Washington DC Night Tour
Washington DC becomes even more beautiful after the sun sets. Join us on our 2-hour fully-narrated Night Tour to discover the nation's capital from a whole new perspective.
FROM $41.10
Washington DC Discover
Discover Washington DC at your own pace with our Discover 1-day hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Explore the city with stops by the capital's most famous landmarks and attractions.
FROM $37.37
Washington DC Explore
Experience Washington DC with our Explore Ticket. You'll get a 3-day pass to hop on and hop off our buses, allowing you to explore the capital at your own pace.
FROM $52.31
Washington DC Essential
See the best of Washington DC with our Essential 2-day hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Discover the capital's landmarks and attractions
FROM $44.84

Please note the following change for Big Bus DC:

  • May 1 onwards: Night Tour departs at 7:30PM

  • Friday, May 24th – Monday, May 27th 2024: road closures will be in place to accommodate Memorial Day Festivities, Thunder Alley and Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride.

Friday, May 24th 2024 & Saturday, May 25th 2024 - The following stops may be inaccessible:

  • #2 US Capitol at Garfield Circle & #11 Lincoln Memorial North & Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  • **Please note the temporary stop for #2 US Capitol at Garfield Circle will be at the corner of Maryland Ave & 3rd Street SW.

Sunday, May 26th 2024 ONLY – They will operate a modified route due to major road closures. They will operate day tours all day from 9:30am – 5:30pm. Sunset tours will run as normal from Stop #1 Union Station.

The modified route will consist of the following stops:

  • #1 Union Station
  • #2 City Center & Chinatown
  • #3 The White House & Willard Hotel
  • #4 Washington Circle 38.903120, -77.050034
  • #5 Georgetown Waterfront @ AMC Theater 38.9025792,-77.0616209
  • #6 White House North/BLM 38.900225,-77.0376149

Monday, May 27th 2024 – The following stops may be inaccessible:

  • #2 US Capitol at Garfield Circle
  • #6 Washington Monument West
  • #11 Lincoln Memorial North & Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • #12 Arlington Cemetery
  • #13 WWII Memorial
  • #14 Washington Monument East
  • #15 Natural History Museum due to Memorial Day parade and concert.

Please note the temporary stop for #2 US Capitol at Garfield Circle will be at the corner of Maryland Ave & 3rd Street SW and for stop #6 Washington Monument West will be at the metro bus stop on Independence Ave & 14th Street SW.

Stop #2 US Capitol at Garfield Circle may be inaccessible from Thursday, May 22nd - Wednesday, May 29th 2024 due to the set up and break down of the National Memorial Day Concert. Please note the temporary stop for #2 US Capitol at Garfield Circle will be at the corner of Maryland Ave & 3rd Street SW during this time.

A red double-decker tour bus labeled 'BIG BUS WASHINGTON DC' is parked with passengers seated on the upper deck. In the background, the United States Capitol dome is visible under a clear sky. Image features a Big Bus double-decker tour vehicle filled with passengers in Washington, D.C. The Capitol building looms in the background under a partly cloudy sky. The bus is branded with 'BIG BUS WASHINGTON D.C.' on its side in large print.

Big Bus Tours Washington DC is your ultimate guide to the nation's capital! These open-top sightseeing buses will take you on an exciting tour of the city's highlights including the most famous landmarks and attractions that make DC an iconic place to visit.

Big Bus Tours provides delightful features on board including pre-recorded commentary, multiple routes and the most special of all: their Hop-on Hop-off feature. Take advantage of the flexibility of these tours by choosing which attractions you wish to dedicate more time to. You can get on or get off at any of the designated stops, which are conveniently located near the city's top attractions! This Big Bus Tours Washington DC feature takes your day of adventure to a whole new level! After you’re done exploring your chosen attraction, simply wait for the next bus and rejoin the tour!

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Tips for your Big Bus Tour in Washington DC!

A red open-top Big Bus tour vehicle is parked on a clear day with blue skies, featuring 'BIG BUS WASHINGTON DC' text. In the background, the iconic Lincoln Memorial with its classical columns is visible. A red double-decker tour bus labeled 'Big Bus Washington DC' is on a road in front of the iconic Lincoln Memorial under a clear blue sky. The bus has an open top deck and a full lower deck with visible branding and promotional text.
  1. PLAN AHEAD: Create your own itinerary!

    Think ahead! Big Bus Tours Washington DC gives you the freedom to explore the city at your own pace by letting you hop on and hop off at any of its designated stops. There’s so much to see! That’s why we suggest that the guests plan ahead and see if there are any attractions they would like to explore. Who knows? We might have the tickets for those places also!

  2. Arrive early!

    You are allowed to hop on at any stop but starting the tour at an earlier time is highly recommended so you have plenty of time to explore!

  3. Download the Big Bus Tours Mobile App

    When you download this FREE app for Big Bus Tours Washington DC, you’ll have all the information you need on your phone! Includes bus schedules, guides to the attractions and even a list of dining recommendations! Everything from directions to food suggestions is at your fingertips with this handy app.

What to expect with our Big Bus discount tickets?

Passengers on a Big Bus sightseeing tour enjoy a sunny day, viewing the iconic Washington Monument across a tranquil expanse of water, with clear skies above and lush greenery along the horizon. This image shows passengers on a Big Bus tour enjoying the view of a prominent obelisk monument by a water body under a clear blue sky. The perspective is from within the bus, looking over the tourists' shoulders towards the scenic landmark on a sunny day.

Wonderful monuments, memorials, and even historical landmarks make Washington, DC a must-see for every traveler. You will have a great time in this beautiful city tour. Try to see as much of Washington, DC as you can in one day by taking the Big Bus Tour.

Ford’s Theatre

Ever wondered what it was like to live in the Lincoln administration's official residence? You can learn more about that in the museum located beneath the theater. Go back to the past and see what life was like back then through the use of video and 3D models. Relive Lincoln's life from 1861, when he first arrives in Washington, until 1865, when he was assassinated.

Quick Facts

The building has an interesting and quite morbid history behind it. Discover more by paying Ford’s Theatre a visit! You can't miss out on this!

The Jefferson Memorial

Guests can get off the bus at the designated stop near Jefferson Memorial to take in the view of a classically magnificent building on the Potomac River. Learn more about the fascinating history of this founding father. Words and phrases from Jefferson's life, including passages from the Declaration of Independence, are inscribed inside the dome.

Big Bus discount tickets are now available for purchase through FunEx starting at $37.40.

Passengers on a Big Bus tour enjoy a picturesque evening view of a well-lit memorial with fountains. In the foreground, visitors are taking photos while the calm blue sky fades into dusk. The distant memorial is illuminated, creating a serene atmosphere. Visitors are viewing a lit monument across a reflecting pool at dusk. Some are capturing the moment with their phones. In the foreground, there's a logo with the text 'Big Bus Tours'. The setting appears peaceful, and the sky is transitioning from blue to soft twilight hues.

The White House

This is undoubtedly one of the most well-known homes in the world! It's just as grand and majestic in appearance as you'd imagine, even it's dazzling whiteness. An urban myth says that the building's roof is armed with anti-aircraft missiles and a hidden laser defense system, take this tour and find out! Did you know the South Lawn hosts a collection of beehives? They provide organic honey for state banquets and other high-level events. On the Washington, DC bus tours, visit the most famous mansion in the world!

The Washington Monument

What kind of legacy do you dream of leaving? That's the way they honor American hero, George Washington. An obelisk made of marble, bluestone, gneiss, and granite rises high into the air. This is the tallest stone building in the entire world! Cool, huh? Buy your Big Bus discount tickets from FunEx and satisfy your curiosity.

The Supreme Court

Court sessions are held upstairs, but the Great Hall and ground level public spaces are open to the public and make for a great stop along your Washington, D.C. Big Bus tickets. A café and a modest movie theater are available, where you can watch a documentary about the court. Take a tour of the impressive courtroom, complete with a lecture given by an expert guide.

The Pentagon

Despite the fact that you won't be allowed to go inside the Pentagon, it's still worth your time to get out and take a look around. This place is so big that it would make one feel tiny. A total of 172 shops and eateries can be found at the massive Pentagon Mall. An entire floor has been set aside for the food court. Join the crowds at the most popular dining option!

Smithsonian Castle

Visit the Smithsonian Establishment: There are a total of 19 different museums, covering a wide range of topics and interests. Stop by on your Big Bus Tour Washington DC to have an interesting trip.

Using our Big Bus discount tickets, you may view many more museums and famous locations in Washington, DC. There's more to it than that, of course; we only scratched the surface by naming a few examples here; the rest you can discover for yourself when you get on the bus, or by checking out their app.

Why should you consider doing Big Bus Tours in Washington DC?

Hop On, Hop Off System

Image shows three people at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. A person in camouflage attire touches the wall, engaging with etched names, while a young woman listens attentively to a guide wearing a white blouse and tan hat. Reflections of visitors enhance the somber atmosphere. The Big Bus Tour logo is visible in the corner. Image displays three people interacting on a city street. To the left, a person wearing a camouflage jacket gestures outward. Centrally, a young woman looks surprised, facing the right. Another individual wearing a white shirt with a 'Big Bus Tours' logo engages with the young woman. A faded city scene and the 'Big Bus' logo overlay the bottom.

During this Washington, DC bus trip, you can get on and off at any of the designated stops as many times as you choose (thus the name "hop-on, hop-off"). You can customize your sightseeing experience in Washington, DC. Depending on your interests, you can either stay on the bus for the full gorgeous ride, or get out at specific stops along the way. After getting your fill of photos and selfies, you can hop back on the tour bus and continue on your way.

Onboard Entertainment: Live Guides and Commentary

Enjoy entertaining pre-recorded commentary that will fill you in on the history and culture of the city's most notable landmarks. The commentary is available in a variety of different languages, allowing all guests to enjoy the ride.

The available languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Mandarin Chinese

Headphones consisting all of the pre-recorded commentary in different languages will be distributed to you individually when you board the bus.

Frequently Asked Questions for Big Bus Tours Washington DC

  1. Are reservations needed during Big Bus Tours Washington DC?

    Yes, reservations are required when buying your Big Bus discount tickets.

  2. When will I receive my Big Bus tickets from FunEx?

    Your Big Bus discount tickets will be sent to you instantly after you’re done with your online purchase. These are e-tickets that will be sent to your email together with your receipt.

  3. Do I need to print my Big Bus tickets or e-tickets?

    No. You don’t need to print your Big Bus discount tickets. FunEx offers you additional perk that will make you go at your destination with a happy heart; just present your Big Bus discount ticket from your phone and you’re all set!

  4. Where is the starting point of the tour?

    The buses will be running very frequent on the different routes; thus, you can join in or hop on at any bus stops (where these bus pass) that’s near to your point of location. Routes and estimated time of arrivals per bus are provided above or you may visit their website for an accurate schedule.

  5. Are child free of charge during the tour?

    Kids ages two and below are free. Kids ages 3 and above need to get a Big Bus ticket to join the bus tour.

  6. What are the different Big Bus discount ticket do you sell?

    We sell all the Big Bus discount ticket tour and packages the same way the Big Bus Tours Washington DC offers on a discounted rate. Kids and adults have separate Big Bus tickets with different price for each.

    These are the different types of ticket we sell for your reference.

    • Classic – FunEx’s Big Bus tickets price starts at $37.40
    • Premium – FunEx’s Big Bus discount ticket price starts at $45.90
    • Deluxe – FunEx’s Big Bus tickets price starts at $54.40
    • Night Tour – FunEx’s Big Bus discount tickets price starts at $44.00
  7. In what way will I know a near bus stop where I can hop off?

    You will be informed of the upcoming stops through the pre-recorded commentary. In that way, you can prepare yourself for the drop off and the self-guided adventure.

  8. Can I bring foods and drink in the bus?

    The bus is a no-snack zone. Any food or alcoholic beverage is not allowed. However, you may bring screw-top bottles of non-alcoholic beverages.

Last updated May 15, 2024.

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