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Roman Rapids - Busch Gardens discount tickets

NOW OPEN: Roman Rapids water ride

Get your safety belts ready for this white-water rafting ride that is now open! Climb aboard this raft that will take you to a different level of water adventure as you twist and turn along with water currents! You will be drenched with the drenching waterfalls and will come out on the other side of the ride with a new definition and experience of the “Roman bath.”

What is Busch Gardens?

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, is one of the most renowned theme parks in the world. It is known for its beautiful environment that intersects both the serene nature and the thrills of the roller coasters and rides. It has nine villages and six countries for you to roam around and explore.

The park also has animal exhibits and a wide variety of adventures friendly for all ages. Indeed this is the best theme park for the whole family if you’re looking for a good soaking time! Check out their seasonal events all year round to get the most out of your Busch Gardens discount ticket.

Is Busch Gardens Virginia worth it?

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia discount tickets

If you’re looking for an enthralling experience with your family or friends, look no further! Busch Gardens, Virginia, houses many thrilling rides to take you to great heights! Not only that! This park's beautiful scenery and animal interactions make it an excellent option for your next fun-filled family trip! Get ready for the time of your life and purchase your Busch Gardens discount tickets at FunEx. The one-stop-shop for your most memorable family vacations!

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What's New?

Ride the newly opened roller coaster and rides in Busch Gardens this 2022! All of these new attractions are included in your discount tickets!

Pantheon - Busch Gardens discount tickets


Do you want to experience the strength and speed of the Big Five Roman Gods all at once? This new roller coaster ride will show you what you've been looking for! The most anticipated ride in 2022, Pantheon, has been open to the public since March 25!

This newly opened roller coaster stands 180 feet tall and has a speed of 73 mph. It is a delight for the most daring thrill-seekers in town as it features a 95° drop, five air-time hills, four launches, and two inversions.

Considered the world's fastest multi-launch roller coaster, brace yourself and tighten your safety belts! Board this roller-coaster ride in Festa Italia village, accessible with your discounted Busch Gardens ticket.

Iron Gwazi  - Busch Gardens discount tickets

Iron Gwazi

Are you still looking for the newest thrills? A new hybrid coaster Iron Gwazi opened on March 11 and is ready to take you to new heights you've never experienced before!

Newly crowned as North America's tallest and steepest hybrid coaster, this is the new must-ride on your next visit to Busch Gardens! It is 206 feet tall, featuring a 91° drop and a speed of 76 miles per hour! The dozen airtime moments with three inversions as you sink into crocodile-inspired thrills take it to the top of many thrill-seekers lists!

Roman Rapids

Last but not least, this soon-to-open white-water rafting ride will surely be the next people’s favorite! It has a moderate thrill level, perfect for those looking for a thrilling but refreshing water ride. Be sure to board it starting on May 28, included in your discounted Busch Gardens ticket.

High Thrill Rides at Busch Gardens

Now, it’s time for you to view more high thrilling rides you can look forward to when you purchase our Busch Gardens discount ticket. Soar high with these extreme roller coasters and rides:

Griffon Floorless Dive Roller Coaster - Busch Gardens discount tickets

Griffon Floorless Dive Roller Coaster

Are you a fan of cliffhanger drop rides? Do not miss this one-of-a-kind roller coaster that features a 90° drop straight down to the floor! It will leave you with an unforgettable roller coaster experience with its heart-pounding speed of 75 miles per hour.

Finnegan’s Flyer - Busch Gardens discount tickets

Finnegan’s Flyer

Swing into the air like never before! This extreme swing ride takes riders to a staggering height of more than 80 feet and swings with a speed of 45 miles per hour! Such a sweet balance that will give you the thrill while being captivated by the park’s view.

Board these pendulum-like arms that will swing you back-and-forth located in the park’s Ireland village. The ride is included in your discounted Busch Gardens ticket.

Mammoth Spiraling Drop Tower - Busch Gardens discount tickets

Mammoth Spiraling Drop Tower

Once you enter the theme park, you will see the massive tower ride over the trees. Don’t miss that out! Lifting you to a height of 240 feet above the ground, this thrill drop tower will give you the ride of your life!

This crazy tall attraction will rotate at the top of the tower and then suddenly drop at a breathtaking speed. Only the bravest will prevail!

Water Rides at Busch Gardens

Prepare yourself for a big splash in the Le Scoot log flume! This water ride plunges 50 feet vertically through an old sawmill path, perfect if you want to be drenched in water and cool off on a warm day! Just make sure you have extra shirts to save the day.

Family Rides at Busch Gardens

Need a break from all the thrilling rides? Stop by these family-friendly rides; all included in your discount tickets!

The Flying Machine - Busch Gardens discount tickets

The Flying Machine

Stop by this circular ride in the Da Vinci’s Garden. It is only a moderately thrilling ride that will spin you around for an enjoyable web-spinning experience.

Escape From Pompeii - Busch Gardens discount tickets

Escape From Pompeii

Get the most out of your Busch Gardens discount ticket with a tour of the ancient ruin flume. Dating back in time, Mt. Vesuvius erased Pompeii on the map for nearly 1,700 years with blankets of lava and ash. There’s no need to worry because, on this ride, no angry volcano will explode! You’ll only experience a refreshing ride, perfect for leisure with the whole family.

Der Autobahn

Bumper Cars have been a long-time family favorite in amusement parks. Climb into these German coupe-inspired state-of-the-art bumper cars. Entry and ride are included in your Busch Gardens ticket.

Kid-Friendly Rides at Busch Gardens

If you plan to visit with kids, it’s a must to check out the rides perfectly suited for them! These are some of the most kid-friendly rides to board with your discount Busch Gardens ticket:

Kinder Karussel

Giddy up and go merry-go-round with this classic antique carousel, perfect for the entire family! It’s restored to its best condition featuring 36-hand carved ponies and double-bench chariots. Make sure to supervise the kids on board.

Sesame Street Forest of Fun

Kids love Sesame Street! Make sure to bring them to this play area full of family-friendly rides. Create lasting memories by capturing photos of the kids with their furry friends. You can also swoosh through the snow-capped mountains and spin on Oscar’s Whirly worms.

Land of the Dragons

Land of the Dragons is the place for all the kids and kids at heart! Enter this whimsical land where all the rides and splash areas are designed to keep you and your little ones entertained the whole day! This area is also included in your discount ticket.

What can you do at Busch Gardens if you don't like roller coasters?

Busch Gardens is more than just roller coasters and rides! Here are some fun activities you and your family can do during your visit to the park:

Feed exotic animals

When walking at the theme park, take some time to stop by their animal exhibits. Some of the exotic animals can even be fed by the guests. This is a perfect activity to reconnect with nature and wildlife.

Soar high with the Skyride

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the whole theme park with the Skyride! This mode of transportation provides you with a relaxing tour of the “World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park.” You’ll enjoy looking down at all the parks’ villages from 80 feet in the air.

Take note that the Skyride stops at the exit points in England, France, and Germany. An unlimited ride is included with your discount Busch Gardens ticket available here in FunEX.

Catch a show

Spice up your Busch Gardens experience by watching their iconic shows and performances.

Tip: Purchase your discount Busch Gardens ticket during the special events to witness more iconic performances and storytelling.

Ride a train

Aside from the Skyride, the scenic train ride will also take you on a breathtaking tour around the park. It is a 20-minute train ride that does not require guests to exit at each stop site. So, feel free to ride the train for as long as you’d like to!

Board the Rhine River Cruise

Take a look at the beauty of this 134-acre theme park while boarding the Rhine River Cruise! This boat ride is perfect for leisure and soaking up the beautiful landscape and scenery! This is the ideal alternative to the Skyride and the train if aquatic travel is more your style.

Meet the animals at Busch Gardens

The real fun begins in the wild! Here are some of the animals you will encounter in the theme park.

Clydesdale Horses

Busch Gardens house six happy and thriving Clydesdale horses. These are a breed of a horse meant for farm work. Sadly, they are close to being extinct. So, they would surely love to interact with guests roaming around the park.

Black Face Sheep

This breed of sheep is known for its rugged and adaptable nature. They are the most common sheep in the UK. Make sure to stop by and say hello to the flock of sheep at Busch Gardens. Most of the time, you’ll find them grazing away at the Highland Stables.

Gray Wolves

Wolves are mysterious and captivating out in nature. In Busch Gardens, you see them being loyal and just irreplaceable. Learn more about how these beautiful animals thrived and survived through time!

Birds of Prey

Hear the inspiring stories about the Birds of Prey! Visit these brave survivors who came back stronger from their injuries in the wild. Feel a sense of awe as you meet these iconic and majestic birds.

Dining Options at Busch Gardens

Roaming around the park and riding all the roller coasters and rides can leave you feeling hungry and parched. Here are some restaurant options to refuel you throughout your day!

Das Festhaus

First on the list is this German fare restaurant. They serve a wide variety of snacks perfect for the whole family, such as pizza and sandwiches. They also have shows to keep you entertained while dining.

Trapper’s Smokehouse

If you are looking for some tasty brisket, look no further! At Trapper’s Smokehouse, you will surely enjoy their delectable meats and delicious sides!

Brauhaus Craft Bier Room

Are you feeling thirstier than you are hungry? Brauhaus Craft Bier Room is the perfect place for you to recharge! They offer 30 rotating craft beers daily.

Crogan’s Irish Pub

Dive into a world of hop-filled satisfaction with the 22 rotating draft beers in the Crogran’s Irish Pub. They also offer traditional American and Iris pub snacks.

Les Frites

Do ordinary fries leave your taste buds craving more? Well, Les Frites isn’t your typical fry joint! Their exemplary cuisine showcases all the American favorites. You can choose a variety of toppings for your out of these world fries. Kids are sure to enjoy these snacks.

Busch Gardens Special Events

Regularly check their seasonal events to make the most out of your Busch Gardens discount ticket. Here are some of the special events for every season:

Food and Wine Festival

You'll always find something tasty in the park! From April 28 to June 12, flavors are in bloom! Take a sip and savor the internationally-inspired cuisines!

Summer Nights

There's nothing more romantic than an awe-inspiring fireworks display in the dark! Purchase your Busch Gardens discount ticket from June 17 to August 14 to witness the Summer Nights fireworks in the park!

Christmas Town

Celebrate the holiday season with dazzling lights and festive shows every November 11 to January 1. Enjoy the holiday-inspired culinary delights with your Busch Gardens discount ticket!

Tips for Visiting Busch Gardens

  1. Purchase your Busch Gardens tickets in advance

    Choose the right Busch Gardens discount ticket for you and your family! Purchase it in advance to plan for your trip ahead of time. This will help you stay away from conflicts on the day of your visit, and you’ll also save bucks with our $34.99 discount ticket.

  2. Save the Park Map

    Roam around the entire theme park like a pro! Make sure to save a copy of the entirety of Busch Gardens with its different countries and villages, so you have a clear picture of your destination. This will help you find the thrill rides, kid-friendly areas, shows, and more with ease. Download the map HERE.

  3. Bring extra clothes

    You will surely be soaked with water on some extreme water rides. Also, all the roaming around may leave you full of sweat, so make sure you have some extra shirts.

  4. Charge your batteries

    Capture your lasting memories in Busch Gardens. Ensure your cameras and gadgets are fully charged and have extra batteries so that you won’t miss that picture-perfect spot! Also, you’ll need your mobile phone to present the Busch Gardens discount ticket at the gate.

  5. Wear comfortable footwear

    Make sure you wear secure and comfortable footwear, preferably any closed-toe or running shoes, especially if you want to ride the high-thrill roller coasters.

Covid 19 Safety Guidelines

Your safety is the topmost priority in the park! Here are some safety guidelines you should keep in mind during your visit:

  • Guests are encouraged to wear face coverings like a mask during their visit.
  • Always sanitize while indoors.
  • Maintain social distancing while roaming around the park.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is recommended but not required.
  • Make sure you’re healthy when planning to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Busch Gardens :

  1. Are reservations required?

    No, reservations are not required.

  2. Do I need to purchase an advance date-specific ticket to visit?

    There's no need to purchase an advance date-specific ticket. General Busch Gardens tickets are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

  3. Where is Busch Gardens located?

    The theme park is located at 1 Busch Gardens Blvd, Williamsburg, VA 23185, United States.

  4. What time does the park open?

    Park hours were updated periodically; they are generally open from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. For the latest park schedules, talk to us via our chat option.

  5. What is the best season to visit Busch Gardens?

    The park has a lot of seasonal events all year long! One of the most fun seasons is during the Christmas season.

  6. What days are the busiest?

    Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days in the park. We recommend that you visit on Wednesday or Thursday.

  7. Can I bring food inside the park?

    No, it isn't allowed to bring your own food and beverages. Only a bottle or a refillable bottle of water is allowed. If you have special dietary needs which include baby/food formula or food allergies, make sure to contact their Park Security or Guest Relations when you arrive for approval to bring such goods.

  8. Is proof of vaccination required for guests?

    No, proof of vaccination is not required for guests.

  9. How long is the walk in the park?

    Expect 1.7 miles walk to roam around. There are a lot of transport vehicles in the park such as the Skyride and train if you do not want to spend time walking too much.

  10. Is there free parking?

    Unfortunately, there is no free parking. The general parking cost is $15.00.

  11. Do I need to print my discount tickets?

    No, you do not need to print your discount tickets. Consider your phone as your new best friend. Just present it at the gates for easy entry.

  12. How soon will I receive my discount tickets?

    You will receive your discount Busch Gardens tickets right after your purchase with FunEx.

  13. What items should I not bring?

    You are not allowed to carry weapons, glass bottles, and any sharp objects that may cause harm or accident. Refrain from bringing hazardous items.

  14. Are pets allowed inside?

    Pets are not allowed inside the park. Service animals are the only exceptions.

  15. Does the park have access for guests with disabilities?

    The park is accessible for people with disabilities. They provide accessible entry/exit, functional needs, and more.

  16. Are lockers available?

    Yes, lockers are available for rent in England Village.

  17. Can you wear a beanie on a roller-coaster?

    Remember to take any hat off before riding a roller coaster.

  18. Is re-entry allowed?

    Yes, you can re-enter if you leave throughout the day. Just make sure you keep your discount Busch Gardens ticket with you. Present them again at the gate to let you in.

Last updated June 20 2022.

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