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Hit the road with Go Car Las Vegas for a thrilling ride that puts you in the driver's seat of your own adventure! Zip through the vibrant streets of Vegas, from the dazzling lights of the Strip to the stunning vistas of Red Rock Canyon, all at the beat of your own drum!

Grab the wheel, set your pace, and let Las Vegas unfold in front of you—where every stop is your choice, and every moment is yours to capture. Get ready for a sightseeing thrill with your discounted Go Car Las Vegas tickets today!

Go Car Las Vegas Highlights

discount tickets discount tickets
  • Innovative Exploration: Navigate Las Vegas' wonders behind the wheel of an all-electric GoCar, designed to bring you closer to the city's soul!

  • GPS-Guided Freedom:

    Equipped with in-vehicle GPS and audio commentary, your GoCar not only guides your journey but enriches it with stories, facts, and humor.

  • Personalized Itinerary:

    With the liberty to explore at your own pace, you decide when to start, stop, and savor every moment, from photo ops to coffee breaks!

  • Exclusive Access:

    GoCar's versatility grants entry to locations off the beaten path, offering a sightseeing experience that's as unique as it is intimate.

  • All-encompassing Adventure:

    From the neon glow of the Strip to the natural splendor of Red Rock Canyon, witness the multifaceted beauty of Las Vegas in an unforgettable way!

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Go Car Las Vegas Tours

Hop into a GoCar and explore Las Vegas on an adventure as unique as you. Ready to discover? Dive into the tours below!

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  • Viva Las Vegas 1 Hr Strip Tour

    Zoom through the Las Vegas Strip's dazzling sights in just an hour with the Viva Las Vegas Tour! From the legendary Welcome to Fabulous sign to iconic locations like the Pawn Stars shop and the towering Stratosphere, this GoCar tour offers a quick, immersive dive into Vegas's best, all on your schedule!

  • Sin City Iconic 2 Hr Tour

    The Sin City Iconic Tour packs the punch of Vegas's vibrant history and modern marvels into a 2-hour exploration! See everything from the historic Fremont Street to the architectural wonders of Resorts World and the Bellagio, with the freedom to stop and explore at your leisure.

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    Vegas Heart and Soul All Day Tour

    Spend a full day uncovering the Heart and Soul of Las Vegas with GoCar! From the neon-lit Strip to the tranquil Red Rock Canyon, this all-day tour lets you experience the full spectrum of Vegas life, with stops at the city's most famous landmarks and hidden gems.

  • Where Las Vegas Started: 1 Hr Downtown Tour

    Discover the roots of Vegas in the Downtown Las Vegas Tour, a 1-hour ride through the city's historic beginnings! Visit the Fremont Street Experience, The Mob Museum, and more, all while enjoying the engaging storytelling of your GoCar guide!

  • The Essential Welcome to Las Vegas 3 Hr Tour

    The Essential Las Vegas Tour offers a comprehensive 3-hour journey through the city's most iconic sights, from the dazzling Strip to the charm of Downtown! Experience the essence of Vegas, from its neon heritage to the latest attractions like the MGM Sphere and Allegiant Stadium!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do Go Car Las Vegas tours depart from?

    GoCar Las Vegas tours kick off from a prime location at 723 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101, conveniently positioned near key attractions and points of interest in the heart of the city.

  2. What do I need to take for the Go Car Tours Las Vegas?

    To embark on a Go Car Las Vegas tour, you must:

    • Be at least 21 years old.
    • Hold a valid driving license.
    • Have a credit card or cash for the security deposit.
  3. Which languages are available for Go Car Tours Las Vegas?

    Tours are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, catering to a diverse array of visitors.

  4. How long does a tour take?

    Tour lengths vary depending on your chosen adventure. Go Car Las Vegas offers options ranging from 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours, to an all-day rental. Visit our tour or rental page for specific offerings.

  5. Are pets allowed on the tour?

    Yes, Go Car Tours Las Vegas is pet-friendly! Feel free to bring your dog or emotional support animal along for the ride.

  6. Can I bring a camera or gopro? What about flying a drone?

    Personal cameras and GoPros are welcome for capturing your adventure. Drone use may require permits in certain areas, especially for commercial purposes. Always check local regulations regarding drone flights.

GoCar Tours - Las Vegas Ticket

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