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An Overview

Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets

Be an adventurer and experience Treasure Hunt, the newest ride you can enjoy in the park! Take a trip underground in a cavern car and get ready to go through the 'newly discovered' cave system strategically hidden below Monterey's historic Cannery Row.

Face some obstacles along the way and beat each one to achieve a high score! It's not just about earning the highest score but about the possibility of finding the infamous pirate Captain Hypolite Bouchard's hidden treasure.

More surprises await the brave-hearted who would go through this challenge! Come experience the Treasure Hunt with your officemates, friends, school group, or your family and experience the thrill of this incredible new ride! Buy your Treasure Hunt The Ride discount tickets from Funex today and let the fun begin!

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What To Expect In Treasure Hunt: The Ride?

This attraction takes you to the historical heist of Monterey in 1818 and the journey that the cunning pirate Hippolyte Bouchard took. Bouchard made history as the only pirate to ever attack the West Coast of the US with his buccaneers. They wreaked havoc in Monterey and took everything they could while causing chaos.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets

Relive this action-packed event! Built at an old cannery building near McAbee Beach, The Ride tries to capture Bouchard's robbery from the shore to the caverns, reenacting his daring move.

Walk down a staircase and get ready for fantastic characters and lush surroundings.

The 20-minute adventure kicks off as soon as you take your first step on the staircase, winding around a 30-foot wooden mast. Get ready to face theatrical characters like the animatronic pirate Shark Bait Sam and his faithful sidekick parrot, Scuttle. Surprises and interactive activities await while you wander through lush surroundings, keeping guests entertained while they wait.

Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets

Be prepared for an elevator adventure.

You will be ushered beneath the ship's deck, where you can watch a video that sets the ride's atmosphere with instructions on what is to come in the adventure and the loading platform. The elevator opens and takes in visitors in groups consisting of 20 guests. Prepare for an elevator journey that descends 300 feet into the dark, mysterious caverns!

Many surprises await.

This is just the start of the adventure, and guests must prepare themselves for plot twists as they go down the exit stairs! So many surprises are waiting for guests, such as the playful release of rose-scented air and special plot twists in the storyline. You will also meet new characters who are vital to your survival. After the adventure in the elevator, guests will go through a cavern passage before arriving at the loading platform.

Get ready for the unbelievable plot twists!

The journey doesn't end when you get off the ride. Prepare for a delightful surprise and plot twist when ascending the exit stairs!

Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets

There's so much to explore and enjoy in Treasure Hunt The Ride! The more you discover, the more you will appreciate the ride and have the chance to experience it over again! What are you waiting for? Secure your Treasure Hunt The Ride discount tickets and fill yourself with all the joy and unforgettable moments in this fantastic ride!

Go Crazy On Cavern Cars and Treasure Collectors!

The caverns and the interactive 'Treasure Collectors' make Treasure Hunt The Ride more exciting!! Guests will journey through caverns aboard a vintage ore cart. You will have fun in these carts as they come with interactive 'Treasure Collectors', allowing riders to gather valuable treasures and ensure to shield them from various thieves along the way! Lurking cave creatures, skeleton pirates, and Bouchard's ghost himself will try to steal your treasure, so you have to keep an eye on it at all times!

Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets

Monitor your overall score as you journey along on a front-facing LCD screen. One can see their victories and photos of their adventure towards the end of the ride. These will be flashed briefly on a final screen where guests can revel in their triumphs and talk about their scores with friends and fellow adventurers!

Cap the adventure with the Kraken Photo Op!

Your trip to Cannery Row or your first time to be on board Treasure Hunt The Ride would be incomplete without capturing souvenir photos. The best place to take keepsakes is at the Kraken Photo Op section! Show your goofiest expressions while being entangled in the enormous tentacles of this mythical giant Squid! Take as many pictures as you want. Meanwhile, always follow this important precautionary note: 'Don't Feed the Kraken!'

Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets Treasure Hunt: The Ride discount tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Treasure Hunt The Ride's opening and closing hours?

    Try Treasure Hunt today! Visit Cannery Row during their business hours from 10:00 to 9: 00 PM daily.

  2. What is a Dark Ride?

    Experience a unique ride with the Dark Ride! In this indoor amusement ride, you will experience immersive storytelling while the ride goes on. Along the way, you will witness several scenes in a fun and theatrical manner using multimedia screens, realistic animatronics, soundtracks, and some elements of interactive gaming.

  3. Is the Treasure Hunt The Ride worth my time and discount ticket? How is it?

    Treasure Hunt The Ride is the ultimate ride for those who dreamed of becoming a pirate's crew! This pirate-themed ride will take you through a recently found network of caves beneath Monterey's famed Cannery Row. Experience a pirate-themed, interactive adventure.

    Find the hidden treasure of Captain Hippolyte Bouchard and his scallywags! According to mythology, the captain buried their loot in the caverns. It's your task to hunt for the treasure while fighting with the enormous Kraken and the captain's Skeleton Crew. Beat the enemy using interactive 'Treasure Collector' devices!

    While journeying through the cave, expect motion, flashing lights, noises, smells, and a light mist as you journey.

  4. How long is the overall Treasure Hunt The Ride experience?

    The whole experience lasts for 20 minutes from entry to exit. Aside from the 4-minute ride, be ready for a line of entertainment, an elevator preshow, and a final bonus scene.

  5. When will it be my turn? How will I know?

    The ride time will determine when you should enter the queue line. You may have to wait longer during peak times within the immersive queue and before the start of the preshow.

  6. What will happen if I miss my ride schedule?

    It's okay. You will still be able to ride! Meanwhile, the park staff will transfer you to the general queue. They will place you after guests ahead of you.

  7. Will my Treasure Hunt The Ride discount ticket still be valid the day after I purchased it?

    No. Your entry to the theme park is valid only for the date written on your Treasure Hunt The Ride discount ticket.

  8. Are there ride restrictions that I should know?

    • Yes. The theme park observes a height requirement. Guests must be at least 36 inches tall when going with an adult or chaperone. You must be at least 5'2 when going without an adult.
    • The park will not allow pregnant mothers to try any ride.
    • Guests who may react negatively or are triggered by strobe lighting may not gain entry on the rides.
    • For the guests' safety, they should fit comfortably within the ride car and must be comfortable, allowing the safety restraint bar to function.
  9. Can I experience the rides when I'm in a wheelchair?

    We took pride in our ADA-accessible facilities and the availability of wheelchairs and other mobility devices in our theme park. If you are in a wheelchair, go to the elevator next to the ticket counter. A staff member will escort you to the caverns. Meanwhile, it would be best if you did not have difficulty being transferred and must maintain an upright position to gain permission for the ride. Please talk to our team members for us to help you.

  10. Does the theme park have storage areas?

    Our ride cars do not give guests onboard storage. We advise leaving large items to a non-rider before taking any ride or attraction. We strictly prohibit carrying firearms, weapons, or combustible/flammable/explosive items on the park premises.

  11. Are walk-up tickets available?

    Yes. Walk-up guests can avail of walk-up tickets to enter the park. Meanwhile, you might not be prioritized immediately, especially during peak hours.

  12. Can I buy Treasure Hunt The Ride discount tickets in advance?

    Of course! FunEx offers Treasure Hunt The Ride discount tickets that you can store on your mobile device. Present the e-ticket on the theme park's entry.

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