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This image displays a panoramic view of a historic landmark, the Catalina Casino, set on the edge of Catalina Island. The large, white circular building features a red-tile roof and an elegant, classic facade with numerous windows. In front of the building, there is a neat row of palm trees lining a promenade. The casino overlooks a serene blue bay where several boats can be seen on the glistening water. Surrounding hills with dry, earth-toned vegetation descend to the coastline. At the bottom left of the image, the word "CATALINA" is written in large, bold letters above the script "Island Company." For those dreaming of a Catalina getaway, offers exclusive discounts on tickets, ensuring you experience the enchantment of the island at the lowest prices available. This image features a captivating scenic view of the Catalina Casino, situated on the edge of the ocean on Catalina Island. The historic structure boasts an unmistakable white circular building with a red-tile domed roof, complementing the surrounding sea and rugged coastal landscape. The casino is perched beside the tranquil blue waters, and a small pier can be observed extending into the sea along the building's right side. The American flag is prominent, fluttering in the breeze against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Rolling hills with sparse vegetation rise in the background, adding to the picture's serene charm. Remember, at, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices and unbeatable savings on tickets to the best destinations, ensuring that your next adventure is both memorable and affordable.

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Experiences at Catalina Island

Leave behind all the hustle and bustle, and relax and enjoy at a calm pace. Whether it's your first time visiting, or you have already been to Catalina Island, we're sure that you will enjoy your stay and will always want to come again! Catalina Island Company offers many fun attractions to make your stay on the island enjoyable and exciting, including:

This image presents a panoramic view of Catalina Island, with a focus on the Avalon Harbor area. The clear skies allow for a vivid detailing of the landscape, showcasing a mix of natural and architectural elements. In the foreground, we see the dense residential spread of Avalon, with small, white-roofed buildings densely packed together. Lush green hills rise gently behind the town, giving way to the rugged terrain that characterizes parts of the island. The harbor is dotted with numerous boats and yachts, their white hulls contrasting with the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. In the distance, the iconic Catalina Casino, with its red-tiled roof and round, white facade, stands prominently at the edge of the harbor. is dedicated to bringing you incredible experiences at the lowest prices, so you can enjoy the beauty of Catalina Island with extra savings that will make your adventure even sweeter. Shop with us for exclusive discounts on tickets to your next island escape! This image presents a picturesque view of a coastal town, with a magnificent panorama that stretches from the hillside down to the turquoise waters of the sea. Nestled among lush greenery, the foreground is filled with a dense clustering of white buildings with predominantly red-tiled roofs, suggesting a Mediterranean architectural style. The town slopes gently towards a harbor where numerous boats and yachts are anchored, contributing to a scene full of marine activity. In the background, the sea meets the clear blue sky at the horizon. The serene waters reflect a shimmering sunlight, enhancing the tranquil and inviting atmosphere of the town.

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Discover Avalon

Join this delightful journey and discover the charming town of Avalon, nestled along the picturesque beachfront and rolling hillsides. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Catalina Island! Your expert guide will take you on a journey through the island's most colorful and captivating attractions, all from the comfort of the luxurious open-air passenger vehicle. You'll be amazed as you learn about this stunning destination's rich history and folklore. Get your discount Catalina Island tickets today to Discover Avalon!

The tour duration is 50 minutes, and tour times may vary.

This image depicts an outdoor adventure scenario where a group of individuals is embarked on a safari-style tour in a rugged, open-air jeep. The vehicle is traversing a dry, grassy landscape under a clear blue sky. The terrain appears to be a rolling hillside with sparse vegetation and a few small bushes dotting the scene. Passengers in the jeep are seated facing outwards, looking ahead with interest, as if observing wildlife or scenic vistas. The company logo "CATALINA Island Company" is displayed at the bottom of the image, suggesting the experience is provided by this entity. For adventure enthusiasts looking to explore with, remember to check our latest offers to ensure you find the lowest prices and best discounts on tickets for experiences like this one. Image Description: This is a landscape-oriented photograph capturing an outdoor adventure scene. Pictured is a rugged, open-sided safari vehicle traversing a dry, grassy terrain. The vehicle, which appears well-equipped for off-road travel, is filled with passengers who are seated in tiered rows, enhancing their ability to view the surroundings. The tourists are casually dressed, suggesting a relaxed atmosphere as they embark on their excursion. The environment is characterized by an expansive field with sparse vegetation under a clear blue sky, hinting at a warm and sunny climate. The bottom right corner of the image contains the text 'CATALINA' above a wave-like graphic, which seems to be the logo of the tour operator. The image evokes a sense of adventure and exploration in a natural setting. is dedicated to bringing you closer to your next great adventure at the lowest prices, with exclusive savings on tickets for unforgettable experiences.

Ridgetop Eco Adventure

Explore the pristine wilderness of Catalina Island in an open-air biofuel Hummer! Experience the ultimate way to experience the beauty of nature and feel the rush of adrenaline pumping. Cruising the ridge around Catalina Island's rugged canyons up to the 1,500-foot East Peak will give you an incredible view of the island's unique topography. This is a 2-hour unique experience. Purchase Catalina Island discount tickets to explore Ridgetop Eco Adventures.

Off-roading is a part of this journey, so expect wind, dust, and bumps. Avoid this option if you are pregnant, have back or neck issues, or have a fear of heights.

This image features two side-by-side photographs taken on what seems to be a sunny day, with clear blue skies overhead. On the left, a white shuttle bus marked with the "Catalina Island Company" logo is parked on an unpaved road beside a coastline. The bus has its door open, and two people are standing close to the bus's entry, appearing engaged in conversation. In the distance, the deep blue sea extends towards the horizon, juxtaposed against the rugged coastline.

On the right, an older, vintage-style van with two-tone paint, brown on top and cream on the bottom, is parked at a scenic overlook. A group of five individuals stands near the edge of the cliff, looking out over the ocean where waves gently meet the shore. The context suggests a touristic activity and the appreciation of natural beauty.

At, we are committed to providing you with the lowest prices on tickets for your next adventure, ensuring your travel experience comes with both significant savings and spectacular memories. This image is divided into two side-by-side photos that feature scenic coastal views.

On the left, a white tour bus is parked on a road that winds along a rugged coastline. Passengers can be seen inside the bus, which has large windows to provide a clear view of the surrounding landscape. The background reveals a steep cliffside dropping off to a deep blue sea under a light blue sky.

On the right, there is a vintage-style van parked at a viewpoint overlooking a vast body of water. The van's side faces the viewer, and its color appears to be a light cream with a blue stripe. A small group of people is standing at the edge of the viewpoint, looking out towards the water and distant cliffs under a sky dotted generously with fluffy white clouds.

Towards the lower left corner of the composite image, the word "CATALINA" is written, suggesting the location is Catalina Island.

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Journey to the Sky Tour

This exciting, narrated journey travels 31 miles through the heart of Catalina's interior, following the stagecoach route from the 1800s. Passengers will venture through Middle Ranch, then onto the beautiful windward side of the island for a view of Catalina's rugged and beautiful Pacific shoreline for some stunning photo opportunities before stopping at Catalina's Airport-in-the-Sky. You will also have the opportunity to look for bald eagles, bison and mule deer on your scenic drive back into the heart of Avalon.

Your Catalina Island discount ticket for Journey to the Sky allows you to experience this one-of-a-kind view and breathtaking sceneries!

This image depicts the interior of a semi-submersible vessel operating by Catalina Island Company. On the left side, a group of passengers is seated on benches lining the walls of a brightly lit cabin, featuring large windows that look into the underwater environment. Adults and children are turned toward the windows, observing marine life. On the right side, the focus is on two children excitedly pointing at fish swimming by, as seen through the clear glass of the submerged viewing area. The overall atmosphere is one of wonder and family-friendly exploration.

Visit for the easiest way to secure your underwater adventure tickets at the lowest prices, ensuring you don't miss out on the savings and the unforgettable experience that awaits under the sea! This image is split into two panels, with both depicting interior views of what appears to be a semi-submersible tourist vehicle, likely used for underwater viewing, as indicated by the name "CATALINA" featured prominently. The left panel shows passengers seated inside the cabin. Natural light filters in, illuminating the space where passengers of various ages are seated facing large windows. Some are looking towards the outside, possibly anticipating an underwater viewing experience. 

The right panel portrays a more intimate scene within a similar vehicle, where natural light also saturates the space. Here, we see children and adults pressed close to the windows, captivated by the view. Specifically, one child with blonde hair, standing on a bench seat, peers excitedly through the underwater window, pointing at something of interest, presumably marine life, while an adult with brunette hair sits beside the child, facilitating the interaction.

To engage with the wonders of the ocean and make lasting memories, book your adventure with, renowned for unbeatable savings and the lowest prices on tickets to experiences like this unique underwater voyage.

Undersea Expedition

Get ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Catalina's marine life! Hop aboard the Sea Wolf Semi-Submersible and experience a unique adventure cruising just five feet below the surface in a luxurious, climate-controlled cabin. You won't believe the stunning views of the abundant marine life that await you! Tip: Buy your Catalina Island tickets through FunEx early to enjoy huge savings!

Explore the ocean's depths and discover a stunning variety of marine life! Every creature was a true wonder to behold, from the vibrant orange Garibaldi to the beautifully spotted calico bass. And let's not forget the majestic urchins, the colorful rockfish, and the graceful bat rays - each one more breathtaking than the last!

This tour has a 45-minute duration.

This is a split-image photograph showcasing wildlife and adventure tourism. On the left side of the image, a large, solitary bison stands in profile against a backdrop of green grasses, its dark brown fur highlighted in the sunlight. Its head is lowered slightly, as if grazing or observing the ground. To the right side of the image, a group of people are seated in an open-air jeep-like vehicle moving across a rugged, brush-lined terrain. Dust trails behind the vehicle, indicating movement through the wild landscape. Passengers appear to be observing wildlife or the natural scenery. The bottom of the image features the blue logo of "Catalina Island Company" set against a white banner, suggesting the activities and experiences are associated with that location.

Experience the wonders of nature and seek adventure with the assurance of where you can always find the lowest prices on tickets for your next unforgettable trip. This image is split into two sections, showing unique aspects of Catalina Island. On the left side, there is a close-up photograph of a large bison standing on grass, showcasing its dense, dark brown fur and strong physique. The right side of the image depicts an off-road vehicle tour, with a group of tourists in a jeep traversing a dusty trail through the rugged terrain of the island. The vehicle is kicking up dust as it moves along the path. There is a watermark at the bottom of the image containing the word "CATALINA."

At, we're committed to ensuring you experience the adventure of Catalina Island at the lowest prices available, offering significant savings on tickets for your next exciting excursion.

Bison Expedition

Hop on to an eco-friendly Hummer and embark on an exhilarating adventure into the untamed wilderness of Catalina to spot the majestic American bison. This incredible 2-hour 4-wheeling adventure will have you say WOW! Experience this fantastic journey through their favorite grazing grounds and witness these majestic animals up close with your Catalina Island discount tickets.

Guests must be at least five years old to join.

Image Description: The photograph captures a family experience aboard a glass-bottom boat. A gentleman, wearing a green and beige striped shirt with a watch on his left wrist, is seated looking down through the glass viewing panel of the boat. Next to him, a child with a focus of attention on the marine life below also gazes downwards. Through the transparent glass, we can see bright orange fish, possibly koi, swimming in the clear water beneath the boat. The sunlight illuminates the fish, enhancing their vivid color against the darker underwater backdrop. In the upper right corner is a safety information sticker affixed to the interior of the boat with symbols indicating safe viewing procedures. The Catalina Island Company logo is visible in the lower part of the image, suggesting the location or operator of this aquatic adventure.

Experience the wonders of marine life and enjoy savings on your next adventure with's lowest prices guaranteed on tickets. This image showcases an interactive aquatic experience. An adult and a child are leaning over the edge of a glass-bottom boat or viewing panel. They appear engaged and focused on observing bright yellow fish swimming beneath them in clear, blue-green waters. The fishes are visible through the transparent viewing area, and sunlight illuminates the water, enhancing the visibility and colors of the marine life. The scene suggests a family-friendly activity that allows close observation of underwater ecosystems. This image is representative of the types of experiences on offer that bring individuals closer to nature's underwater beauty. At, our members always enjoy the extra savings with our exclusive discounts on tickets, ensuring you get the lowest prices for your next aquatic adventure.

Glass Bottom Boat Voyage

TAs you sail through what is widely regarded as one of the world's healthiest marine environments, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see a rainbow of marine life. Tour time for this 40-minute excursion may change depending on the time of year. Advance purchase of Catalina Island ticket is recommended to save big!

This image features an exhilarating zip-line adventure set against a verdant landscape. On the left, a person with a white helmet and safety harness is preparing to embark on their journey from a wooden platform overlooking a hill lush with greenery. On the right, another individual is in mid-zip, gleefully speeding down the zip line with a guide, who is wearing a green shirt and an orange helmet, attentively monitoring their descent. The clear blue sky above and the rich vegetation below frame this scene of outdoor recreation. The Catalina Island Company logo is visible, suggesting this activity is offered by their services.

At, experience this thrill-seeking adventure at the lowest prices—enjoy significant savings on tickets when you book your zip-line experience with us! This image features an outdoor adventure activity, with two individuals participating in a zipline experience. On the left, a person wearing a helmet, gloves, and harness is seen preparing to embark on their ride, with an instructor or guide, identifiable by their green shirt, standing close by to ensure safety. To the right, another participant is actively ziplining, seated in a harness with their legs extended, sliding down the cable with speed, against a backdrop of lush, green rolling hills under a clear blue sky. The word "CATALINA" is prominently visible at the bottom, signaling the location of the activity. While you immerse yourself in the excitement of high-flying adventures, visit to enjoy the thrill of savings with the lowest prices on tickets for a variety of exhilarating experiences.

Zip Line Eco Tour

Are you ready for an epic two-hour adventure on Catalina Island with your Catalina Island discount tickets? Get ready to fuel your adrenaline as you hop on board this epic shuttle ride that'll take you soaring 600 feet above the breathtaking ridge top. Experience breathtaking ocean views as you glide through the canyon and soar past towering eucalyptus trees on five thrilling zip lines, reaching speeds of up to 35 mph! Please click here to read The Zip Line Tour Policies & Requirements.


  • Maximum weight is 240 lbs and 235 lbs for tandem riders.
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes before tour time to check in and complete safety paperwork.

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Arrive early.

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