the horizon. The tower’s deck is lit, showcasing visitors standing behind the railing, and offers a panoramic view of the cityscape and waterfront. In the background, the calm waters are sprinkled with boats and a distant shoreline. The lower center of the image is watermarked with 'Chihuly Garden and Glass'. Image shows the upper section of the Space Needle in Seattle during twilight. The observation deck and the rotating glass floor are visible against a backdrop of a dusky sky and distant waters, with faint outlines of land and boats. Below, the text reads 'Chihuly Garden and Glass'.

Shimmer into a world where innovation meets art at Chihuly Garden and Glass, born from a unique collaboration that mirrors the spirit of Seattle's iconic Space Needle!

Just a short walk from the vibrant displays of Dale Chihuly’s artwork, the Space Needle stands as a beacon of innovation, originality, and future thinking. Created during the optimism of the 1962 World's Fair and maintained by the visionary Wright family, the Space Needle invited Chihuly to enhance the Seattle Center with his mesmerizing Exhibition Hall, Garden, and Glasshouse.

Check out the Space Needle as you explore the wonders of Chihuly Garden and Glass, and witness the seamless blend of Seattle’s art and architectural marvels in one visit!

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Attractions at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Image shows a vibrant garden from Chihuly Garden and Glass with a mix of lush greenery and striking glass sculptures. Tall blue rods and swirling orange and red shapes stand out amidst the foliage under a clear blue sky. Image featuring vibrant glass sculptures with swirling orange and blue hues towering among green vegetation. The artwork contrasts with the surrounding foliage under a bright sky, exhibiting a fusion of art and nature. Below the image, text reads 'Chihuly Garden and Glass'.


Let the artist’s palette mesmerize you as you journey through eight galleries and three Drawing Walls, that showcases Dale Chihuly's groundbreaking glass art series! With your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass ticket, witness firsthand how Chihuly went beyond traditional glassmaking techniques to forge breathtaking pieces!


The heart of the Garden and Glass beats within the Glasshouse, with a towering 40-foot glass and steel structure! Inspired by Chihuly's lifelong fascination with conservatories, the Glasshouse also blooms with a 100-foot-long sculpture that shows off a vibrant cascade of reds, oranges, yellows, and ambers!

This masterpiece is one of Chihuly’s grandest suspended sculptures that dances with the changing daylight. This creates a magnificent display that leaves you in awe!

Image shows a vibrant yellow and red glass sculpture resembling a sunburst in front of the curved glasshouse at Chihuly Garden and Glass. The clear sky complements the artwork's vivid colors and organic form. The venue name is displayed on the front facade. Image features a vibrant yellow and orange glass sculpture resembling a burst of twisting tentacles in front of a modern curved glasshouse under a clear blue sky. The words Chihuly Garden and Glass are displayed at the bottom center.


Enter a living masterpiece where Chihuly’s creations beautifully merge with the natural world! Curated alongside a landscape designer, this area celebrates the unity of art and nature.

The meticulously selected plants reflect Chihuly’s vibrant colors that provide a dynamic and colorful stage for his sculptures. As the seasons change, the garden transforms and offers a fresh new spectacle every time you visit!


The Theater is a gateway to Chihuly’s creative mind that showcases intimate videos revealing his artistic process. From fiery glassblowing sessions to the meticulous installation of his exhibitions, experience the rhythm and teamwork behind the artistry of Chihuly!

(Note: Some attractions may have separate charges and is not included in your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass ticket admission)

Dining at Chihuly Garden and Glass

This image features a vibrant display of Chihuly's glass art installed on a ceiling. Visitors look up in awe at the kaleidoscope of colors and intricate shapes resembling sea life, with hues of orange, red, blue, and green shining through. The glass pieces create a dynamic, illuminated tapestry that fills the entire overhead space, reflecting a spectrum of light onto the viewers below. Image showing an indoor view of Chihuly Garden and Glass with a vibrant glass flower installation on the ceiling. Vivid colors like red, blue, orange, and yellow mix together above visitors who are looking up, silhouetted against the brightly lit panels. The Chihuly logo is at the bottom.

The Bar

Experience the fusion of art and cuisine at The Bar! Enjoy inventive cocktails, seasonal bites, and a taste of the Pacific Northwest, all while surrounded by over 25 of Dale Chihuly’s personal collections!

The highlight is an illuminated installation of 36 signature Chihuly Drawings, making every visit a uniquely art-centric dining adventure.

(Note: Dining may have separate charges and is not included in your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass ticket admission)

Shopping at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Interior view looking up at a curved glass ceiling with a large, circular skylight at the center. Spiral wooden staircases frame the sides, leading the eye to the skylight above. The white text at the bottom reads 'Chihuly Garden and Glass.' The setting is indoors with natural light filtering through the glass dome. Image of a spiral staircase viewed from below, showcasing the geometric patterns of the steps and the curved glass railing. The daylight filters in from the circular glass ceiling above. Visible in the corner is the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit logo.

Discover the essence of creativity at The Bookstore, your gateway to a treasure trove of Dale Chihuly-inspired wonders. Whether you're seeking a memento of your visit or a gift for an art lover, The Bookstore provides an array of exquisite options:

  • Books & Materials:

    Explore a variety of publications on Dale Chihuly’s art and projects, including exclusive Studio Editions and artist-designed pieces!
  • Northwest Artisan Goods:

    A handpicked selection of items created in partnership with local companies and artisans!
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass Merchandise:

    From practical to whimsical, find collectibles such as magnets, stationery, stickers, and ornaments, alongside puzzles, apparel, and more.
  • Edition Artwork:

    Own a piece of the legacy with fine art prints and studio edition glass, each piece a testament to Chihuly’s groundbreaking work!

(Note: Shopping may have separate charges and is not included in your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass ticket admission)

Accessibility at Chihuly Garden and Glass

An observation deck at dusk with silhouettes of people admiring the view. One individual at the center forms a heart shape with their hands towards the sky. The Chihuly Garden and Glass logo is visible at the bottom. Warm light from the setting sun enhances the tranquil ambiance. Silhouettes of visitors at a viewing deck with a sunset background. The sky transitions from warm orange to deep blue. In the foreground, a circle is formed by a person's arms, framing the sun. Underneath, text reads 'CHIHULY GARDEN AND GLASS'.

Chihuly Garden and Glass is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all guests. Here's an overview of the support services and accommodations available:

Guests with Mobility Considerations

  • Valet service near the entrance for easy pick-up/drop-off.
  • The entire exhibition is on a single floor, eliminating the need for stairs.
  • Complimentary wheelchair rentals at coat check, subject to availability.
  • Mobility scooters are welcome in the galleries.
  • Benches available throughout for resting.

Guests who are Deaf or have Hearing Loss

  • Transcripts of the audio guide are available online and at the Admissions desk in multiple languages.
  • Captioned videos in the Theater.
  • Transcripts for gallery talks and demonstrations are available online or by request.

Guests with Low to No Vision

  • Interior galleries feature low lighting with spotlights; Glasshouse and Garden have natural lighting; Theater has low lighting.
  • Complimentary audio guide accessible by smartphone, with free wifi available.

Guests with Cognitive and Sensory Considerations

  • Quieter months are October through March.
  • Less crowded times are typically the first hour after opening or after 5 PM.
  • Online ticket purchasing is available to plan your visit in advance.
  • Transcripts for gallery talks and demonstrations enhance the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Chihuly Garden and Glass located?

    305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109. This central location makes it a convenient and must-see destination for both locals and visitors to Seattle.

  2. Can I take photographs in the Exhibition?

    Yes, handheld devices for still photography and video are allowed for personal, non-commercial use. However, the use of flash, tripods, monopods, and video cameras in the galleries is prohibited. Photos or videos may not be reproduced, published, distributed, sold, or commercially exploited.

  3. Is admission free for children?

    Children aged 4 and under can enter the Exhibition for free.

  4. Can I bring a stroller into the Exhibition?

    Umbrella strollers are permitted in all galleries, but large strollers are not. You're encouraged to bring your own appropriate stroller.

  5. Are pets allowed in the Exhibition?

    Service dogs are welcome, but other pets are not permitted in the Exhibition.

  6. Is there seating available in the Exhibition?

    Seating is available in various exhibition galleries, including the Sealife, Mille Fiori, and Chandelier Rooms. The Theater also offers seating for visitors watching short videos about the Exhibition and the artist.

  7. Where can I eat at the Exhibition?

    The Bar at Chihuly Garden and Glass provides a unique dining experience with craft cocktails and delicious bites in an atmospheric setting.

  8. How long does it take to tour the Exhibition?

    The visit is self-paced, and the time can vary based on individual interest. Most visitors spend about 1-2 hours viewing the artwork in the Galleries, Garden, and Glasshouse.

  9. What should I know before visiting?

    • Do not touch the artwork.
    • Food and drink are not allowed in the Exhibition areas.
    • Luggage and large bags are not permitted.
    • Photography is encouraged for personal use, but please no flash or tripods.
  10. What are the hours and admission policies?

    Chihuly Garden and Glass is open year-round. Operating hours may adjust for private events and are posted about a month in advance.

Last updated March 27, 2024.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Tickets

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