Four acrobats in vibrant costumes leap and flip over a colorful, patterned van on stage amidst a wash of red lighting and hazy effects, giving a sense of dynamic motion and a lively, circus-like atmosphere. A vibrant performance scene with four acrobats in mid-air above a colorfully painted van with patterns resembling animal motifs. The background is a warm red, with mist effect near the van, suggesting dynamic movement.

Experience the magic of The Beatles like never before with Cirque du Soleil The Beatles LOVE! This electrifying show blends awe-inspiring acrobatics and vibrant dance with the legendary music of The Beatles, creating a psychedelic celebration of their iconic tunes!

Featuring 60 talented performers, LOVE takes you on a journey through aerial feats and dynamic dance sequences, all set to a Grammy-winning Beatles soundtrack. This immersive, theater-in-the-round spectacle has captivated over 10 million guests with its colorful, imaginative interpretation of The Beatles' legacy!

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On stage, performers in vibrant, eclectic costumes dance under dazzling lights and a shower of confetti. Vivid projections add to the festive ambiance of the scene. Image of a vibrant stage performance with performers in colorful costumes under bright lights. Confetti flies through the air as one artist balances on a wire, and others engage in dynamic dance and acrobatics. The background features a large screen with eye-catching patterns. A festive and lively atmosphere is conveyed through the visual spectacle.
  • Rooftop Concert:

    Step into a reimagined world of The Beatles with LOVE's spectacular take on their music and history. This segment transports you to the heart of the Fab Four's legacy!

  • Daring Acrobatic Skaters:

    Be captivated as skaters soar through the air, perfectly synchronized to the guitar riffs and harmonies of the Beatles' 1965 hit "Help!"

  • Circus Artists under the Sun:

    With your discounted Cirque du Soleil The Beatles LOVE tickets, marvel at the elegance of circus artists who glide effortlessly through the air, all set to the enchanting melody of George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun."

  • Characters and Lyrics Brought to Life:

    Watch as the beloved characters and poetic lyrics of The Beatles' songs come alive on stage, creating a vibrant tapestry of storytelling and imagination.

  • Aerial Acrobats:

    Enter a world of emotion with aerial acrobats who interpret the themes of loss, love, and rebirth, set to the hauntingly beautiful "Yesterday."

  • Bubble Wonderland:

    Journey through an imaginative "Strawberry Fields" where characters interact with bubbles, tea parties, and the quirkiness of life, embodying the song's quirky spirit!

  • Confetti Rain:

    Witness a burst of color and joy as the stage erupts in a vibrant celebration, reminiscent of The Beatles' psychedelic era!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Cirque du Soleil The Beatles LOVE performed?

    The Beatles LOVE is showcased at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering a stunning venue for this spectacular show.

  2. What is the duration of The Beatles LOVE performance?

    The performance runs for 90 minutes and is presented without an intermission, ensuring an uninterrupted immersive experience.

  3. When are the performances of The Beatles LOVE scheduled?

    The Beatles LOVE takes the stage every Tuesday through Saturday, offering multiple opportunities each week to witness this incredible show.

  4. Can you describe Cirque du Soleil The Beatles LOVE experience?

    The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil is a multi-sensory journey set to a three-time Grammy-winning Beatles soundtrack. It features thrilling aerial acrobatics, trampoline, and roller skate acts, all within a psychedelic and immersive theatrical setting.

  5. Are there age restrictions for attending The Beatles LOVE?

    The Beatles LOVE welcomes guests of all ages, but children under five years old are not permitted in the theater. Additionally, guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

  6. Is The Beatles LOVE merchandise available for purchase?

    Yes, official merchandise is available at The Beatles Shop located in the Mirage Hotel and Casino, open daily for visitors to purchase memorabilia and souvenirs.

Last updated January 04, 2024

The Beatles LOVE Tickets

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